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How to Pick Scam Free Crypto Tokens to Buy

Crypto token

If you know how to pick scam free crypto tokens you will make it big in crypto investment. Of course there are no crystal balls to peep into that will tell you which token is be scam free and which one isn’t.

Many tokens fail within the first month of releasing them. That’s investors money going down the drain because these developers, whether prepared or not push their tokens out there and expect it to work. If it didn’t work they pull the plugs on investors and disappear.

Also, there are many scammers out there looking to exploit new investors. They can organize scam presale without any intention of starting a token project. They can also start a token project and once people have invested in it they will pull out the liquidity and shut down the token.

The question now in the lips of every crypto investor is how do I pick scam free crypto tokens to buy?

How Scam Free Crypto Tokens Work

If you can find scam free crypto tokens to buy then you should know how it actually works. A token is a version of a coin built on an existing Blockchain that belongs to another coin. So the difference between a token and a coin is that coins have their own Blockchain but tokens don’t.

So, anybody can create a token, even without any experience in Blockchain technology. However, a token is also indirectly controlled by the price of the coin on the Blockchain it’s built. Examples of Blockchain networks are Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Tron, etc.

But a token must first be built before it can become profitable. And there are processes it’s required to follow to achieve that. As an investor, your primary job is to find out which of the token has the potential to become profitable before you buy.

There are things you need to check when buying a crypto token.

Check The Current Price

Start with knowing the current price you are buying the token. The price of the token determines the quantity you can purchase. If it’s a new token, consider the number of zeros in front of the price. If you like buying into a coin when it’s launched newly, the more zeros in relation to the total supply the better. But if you prefer a tested project, the less zeros might be better.

When checking the price, always relate it with the total token supply, minus the burn token and the current market cap.

Check Token Total Supply

The total supply of the token has a lot to do with your decision to buy and the quantity you should be buying. The higher the volume could mean more zeros to kill off before reaching 1 dollar. So, the total Supply is an important key when deciding to buy a particular token.

One more thing you should know about token total supply is that it’s directly related to its market capitalization. If the token supply is much, it might take longer time to reach its full market cap. And that means it might take longer time for the token price to reach $1 USD.

Check Transaction Log

A transaction log keeps record of all the transaction about a particular token. It gives you the impression about the market response to the token. A token without recents transaction log can mean either it’s just launched or it has failed.

It can also give you the impression of high or low demand for the token. The last few purchases should either show recent or old. And it gives indication if the demand is constant or distant.

Check Market Cap

Market capitalization is the real value of the project. It’s also what’s used to benchmark a token again another token. Market cap means market trust on the token. It’s simply the amount of money in US dollars that investors were willing to put into the token.

It’s the amount of the token purchased in monetary value. The market cap can increase as more investors buy into the token, or decrease as investors sell their investment in the token.

Buying at a lower market cap may be a good time to invest into any token, especially if that token is newly launched. It gives you enough potential to benefit from the token more than those coming in later at a higher market cap.

Check Liquidity Level

The liquidity of a token is your door to exiting the project at any time if you ever got in. Liquidity means the amount of cash available in the token pool that anyone can exchange for the token if he or she chooses to sell their tokens.

Liquidity is your exist door. If you are going to take some investment risk, it’s proper to check if theirs a way out. Where there’s no liquidity or even adequate liquidity, you should be careful with such investment.

Another thing to check about liquidity is how the liquidity is added. Does the token have auto liquidity pool? How much of the liquidity in percentage of the amount already invested in the project?

Check Rug Pull Feature

Rug pull is a form of crypto scam. Although, not all rug pulls are scam. Some are actually token failure. The real idea of a rug pull is when developers take out the token liquidity, making it impossible for investors to cash out, which makes the tokens worthless.

A failed token project also makes the tokens worthless. However, whether failed token or a result of rug pull scam, they both face similar problems, liquidity drain.

One way to ensure the token is not going to be rug pull is to check ownership control, if ownership control is renounced or not. A smart contract creates room for community control and limiting the control of the developers to what they can change and not change.

Check All Time High (ATH)

All time high or ATH is the highest price the token has ever attained. It’s important to know what the token has been able to achieve before buying into it. Especially if it’s not a new token. That would help give you understand the potential or possible failure.

All Time High (ATH) means the token has attained a higher price in the market than it’s currently being sold. Most investors consider ATH as an important indicator for picking a profitable token to buy.

Another very good benefit of checking the All Time High (ATH) of a token before buying it, is to help you understand how low or high in the price chain you want to get into the project.

Check Active Marketing Plan

Marketing plan is important to an overall success of the token. Apart from reading a detailed road map on the token website, what have they been doing to grow the token. Tokens with better marketing plan tends to do better than those without one.

I stopped buying older token because they really don’t have marketing plan behind them. The initial idea of crypto project is community driven mindset. But that’s not working much nowadays. Like the saying, if you want something done, you have to do it yourself.

If a token doesn’t have better marketing plan, it will grow dull and die. There are many new tokens coming out like everyday. And I have also observed that new tokens with good marketing plan grow faster and hit higher market cap than those without a proper marketing plan.

Check The Tokenomics

This gives you an idea how the token works in terms of who gets what, what goes where, and why. You need to read the tokenomics of any project before investing your money. Key things to find here are:

  • Total token supply
  • Number or percentage of burned or to be burned token
  • Percentage of transaction tax
  • Holders reflections
  • Liquidity pool supply
  • Percentage for Charity work
  • Marketing budget
  • Developers token

A good project should have some key tokenomics in place, like:

  • Good Percentage of transaction tax for liquidity pool
  • Good Percentage for marketing efforts
  • Good percentage of planned burn or auto burn mechanism

Note that most burn at the initial stage only makes it higher for investors to get into the project. And really doesn’t help the price from an investment perspective. Although it makes it easier to attain the full market cap. But burning when the project is at a peak pushes the price way up and builds new level of confidence.

But developers shy away from burning when the project is at the peak because burning early at the start gives them more money, and burning during peak gives more money to the Investors.

Check For Community Activity

Most importantly, before buying a token, to check for its community activities on social media platforms. Search for all the platforms where it has presence and check for user activities. The more activities on a platform the better for the project.

Token is a community driven project. The presence of a community works magic on new investors. Even though you can allocate huge amount for marketing, drive more of your marketing through the community.

The more people talking about the token would attract even more people to buy into the token. Do everything possible to have a vibrant community. Number is important but don’t neglect activities. It’s the fuel that drives the engine.

That means you should equally have more moderators and assign roles to them or what areas of enquiries they should handle. However, as an investor, a token that doesn’t have community activities is not the right place to invest your money.

Check For Audits & Exchange Listings

How secured the project is should be another checklist you need to verify. Have they been certify by any organization responsible in verifying crypto projects? Owners control or control renounced? What are they saying about their certification? Do they have any exchange listing currently or they are in view?

Techrate and Certik are two popular certification companies in the crypto world. You need to know if the token has been certified by any or both or even any other company. Check what they have been certified for.

Another thing to check is listing on exchanges. When a shitcoin is listed on exchanges is proof that it has been verified by other reputable crypto organization as well. But most of exchange listing happens after the token has been launched and probably garnered certain number of holders.

However, you can check their exchange listing plans and see if they are making moves to get listed or they simply ignored that part. You can also see in their white paper their road map to know when they want to get listed on exchanges and what target exchanges they have planned out.

Check For Presence Of Whales

One of the major cancerous problems with shitcoins growth is the huge presence of whales. This same problem is also a blessing to young tokens in disguise. The absence of whales in any newly launched token could dull the entire project and dissuade potential investors.

The whales put in large monies into newly launched tokens. Something that small investors wouldn’t dare to do. They also help to create the first impression about the new token, helping it drive its market cap in record time.

But the modus operandi of whales is what makes investors disdain them. They pump in more money to shore up the market cap, and help bring in more new investors, but as soon as the price starts adding up they would also pull out their investment with such force that sends the token crashing.

You should check for the presence of whales. Too much of whales in a token is dangerous to the project. You have to check the list of highest holding accounts. Any account from 2% above could be Whale account. If there are many of such accounts in that project be careful how you invest.


Crypto market is volatile, but that’s not all the problems with the market. There are scammers, whales, failed projects and so on. If you have to navigate your way, you need to know what to look out for when you want to buy tokens that can give returns on your investment.

Although there’s nothing general wrong about whales. But the havoc they can wreck to a token could be devastating. Their modus operandi is what makes them deadly. But every token really needs the presence of whales at the initial stage to build momentum and attracts small investors who are hoping to also take in profits from their small investments.

Finally, always do your own research (DYOR) before investing in any new token.

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Nigerian Gospel Music Best Videos of 2020

What’s best Nigerian gospel music video to you? I enjoy music videos, but you can technically tell when a video is amazingly good and when it’s just amazing. Don’t just take my word for it. You can make your own best gospel music videos of 2020.

I didn’t have a hard time picking my best videos. I have watched them over throughout last year. I had to agree that they quality, content and choreographer are all the best work of art.

Let me give you my top 10 Nigerian gospel music best videos of 2020. Judge the picks for yourself, and make your comments below.

1. St Greg – Mgbomgbo Ekele (thanksgiving) ft. Victor Ike

If you miss any video in this list, don’t miss this one. That’s why I positioned it for you. I can’t help but thank God profusely. This song will make you want to dance, want to jump, want to shout, but most important it will help you say thank you to the king of kings and Lord of Lords. If you have something to be thankful for, go watch this video again and again.

