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Tips to Start Crypto Passive Income In 2023

crypto passive income

Crypto passive income is the most sweetest part of crypto. It’s one aspect of crypto Investment that guarantees you some consistent income.

If you want to start earning money in crypto from the first day you started crypto Investment, tap into the passive income. It’s mostly referred as crypto daily free money.

And it’s not hard to find one. Your only challenge would be having the confidence to invest much money. Or not having much money to invest. This lesson will explain all about it and how you can journey into this world of crypto daily free money.

Earning passive income with your crypto makes investing in crypto sweet, while you wait for your token to appreciate. It takes away the frustrations of watching the flip flop side of crypto market volatility.

✅ What’s Crypto Passive Income?

For those who don’t even know what Passive Income means, let me explain briefly to a lay man’s understanding. It’s money you make while you sleep and do nothing.

It’s like a bank fixed deposit account, where you fix some amount of money and the bank pays you returns on daily basis. But the returns is based on a percentage of the amount of money Your deposited.

That means your returns is on your amount of investment. If you invest $5,000 for example, and you expect 1% daily returns: you will be earning $50 everyday or $1,500 every 30 days from that amount.

✅ Types of Crypto Passive Income

Depending on the project you are investing into, the type of passive income opportunity available may differ. There modus operandi may also be different but the results are the same – you will earn passive income daily.

Here are common ways to earn passive income with Cryptocurrency:

  • Pool
  • Farming
  • Savings
  • Lending
  • Mining

Each of these offers allows you to stake your crypto using any of the above option. You will earn based on the agreed percentage as specified by the project.

✅ How Crypto Passive Income Works

To invest for passive income earning it takes the following forms. You are either staking your tokens , saving it or lending it for interest on your crypto.

Pools and farming are almost the same but with slight differences. While pools allows you to stake a particular crypto, farming requires two cryptos paired together for the staking.

And that’s what’s makes the percentage returns different as well, with farming earning more than pool staking.

✅ Crypto Passive Income Calculation Model

The revenue model for crypto passive income is calculated in APR (Annual Percentage Return) and APY (Annual Percentage Yield). You should be mindful what you are being offered. They might even be used interchangeably but they are not the same.

Also, the percentage is not fixed in most crypto passive income. It’s allowed to fluctuate by the number of investors in the pool. That’s because the amount of total earning paid out daily is fixed in the pool.

That means the more people joins the pool the less everyone earns. You see that it takes a good heart for those of us who discovers this opportunity to share it with others.

✅ Difference Between APR & APY

The difference is huge if you understand them. While APR gives you the exact earnings per year if you had invested a particular amount; APY is about the compound earnings of that same amount if you had reinvested all your earnings daily or as described.

They can be confusing as well if you don’t know. You might be using APR to calculate earnings that should have been on APY.

✅ Steps to Start Passive Income Earning

Before you can start earning crypto passive income you need to discover particular projects with passive income opportunity. There are many of them right now, but you need to select sound projects with good prospects and equally interesting APR or APY.

✅ Some Crypto Passive Income

I’m listing some of these passive income cryptos as examples. DYOR (Do Your Own Research) before investing in any of them. Avoid follow-follow spirit. Learn to study and have personal opinion about where you invest your money.

See the list of cryptos I invested for passive income:

  • POSI – currently my best passive income earner
  • DogeEx – I haven’t mentioned this before but it has been building up
  • HODLX – another passive income project coming to us this year.

These are just a few I’m studying now. There are so much but it’s gradual. You take few and grow your investment and then go onto others later.

✅ Grow Your Passive Income

The strategy with crypto passive income is to keep growing it. Since the more people in the pool the less you are going to earn, if your investment remains the same level your earning will only reduce.

So, you have to keep growing your investment by either doing the following or any of it:

Set Investment target to add more funds to your passive income account. Reinvest most of your earnings or all of it as the case maybe.

Note: you need to take your passive income investment seriously. Some see it as their feeding money or house keeping income, while some sees the bigger picture.

