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When it comes to web hosting, consumers are confused about who’s the best web host provider. Although, many reviews are online with the list of all the big and presumed best web hosts, but how true are these claims?

In the process of marketing web hosting packages, providers ignore the important things customers should be made aware of before buying a web host. Their primary concern had always been to sell more web host, but where does that leave the consumer?

Moreover, the customers themselves are carried away with cheap web hosting prices that they forget to read the fine details. The most popular web hosting package is the shared web host. That hosting plan could cost you around $3 to $9 per month. Yet, what’s not told us is how much of web resources are given to consumers for this huge value proposition, because it’s usually sold in the guise of unlimited resource.

Let’s even imagine it this way that it’s called shared web host for a good reason. It’s to be shared among other blogging sites. So, how many blogs are sharing that same shared server resources? How much web space and resource is allowed for each blog on the shared server? What kind of website should you even hosted on a shared web hosting plan? Honestly, these question should get honest answer but they don’t. Let’s just keep learning.

However, there are different types of web servers to host your blog, and at different prices, offering different features and options. The list is endless. Yet, with all these options out there, little is done to clarify what packages fits your web hosting needs better. As a newbie, you are abound to make mistakes without a guide.

What Bloggers Should Know About Web Hosting

Let me even assume you know little or nothing about web hosting. That means, you don’t know how your blog exist on the internet. For most startups once you mention blogs that’s all they know about online business. They don’t know how a blog is planned, designed and hosted on the internet.

If you don’t know how your website exists online you will be at the mercy of those who know. That could be costing you more money. As a startup blogger you may just need little web hosting space to begin with. A shared hosting plan is ideal for a startup blogger, while you are yet building your web traffic. Note that your actions and that of the others sharing the same server would affect everyone else on the shared server. However, once your web traffic hits in the thousands daily, you should start planning to migrate to a bigger web hosting space, with more control over your own space.

So, think of shared server as a web host space for beginners, when you are still growing your traffic. Even if you don’t know when exactly to move, your web host provider will inform you when your blog is taking too much resources in the shared space. That’s when you should migrate to VPS (Virtual Private Server). This VPS hosting plan gives you a much better control on the resource you use on the server, even though it’s also a kind of shared hosting.

A VPS is a glorified dedicated server. It gives you the benefit of a dedicated server but on a kind of shared plan. Assuming there are 10 blogs on a VPS, each one would get a defined storage space, bandwidth and other resources like everyone else. You are limited to the space allotted to you. Your actions or inactions doesn’t affect anyone else on the server. That means a dedicated server is like you owing the entire server where your blog is hosted. This should be your final destination for hosting your blog.

What Is Bad Web Host?

Is there such a thing as a bad web host? Yes there is. However, they don’t always appear bad from the outside. Most bad web hosting experience people had were caused by two main factors, like poor marketing and poor customer support. Most of the big web host providers are guilty of these factors of bad web host.

So, if you are concerned about bad web host provider, you don’t solve it just by picking a well known brand. In fact, the bigger the brand the more the are overwhelmed by customer complains. That’s where most customers begin to be disappointed. Big brands main focus is their bottom line and not the people.

Also, there’s marketing problems as well. Most big brands do it. They sell you a service without explaining all you are getting at the end. They over sell and under deliver on their promises. It’s usually difficult to avoid falling into bad web host provider. That’s why it’s safe to read through honest reviews about the product by other customers like yourself before you buy.

What’s Even Web Hosting?

Imagine if this is your first time of starting a business online and you are told to buy a web host. You maybe confused at, wondering what is a web host? If your web designer handles hosting for you, then you are probably paying more than you should or getting less than you should get in web speed and search engine ranking.

Best Web hosting

Let me help you even to understand this mystery of web hosting. A web hosting service allows individuals and businesses to post contents in websites or web pages onto the internet. It’s like a house. A web host is the house for your blog. So, without a web host your blog or website is homeless.

On the other hand, a web host provider is that business that provides the services needed for website or pages to be viewed online, by providing the technologies required to power it. That makes your web hosting provider your landlord, and you pay rent to your provider for giving you space on their web server to host your blog.

