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Nigerian Gospel Music Best Videos of 2020

What’s best Nigerian gospel music video to you? I enjoy music videos, but you can technically tell when a video is amazingly good and when it’s just amazing. Don’t just take my word for it. You can make your own best gospel music videos of 2020.

I didn’t have a hard time picking my best videos. I have watched them over throughout last year. I had to agree that they quality, content and choreographer are all the best work of art.

Let me give you my top 10 Nigerian gospel music best videos of 2020. Judge the picks for yourself, and make your comments below.

1. St Greg – Mgbomgbo Ekele (thanksgiving) ft. Victor Ike

If you miss any video in this list, don’t miss this one. That’s why I positioned it for you. I can’t help but thank God profusely. This song will make you want to dance, want to jump, want to shout, but most important it will help you say thank you to the king of kings and Lord of Lords. If you have something to be thankful for, go watch this video again and again.

2. Congratulations by Ada Ehi, ft. Buchi

This song might make you want to cry tears of joy. But it’s all good. It’s one of the best congratulations that anyone would love to hear this year, this month, week, today and this very hour. I wish you congratulations as you watch this video.

3. Obinasom by Mercy Chinwo

This song in audio is simply amazing. Now, imagine how the video would be. I won’t give you any more details on it. You have to check it out yourself. If you happy about what Hod has done for you, here’s the song for you.

4. Lover by Jimmy D Psamis, ft. Prospa Ochimana

You need to see this video now. Apart from the perfect message of the song, well delivered and very touching, the next best thing about it is the video perfect quality. Thanks Jimmy D. psalmist.

5. On God by Eben

This video is simple but with a punch. The message is clear, the impact is felt. It’s Eben, delivery yet another video of his song in a very impactful and heart touching. It’s one video you should watch when hope is dim or there’s trouble on every side.

6. Idinma by Judikay

An amazing video. So natural and with an impactful message. How often do you tell God that He’s good? Let Judikay help you do that today with this song. Don’t sleep tonight without watching this video.

7. God Alone by Joe Praize

It’s Joe Praise strong and melodious voice, in one of his best grateful songs, God Alone. You need to watch the video to get the full message and sing along with one of gospel music greatest artist.

8. Mai Taimako Na (My Helper) by Solomon Lange

Oh, Solomon Lange, you did justice to this video with your soft soothing voice. What a way to cry out to God. The song flows from deep inside the spirit. Solomon made me fall in love with this song again. Watch this video and testify.

9. Capable God by Judikay

Nothing is impossible. That’s why Judikay made again a second time in this Nigerian gospel music best videos. This one is even better and bolder than the first video I showed you. I enjoyed the video. So would you.

10. Have Your Way by St Greg, ft. Iyke Onka

You can’t beat this duo, St. Greg and Iyke Onka, in an awe inspiring worship song, Have Your Way. You can imagine yourself in that situation, alone in your room, and crying out your heart to God – have your way Lord! You need to watch this video by St. Greg now. I reserved it just to make a proper closing that if you let God have His way in your life, everything will be beautiful.

Finally On Nigerian Gospel Music

Nigeria gospel music videos have come of age. It used to be just about any visual is good. Anyways, they think it’s just gospel music. But that impression has changed in the last few years.

It should be the best video because it’s the gospel. Jesus gave us the best. We should always give Him the best at all times. That’s why it’s important that we rate Nigerian gospel music videos to help you appreciate the efforts artists are giving into this gospel.

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How To Get Your Car Insurance The Right Way

Do you need an insurance coverage for your car? A lot of Nigerian car owners don’t really care much about ensuring their cars. They feel car Insurance is just a document required to avoid police extortion.

In Nigeria, car Insurance doesn’t hold much power when an accident occurs. For most road users, it’s just a precautionary measure to avoid extortion by road safety officials. And the process of acquiring them also makes it appealing to be considered as Insurance.

Someone questioned, who need car Insurance in Nigeria? If you consider the rates of denting cars, especially on Lagos roads, and denials of any wrongdoings, you won’t think there’s any value for car insurance.

But car Insurance is not just about securing your own car. It also involves securing the cars of others whom you may clash with on the road. It equally saves you from high cost of repairs, especially when you are low on finance. So, how do you go about buying a car Insurance the right way? Let’s even understand some things about car Insurance.

Why You Need Car Insurance

The first thing you should ask yourself about getting an Insurance for your car is, why do I need car Insurance? The answer should help you know how best to get an insurance policy for your car. The main purpose for car insurance is to provide adequate liability protection for you. Some insurance bonus can even include car wash tickets and AutoGas refill.