2. Congratulations by Ada Ehi, ft. Buchi

This song might make you want to cry tears of joy. But it’s all good. It’s one of the best congratulations that anyone would love to hear this year, this month, week, today and this very hour. I wish you congratulations as you watch this video.

3. Obinasom by Mercy Chinwo

This song in audio is simply amazing. Now, imagine how the video would be. I won’t give you any more details on it. You have to check it out yourself. If you happy about what Hod has done for you, here’s the song for you.

4. Lover by Jimmy D Psamis, ft. Prospa Ochimana

You need to see this video now. Apart from the perfect message of the song, well delivered and very touching, the next best thing about it is the video perfect quality. Thanks Jimmy D. psalmist.

5. On God by Eben

This video is simple but with a punch. The message is clear, the impact is felt. It’s Eben, delivery yet another video of his song in a very impactful and heart touching. It’s one video you should watch when hope is dim or there’s trouble on every side.

6. Idinma by Judikay

An amazing video. So natural and with an impactful message. How often do you tell God that He’s good? Let Judikay help you do that today with this song. Don’t sleep tonight without watching this video.

7. God Alone by Joe Praize

It’s Joe Praise strong and melodious voice, in one of his best grateful songs, God Alone. You need to watch the video to get the full message and sing along with one of gospel music greatest artist.

8. Mai Taimako Na (My Helper) by Solomon Lange

Oh, Solomon Lange, you did justice to this video with your soft soothing voice. What a way to cry out to God. The song flows from deep inside the spirit. Solomon made me fall in love with this song again. Watch this video and testify.

9. Capable God by Judikay

Nothing is impossible. That’s why Judikay made again a second time in this Nigerian gospel music best videos. This one is even better and bolder than the first video I showed you. I enjoyed the video. So would you.

10. Have Your Way by St Greg, ft. Iyke Onka

You can’t beat this duo, St. Greg and Iyke Onka, in an awe inspiring worship song, Have Your Way. You can imagine yourself in that situation, alone in your room, and crying out your heart to God – have your way Lord! You need to watch this video by St. Greg now. I reserved it just to make a proper closing that if you let God have His way in your life, everything will be beautiful.

Finally On Nigerian Gospel Music

Nigeria gospel music videos have come of age. It used to be just about any visual is good. Anyways, they think it’s just gospel music. But that impression has changed in the last few years.

It should be the best video because it’s the gospel. Jesus gave us the best. We should always give Him the best at all times. That’s why it’s important that we rate Nigerian gospel music videos to help you appreciate the efforts artists are giving into this gospel.

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How To Get Your Car Insurance The Right Way

Do you need an insurance coverage for your car? A lot of Nigerian car owners don’t really care much about ensuring their cars. They feel car Insurance is just a document required to avoid police extortion.

In Nigeria, car Insurance doesn’t hold much power when an accident occurs. For most road users, it’s just a precautionary measure to avoid extortion by road safety officials. And the process of acquiring them also makes it appealing to be considered as Insurance.

Someone questioned, who need car Insurance in Nigeria? If you consider the rates of denting cars, especially on Lagos roads, and denials of any wrongdoings, you won’t think there’s any value for car insurance.

But car Insurance is not just about securing your own car. It also involves securing the cars of others whom you may clash with on the road. It equally saves you from high cost of repairs, especially when you are low on finance. So, how do you go about buying a car Insurance the right way? Let’s even understand some things about car Insurance.

Why You Need Car Insurance

The first thing you should ask yourself about getting an Insurance for your car is, why do I need car Insurance? The answer should help you know how best to get an insurance policy for your car. The main purpose for car insurance is to provide adequate liability protection for you. Some insurance bonus can even include car wash tickets and AutoGas refill.

Here are the two important covers for car insurance policy:

  1. Injuring or killing someone during a car accident
  2. Causing damage to other people’s property

These damages can only be claimed if it was caused with your insured car. That’s the reason the policy is a coverage on the car and not on your person. That doesn’t exclude death coverage in car Insurance. If you need a personal insurance, the car insurance doesn’t give you that.

How To Buy Car Insurance Cheaper

Is there really any way to buy car insurance cheaper? Well, that would depend on what coverage you are paying for, the insurance company you are buying it from, and the value of the coverage they are offering.

But here are some tips to consider when buying a car insurance:

  • First, decide on how much coverage you need
  • Fill out an application with multiple insurance companies
  • Let them give you quotes
  • Try comparing multiple car insurance quotes
  • Pick the right insurance company for your car policy and get insured

Let’s even look at the different types or classes of car insurance and their coverage.

What Does Liability Insurance

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Tips To Grow eCommerce Business In Africa

African eCommerce business entrepreneurs are waking up to niche stores. The growing number of niche stores ranges from shoes, bags, wristwatches, kitchenette, phones, accessories, etcetera. Niche eCommerce sites has not only taken over, they have cut to size big eCommerce marketplace brands like Jumia and Konga.

Although, among the African eCommerce markets, South Africa, Nigerian and Kenya stands out with growing patronage for goods online. But the entire African, with a population of over 1 billion presents a huge business proposition for investors.

According to an update from The Asian Banker website, African will move from $16.5 billion online purchases in 2017 to an expected $29 billion in 2022. The huge increase is as a result of the spread of niche eCommerce sites in sub-Sahara Africa.

Why African eCommerce Business Not Doing Well?

At the inception of eCommerce business in Africa, the general problems they all face was categorized into three. These problems hindered many new entrants from succeeding. Here are why:

  1. Lack of funding
  2. Lack of trust
  3. And logistics challenge

That was before this new trend in eCommerce – the niche stores. Now, funding couldn’t have been any problem. You can start eCommerce business on a shoestring budget, from design to products you list for sale. And DropShipping makes it even much easier. You don’t have to handle any logistics issue, while you can operate without employees, and be completely on autopilot.

However, the issue of trust is still something that needs to be dealt with, even by niche stores. Online trust and real life trust are not exactly the same. Niche stores can change the narrative on trust by building a better online reputation. The only challenge is that most of them are eCommerce enthusiasts without proper skills for the job.



Clever Ways to Boost eCommerce Sales

Still on what African eCommerce stores are not doing well. Let’s look at boosting sales. The primary business of every eCommerce store is to make sales.

Africa has over 1 billion population and yet must eCommerce businesses are not enjoying enough sales. I will list a couple of what needs to be done to improve sales in a massive way.

  • Using paid traffic
  • Using upsells
  • Improving trust
  • Advertising product benefits
  • Simplifying checkout process
  • And improving Email marketing

If there’s any better way to quickly generate sales for your eCommerce business that’s through paid traffic. It must also be done in a professional way to maximize every dollar ad spent. That’s important, especially at the early stages of your eCommerce business.

The rest on my list are to compliment your paid traffic effort to maximize sales. Even if you lack the skills to implement these on your own, the internet is flooded with skills for hire at very reasonable fees. You can get any skill set you require to grow your eCommerce business online.

Hire The Right Skill Set

Sometimes the burden of not knowing why you do what you do can lead to failure. Inasmuch as your eCommerce store is built for the purpose of selling product or service, you need to recognize what should be done to make those results faster and cost effectively.

Make no mistakes, without these things your eCommerce business will not be successful. Now I need you to pay attention to the right tactics to improve your eCommerce sales.

  • Number one: is to grow your brand. To achieve that you need to get the best logo designed for your store. All your branding must reflect the kind of image you want your target market to trust.
  • Number two: use email marketing effectively. If there’s one online business that is huge in email marketing that’s eCommerce stores. And because your store rely so much on email marketing, it must be done well to reflect that image you have built and constantly reach out to customers with personalized online experience to make them buy regularly.
  • Number three: drive more traffic with adverts on social media platforms. If there’s one place you can find the best targeted audience for your eCommerce business is on social media. Run most of your adverts on the platform. Advertising on social media platforms reduces your cost, by targeting precisely the right audience for your store.
  • Number four: try to understand your customers on a much deeper level. Understand that your customers are shopping on your store because you provided a solution to their problems. Get deeper understanding of the problems that brings customers to your store. Know why your customers are making the decision to buy from you.
  • Number five: serve your customers in the best possible way. Customer service is one way to let your customers know that you care about their problems and not just about their money. Before now, good customer service can only be provided by big eCommerce stores, because they could afford to hire the best customer service consultants. Now you too can hire a good customer service consultant on freelance at a much reduced cost for your small eCommerce store.

eCommerce Business Skills to Hire

Now that you know what are responsible for your eCommerce success, let’s align them with the kind of marketing skills you need if you plan to hire someone to do them. Moreover, there’s nothing to be ashamed of if you can’t do any of them yourself. Nobody can do everything required to market their eCommerce business.

As a blogger I can write, but I hire others who are specialists in their field to do most of my other works to make my blog grow. That’s the same with managing an eCommerce business. You can’t do it alone. You may not even know what’s lacking or reasons why your store is not doing better sales.

Well, I have made a list to show you the things that your store needs to grow in sales.

  • Content marketing
  • Data analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • Advertising
  • Marketing automation
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine optimization

Content Marketing

To sell online your product content description must be well written to describe the problems and solutions that brought customers to your store to shop. That content that makes customers feel their problems are over, that your product is the answer to their need is the best and winning content. And there are those who are good at writing product content in the best ways that drives customers to buy without hesitation.

Data Analysis

Data analysts are becoming more relevant to online businesses than they had ever been. It’s now more important to mine and analyze customer data to help define marketing direction and appreciate the impact of existing marketing program. This has been the reason for the success of market personalization in eCommerce business that’s making Facebook and other social media platform help you to target just the right customers for your business.

