5 Ways To Make Money In Your Sleep

Ways to make money

How would it feel to make money in your sleep. And I don’t mean dreaming of money while you sleep. I mean real ways to make money while you sleep. That would be great, right?

That’s what this article is all about. To show you 5 ways you can start making money right now in your sleep.

These are not new ways or unproven ideas. Some are as old as money itself. And have existed centuries before now. So there’s nothing so new about them, just your own awareness that’s being awaken to it right now.

Why 5 Ways To Make Money?

That’s not to say it’s only 5 ways you can make money in this whole world while you sleep. This article didn’t even talk about inheritance. So that’s one more way I left out. But this is just to give you the trending ways to make money now.

Also, the idea is to show you ways with less financial burden to start. But that’s not the reason they are just five in this article. I just picked this five for this post. And that doesn’t mean I might write another one with more ideas.

How to Make Money In Your Sleep

I kind of like the idea a lot. Even this generation likes the idea of making money and doing nothing. Although such Idea doesn’t exist, where you make money by doing nothing, but this one makes you money in your sleep. I can assure you there’s work to be done to keep it making you money while you sleep.

Let’s even begin to explore these ideas one by one. The fourth one got me pacing the floor of my room. I would ponder on the possibilities and how much it could generate for someone while asleep got me thinking deep.

You will see it for yourself soon, as you read more. Now I understand the fuss over content marketing. It’s potential is huge and the revenue can burgle your senses.

{1} Rental Income – Property

This one is so old that everyone knows already. But the high point is that it continue to be one of the most proven ways to make money in your sleep. There’s no record of when the first house rental service was ever rendered. But we have proofs that people have been traveling around the world as early as in the days of Cain.

So that means house rental service could have predated Abraham. And because house property earns you money both ways, by rent fees and by value appreciation, that strengthens it’s proof of reliability in creating wealth while you sleep.

The only challenge is the cost of startup. Although in some countries you only need to have like 20% down payment to own a property and then pay off the rest from income from the rent.

While in some countries, especially in Nigeria and the rest of Africa, you might need to pay the cost in full to own the property before you can think of renting it out.

{2} Drop-shipping – Product Sales

The word drop-shipping is made popular by eCommerce business. And it’s a form of selling products that doesn’t require you to own the products, or stock them to sell. You only setup the eCommerce store and upload product image, description and prices.

But when a customer places an order, the system can be automated in such a way that it equally place the order through to the supplier, and the fulfillment is done by the supplier while your only role is to earns profits from the markup.

All these things can happen on its own without your efforts. Most stores on Amazon operates as drop shippers. This is one more way to make money in your sleep.

{3} Social Media Influencer – Ad Income

The rise of social media influencers has completely changed the way internet marketing works. Although influencers are not new. They also worked with traditional marketing channels.

Influencers are social media users who control a large number of following. This used to be the privilege of celebrities only. But today anyone can become a social media influencer once you grow large followers online.

And these influencers monetize their influence for ad revenue. They promote products and services for advertisers to their large followers. These influencers have taught us how to Make Money while you sleep, and lots of it too.

Top Instagram Global Individual Influencers

  1. Huda Kattan.
  2. Cameron Dallas.
  3. Kayla Itsines.
  4. Cooking with Mima.
  5. Selena Gomez.
  6. Kylie Jenner.
  7. Cristiano Ronaldo.

However, every country do have local influencers who dominate that space. If you are looking for influencers to monitor you can check out those who influencing your local space. Usually most celebrities are social influencers.

{4} YouTube Videos – Ad Income

Another big platform where you can make money in your sleep is YouTube. YouTube has over 1.9 billion users worldwide in 2019. And that makes it the second biggest social media platform after Facebook, with 2.4 billion users.

The interesting thing about YouTube is that it’s now the largest television network in the world. Anyone can create a YouTube channel and start broadcasting videos to viewers.

But this channels, even though they are free to setup, YouTube still paid channel owners for displaying ads from advertisers to their viewers. And that’s where the struggle for large YouTube followers started. To make money on YouTube while you sleep, you need to have large followers.

Because YouTube pays you based on the number of viewers that saw the adverts on your channel in a month. And this money only get handsome when the followers are large.

How Much To Make On YouTube Monthly

Let’s get realistic about how much money you can make on YouTube monthly. It’s not a hidden secret. YouTube won’t even approve ads for your channel until you have over 10,000 followers.

There’s no need to display ads on a channel nobody is watching. That would be a waste of internet resources that would have been deployed to serve other channels well.

So here are the figures to help you target ways to make money from your YouTube channel.

1k views is $7
10k Views is $70
100k Views is $7,000
10M Views is $70,000
100M Views is $700,000
1B views is $7,000,000

And these monies are paid monthly. So, whichever category your viewership stands at, multiply that by 12 months you will see how much your YouTube revenue could be in one year.

{5} Writing A Book – Royalty Income

Books have always existed even before the days of Moses when he got the ten commandment from God, written on tablets of stone. Of course the Bible wouldn’t even get to us if they were not written down.

Although, books as we know it today is different from then. In this century we even have ebooks, which kind of changed the old concept of books. But what haven’t changed is ways to make money from books.

Book publishers have perfected the concept of paying royalties for published books. And that included books as one of our ways to make money while we sleep.

So if you are a writer this could be your best chance of making money in your sleep.


One thing is consistent with the 5 ways of making money I shared with you here. They can make you money in your sleep. And by sleep, it doesn’t really mean only when you are asleep. It means you don’t have to do anything extra for them to make money for you.

Think about the idea of social media influencer where the person merely makes money because they have a large followers or fan base. They are just leveraging the love of their fans to make money in their sleep.

There are other ways too to make money in your sleep but I have carefully selected these 5 ways because of their significance in today’s wealth creation.

Chinedu David
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