How To Start Your Next 10 Year Challenge

10 Year Challenge

Today I just want to give you the next 10 year challenge. We are in 2020, and just 10 years from now we will be in 2030. It will amaze you that just 10 years ago Instagram had zero users, but today, 10 years after, it has over 1 billion users.

That’s not just all. MrBeast, a YouTuber was 11 years old 10 years ago when he started his channel on YouTube. This year (2020) he is just 21 years, 10 years after, and he has over 20 million subscribers on YouTube.

The story is all the same everywhere you look. However, some stories are that of gloom, instead of glory. I doubt if you could still remember what you were doing 10 years ago. That’s the problem, because if that thing didn’t produce result or you were probably not doing anything with focus, you won’t have a better story to tell now.

If you have been a part of Facebook 10 year challenge you already know what’s about. Facebook asked its users to post their picture of 10 years ago with their picture of 10 years after. You can do that with just pictures and won’t mind if the result was a bad one. You probably shouldn’t do that with your life, unless you have done what I’m challenging you to do now.

I want my next 10 years challenge to be about my success and not how fat, lean, well dressed or not well dressed that I might look in picture. The looks would definitely be good too if I’m successful. So that is what your 10 year challenge should be about. If you think so, then join me and explore how you can do that along with me in the next decade of our lives, if God permits.

Why I Choose Year 2030

I didn’t actually pick the Year 2030 because of the number range. Rather, I was particular about the next 10 years. Since we are in the Year 2020, the next 10 years is in the Year 2030, I probably didn’t have anything for or against the year 2030. You can pick any 10 years and it will be just fine. Some of you would probably be reading this post after 2030 and would still want to take this challenge. I actually started mine 2 years earlier, in 2018. So, you can do it within any 10 years of your choice.

Yet, the Year 2030 holds so much promise for anyone who would want to take advantage of it now to change their lives forever. Yes, I mean it. Although, the Year 2030 might seem far or near from where you are right now. It was the same way you probably thought about the year 2010. Now, the Year 2010 is far gone like it never even existed.

If you would, but don’t just take my world for it, take the Year 2030 seriously from today. It could mean like the difference between daylight and darkness for you in this 10 year challenge, irrespective of what you do or didn’t do. Imagine someone asking me what’s really the difference between daylight and darkness?

Well, the difference is in each one of them. Daylight is so bright, while darkness is so dark. What I actually meant to say is that the Year 2030 could either be so bright or so dark for you. The time to make that choice is not in the Year 2030 but right now, in this year 2020 and I will show you why.

The 10 Year (A Decade) Challenge

This could be the best 10 year challenge you have taken in your life. I know it might sound like where do I even begin from? I will show where to start, and it’s worth a challenge if you are like me thinking along this lines:

  • To make a change in your life or around the world
  • If you want to build a business or big brand
  • To achieve a higher level of academic excellence
  • If you hope to build an excellent career for yourself
  • Even if you plan to have a baby or raise one

You can see, in my very list of challenges, it’s made up little goals. Yet, these little goals if followed with precision and consistency would amount to a great deal of success in good time. That’s how this 10 year challenge comes in.

This challenge is about setting a 10 year goal for accomplishing the things that are important in your life. I have given you some ideas above. You should know better about the things you want changed.

The question you might want to ask is, will it work? It has worked before, but wether or not it would work for you is dependent on you. My job here is to inspire you and lay out the modalities I follow and you can follow too. What happens in the next 10 years for you is entirely up to you.

How To Prepare For The 10 Year Challenge

Honestly, if you ask me if you should be a part of this 10 year challenge, I don’t know. I would rather that you are personally challenged by either your current situation or the strong desire for change. Outside of these two my advise is meaningless. I just hope you read me correctly.

Whatever inspires your challenge, I’m personally looking forward to see a whole new world of people who took this challenge and have stories to tell of their accomplishments in 10 years from now. Even if it’s only you among all the millions of readers would take this challenge, it would have worth it for me. At least just to prove that the effort I made in putting this challenge together is not in vain.

Now, let’s start with how to prepare to meet your 10 years from now. Don’t say, no one knows tomorrow. If you don’t know, at least tomorrow knows those who were prepared to meet it. So, be among those who are prepared for it.

What Do You Want The Next 10 Years To Be?

Let’s get right into the picture of the 10 year from now, as you would want it to be. It’s not like some kind of wishful thinking. I mean definite results that you want to see in your 10 year challenge. You may need to do some proper assessment like:

  1. Defining a proper goal
  2. Defining steps to take
  3. Create realistic milestones
  4. Start taking action immediately

That would mean your goal should be measurable. It should be something with big growth potential. So that you can project it into a 10 year period. Even if your goal doesn’t require a whole decade to accomplish it, you can set it as normally would be required and leave the remaining years out of it.

Defining A Proper Goal

What is your goal for the next 10 years? This kind of goal should be the object of your effort, like an aim or the kind of result you desired. It is your plan, the idea of the future you want to see and you can be committed to achieving it. A good example of a goal is your business. What is it that you do? That’s your goal.