However, there’s no technicality required for you to have control of your web host. Think of it the same way you use your email account. Technology has simplified so many things. That’s the same way you control a web host. You create an account, and you get a username name with password. If you ever needed to do any technical thing, just hire an IT person on FIVERR, give him access to do the work on your server and change your password later to protect it.

Having control over your website is not something you should give away to someone else. If you have been doing that in the past, take it back now by buying your own web host. I’m going to show you how to do it in this post. You will never be a novice again about web host.

Things To Get Ready Before Web Hosting

Now that you have an idea of what web hosting is and how to buy one, the next thing will be to get what you are really going to be hosting online. Let me give it to you as though you didn’t know it already. I don’t want to assume that we all know it. The two things you should get ready for web hosting are:

  1. A domain name
  2. A website or blog

Now that you know what they the two things are. A domain name is the registered name of your website. That’s the website URL (Uniform Resource Locator). It’s the name everybody will know you with and use to locate your website on the internet. An example of a URL is (FACEBOOK.COM).

That’s just one example to describe what a domain name is and looks like. It also depends on the domain prefix you want, you can buy it from any of the domain name registrars, or you can buy from your web host.

Let me also explain what website is to you as well. It’s like when you put on clothes, if you have no website your domain name will be naked. Anyone who goes to your website or blog won’t see the content. Just in the same way that when you take off your clothes you become naked. So, your website is the content that people see when they visit your domain name.

As a newbie, you may have not be able to design your website yourself. Just don’t let it bother you. There are several options to get a professional design your website for you at a cheap offer.

Things You Should Look For In A Web Host

If you are new to web hosting, you probably would like to know things you should be looking out for when picking a web host. I have a list, it’s probably the same list you see on the web, but I also added some extra tips that you should follow over and above the list.

Here are what you should be looking for:

  • Do they have fast speed server?
  • Do they have uptime at least 99%?
  • Do they offer a variety of plans?
  • Do they provide support service 24/7?
  • Do they offer the right price?
  • Do they provide ample resources for starters?
  • Do they support free migration If you are already hosting your site elsewhere?
  • Do they support domain name management?
  • Do they offer satisfactory security options?

But while you may ask all these questions and probably get answers from web host providers, here are what I would like you to verify about them.

  • What kind of support do they offer?
  • How fast is their server speed?
  • What shared resource capacity do you get in a shared hosting?
  • What’s their renewal rate?
  • What renewal period do they offer?

You should be the one driving the conversation around what you need. Like, what are the features you need the most? It may surprise you that some web host don’t upgrade their PHP version. An old PHP version increases your website vulnerability. That’s the reason you must pick your host wisely.

How Much Should You Pay For Web Hosting?

One other thing blog owners consider when hosting their site is how much they have to pay. Although no one can actually say this or that amount is the right cost for web hosting, because each web hosting provider have different costs associated with their business. Their final cost consideration is also based on their peculiar situation.

However, what should be more important to you is how much you are willing to pay for the best kind of web hosting plan that you want. Once you define what your web hosting needs are, then look for a hosting plan that meets your needs at a price you can pay.

You should ensure that you agree with the actually cost of renewal before buying the web host. Most providers sell their first year at a hugely discounted rate, but the renewal fee will be their actual hosting fee. Don’t get deceived by this offer because they usually don’t make them so glaring for customers to notice.

What’s Interserver Web Hosting?

Now let me start by introducing you to Interserver Web Hosting. Interserver is not the only web hosting provider out there. In fact, they are the most popular but they offer some superior services you need to take advantage of, and because they put their customers first.

The company has been hosting websites for the past 21 years. And as an innovative driven web hosting company it has evolved its web hosting services to include shared hosting, cloud hosting, quick and dedicated servers.

Best Web hosting Speed

If you want to know who their customers are, they range from individual freelancers like you, to Fortune 500 companies, wether they are in the domestic or international market. You can make a shift today and try out Interserver for just $1 for 3 months shared hosting plan. I have used this plan myself.

Just before you buy, take a few moments to go to their COMPARISON PAGE.

Tips On Interserver Web Hosting Services

One of the confusing part of web hosting is picking the best hosting plan for your website. It’s not all Hosting plan that’s suitable for your kind of website. And there’s also the cost implication with the different hosting plans.