Digital Design

For eCommerce store, everything has to look it’s best design. Customers are going to assess the product quality by several factors, which includes the product image graphic, logo and website design. Everything to is visualized on your site tells a story to your customers. And it’s this story that would convince them to buy or skip to a competitors site. Pay close attention to who designs your graphics, product description page, and marketing materials.

Web Development

The internet is now a land of codes. One code error can take your store offline for days or weeks if you lack the expertise to fix code problems. The same way it can help simply how your store processes orders and delivers them faster. Having a coder is important to eCommerce business, just as a nurse is essential for someone with an ailment.

Online Advertising

Ecommerce advertising must be planned, created, purchased, executed, and measured. And it must be done in many channels, using many forms of media, including pay-per-click advertising on search engines and on social media sites, display advertising, native advertising, mobile advertising, video commercials, and more.

Your best route to faster sales is advertising. It should be well planned, tactically created to inspire customers to click the buy button. While the ad purchase must be approached to meet sales projection, executed regularly and measured to ensure each ad is producing the desired result. Using every media possible should be your goal.

Marketing Automation

Let me change the narrative a little. It’s stressful to keep repeating the same things every time. Sooner or later you will get tired and that would cause your sales to start dwindling. And you don’t have to do everything manually.

Take advantage of eCommerce automation processes, from order management, shipping, payments, to email marketing, social media advertising. You can automate any process in your eCommerce business to give you freedom to enjoy your success.

This will reduce your expenses while increasing your conversion rates. In some cases it can improve shoppers experience and boost average order value.

Email Marketing

In all the marketing approach for eCommerce stores, email is the most important tool for re-marketing. It’s one of the best ways to reach eCommerce customers. How healthy your eCommerce business is can be measured by the open rate of your email marketing.

However, to get the best out of your email marketing you must apply it with automation.

Search Engine Optimization

One question most eCommerce businesses in Africa are asking is, when I’m not advertising what happens to my business? The internet has a better answer to that. It’s called search engine optimization (SEO). Your eCommerce store must be search engine friendly.

Here are a list of SEO work for your eCommerce store:
  • Buy and install SEO tools
  • Find and remove duplicate content
  • Make navigation and UX design flawless
  • Use Google analytics and Google webmaster tools
  • Make your store design responsive
  • Ensure your store is constantly being indexed by search engines
  • Research and use the best keyword for your niche
  • Signup local search accounts to target shoppers nearby
  • Create only quality content for your pages
  • Use title tags better
  • Start building backlinks to your store

However, SEO work can be overwhelming for many reasons. You don’t have to understand everything about SEO. But understand that every aspect of SEO is important to eCommerce success. Then outsource these functions or hire a freelancer to do each job on a need to do basis.


In summary, my interest is to drive your eCommerce sales in a way you never thought possible. For you to even begin to dream that big, you must first change your approach. I didn’t just show you what to do. I showed you the best and perfect way to grow your eCommerce business in Africa.

Hire the skill set you need to upscale your store profit. Don’t think something’s are not necessary. If your eCommerce business is not wining everyday, it will soon fizzle out and lose all the customer patronage. My first eCommerce business failed because of some of these reasons I have shown you in this article.

And I’m not saying, start scouting for skills to hire. No, a thousand times no! There are already platforms that gathers the kind of skill sets you need to grow your eCommerce business. Your only job is to signup and start hiring the kind of skills you require, from as low as $5.

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4 Useful Tips To Care For Your Skin


Do you know how best to care for your skin? The best gift you can give to yourself is caring for your skin. Surprisingly, many people, especially women do not know the basic tips to help them care for their skin.

If you are wondering why you don’t seem to achieve the kind of skin you want, then, you have to understand how best to care for it. Your skin is the only part of you that others can see, even though it doesn’t fully represent you. But perception is 80 percent reality.

What you give others is what they will use to rate you, even before they get to know who you really are. That’s why the rich pay for expensive and luxuries lifestyle. That’s the only way other people would know they are rich.

However, caring for your skin will save you money and time, if you know what to do. You won’t need to spend on expensive beauty products at all. There’s a better and more affordable way to achieve the kind of beauty you desire.

How Do You Care For Your Skin?

If you are already using beauty products, you have been caring for your skin, positively or negatively, even if you don’t think that’s what you are doing. It’s better you understand what you are currently doing to your skin to help you know how best to care for it going forward.

It’s even important to know if the result you have achieved is what you really wanted or you should improve on it. What if the current result is so bad that you need a miracle now? At least you would know the target is more clearer.

Let’s start by looking at the things that you should be considering to help you care for your skin. Anyone can buy good cream and soap to care for their skin. But if you don’t understand the tips I’m sharing with you here, you may still not get a good result. You might even damage your already good skin.

Some people have very good skin from birth. While some people’s skin are not so good from birth. Your ability to manage whatever skin God gave you is a great gift. You cannot even begin to solve any problem unless you understand what the problem could be. I have listed the tips below and I will briefly explain more clearly.

  • Understand Your Specific Skin Type
  • Learn To Adopt To Seasonality
  • Don’t Send The Wrong Signals To Your Skin
  • Avoid Moisturizers Too Thick or Heavy

Understand Your Specific Skin Type

The most important step to care for your skin starts with understanding your specific skin type. It’s like diagnosing the ailment before prescription drugs. You cannot begin to know what your skin needs if you don’t know your skin type.

Call it the beginning of wisdom for skin care. But interestingly, most people who want to look beautiful don’t even know this most important step. They just copy what others are doing that’s working for them, without knowing if it will work for them too.

Now that I have shown you how important it is, it’s good to want to know your skin type. I have already explained the different Skin types and how you can identify your type in one of my articles. Click to go read it HERE.

Learn To Adopt To Seasonality

The next tip is about adapting to certain circumstances or seasonality. How best you do this would determine how good you will look every season. Do you wander why some people look good during some seasons and not as good in other seasons? Your skin changes with season. You have to know that and adopt to it.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, as complex and intelligent as your heart, lungs, liver and other vital organs, your skin demands more attention. It’s also the most noticeable part of your body. If something is wrong with your skin you can see it on time.

Take note of the seasons depending on your country or location. Some times the weather is hot, cold, rainy, dry, or a combination of two or more of it. Like, there can be hot and dry weather at the same time, or cold and rainy weather. You need to know how and with what to care for your skin during the different circumstances.

Don’t Send The Wrong Signals To Your Skin

Now, this one is on you. You have to learn not to be sending wrong signals to your skin. You may not know it’s what’s responsible for the changes in your skin that you are complaining about. Remember the skin is also sensitive, has its own intelligence and can communicate invariably.

You can send wrong signals to your skin by using cleansers and treatments that are too harsh. And it doesn’t matter if they are recommended for excessive oiliness. They may send the signal to your skin that more oil is actually needed.

Learn to be moderate even when it seems like you should be a little harsh with remedies.

Avoid Moisturizers Too Thick or Heavy

Another way you can send wrong signal is also by applying moisturizers that are too thick or heavy. This can result in decreased natural oil production, which would result in even drier skin.

Choose your moisturizers well. If you are using Infini Clear products for example, add a little Infini Clear carrot oil to soften the moisturizer. Mix it properly, not to be too soft either. The carrot oil will help the thick lotion or cream to become softer for better application.


Choosing the right option would mean taking the time to learn your skin’s specific needs. When you understand what your skin needs you can better make the best choice of how to care for it. And with a balance skin, the result will be a healthier, more radiant complexion.

Understand that every person’s skin is unique, and have different needs. Don’t copy your friends in using the same kind of moisturizers unless their skin type is same as yours. To know your skin type is the beginning of looking beautiful.

However, there are a few common skin types that may help you to identify where your skin fits. The main skin types are commonly referred to as Oily, Normal/Combination and Dry. There’s also sensitive skin, which is just an anomaly of some sort. Here are two easy ways to determine your skin type at home from another post on this blog.

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How To Know Your Skin Type In 2022

The best way to begin to address your Skin type is to understand that you were born with it. Once you settle that in your mind, it helps you realize that you are not dealing with an anomaly. Each person is born with a particular Skin type. That means everyone of us, whether male or female belong to a particular Skin Type.

There are different Skin types. They are all good Skin types, but some are easily managed than others. How you should treat your Skin should be guided by your Skin Type. That’s why knowing your Skin Type is important. That knowledge would make the difference between beautiful skin and not beautiful skin.

In the world of cosmetics, it makes a lot of sense to know your skin type before choosing the kind of cream, soap and other cosmetics you allow on your Skin. Remember, that these cosmetics are made from chemical combinations. Each combination is made to achieve a particular result. The question is what result do you want for your Skin? In my recommendation, I added a little detail on Infini clear cosmetic products.

What Skin Type Are You? 

You need to ask yourself this question: what Skin type are you? If you don’t know your Skin type, this is your chance of getting that knowledge to  better care for your Skin. Let me even ask you this question directly: do you know your Skin type?

There are five different Skin types and your Skin falls within one of them. So, in the five Skin types, one of them is yours. But which one exactly? Below I have given simple description of the different skin types. It will help you know which type your skin belong to.

Here’s a list of the skin types:

  • Dry skin
  • Oily skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Normal skin
  • Combination skin

Dry skin

If you think your Skin is dry, how do you know that? Let’s examine dry skin to know what makes dry skin, to differentiate it from any other skin type. The first thing to note about dry skin is that it’s largely due to genetic makeup, and environmental factors like lifestyle and your diet composition. Dehydration is another leading cause of dry skin.