Here are the two important covers for car insurance policy:

  1. Injuring or killing someone during a car accident
  2. Causing damage to other people’s property

These damages can only be claimed if it was caused with your insured car. That’s the reason the policy is a coverage on the car and not on your person. That doesn’t exclude death coverage in car Insurance. If you need a personal insurance, the car insurance doesn’t give you that.

How To Buy Car Insurance Cheaper

Is there really any way to buy car insurance cheaper? Well, that would depend on what coverage you are paying for, the insurance company you are buying it from, and the value of the coverage they are offering.

But here are some tips to consider when buying a car insurance:

  • First, decide on how much coverage you need
  • Fill out an application with multiple insurance companies
  • Let them give you quotes
  • Try comparing multiple car insurance quotes
  • Pick the right insurance company for your car policy and get insured

Let’s even look at the different types or classes of car insurance and their coverage.

What Does Liability Insurance

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Tips To Grow eCommerce Business In Africa

African eCommerce business entrepreneurs are waking up to niche stores. The growing number of niche stores ranges from shoes, bags, wristwatches, kitchenette, phones, accessories, etcetera. Niche eCommerce sites has not only taken over, they have cut to size big eCommerce marketplace brands like Jumia and Konga.

Although, among the African eCommerce markets, South Africa, Nigerian and Kenya stands out with growing patronage for goods online. But the entire African, with a population of over 1 billion presents a huge business proposition for investors.

According to an update from The Asian Banker website, African will move from $16.5 billion online purchases in 2017 to an expected $29 billion in 2022. The huge increase is as a result of the spread of niche eCommerce sites in sub-Sahara Africa.

Why African eCommerce Stores Are Not Doing Well

At the inception of eCommerce business in Africa, the general problems they all face was categorized into three. These problems hindered many new entrants from succeeding. Here are why:

  1. Lack of funding
  2. Lack of trust
  3. And logistics challenge

That was before this new trend in eCommerce – the niche stores. Now, funding couldn’t have been any problem. You can start eCommerce business on a shoestring budget, from design to products you list for sale. And DropShipping makes it even much easier. You don’t have to handle any logistics issue, while you can operate without employees, and be completely on autopilot.

However, the issue of trust is still something that needs to be dealt with, even by niche stores. Online trust and real life trust are not exactly the same. Niche stores can change the narrative on trust by building a better online reputation. The only challenge is that most of them are eCommerce enthusiasts without proper skills for the job.

Clever Ways to Boost eCommerce Sales

Still on what African eCommerce stores are not doing well. Let’s look at boosting sales. The primary business of every eCommerce store is to make sales.

Africa has over 1 billion population and yet must eCommerce businesses are not enjoying enough sales. I will list a couple of what needs to be done to improve sales in a massive way.

  • Using paid traffic
  • Using upsells
  • Improving trust
  • Advertising product benefits
  • Simplifying checkout process
  • And improving Email marketing

If there’s any better way to quickly generate sales for your eCommerce business that’s through paid traffic. It must also be done in a professional way to maximize every dollar ad spent. That’s important, especially at the early stages of your eCommerce business.

The rest on my list are to compliment your paid traffic effort to maximize sales. Even if you lack the skills to implement these on your own, the internet is flooded with skills for hire at very reasonable fees. You can get any skill set you require to grow your eCommerce business online.

Why You Need To Hire The Right Skill Set

Sometimes the burden of not knowing why you do what you do can lead to failure. Inasmuch as your eCommerce store is built for the purpose of selling product or service, you need to recognize what should be done to make those results faster and cost effectively.

Make no mistakes, without these things your eCommerce business will not be successful. Now I need you to pay attention to the right tactics to improve your eCommerce sales.

  • Number one: is to grow your brand. To achieve that you need to get the best logo designed for your store. All your branding must reflect the kind of image you want your target market to trust.

Number two: use email marketing effectively. If there’s one online business that is huge in email marketing that’s eCommerce stores. And because your store rely so much on email marketing, it must be done well to reflect that image you have built and constantly reach out to customers with personalized online experience to make them buy regularly.

Number three: drive more traffic with adverts on social media platforms. If there’s one place you can find the best targeted audience for your eCommerce business is on social media. Run most of your adverts on the platform. Advertising on social media platforms reduces your cost, by targeting precisely the right audience for your store.