If you have cost consideration then you need to choose the plan that’s cost effective but suitable for your site. I have explained on this post about how you should make this choice as a startup blogger. Well, here are even more elaborate options from Interserver you can pick from.

  • Standard Web Hosting
  • Pro Hosting (reseller)
  • ASP.Net Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • cPanel Hosting
  • Non Profit Hosting
  • Student Web Hosting
  • Website Builder
  • E-Commerce
  • Blog Hosting
  • VPS And Clouds
  • Dedicated Servers

The above listed web hosting plans comes in different sizes and prices. Follow the LINK HERE to get to the site tutorial as a beginner to learn all you need to know about web hosting.

My advise is don’t even rush things. Take your time to go though the website and read about what other customers like you are saying about Interserver Web Hosting. I do that often before I download an app, even if it’s a free app. So, I encourage you to do the same. CLICK THIS LINK and I will be sending you right to the support page.

Steps To Signup With Interserver

I don’t want you to jump at this offer simply because I said so. I want you to verify these things for yourself. There are two key reasons anyone should choose Interserver and that would be their best offerings. Those two reasons are:

  1. Fair price and flexible renewal plan
  2. Fast speed server

At $5 per month, Interserver is offering one the lowest shared web hosting rates in the world. I don’t mean discounted rate. That’s their actual rate for renewal. In fact, you can pay just $1 for the first 3 months. That’s how cheap their own discount can be. Yet, I don’t want you to rate them by their discount but the renewal rate.

As for the server speed, you don’t need a lecture on that. Speed matters a lot in online business. Everything on the internet world is about speed. That’s what Interserver is offering ahead of others. The speed of their server is 395ms, which is between a speed range of 200ms to 1000ms. It’s faster than most big web hosting brands.

Now, if you are ready to buy a web host from Interserver, then let me show you step by step how to do that.

  • Step #1: Go to Interserver Website (CLICK HERE)
  • Step #2: And click on the LOGIN icon
  • Step #3: Look for the SIGNUP LINK below the login page
  • Step #4: CLICK on the link to open the SIGNUP page
  • Step #5: Enter your email and desired password in the boxes provided
  • Step #6: Accept the terms and conditions and click CREATE ACCOUNT
  • Step #7: A CODE is sent to your email
  • Step #8: Retrieve the CODE and INSERT it in the new CODE BOX

That takes you right into your Interserver Web Hosting account. It takes less than 3 minutes to create a web hosting account on Interserver website.

How To Make Money With Interserver

Even if you don’t need web host for now, I have something that should get you excited about Interserver. Everything is not just about buying from Interserver, you can make money from them too, by signing up with them as an affiliate. Yes, there’s money to be made from Interserver, and I will show you just how that money could be yours.

It’s affiliate marketing. I’m sure you know about it, or better I should explain a few things about it to help get started if you don’t already know. Affiliate marketing according to Wikipedia is a type of marketing that’s based on your performance, which is rewarded by the affiliate business for each visitor or customer you brought to them by your affiliate or marketing efforts.

So, if you brought a customer to Interserver now, they will reward you by paying you $100 for that effort. Yes, that’s how much they pay for each customer you brought to them. You can take this up as a business, promoting it on your blog or social media pages and you could be earning as much as $1,000 monthly.

To start immediately just follow the guide above on how to create a web hosting account on Interserver. This one is simple. All you have to do is signup on Interserver website and you are automatically an affiliate. Your link is found right below the home page when you login. Copy that link and start promoting it to your audience.


The truth about web hosting is that you must need it if you want to build business online. Even though you may have started from social media, you can still end up with a website. So, I’m not offering you a product you will never need. Just like we all need a home, you will surely need this one soon.

The next thing that’s most important in web hosting is the actual price you pay for continuous hosting with a provider. Most providers lure you into hosting with them with a discounted offer for the first year. Although that’s good but most people never get to really know the actually cost of their hosting plan until the next year when it’s time for renewal.

Finally, if you ask me what’s the most importing thing to look out for in a web host provider, I would say server speed. That’s what matters at the end for everyone. That’s one thing you may not be able to control either. You can pay for and get more space, bandwidth, and server security, but you cannot just pay and ask for more speed. Yet, that is what would affect your site ranking the most on search engines.

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