It’s not a disease that needs to be cured. If your skin type is dry, it can feel tight throughout the day. You may also experience noticeable flaking. You can care for your skin by drinking plenty of water, avoiding alcohol and taking less caffeine. It will show significant difference about how your skin feels and looks.

Moisturizers are another way to care for your dry skin. But make sure they are those containing hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and algae. These actives attracts water that it delivers directly to your skin cells. Also, emollients, squalene and camellia oil helps in smoothing and hydrating your skin in an even and effective way.

Oily Skin

Those with oily skin experiences excess oil that oftentimes leave their skin pores congested and clogged. But oily skin has its advantage as well. It makes your skin look younger and more supple, with more natural moisture that is less prone to wrinkle.

To prevent the sebum building up in your pores and promote cell turnover, a daily enzymatic exfoliation is necessary. Avoid abrasives that can cause tiny tears in the dermis. Rather, a gentle physical exfoliation is useful for balancing the tone and texture of your oily skin.

Exfoliation also helps lighten dark spots by polishing away the uppermost skin layers to reveal new cells.

Normal/Combination Skin

There’s a coloration between a normal skin and combination skin type. They both experience dryness on the cheek. You need a moisturizer that’s not too heavy but substantial to retain adequate moisture.

Gel-like moisturizers are absorbed more quickly. They are also less likely to cause breakouts. You should start with a small amount, while you increase as you needed. This would help avoid over moisturizing and eventually stressing your skin.

However, normal skin types don’t usual experience breakouts. But daily exfoliation is important to keep the t-bone and cheek areas balanced.

Sensitive Skin

One of the Skin types that’s challenging is sensitive skin. This type of skin is sensitive to reactions like redness and itching. You need only formulas that are non-irritating, non-sensitive, and free of parabens, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, sulfate, detergents, phthalate, urea, DEA or TEA. These are the major ingredients that causes skin redness and itching.

One way to manage your sensitive skin is by choosing your care products carefully. Avoid trying out different products. Test one product at a time. This way you can tell what product reacted on your skin, and be quick to discontinue it immediately.

Also, you can patch test new formulas before using them on your entire skin. One way to patch test is on your inner forearm. It’s an excellent way to minimize potential reactions on the face. Once your skin shows no sign of flaring up, you test behind one of your ears. After that, you can now apply on your face if the test was successful.

Why You Should Know Your Skin Type

The idea of knowing your skin type is not so that you will be drawn to the problematic nature of your skin. Rather, it’s to help you understand how best to manage your Skin and give it the best care you can get.

What you know of your skin would help you choose the type of cream,lotion, oil, soap or gel you use. Different Skin products are made for different Skin types. Most cosmetics also comes with Skin Type instruction to help you know which skin type it’s made for.

Picking the right cosmetics that’s made for your skin type starts by understanding your own skin type. And then, finding the right products for your skin.

Methods To Know Your Skin Type

There are only two types of methods used in identifying Skin types. I will explain each of the methods below. These are just generally acclaimed method of identifying your skin type. Sometimes, your an even tell what skin type you have using personal methods. Whatever works for you is good.

But the best two methods are explained here. You can test with any of the method or try out both to know your skin type.

Blotting Sheet Method

To use the blotting method is the quickest. It works when you want to know if your Skin type is oily or dry. It requires you to gently pat a blotting paper onto different areas of your face. After which you hold it up to a light. You can see if the paper is either oily or dry. If oil is visible,which means the paper picked up little oil from your face, or its dry, which likely indicate a dry skin.

Bare-Faced Method

But when it comes to the bare-face method, you start by cleaning your face thoroughly with a mild cleanser and gently pat it to dry. You will not need to apply any moisturizer, serum or treatment. You leave the Skin bare.

After about 30 minutes, you can examine the cheek area, chin, nose and the forehead for any shine. And after another 30 minutes you check your Skin for patches. That’s if you smile or make any facial expressions, to note if your skin feels tight. That’s a sign that it’s likely dry. 

If there’s noticeable shine on your nose and forehead in particular, then your Skin is most likely normal or combination. But if that shine shows also on your cheek in addition to your nose and forehead, your skin is likely oily.

Managing Your Skin Type With Infini Clear

What’s Infini clear cosmetic products? Let me explain this in several brief summaries to give better insight into Infini clear products.

Infini Clear DSR7 25ml: Infini Clear Dark Spots Remover. Works fast in just 7 Days. With Carrot Concentrated Clarifying Treatment. This works exclusively to remove dark spots from your face or any part of the body.

Infini Clear 3R Complex With Carrot Oil Cream 300ml: Removes dark spots, regenerates radiant complexion clarifying cream.

Infini Clear Clarifying Oil 60ml: You can use it alone or mix it with Infini clear lotion to get a smoother feel and better results.

iNFINI CLEAR clarifying beauty lotion: is a formula rich in beta carotene arid vitamin t order to make your skin light, manageable and satin-smooth. Its components and active principles are specifically designed to deep-nourish your skin. Protect it and give you a feeling of well-being. Apply twice a day on whole body after shower of bath.

Infini Clear Clarifying Soap: Removes Dark Spots Mix with Carrot Oil 180g

Note: Infini clear doesn’t bleach the skin excerpt when you mix the cream and the oil together. It only clarifies your skin colour and gives you a smother skin. Let’s know what your experience has been with Infini clear products. And depending on your choice of product, it can be used for different skin types.


Interestingly, to know your skin type can be as simple as ABC. If your skin feels tight, like squeezing, your skin is most likely the dry type. When there’s a noticeable shine, especially on your nose and forehead, you can tell your skin is normal or combination.

But when the shine is on the cheeks, and also on your nose and forehead, you are beyond normal, it’s an oily skin type. A sensitive skin is just when your skin is picky and doesn’t accept just any type of body care products. 

However, your skin needs can change with time. But for your skin to function and be it’s best, you need to take essential steps to identify what it needs to stay best. Your skin needs special care and attention. And that start with choosing the right cosmetics for your skin care.

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How To Pick Best Selling Diaper Products

Do you know what consumers like to buy? In this article I’m analyzing the best diaper products for retailers and consumers. The number of baby diapers in the market can be confusing for both retailers to pick the best selling ones and consumers to know which one is good for their children.

If you are a startup retailer who needs to stock the best diaper products that consumers want to buy, you may have a problem making the right decision at this point. Although, what is easy is to pick and stock the most popular brands. But that may not be ideal for every location.

In each local markets, there are certain diaper brands that consumers have come to like more than others. They may not necessarily be the most popular ones. There are several factors that may affect what diaper products consumers patronize the most,

One of such reason is by recommendation. Most consumers buy products based on recommendations from other people. It may be from friends, colleagues at work, church members, experts, or just from family members. These recommendation can make consumers buy any product regardless of their quality and price.

What Consumers Think Of Diaper Products

It’s important to always know what consumers think about a product. Their perception is key to knowing what you should be selling as a retailer. For example, Guilder beer is a very good brand, but there are locations you will never see good demand for Guilder.

It has nothing to do with whether the product is good or bad, but what the consumers in that area think of it. The best diaper products may not be what’s selling in your location.

You need to understand how the consumers in your target area think about the diaper product you want to stock. It will not be wrong to investigate it properly. While I will analyze what informs consumers decision about best diaper products, it may be slightly different in your location.

So, my advise would be to also do your own little research as well. What you may find out would help you apply my advise better. Moreover, your target market maybe different from another market location. So, it’s wise to do a little bit of your own findings to balance your knowledge.

About The Best Diaper Products

In the eyes of the ordinary consumer, the best diaper products maybe the most popular brands. The one that is advertised the most, or the ones everybody seems to be using in that area. Or the ones used by those that they know and relate with on a regular basis.

There are over 50 diaper brands in the country, and most of them can pass off as best diaper products. Yet, that would not be the right assessment for every market in the country. For some markets, their best diaper products could be Molfix, while another could be Dr. brown.

For a retailer, the best diaper products would be the one that most people in your market buy regularly. It doesn’t matter what brand or price of the diaper. What matters is that it makes business sense to sell such diaper brand.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, price point is defining the best diaper products consumers are patronizing. This post is not about making a case for any brand, but the Chinese brands are gaining strength in the diaper market with cheap unbranded diapers.

And that raises a lot of concern, since most of these products are not registered with NAFDAC or SON CAP approved.

Identifying Special Diaper Features

Diaper products have evolved over the years. It has not always been diapers. There were times it was a reusable napkin that mothers used for their babies. It was washable but so messy – as mums had to deal with cleaning poop and pee from off the babies and the napkins.

At the introduction of diapers or nappies, things changed. It became disposable, making it better for mums to deal with poop. Once a nappy is soiled with poop, the mother unwraps it from the baby and dispose it together with the poop.

But this nappies also had their own problems. Some of which was also being experienced with napkins. When the baby pooped the nappies would ooze off poop smell. It’s wasn’t pleasant for mums to always had to deal with, especially when in public places.

Also, since these nappies are more or less worn like panties, some don’t fit properly on the babies, and had gaps between their legs from where poops and pee could be leaking from. Mothers often got messed up with poop and pee.

Not to mention the health problems babies experience as a result. Some of these nappies also make babies so uncomfortable.

Top Key Features:

Now, manufacturers had to include features to help solve the main problems mums had with nappies, which are majorly rashes and itching, poop smell and nappies leakage. These were solved with:

  • Dry nappies
  • Perfumed nappies
  • Stretch nappies

The dry nappies provided the comfort and dryness for the babies skin, helping to prevent babies from having rashes and itching on their skin. These dry nappies absorb liquid collected in the nappies, which is primarily the main causes of rashes and itching.