You need to devote some time to grow it before you start eating it. I gave my POSI passive income at least 1 year committed reinvestment plan. If you want to be rich think BIG and long term.

Earn Daily Passive Income With POSI

POSI passive income is one of the most solid investment out there now. Part from the falling percentage, which is currently at 20% to 23% respectively; the project remains the best with the best team ever assembled for a DEFI project.

The project also boast of one the most all encompassing features, making it the only platform of its kind. Including the major success factor in any crypto project – which is marketing.

✅ How Much to Start With

It’s important I explain this to you because it has a lot of impact on your investment. How much you invest determines how much you earn. Don’t say what if I don’t have enough? It simply means you are not tired of poverty yet. If you are tired you will be more desperate for a change, and you will find money to invest.

If you want to be rich, no excuse is good enough. If you like be acting like I don’t know you are going through. You will still be going through it in the next decade if you don’t act now.

The right amount to invest in a POSI is $1,000. But you can do $500. The least if you have problem raising that much should be $100. You can then grow from any of these amount to at least $10,000 or more.

These are not fixed amount o. In fact you can do any amount higher. Don’t do lower because it will take you years before you can earn anything reasonable.

✅ Which POSI Investment to Start

POSI offers investors daily passive income for staking in their pools and farms. If you ask me which of the POSI Staking you should start with between the pool, vault and farm, I will say FARM. Here are my reasons:

POSI also have 2 farms. I will explain the two farms for you. POSI has BUSD and BNB farms. It means you will need to pair POSI with BUSD or BNB to stake in any of the farms. Anyone of this is fine. I will post a video link on how you can stake in this farms.

✅ What’s POSI – BNB Pair?

I’m avoiding using some tech words. Crypto farms are used for liquidity provision. This liquidity is what enables token swap. Remember to swap a token you need to swap it for another token. A pair means 2-in-1. But in this case both should be 50 – 50 equal.

So POSI – BNB pair or LP (Liquidity Pool) token is for swapping of either POSI or BNB tokens for each other. That means you provide liquidity for users who want to swap POSI to BNB or swap BNB to POSI. It’s like MONEY LENDING.

✅ Steps to Invest In POSI

Here’s how to go about in eating in POSI Farm. I will use POSI – BNB farm as example. The same process applies to POSI – BUSD as well.

  • Step 1: buy BNB from Binance or any other exchange and send it to your Smart chain BNB wallet on your Trustwallet.
  • Step 2: Calculate how to process and allocate the funds. You need to divide your capital into 2. For example, if you have $1,000 divided into 2 that would be $500 each. You should also make provision for network fees of at least $20. That means you will be needing $1,020 for this transaction.
  • Step 3: make your 2 two tokens ready for pairing. In this case you need bnb Smart chain and POSI token to create a token pair or LP token. Since you have the crypto in Smart chain, you only need to purchase POSI with have of your capital as I explained above to have your 2 tokens for the pairing.
  • Step 4: create your LP token using the LP creator feature on POSI site. (Watch the video for more clarity).
  • Step 5: proceed to stake your paired token in the farm. (Also refer to video demonstration for help).

✅ How to Connect POSI to your Trustwallet

You can be able to do any of this without first connecting POSI to your Trustwallet.

  • Open your Trustwallet app
  • Click on DApps to access the browser
  • Copy and paste POSI website address here:
  • Change the network logo from Ethereum to Smart chain
  • Connect and ok referral request

✅ Conclusion

I have taught so much about passive income since last year. I also did some practical lessons on how to invest in POSI passive income in December. You can find the lessons in the TELEGRAM group. You can also find more details searching through our Crypto and Business Update categories.

Finally, take this lessons on passive income seriously. POSI is just one of them. I will be explaining more in other updates. If you have any questions please ask in the comment box. Don’t procrastinate about this. You need to start earning money immediately.

Let me know if you are new and considering investing in crypto passive income, and what challenges you may have in the comment box.

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