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32 Ways to Get More Clients For Your Business

Get more clients

Every business needs more patronage to grow. In this article, I want to share with you ways to get more clients for your business. I don’t need to manipulate your mind with details about how not having enough clients is affecting your income base.

Of course, you already know all that. Nobody is disconnected from their problems, rather they are acquainted with them. So, I won’t bore you with facts you already have, but will go straight to help you in ways you can get More Clients.

You may think you have done all you know to do to win more clients. The question is, have you tried all these 32 ways I’m sharing with you in this blog post? I know the answer already is no!

So, this could be your best chance to change your business revenue drive. Think of this as small chunks of efforts that would amount to a significant revenue improvement for your business.

Your Target Audience to Get More Clients

The most common marketing mistake is to believe that your target audience are found just in one platform. There could be one particular platform that works best for promoting your business, or has a large percentage of your clientele using it.

That doesn’t represent for sure all the potential clients who could be interested in your business. But I can assure you that the more ways you can explore to reach out to clients the better your chances of gaining more clients for your business.

However, getting all these 32 ways to work for you is never going to be an easy task. There may also be some you may have some challenge using for your kind of business. You should stick with the number of ways you may be able to tap into.

Whether or not you can take advantage of all these 32 ways is up to you. But it’s good enough that you know them all and make your picks from them. If you choose what would work for you, leave out the ones that won’t work.

{1} Get More Clients By Referrals

Building strong Referrals for your business. You can follow this steps to get more referrals to your business.

How to get more referrals:

  1. Make referrals part of all your business conversations
  2. Take advantage of every referral opportunity
  3. Set goals
  4. Be specific about your referral proposal
  5. Offer exceptional services to encourage new referrals
  6. Develop a referral system with compensational plan to encourage new referrals to join your system

{2} Agency Partners

Agency partners will help you get more clients. They will help in Leads generation and share profits from this affiliation based on number of Leads or work done. Find the right agency to partner with. The best agency partnership will be the one that both of you can refer clients to each other.

{3} Job Boards

Job boards are designed to connect job seekers with employers. If you operate a service business you can utilize job boards to get jobs from companies looking to outsource or contract certain jobs of their organization to external bodies.

{4} Follow Ups

Following up on new or existing clients helps you ensure that clients takes the desired action concerning your business.

Webster gave the definition of following up on something as:

  1. to try to get more information about (something). The police followed up on the leads.
  2. to do something in response to (something) : to take appropriate action about (something). He says that the police failed to follow up on his complaints.

{5} Existing Networks

Do you have existing networks? If you do, you should tap into those networks to explore the possibilities of getting more clients for your business. Don’t underestimate any of your existing networks.

Think about your networks with members of your church, fellow students, old boys, colleagues at work, club members, etcetera.

Leverage all your existing networks to get more clients for your business.

{6} Run Ad Campaign

There are no surer way to get more clients than running ad campaign. You just consistently operate ads that targets your potential clients. Set a client target and apply appropriate ad budget for it.

{7} Write E-books

Writing e-books can help you get more clients. Apart from earning residual income from your ebook sales, it can become a source of lead generation for your business. Writing an eBook in your industry can position you as an expert. And those who read the book might built trust with your business and seek to gain more by consulting for your services.

{8} Guest Blog

Guest blogging gives you access to an audience that are not within your control. It’s good to have your own blog but it might give you the kind of reach that you require to get more clients.

But guest blogging can give you reach beyond your capacity. One of the major guest blogging site is Medium. This guest blogging site has monthly user base around 85 to 100 million.

{9} Generate Leads

Identify more ways to generate new leads to your business. Most of the leads you generates today would become clients tomorrow. Also, most of the ways to get more clients is about good lead generation.

{10} Search On Twitter

There are many leads to get more clients on twitter search. How to search on twitter is simple. You only need to type the name of the person, company or username into the search box at the top of your twitter account home timeline. You can also tap the explore tab through your Twitter for iOS or Android app to access the search box.

{11} Network Offline

Offline networking is another way you can get more clients for your business. You can explore this option through associating with other businesses or attending important business meetings in your locality. Trust is built faster offline than online. Utilize that advantage to build offline networks.



{12} Be On Demand

You won’t start a business that has little or no demand. Think of how relevant your business or service is to your target niche. The higher the demand for your business the better for you. And it’s that demand that makes clients be looking for your business.

{13} Create A Course

One of the right ways to get more clients is to create a course. Teaching your potential clients puts you at an advantage position. They will see you as an expert and someone they could consult in that field.

Your course positions you as a resource person your potential clients can consult on the niche.

{14} Package Services

Target potential clients who you can impress with specially packaged business partnership offer proposal. Using a special packaged service to deliver your offer and case studies would create a first impression that you can’t create any other way.