More so, the nappies are perfumed to help hide the smell from the poop and pee, relieving mothers from the public embarrassment of smelly poop. And the stretch help to fit the nappies properly, blocking any gap for leaks, so the mums don’t have to worry about poop leaking into their cloths when in public.

How Price Affect Sales

Although diaper products are not expensive but that doesn’t mean price doesn’t affect sales of diapers. It does affect it more than you know. If not, why do you think Pampers lost its number best diaper products to Molfix?

The two products may not even be the same quality. So, many mothers should have preferred Pampers over Molfix, but the price of Pampers compared to Molfix discourages some. It’s a like a case of the best brand with a cheaper price wins. Although, there are mistakes made by Pampers which they may not want to correct.

And it has nothing to do with quality. Rather, I would blame it on Income and expenditure. Inasmuch as every family would love to give their children the best of diaper products, not many can afford it. Buying just one pack of diaper may not make significant impact on their income, but having to buy it for like 2 to 4 years of the life of that baby will drill significant hole on their finance.

Even the so called cheaper diapers are not super price friendly. So, the consumers are making choices of price as they consider their income and how much they would spend on diapers in a month or a year or years.

How Consumer Interest Works

You may be surprised how consumer interest affects product sales. I did a market research on best diaper products and I was amazed at what I found. The most interesting was consumer interest. They may differ from market to market, but something was rather off and similar in my discovery.

It has to do with Prince and Princess diapers. At that time the product was very scarce in the market. So, my respondents thought I was representing all diaper companies. They asked me when I would be bringing Prince and Princess diapers. That made me curious about the brand.

At that time it was a fast selling baby diaper. I’m not saying it’s among the best diaper products now since it’s hardly in the market, but it seems to be then. When I inquired further why they wanted that diaper, the sole reason being that it comes with free wipes.

I wasn’t surprised, because their reason was in order. Mothers save cost of buying wipes when they buy Prince and Princess baby diapers. And diapers and wipes are used together.

You cannot divorce consumer interest when picking the best diaper products. The latest interest now being the stretch and affordability. While some may not consider affordability since diapers are not that expensive, many can’t ignore the stretch. It helps hold the diapers on babies and eliminate size option for many children.

The Competition With Diaper Brands

You need to know that each diaper brand is unique in some ways. Apart from the brand name, the sizes for age brackets may also not be the same with another brand diaper. Even your child who maybe 6 months old may be bigger or smaller than diaper size for 6 months old babies.

So, no two diapers are actually the same. You need to learn about every diaper as a retailer. Find out what the manufacturers are promoting about their diapers, and compare it with the reasons consumers are actually buying it.

Find out about the features that makes each diaper product stand out from the rest. There may be some features the manufacturers didn’t consider huge but might be what’s selling the product in your market.

For example, I learnt about the key reason that’s making consumers pick Chinese unbranded diapers over the Nigerian big brands, which is the lower price point. As consumers make purchase choice on limited income, price is a major consideration.

I heard they have also added stretch to make it irresistible for most mums, who merely see diapers from the disposable point of view, Even though the Nigerian big brands has stretch as well, the lower price point gave the Chinese Diapers some market advantage.

Opportunities And Market Demand

So many diapers are being sold daily across the country. Although, there’s still huge potential for diapers, as some mums are still not using diapers for their babies yet, especially in the rural areas. That still means there’s an untapped potential in the diaper market. There’s room for growth and market demand can be increased.

Although, untapped diaper markets are under the purview of the brand owners, but a retailer is in better position to understand its market. You can find out what is hindering growth in your target market and seek solutions to it.

For example, sometime in Lagos, the Aboki shops started selling ladies sanitary pads in single retail units. These Mallams didn’t know initially that it was supposed to be sold as a pack. That mistake helped ladies who couldn’t afford to buy a pack to still use pads instead of tissue paper.

A retailer can also provide such single unit sales to help mothers who couldn’t afford a diaper pack to buy as they need it. Sometimes, some mothers might only need a diaper if they are taking their kids out, and not when they are at home.

See opportunities and capitalize on them to grow your target market. It can also help increase your profit, as selling single unit will cost more as opposed to selling in packs.

The Economic Impact Of Diaper Products

Diaper products are creating Income and employment opportunities for many people in the country. There are hundreds of thousands of Nigerians who are gainfully employed in the diaper market.

We can number the brands that are importing or manufacturing diapers, but we cannot number for a fact the thousands involved in the retail of diaper products. The number keeps increasing by the day.

As a consultant for startup businesses, I get a lot of enquiries daily on people who are desiring to startup a diaper shop. This number is so high that you will question if diapers are the only product worth selling. You can also read: How To Start A Profitable Diaper Shop.

The annual diaper sales is currently at over 2 billion diapers. According to a report on Nonwoven Industries website, the growth will continue at a 9% forecast to reach 3.6 billion units sold by 2022.


The best diaper products are not necessarily the ones most consumers are buying. The idea of diapers was to solve problems mother have with caring for their babies. And I have explained the three most important ones.

As a diaper retailer, these are things you should watch out for. Even if that diaper is not selling fast already, it would sell in the future, as more and more mums found out about it’s good features. Although, I also mention price and consumer interest.

It’s not just one factor that defines the best diaper products. You have to examine several things along the line to pick what would sell for your market. That’s your key to success with selling the best diaper products.

Finally, the wearable pants are now trending. They are easy to wear the babies. Even fathers can now do the nappies without worries. This new nappies are same as baby pants but with full diaper features.

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How Cybersecurity Should Works For Startups

A cyberattack is a malicious and deliberate attempt by a cybercriminal to breach the information system of an individual or a business. Cyberattacks have become so common these days, barely a week goes by without news of a high-profile data breach or cyberattack.

Attacks are happening all the time to computers with internet access.

A recent study at the University of Maryland found that in America, hackers launch cyberattacks against computers with an internet connection every 39 seconds on average.

While only attacks targeting large corporations make the headlines, studies show that most of the cyberattacks are targeted at small businesses. In fact, 43% of cyberattacks target small businesses including start-up companies.

Start-ups are especially vulnerable to malicious attacks in their first 18 months of operation. In this article, we look at why start-ups should pay attention to cybersecurity and some proactive steps these small businesses can take to mitigate the risk of a cyberattack. Read on to learn more.

Why Cybercriminals Target Small Businesses

Large organizations have more customer data, more money, and are naturally a big-ticket target for hackers. It makes more sense for cybercriminals to target large organizations as opposed to smaller businesses.

Following this logic, it’s easy for entrepreneurs to operate under the assumption that their businesses are too small to worry about cyberattacks or their data is not theft-worthy.

But that can’t be further from the truth. No business is too small to worry about cybersecurity.

Any business that uses technology to store and manage customer information is a potential target. And it doesn’t take the attackers a lot of effort to find vulnerable systems, they use automated scripts to find entry points to access valuable data.

Since most start-ups don’t have an adequate computer and network security, they automatically become an easy target for cybercriminals. Due to limited resources, start-ups often fail to respond to cyber threats quickly enough — some won’t even detect attacks at all.

Common Cybersecurity Threats Start-Ups Face

Cybersecurity threats are everywhere. Data breaches and other forms of attacks happen on a daily basis. Small businesses are an appealing target for cybercriminals and fall victim to the vast majority of cyberattacks.

If you are running a start-up, know that you are a direct target of an attack. What are some of the most common cyber threats start-ups face? Here are some of the most common threats that entrepreneurs should be concerned about.


image from pixabay.com


I. Phishing

Reports indicate that phishing accounts for over 90 percent of cyberattacks. In a phishing attack, hackers will send out emails to multiple targets posing as a trusted source. These emails contain malicious code in an attachment or link.

Ransomware attacks tend to utilize phishing as a method of delivery. You may also be prompted to enter sensitive information, such as password and account details, allowing the attacker to gain access to your PC or account.

II. Malware

Hackers will often deploy malware to exploit vulnerabilities in your system. Depending on the type of malware, there are many forms of malware attacks. Once it has found a way into your system, a trojan virus allows the attacker to perform several functions.

For instance, the attacker can delete, modify, or steal your data. Other forms of malware such as worms, bloatware, adware, rootkits, etc. can be just as damaging.

III. Ransomware

As the name suggests, ransomware is a form of malware that makes your data inaccessible and holds it to ransom. It’s nearly impossible to get rid of ransomware without parting with significant amounts of money.

These attacks are spread through phishing emails to unsuspecting employees. Ransomware is becoming increasingly common these days. Forbes predicted a 300% increase in ransomware attacks in 2020, mostly targeting small businesses.

IV. Data Leakages

Data leakage is the unauthorized transfer of secure or private/confidential information from within an organization to an external environment. Data leakages can be intentional or unintentional. The data may include contact info, user credentials, payment card information, etc.

Start-ups, especially those that have implemented interfaces with financial service providers, are highly vulnerable to financial data leaks.

V. Human Error

More often than not, the root cause of most data breaches or cyberattacks is human error. Research shows that the vast majority of cybersecurity incidents are directly or indirectly caused by negligent employees, contractors, and third parties.

Employee actions such as continued use of default passwords, loss of company smartphone, sending sensitive company information to the wrong email, etc. can easily result in a data breach.

Cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving, and attacks are becoming more frequent and more damaging. New types of phishing attacks, spear-phishing, and whaling are on the rise.