Number four: try to understand your customers on a much deeper level. Understand that your customers are shopping on your store because you provided a solution to their problems. Get deeper understanding of the problems that brings customers to your store. Know why your customers are making the decision to buy from you.

Number five: serve your customers in the best possible way. Customer service is one way to let your customers know that you care about their problems and not just about their money. Before now, good customer service can only be provided by big eCommerce stores, because they could afford to hire the best customer service consultants. Now you too can hire a good customer service consultant on freelance at a much reduced cost for your small eCommerce store.

eCommerce Marketing Skills To Hire

Now that you know what are responsible for your eCommerce success, let’s align them with the kind of marketing skills you need if you plan to hire someone to do them. Moreover, there’s nothing to be ashamed of if you can’t do any of them yourself. Nobody can do everything required to market their eCommerce business.

As a blogger I can write, but I hire others who are specialists in their field to do most of my other works to make my blog grow. That’s the same with managing an eCommerce business. You can’t do it alone. You may not even know what’s lacking or reasons why your store is not doing better sales.

Well, I have made a list to show you the things that your store needs to grow in sales.

  • Content marketing
  • Data analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • Advertising
  • Marketing automation
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine optimization

Content Marketing

To sell online your product content description must be well written to describe the problems and solutions that brought customers to your store to shop. That content that makes customers feel their problems are over, that your product is the answer to their need is the best and winning content. And there are those who are good at writing product content in the best ways that drives customers to buy without hesitation.

Data Analysis

Data analysts are becoming more relevant to online businesses than they had ever been. It’s now more important to mine and analyze customer data to help define marketing direction and appreciate the impact of existing marketing program. This has been the reason for the success of market personalization in eCommerce business that’s making Facebook and other social media platform help you to target just the right customers for your business.


For eCommerce store, everything has to look it’s best design. Customers are going to assess the product quality by several factors, which includes the product image graphic, logo and website design. Everything to is visualized on your site tells a story to your customers. And it’s this story that would convince them to buy or skip to a competitors site. Pay close attention to who designs your graphics, product description page, and marketing materials.


The internet is now a land of codes. One code error can take your store offline for days or weeks if you lack the expertise to fix code problems. The same way it can help simply how your store processes orders and delivers them faster. Having a coder is important to eCommerce business, just as a nurse is essential for someone with an ailment.


Ecommerce advertising must be planned, created, purchased, executed, and measured. And it must be done in many channels, using many forms of media, including pay-per-click advertising on search engines and on social media sites, display advertising, native advertising, mobile advertising, video commercials, and more.

Your best route to faster sales is advertising. It should be well planned, tactically created to inspire customers to click the buy button. While the ad purchase must be approached to meet sales projection, executed regularly and measured to ensure each ad is producing the desired result. Using every media possible should be your goal.

Marketing Automation

Let me change the narrative a little. It’s stressful to keep repeating the same things every time. Sooner or later you will get tired and that would cause your sales to start dwindling. And you don’t have to do everything manually.

Take advantage of eCommerce automation processes, from order management, shipping, payments, to email marketing, social media advertising. You can automate any process in your eCommerce business to give you freedom to enjoy your success.

This will reduce your expenses while increasing your conversion rates. In some cases it can improve shoppers experience and boost average order value.

Email Marketing

In all the marketing approach for eCommerce stores, email is the most important tool for re-marketing. It’s one of the best ways to reach eCommerce customers. How healthy your eCommerce business is can be measured by the open rate of your email marketing.

However, to get the best out of your email marketing you must apply it with automation.

Search Engine Optimization

One question most eCommerce businesses in Africa are asking is, when I’m not advertising what happens to my business? The internet has a better answer to that. It’s called search engine optimization (SEO). Your eCommerce store must be search engine friendly.

Here are a list of SEO work for your eCommerce store:

  • Buy and install SEO tools
  • Find and remove duplicate content
  • Make navigation and UX design flawless
  • Use Google analytics and Google webmaster tools
  • Make your store design responsive
  • Ensure your store is constantly being indexed by search engines
  • Research and use the best keyword for your niche
  • Signup local search accounts to target shoppers nearby
  • Create only quality content for your pages
  • Use title tags better
  • Start building backlinks to your store

However, SEO work can be overwhelming for many reasons. You don’t have to understand everything about SEO. But understand that every aspect of SEO is important to eCommerce success. Then outsource these functions or hire a freelancer to do each job on a need to do basis.