{15} Write A Play Book

Writing a book is another very useful way to get more clients. A book is so powerful that it keeps spreading Years beyond. By writing a book you establish your authority and knowledge in that industry.

Clients will trust your expertise and guidance based on the subject of your book. From reading your book my clients will discover you and consult with you.

{16} Start Co-working

Another way to get more clients is by co-working. Ina co-working environment you can leverage on the contacts of your co-works and their friends to get new clients.

{17} Offer Help And Advice

Giving help and advise to potential clients on a regular basis would build trust faster. Clients are more likely to patronize the person that’s helping or advising them on the business progress than someone who’s only pitching them with offer.

{18} Handwritten Letter

Imagine sending a hand written letter to a prospective client. Hand written letters seem like old school. But think about many current CEOs of multinational companies that are in the old school. This would stir up their curiosity and probably land you a client.

{19} Use Platforms

Platforms are very effective in most cases. Those clients you reach on the specific platforms are either fans or committed followers on the platform. It’s usually easier to get them through what they believe in and hold in high esteem.

{20} Networking Sites

Networking sites are another option to connect to potential clients. However, identify the focus of each networking site and align your offer to their interest.

{21} Quora

If you have used Quora before you will know the benefits. This blog platform is similar to Medium but different in concept. While Medium gives you opportunity to share your knowledge, Quora let’s you share your knowledge on questions people are asking.

By helping to answer questions users post on Quora correctly will attract potential clients to you.

{22} Capture Leads

You should have consistent process of capturing leads that come to your business. The visitors online, the clients that called your business line, and the ones that gave you their business cards. Leads capturing should be an important steps on how you get more clients.

{23} Presentation

Depending on your type of business, presentation could be a good strategy. You reach out to potential client and arrange a date to make your presentation to them. Most corporate clients likes presentation because it gives them opportunity to access your level conviction and also to ask questions.

{24} Write A Guide

Another form of attracting more clients is through writing a guide. A simple how to do it guide gives your target customers a full picture of how you can help them more than they ever know.

{25} Case Study

A case study further gives your clients better understanding of what you can do for them too from what they have seen you did for some others like them. It’s a powerful marketing tools to help you get more clients easily.

The best case study should one with a reference to your clients to ask questions about your job delivery. You must very confident of your job delivery rating to brag this way.

{26} Speak Publicly

Public Speaking is another great way to get more clients. This one works even faster. At every Speaking meeting you might get the opportunity to signup new clients on the spot.

You are meeting potential clients personally. That’s gives you an added advantage to sell yourself better and swap signed checks from your new clients.

{27} Business Cards

Business cards may seem like old school since the advent and popular use of the phone and internet. But they even makes it more relevant to use business card to target new clients.

If you are constantly marketing your business offline you will come across people that may want to have your phone, email or website. That’s when a business card comes handy.

{28} Good SEO Strategy

SEO is a big advantage in today’s marketing. Search traffic is the goldmine of the internet. Every company is mining for it. The better Your SEO strategy the more clients you are likely to get everyday.

The power of search engine to direct Massive free flow of web traffic to your business is determined by your SEO prowess.

{29} Partnerships

Partnership is one of the most powerful ways to get more clients. A startup can go into partnership with a major client to become their sole provider while the client is made a partner to keep their relationship.

Your client is both your business partner and your customer.

{30} LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the preferred social media platforms to get more clients. The LinkedIn audience is the perfect circle to promote your professional services to company executives that have the decision making powers to hire you for the job.

{31} CrunchBase

You can find business information about both private and public companies on CrunchBase and reach out to them with your proposal. CrunchBase gives you detailed information about founding members, positions of individuals in the companies, funding information, their investment and general news about them.

{32} Start Blogging

Finally, to start blogging is another big opportunity to get more clients. You can share information and reach potential clients on your blog platform. You can build your blog using WordPress or blogger own by Google.


Having a list of 32 ways to get more clients for your business is just the beginning. They give you additional 32 more ways to boast your client base now. If you currently have lead generation strategy that brings in a thousand new clients every month, now you can have a thousand multiplied by 32 more ways.

Whichever options you choose to apply, you can explore with better understanding on how to maximize the potentials. The brief narrative on each idea is to help focus you on the direction the writer believes it’s better.

Grow your business, no matter how small it is now to a more profitable client service business. But businesses grow only when they can get more clients.

Chinedu David
About The Author: Chinedu David An inspiring writer with several years of experience in journalism, consulting and training. Worked with Success Digest magazine for over a decade. Founded MyStore - an online store in 2013. Trained several startup entrepreneurs in telecom sector, LPG (oil & gas), and on Cryptocurrency investment. A born again christian, who's committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ with passion. Drop a comment below and he will respond to your query. He can also be reached via email: or Call/Text/WhatsApp: 07087770518
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