The former targets a specific person or entity while the latter specifically targets senior executives within an organization. Understanding the different types of threats out there will help you protect your start-up from a cyberattack.

The Cost of a Data Breach

As the media focuses on mega data breaches, cyberattacks are rapidly becoming the norm for small businesses — often with catastrophic consequences. The average loss per attack is more than $188,000, that’s way more than your average start-up is capable of recovering from.

Reports suggest that more than half of small businesses don’t survive a cyberattack. Most of these businesses will go under, six months after the attack. What can you do to protect your start-up from cyberattacks and avoid these consequences?

Securing Your Start-Up

Running a start-up, or a business of any kind for that matter can be demanding. Between endless client meetings and finding the right market for your product, entrepreneurs have their hands full and don’t have time to think about issues such as data security.

Cybersecurity may not even cross your mind until there’s a breach. But that doesn’t make your start-up less of a target. The frequency of these threats calls for the highest level of preparedness.

Here are some proactive steps you can take to mitigate the risk of a cyberattack or data breach in your start-up.

I. Perform a Risk Assessment Exercise

Risk assessment is an important part of cybersecurity. To be able to defend against the wide range of cybersecurity threats out there, you need to know where you are most vulnerable.

Carrying out a risk assessment can help you do that. You can start with an audit of the most valuable data and information in your possession. This audit will give you a clear picture of where your start-up needs the most protection.

If you are not well-equipped to carry out a proper risk assessment, there’s no harm in hiring an external consultant to help you out.

II. Install Cybersecurity Software

Consider cybersecurity software such as antivirus and VPNs to add an extra layer of security. Antivirus is a set of programs designed to protect your system from viruses, trojans, spyware, worms, and other malicious software.

Anti-malware can help you keep your start-up’s data, company information, and identity secure from attackers. You might also want to add a Virtual Private Network to your cybersecurity toolkit.

You can ensure that you have a secure connection with a VPN and prevent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and a wide range of online threats.

III. Employee Training

As stated earlier in the article, the vast majority of data breaches are a result of negligent behavior by employees. No matter how secure your system is, you are still vulnerable to cyberattacks if your employees lack proper training.

Regular employee training sessions on cybersecurity best practices can help. Provide guidance on how to handle sensitive information and come up with clear rules regarding password security.

Come up with a cybersecurity framework that outlines key processes and procedures in the event of an attack.


image from pixabay.com

IV. Protect Your Company Data on the Move

Keep in mind that sensitive company data will accompany your employees wherever they go. Negligent behavior by employees even outside the office can lead to a cyberattack.

There are steps that you can take to ensure that company information is protected at all times. For instance, encrypting all mobile devices used for work purposes is a good place to start.

Also, block access to websites that compromise the security of your company data on devices used for work purposes. Ensure that your security policy covers the use of personal devices and remote working.

V. Control Access to Company Data

As an entrepreneur running a young start-up, you must be aware of who has access to sensitive company information from the get-go. Sometimes you have to share sensitive credentials with third-parties when you launch your start-up, that’s okay.

Problems arise when you fail to revoke these privileges when your relationship with a certain vendor ends. Some third parties may not see the need to protect your company data with the same level of urgency when you are not working together.

Also, limit employee access to sensitive company data.

VI. Update Your Software Regularly

We cannot stress the fast-evolving nature of cyber threats and its significance to the security of your company data enough.

Hackers are always coming up with newer, more clever ways to launch cyberattacks. Software updates are vital to your start-up’s digital safety and cybersecurity. Using old, outdated security systems puts your business at greater risk of a cyberattack.

Software patches are essential to your online security. Check your systems regularly to make sure that you are running the latest software version.

VII. Create an Incident Reporting Mechanism

Cyberattacks and data breaches are inevitable. Create an incident reporting system within your organization to ensure that all cybersecurity incidents are reported and properly documented.

The goal of an effective incident reporting mechanism is to process incidents as effectively as possible and minimize the impact of an attack in your start-up.

With an effective incident reporting mechanism, your employees will always know what to do when a threat is detected. Your IT security team will also be able to take the necessary steps to prevent the attack or minimize the impact of a cyberattack in your business.

VIII. Outsource IT Services

Due to strained resources, start-up owners often lack the resources to optimize their business for cybersecurity. In this case, it’d be wise to get professional assistance.

IT services provide a convenient and reliable way to protect your company’s data. Start-ups and other small businesses are often targeted by hackers due to their lack of experience in dealing with cyberattacks and the tendency to use outdated software.

Outsourcing your cybersecurity functions to a company that specializes in IT security gives you a chance to focus on expanding your business.

IX. Set Up a Reliable Backup Strategy

Employees are often targeted with social engineering attacks such as phishing. Just one inadvertent click on a phishing email can lead to the loss or destruction of data and bring your business activities to a screeching halt.

But if you are properly backed up, you can quickly recover your data and get back to business. Backing up mission-critical company data is the last defense against a cyberattack.

A good backup strategy gives your business a way to restore lost or destroyed data and can help you recover from a ransomware attack.

X. Periodically Assess Vulnerabilities and Keep Up with the Latest Hacking Trends

If you are serious about data security, you need to make sure that you carry out periodic assessments of the vulnerabilities in your network. As stated earlier in the article, cyberthreats are constantly evolving and a single, one-time risk assessment just doesn’t cut it.

Frequently stress your system to identify new loopholes. Additionally, it helps to stay on top of the latest hacking trends. That way, you learn about new risks as they emerge. Staying ahead of cyber threats will help you ensure that potential vulnerabilities are patched before it’s too late.


As an entrepreneur, you may even find yourself thinking that your young start-up is not at risk of attack but you couldn’t be more wrong. While news of their attacks doesn’t often make the headlines, start-ups and small businesses account for almost half of all cyberattacks.

Factors such as inadequate or non-existent security systems, lack of dedicated IT staff, etc. make start-ups an easy target for cybercriminals. Failing to put serious cybersecurity protections in place is just asking for trouble.

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Remote Working – How To Protect Your Device

Do you want to start working from home? A lot of organizations now, including Facebook are brainstorming on the ideas to approve remote working. This would provide help even in time of crisis, natural disasters or like the recent pandemic.

Since covid-19, a lot of measures are being put in place to reduce the risk of infection. The coronavirus has forced the government to encourage social distancing techniques.

This includes isolation in various homes, consistent use of hand sanitizers, and a distance of at least two meters for people who need to leave their homes.

Social distancing has negatively impacted various economies around the world. Production lines in factories have been stopped and nations are closing borders and halting the free flow of travel.

However, because of the level of technological advance in the last few decades, we no longer rely on physical contact to facilitate certain kinds of work.

Some individuals work full-time on their computers as online freelancers. Firms have also set up remote workplaces for workers to connect to periodically. As a result of the pandemic, offices have been instructing employees to work from their homes.

This way, tasks can be continued while the world is awaiting the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

Understanding Risks Of Remote Working

Remote working is very convenient and can be handled from the comfort of your bed, your couch or even a park. However, just like everything else, it comes with its own disadvantages.

As you’re diligently working to complete your office tasks, there are also others working to disrupt your activity. They’re known as cybercriminals or hackers.

These hackers understand a lot more employees are working remotely in the world right now and are doubling their efforts to breach the security of your device.

When you connect to your online work from home, you’re highly likely to use your personal devices and network. This way, it would be easier for a cybercriminal to penetrate your system. When you work in the office, there’s a cybersecurity team to protect your work device from the security risks.

Working from home is a totally different story. Your device could have several security leaks and lack the necessary tools to prevent hackers from breaching your privacy.

Cybercriminals typically hack devices for two major reasons. To get financial remuneration or to target specific information. Either way, the consequences are devastating and could have long-term negative effects.

Because of you, sensitive files about your company could be leaked or your firm’s online workplace could be compromised.

There are certain threats that exist on the internet to target remote workers. These risks are explained below.

Breached Public Wi-Fi

Hackers use public Wi-Fi to obtain information from a large group of people. Individuals may connect to public Wi-Fi when they are in places like cafes, restaurants, malls, etc.

A cybercriminal would then perform a man-in-the-middle attack to place a device between the users and the network. This way, information can be gleaned from the numerous users that link to the Wi-Fi network.

In essence, all activities performed online by users would be seen and recorded by the hacker. Unencrypted chats, social media login information, email logins and even internet banking login details could fall into the hands of the hacker as you work remotely.

Malware and Ransomware

Malware is one of the most dangerous threats on the internet. Depending on the type of malware, a device could be remotely controlled by the cybercriminal. It is one of the ways hackers can get a lot of information from your computer.

Malware could be gotten from several sources. You could get it while surfing the internet and downloading files that seem useful. You could get it from email attachments sent to you. You could even get it while installing an ‘antivirus’ from one of those pop-up adverts you see on the internet.

Possibly the worst thing about having malware on your device is that you would be ignorant of its existence. The malware could perform activities like mining cryptocurrency on your device or stealing passwords to your various accounts.

Ransomware is considered the most damaging type of malware on the internet. Cybercriminals behind ransomware typically seize all of your information in exchange for a ransom. Threats would be made to leak your personal information on the internet until you make financial remuneration.


Phishing is the act of duplicating a website, usually one that facilitates logging in to an account, to steal a user’s details. Hackers have typically used phishing right from the mass adoption of the internet. The bad part is, a lot of people fall victim to phishing because they’re not tech-savvy or cyber-conscious.