It’s your goal that makes the 10 year challenge feasible. The goal is what is at stake here. That is the result you are after. For example, you started a business to sell ladies bags online. You do a proper business plan, to identifying all your target markets, and your goal is to sell one million bags annually. That’s a definite goal.

Defining Steps To Take

Now that you have your goal set, you will need to define how you intend to achieve that goal in the next 10 years. For your action steps to be productive, you should have researched your target market to verify the size of the market, and potentially untapped markets to start from. Yes, the untapped market should be big enough to hit your target or give it the right traction you need to be positioned to compete with others in the saturated market.

When you have the right figures, you need the right strategy to grow your market share. Those steps you are definitely going to take that has the advantage to help you achieve results are what you need to define.

Create Realistic Milestones

You can now say what should happen and when they should be expected to happen. This would help you see the gradual successes you can expect, to be sure you are well on your target. These milestones may not be very accurate, but each accomplishment should be an indication of what next you should be doing and why they are what you need.

It’s also when you can explore more viable markets within your niche. You can even define when to explore new markets as part of your milestone steps, as a significant event in the development of your business. So, each of these events should be identified and created as milestones.

Milestones help you add the specific details that helps you in implementing your business tactics. So, it’s your plan that defines who is going to do what, when it’s going to be done, and how much would be required. You convert your business strategy into action with a milestone plan.

Start Taking Action Immediately

You don’t even need me to tell you what you should do here. You already know what you want to achieve, how you intend to do it, and with a carefully planned milestones. The roadmap is set, you can do what you have planned to do from now on.

However, you have to learn to stay your course. It’s possible to get distracted from your 10 year challenge, but learn to maintain your inspiration. You can find others who are also in the challenge and interact with them regularly. That’s a better way to constantly remind yourself of your goal.

Also, pay good attention to what made you start this journey. When you know what’s in for you, it will stop you from selling out along the way. Because you might find something that seemed okay at sometime, but definitely not better than your goal. The bottom line here is don’t get carried away by other events not in your milestone plan.

Everybody Starts From Zero

One thing that may want to stop you from starting this 10 year challenge could be starting from zero. Well, you are not the only one. When I started MyBlog it was from zero too. In fact, it could have stayed zero for a long time if not for the social media page and advertising I used at the beginning to drive traffic to it.

So, don’t work yourself up, everyone eventually starts from zero point. That’s why growth hacking seminars are selling fast online, because people want to grow fast and someone sells them what’s on their mind that may not even work for them.

Starting from zero is not a problem. The only problem is remaining at ground zero. That’s what your action plan is designed to help you overcome. Your first target could be any number above zero, even 2 is a good move from ground zero. Let your kind of industry help you decide what should be your next figure above zero to start your growth.

But Is 10 Years Enough?

I don’t know about you or your goal. If your plan is not to take over the whole world, then 10 years should be enough for you. If you want to know what 10 Year Challenge looks like, then look out for someone you knew when he or she was born 10 years ago. Try to assess the child’s life in the last 10 years. That child should be completing primary school by now.

If you did that simple assessment, you will understand how much your life can change in just 10 years if you decide to do something about your dream today. Some business take about 3 years before they can start making profit. What you really need to get on with this 10 year challenge is patience.

The problem with most people is the lack of patience. They are in a hurry to get rich, because they want to have all the good things of life. You may have been like that too, but how much have you achieved so far? The idea I’m showing you will guarantee you the success you have been hoping for.

The riches you desire is possible but not the way you have gone about it in the past. It takes wisdom to build a business, and understanding helps you to establish it on a solid foundation, but it takes just knowledge to make it a success. Which one of these three principles have you applied so far?


When you write down your dream with the dates for accomplishment, you turn it into a goal. You cannot be confused anymore about what your dream in life is about. You know that you know exactly what it is you want to achieve with your life. That’s what makes Goals powerful and important step to take in your journey of success.

Then, if you take that your goal and break it down into actionable steps, it has become a plan. If you have a plan of action, you are just one step closer to fulfilling your dream. Excerpt your plan is not workable, but if it’s a workable plan, I can guarantee you a result should follow it. That is to say, if your plan is backed by action it becomes reality.

Finally, let me break it to you, this 10 year challenge will make you richer and financially stable. Yet, it would only require patience from you. If you are patient you will achieve success with this 10 year challenge. But if you are not, I wish you goodluck in your alternative plan.

Chinedu David
About The Author: Chinedu David An inspiring writer with several years of experience in journalism, consulting and training. Worked with Success Digest magazine for over a decade. Founded MyStore - an online store in 2013. Trained several startup entrepreneurs in telecom sector, LPG (oil & gas), and on Cryptocurrency investment. A born again christian, who's committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ with passion. Drop a comment below and he will respond to your query. He can also be reached via email: or Call/Text/WhatsApp: 07087770518
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