Phishing is usually facilitated with an email. The email would create a sense of urgency, stating that action would need to be performed immediately. The email could even mention your account is being threatened. In the email, there would be a link to ‘log in’ to your account.

The cloned page would be an almost perfect duplicate of the original website’s login page. Immediately you fix in the details on the page, your information would be sent to the hacker.
Phishing emails usually target online banking and social media accounts.

Low-Security Level for Remote Working Devices and Network

Despite the fact that you’re working from home, you’d most likely not use your work device and network. Your office system and network are adequately protected with tools like antiviruses and firewalls.

You may not have an antivirus on your PC and your firewall might have been deactivated to stop those ‘annoying’ pop-ups. This way, you’re more vulnerable to the risks on the internet.

Your Wi-Fi system could also lack necessary security updates, especially if it is an older version. A cybercriminal near your place could breach your network’s privacy and spy on your activity. Professional hackers could even hijack your connection.

Even an action such as using the default Wi-Fi password could lead to a breach of your network. A simple search engine query could reveal your password for anyone to connect to.

Once inside the network, the hacker could do anything he/she wishes, such as turning your Wi-Fi router into a bot.

Tips to Protect Devices From Remote Working Threats:

  • Strengthen your Passwords

During remote working, it is more crucial than ever to change your passwords if they’re weak. An example of a weak password is one used for multiple accounts. In the event that a cybercriminal gets a password from any of your accounts, your other accounts would be exposed.

In this case, the hacker would utilize a method called credential stuffing. It involves using a single password to breach the privacy of other online accounts.

Another example of a weak password is one that contains elements of one’s personal life like a pet’s name or a relative’s name. All it would take for a security breach by the hacker would be a visit to your social media account. A few guesses would eventually lead the hacker to gain access to your account.

Different strong passwords should be used for different accounts. An instance of a strong password is one with at least eight characters with a mix of upper and lower case letters, symbols, and numbers.

If you’re finding it hard to remember all your passwords, you can use a password manager. Password managers save different passwords across your accounts and can even autofill your passwords for you. Their features also include creating a secure password for you if you’re not keen on racking your brains for a password.

  • Activate Two-factor Authentication

When massive data leakages happen, several passwords get leaked. In this case, having a strong password wouldn’t do you much good. This is why you need to activate two-factor authentication for your remote workplace account.

Two-factor authentication is an added layer of security that protects an account. To a hacker, your password would prove to be useless if your account is protected with two-factor authentication. The extra security could be in the form of a code sent to your registered email or phone number.

Also, remember to activate an extra layer of security on your devices such as fingerprint or iris unlock. In that case, when your device gets lost or stolen, the cybercriminal would not be able to steal sensitive files about the firm.

  • Pay for a VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It works by routing your Internet traffic through a server in a region you chose to connect to, thereby protecting your online activity. Practically, a VPN acts as a protective barrier between the online traffic flowing to and from your device. In fact, it stops your Internet Service Provider (ISP) from tracking your activity.

VPNs protect your personal information by hiding your IP address, ensuring that you are anonymous on the internet, browsing with no worries. It’s very much ideal for remote working.

A VPN is so effective that if you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network that has been hijacked by a cyber-attacker, he/she wouldn’t be able to spy on your activity. This is because the encrypted information would be unreadable to the hacker.

VPNs come with various perks applicable during the lockdown such as allowing you to connect to geo-restricted content from any location. That way, you can watch your favorite shows on Netflix or download geo-blocked games. All you’d need to do is to connect to a VPN server in a location that can access the content.

  • Boost Your Router’s Security

Some individuals never bother to change their router password after purchase. These networks can easily be broken into by anyone searching the internet for the default password of your router. A hacker can even get onto the network, spy on your internet activity, and steal your files.

For remote working, you need to change your router password to a highly secure one. But that’s only the first step. Boosting your home router’s security goes beyond just changing its password.

You need to make certain firmware updates are installed on the router to prevent security leakages. The router encryption should be set to WPA2 or WPA3. You also need to add a firewall to your router. You can opt for a hardware firewall.

  • Activate Your Firewall

A lot of people tend to switch off firewalls on their devices to stop its numerous ‘annoying’ pop-ups. They’re ignorant of the fact that firewalls protect devices from malware attempting to sneak into devices.

A firewall is considered the first line of defense against spyware, malware, and ransomware. It works by closing communication ports between your device and the internet. Suspicious data packets would be blocked from penetrating your device, thus freeing your system from all forms of malware.

Operating systems typically come with default firewalls. To activate Windows Firewall, you can head over to the Control Panel, click on ‘System and Security’ and select ‘Windows Firewall’. If you are a Mac user, you can go to ‘System Preferences’, then ‘Security & Privacy’, then ‘Firewall’ tab and enable Firewall on Mac.

  • Default Suspicion of Emails

You need to be suspicious of emails that you receive. This is effective in preventing malware from being installed on your device or your account details from being phished. Make certain you’re familiar with the sender of any mail you’re receiving. Even then, you’d still need to watch out for other stuff.

Phishing is typically used to take over accounts and siphon internet banking information. To stop your information from being phished, you need to double-check the sender’s email address for spelling errors. Phishing emails also typically have several spelling errors and sometimes poor grammar.

If a link has been sent to your mail, hover over the link to see where it leads before clicking on it. Phishing links usually have misspelled domain names so you’d have to take your time to view the link sent to you. If you click on the link, ensure it is HTTPS protected (showing a symbol in the address bar) before fixing in your information.

If you’re sent an email attachment, ensure that you’re familiar with the sender before download. You can do this by scrutinizing the email address.

  • Use Encrypted Chat Applications

If your work requires a high level of privacy, such as journalism, and you need to secure the information sent to your colleagues, endeavor to use encrypted chat apps. Chat applications that use end-to-end encryption ensure that your messages can only be seen by you and the party you’re sending to.

Any hacker attempting to get your conversations with another person would be wasting his/her time.

There are super-private encrypted chat applications such as Signal and Jabber/OTP that employ a high level of encryption, with no information logs stored on company servers.

  • Update your Device’s Operating System and Software

Some major hacks in the world could have been stopped if the devices utilized updated operating systems. Operating systems have full-time developers working day and night to make security patches, enhancing your level of protection when you’re using your device.

Often, outdated operating systems could increase your vulnerability to hackers. Cybercriminals never stop working around the clock to install different forms of malware on your device through obsolete software and browser plug-ins or extensions. To frustrate their efforts update your operating system to the latest one available and upgrade your software frequently when you’re prompted to.

You can activate automatic OS updates on your device if you’re not certain you’d remember to update your device.

  • Use Office Tools for Messaging and Uploads

If tools like Microsoft Office 365 or corporate messengers like Slack are being used in your office, you can utilize them for communication and file sharing from home. This way, you get to keep company messages and files secure.

Uploading files on a different service like your Google Drive could make your company files public. For instance, when you create a link to a Google Drive file that could be accessed by a colleague in your office, search engines would read that information as public an index it.

Anyone searching for anything on the internet related to the file would be able to access it.


The world has been forced into isolation since the coronavirus pandemic. Workplaces, in a bid to obey government and organization health guidelines, are asking employees to work from home.

However, despite the increased convenience that comes with remote working, there’s a looming threat.

Hackers are increasing efforts to get more victims for their selfish activities. They’re using methods such as Wi-Fi hacking, malware, and phishing to get sensitive information out from remote workers’ devices.

To foil their efforts, you can use a VPN, scrutinize emails sent to you, strengthen your passwords, and use private chat applications. For a heightened level of security, you can activate two-factor authentication for your devices and accounts, boost router security, and update your device’s operating system and software.

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Grow Your Money

How to Start Profitable Baby Diaper Shop In 2023

Do you know baby diaper shop could be your best business opportunity if you know how to go about it the right way? I’m aware that most people want to start baby diaper shop, but it’s either they don’t know what to do or they don’t have the money to get started.

If you want to start a diaper shop, here are what you need to know. It’s the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, as my barrister friend would say. You will be deceiving yourself if you think it would work any other way than how it has already worked now.

One of the major reasons you should start a diaper shop is due to the huge potential in the business. Nigeria records new births of around 5.9 million yearly, according to The United Nations Children Emergency Fund. That’s like 491,666.7 per month, and 16,388.9 births per day. These are new births every single year. This figure increases every year. It’s not like it must be 5.9 million births, it might even be less. But knowing Nigeria this much, the births would definitely be more, with many births outside matrimonial homes.

Also, here’s the statistics of the number of diapers babies at different ages mess up on an average. The babies from 0 – 1 month uses the most number of diapers, with 10 to 12 diapers per baby. That’s around 320 diaper per month. While 1 to 5 months old babies uses 8 to 10 diapers daily or 240 diapers monthly. For 5 to 9 months old babies it’s 8 diapers per day and 240 diapers monthly. 9 to 12 months old babies is also 8 diapers daily or 240 diapers per month.

Try to calculate how many diapers each baby uses in one year, and some of these babies use diapers even when they are up to 3 to 4 years.

Understanding Baby Diaper Market

As a consultant and marketing expert, I know how the distribution network works in Nigeria, because I have helped built some of them. What many do not know is that distribution network work in the same way as Franchise business. There’s some form of exclusivity, and that’s what keeps it working.

If as a retailer you want to build a diaper shop, you have to understand how the market works, the market share of diaper brands in your own market, what consumers experience about using the different diaper products.

It’s wrong to just startup your diaper shop based on the general understanding that diapers are fast selling products. The real questions should be, which brands are selling in your own market? Why are consumers in your location making the choices of the diapers they are buying?

There’s some truth about diaper business you can’t ignore, and that is, the diapers that are fast selling in Kaduna may not be the same fast selling diapers in Abuja or Port-Harcourt, or Owerri. You shouldn’t even choose what diapers to retail unless you already know those that are selling in your location. And these can change regularly as consumer interest changes.

How Diaper Shop Works

If you understand how the diaper market works, then you can start planning how to startup your diaper shop. I’m going to recommend you read these two articles on MyBlog: How Business Works – Beginners Guide 101 and How Diaper Business Works In Nigeria. It would help you greatly in your startup plan.

One other thing to consider is the location. A diaper shop is a location based business. So, your location is very important. If you can afford it, hire a consultant to do location assessment for you in your city before picking and renting the shop. You cannot afford to make mistake with your location, because the entire business depends on it.

I would like to recommend a business plan. I know many of you would not think it’s necessary. That’s what some Nigerian business persons think, but you forget that you don’t build a house without a building plan. There are so many things you will discovered about diaper shop by just reading through this article. A business plan will even open your eyes more, and help you position your diaper shop for profit, if it’s done by an experienced consultant in diaper business.

However, let’s look at the two different diaper shops you can setup:

  1. Mini Diaper Shop
  2. Mega Diaper Shop

Mini Diaper Shop

Here are my considerations for starting a mini diaper shop. First, you need to identify a good spot in your preferred city or community where you want to setup the shop. Picking the right location is alway key to starting this business, but don’t go for the expensive shop. At this stage it doesn’t have to be a big shop, if you can’t afford it.

Next, you have to decide on the main brands of diapers you want to sell. I would recommend you stock every diaper that is popular in your city. The primary idea of a diaper shop is to give mothers a one stop shop for everything diaper. So, having to stock every diaper customers want is the key.

You have to create the impression that if any particular diaper brand or size cannot be found in your shop, then that diaper doesn’t exist anywhere else. It’s an impression you have to create to drive word of mouth publicity to the shop. However, you should only stock those hard to sell diapers in small quantities and make sure to restock them before they are out of stock.

Finally, branding your diaper shop is another way to create the impression that you are the best and only diaper shop in town. Branding could be just having an imposing sign board that shows what you are about. Another way is to paint the walls with diaper products. Whatever you can do to create this image is better for you.

Mega Diaper Shop

This type of diaper shop can be exclusive or non exclusive shop. The main idea for this kind of shop is to sell at both wholesale and retail. You will need either a distributor licence for the brands you want to sell, or buy in large quantity from a distributor to enjoy quantity order discount.

This kind of shop should be well located on a thriving part of the city centre, in a big shop to create a visible presence. This idea works best in smaller cities where big and well stocked shops are seen as major dealers. The impression you create with this concept will drive customers to your diaper shop.

Also, don’t ignore branding it with diaper brands. You don’t have to stock all diaper brands, just go with the major brands or those the ones you could get better deals on. It’s even better if you do exclusive brand. That way people know you with a particular brand or best to have two major diaper brands that’s also selling well in your location.

Note that you might need to invest millions in this kind of diaper shop. To learn more about getting diaper distributorship license, read this other post: How To Become A Diaper Distributor.

Starting Your Baby Diaper Shop

Once you have decided on the type of diaper shop you want to start, you can now begin the necessary planning to get started. I want to strongly recommend you undergo an apprenticeship training in another diaper shop. A lot of people neglect this but it’s vital to your diaper shop success.

There are certain product profit statistics that you may not have when starting your business. You need to know what product is currently selling and why. For example, during the course of writing this article, I visited some existing diaper shops to ask for certain information regarding sales.

According to some sellers, they make like N100 from each pack of wipes. For the diapers, depending on the brand, it can be between N150 to N250 profit margin per pack. There’s also something that was striking, unbranded diapers make them more profit, in the range of N400 and above.

I have explained these unbranded diapers in another article on this blog. You can read it all for yourself HERE.

How Profitable Is A Diaper Shop?

I will be careful with the profit analysis here because it’s not a general expectation. Somethings are responsible for the high profit. That means if you don’t meet those conditions the result may not be this good, but it’s okay for you to know what’s possible if all the right conditions are followed.

Firstly, let me give you the conditions below:

  • Rent a shop in a viable location
  • Get diaper supply directly from manufacturer or importer
  • Stock diapers in high demand

You cannot substitute the advantage of a good location when starting a diaper shop. It’s key to your profitability, and should not be taken lightly. The same goes for the source of your diaper supplies. The higher your chain of supply the more profit you stand to make from your sales. Also, the types of diapers you stock would affect your sales. If customers don’t find what they want to buy, it reduces your daily sales volume, and that would In turn affect your overall profitability.

Calculating Potential Shop Profit

There are three ways profit margin is calculated in diaper business. I have given the explanation is much details here: How To Become A Diaper Distributor. However, depending on the source of your diaper supplies would determine how profitable your shop can be.

Let’s look at the figures roughly. These are just assumptions and does not imply a general revenue from diaper brands. Its just to identify how much you could make per diaper. Distributors get discount and bonuses for selling up to a particular volume monthly, while retailers only sell with markup.

Your profitability is calculated by adding your discount, bonus, plus markup and multiplied by monthly volume sales. Assuming your monthly sales is 2,000 diapers, and your discount is 3.5% or N250, bonus of N50 and markup N100. That’s a total of N400. Then, multiply it by 2,000, and you have your monthly sales revenue as N800,000.

This scenario will not apply to all diaper shop. A mega shop can do even more if the right things are done, as I have explained .

How To Pick Your Shop Location

Apart from learning how the business works, my next recommendation is finding a shop in the best location possible. However, the type of diaper shop you plan to setup should determine the choice of location.

In every city there are centers of commerce and activities. You should know such hot places in your city. They are not hard to find anywhere they exist. It might even be inside a popular market. Identify the right location to site your diaper shop, where ever there much human traffic.

Some locations might be costlier to rent than others. You have to consider your type of diaper shop before accepting to pay certain rents for a shop, because your type of shop would determine to a great extent the volume of business and the profitability of the shop.

Simply note, not all location would be viable for your shop.

How To Get Supply Of Diapers

If you are going to start a diaper shop the priority should be how you get your diaper supplies. That means before you even choose the diaper brands you want to stock, you should have considered how you would be getting stocks.

If you are starting on a mini level this may not be a problem, because you have your local audience you are selling to, and that means you can go to the major market around you and source for diapers from wholesale dealers. You don’t need rocket science to know that’s what you should do.

Where you may have a little problem is if you want to setup a mega diaper shop, you would need to make some negotiations with main distributors or the diaper company directly. That might also require you looking to become a diaper distributor yourself. You have to weigh all your options before making decision on this one.

But the two diaper suppliers to consider are either:

  • Directly from diaper company (manufacturer or importer)
  • Or directly from the main diaper distributor for each brand

Don’t assume the person is the main distributor. Find out from the brand owners who their main distributor in your state or city is. That would give you access to source products cheaper and eliminate middlemen that would increase your purchase cost and reduce your revenue.

How To Pick Diapers To Sell

I shouldn’t be telling you this, it should be something you have to decide for yourself, but I felt some people may not even know how to pick. I recommend you do a brief apprenticeship program with another diaper dealer. You cannot quantify the experience you will acquire in that two weeks or three months you spend there.

Any way, let me give you may personal suggestions of the diapers to sell. This might change with time, and I might not remember to keep updating this list here. So, check the date of this article or when it was last updated to be sure what I gave you is still my choice.

  • Molfix diapers
  • Hughies diapers
  • Prince and Princess diapers
  • Dr. Brown diapers
  • Sunfree diapers
  • Chinese diapers

Let me leave you with this six, but don’t stop at just the six of them. There are many diapers in the market, pick as many as you want. Molfix will always have demand and would keep selling. Huggies is neither here nor there but it has some followers too. Dr. brown has been an old brand. It still enjoys grandmothers love, and often being recommended to young mothers. Pampers is not on my list but don’t ignore it either if you are in a high brawl location.

If Prince and Princess is still in the market, it’s one diaper to always stock. It enjoys demand because of its inclusive free wipes mothers get in the diapers. Its kind of built a cult-thing for mothers who know and love Prince and Princess diapers. Sunfree is also one diaper you might love to keep in stock as well. Nothing much to say about them.

For the Chinese brands, it’s good to also break some rules. If the market is going for something, don’t be totally left behind. As a retail business, sell what is in demand, as long as that’s what the customers want to buy.

For more listing about all the other brands, find it heret: How To uBecome A Molfix Diaper Distributor.


One thing you must not forget when starting your own diaper shop is that you are not selling to yourself. Don’t just base what would sale by what you like. Business is not led by emotion, but market indexes. If customers want Molfix, don’t give them Huggies and say they don’t have a choice. Someone else would setup right next to you and offer them Molfix, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

My next advice is, it’s called business for one reason, don’t do trial and error. Invest your money wisely, and search for information that would help you succeed. If you cannot invest in knowledge, then you are not better than a foolish investor.

If you don’t know much, get the services of someone who knows to guide you. I have seen people willing to invest millions in a business they know little or nothing about, but can’t pay simple N100,000 to a consultant to guide them. (Ignore the amount it’s just for explanation, and not my fee).

Finally, stop procrastinating about this business. You are not the only one who is thinking about this idea right now. Of course I know that too well. I receive thousands of enquiries monthly on people interested in diaper business. If you waste time, someone else takes your place. If you are not ready now, just forget about it and look for something else you can possibly start. Life goes on.

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