My interest is to drive your eCommerce sales in a way you never thought possible. For you to even begin to dream that big, you must first change your approach. I didn’t just show you what to do. I showed you the best and perfect way to grow your eCommerce business in Africa.

Hire the skill set you need to upscale your store profit. Don’t think something’s are not necessary. If your eCommerce business is not wining everyday, it will soon fizzle out and lose all the customer patronage. My first eCommerce business failed because of some of these reasons I have shown you in this article.

And I’m not saying, start scouting for skills to hire. No, a thousand times no! There are already platforms that gathers the kind of skill sets you need to grow your eCommerce business. Your only job is to signup and start hiring the kind of skills you require, from as low as $5.

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4 Useful Tips To Care For Your Skin


Do you know how best to care for your skin? The best gift you can give to yourself is caring for your skin. Surprisingly, many people, especially women do not know the basic tips to help them care for their skin.

If you are wondering why you don’t seem to achieve the kind of skin you want, then, you have to understand how best to care for it. Your skin is the only part of you that others can see, even though it doesn’t fully represent you. But perception is 80 percent reality.

What you give others is what they will use to rate you, even before they get to know who you really are. That’s why the rich pay for expensive and luxuries lifestyle. That’s the only way other people would know they are rich.

However, caring for your skin will save you money and time, if you know what to do. You won’t need to spend on expensive beauty products at all. There’s a better and more affordable way to achieve the kind of beauty you desire.

How Do You Care For Your Skin?

If you are already using beauty products, you have been caring for your skin, positively or negatively, even if you don’t think that’s what you are doing. It’s better you understand what you are currently doing to your skin to help you know how best to care for it going forward.

It’s even important to know if the result you have achieved is what you really wanted or you should improve on it. What if the current result is so bad that you need a miracle now? At least you would know the target is more clearer.

Let’s start by looking at the things that you should be considering to help you care for your skin. Anyone can buy good cream and soap to care for their skin. But if you don’t understand the tips I’m sharing with you here, you may still not get a good result. You might even damage your already good skin.

Some people have very good skin from birth. While some people’s skin are not so good from birth. Your ability to manage whatever skin God gave you is a great gift. You cannot even begin to solve any problem unless you understand what the problem could be. I have listed the tips below and I will briefly explain more clearly.

  • Understand Your Specific Skin Type
  • Learn To Adopt To Seasonality
  • Don’t Send The Wrong Signals To Your Skin
  • Avoid Moisturizers Too Thick or Heavy

Understand Your Specific Skin Type

The most important step to care for your skin starts with understanding your specific skin type. It’s like diagnosing the ailment before prescription drugs. You cannot begin to know what your skin needs if you don’t know your skin type.

Call it the beginning of wisdom for skin care. But interestingly, most people who want to look beautiful don’t even know this most important step. They just copy what others are doing that’s working for them, without knowing if it will work for them too.

Now that I have shown you how important it is, it’s good to want to know your skin type. I have already explained the different Skin types and how you can identify your type in one of my articles. Click to go read it HERE.

Learn To Adopt To Seasonality

The next tip is about adapting to certain circumstances or seasonality. How best you do this would determine how good you will look every season. Do you wander why some people look good during some seasons and not as good in other seasons? Your skin changes with season. You have to know that and adopt to it.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, as complex and intelligent as your heart, lungs, liver and other vital organs, your skin demands more attention. It’s also the most noticeable part of your body. If something is wrong with your skin you can see it on time.

Take note of the seasons depending on your country or location. Some times the weather is hot, cold, rainy, dry, or a combination of two or more of it. Like, there can be hot and dry weather at the same time, or cold and rainy weather. You need to know how and with what to care for your skin during the different circumstances.

Don’t Send The Wrong Signals To Your Skin

Now, this one is on you. You have to learn not to be sending wrong signals to your skin. You may not know it’s what’s responsible for the changes in your skin that you are complaining about. Remember the skin is also sensitive, has its own intelligence and can communicate invariably.

You can send wrong signals to your skin by using cleansers and treatments that are too harsh. And it doesn’t matter if they are recommended for excessive oiliness. They may send the signal to your skin that more oil is actually needed.

Learn to be moderate even when it seems like you should be a little harsh with remedies.

Avoid Moisturizers Too Thick or Heavy

Another way you can send wrong signal is also by applying moisturizers that are too thick or heavy. This can result in decreased natural oil production, which would result in even drier skin.

Choose your moisturizers well. If you are using Infini Clear products for example, add a little Infini Clear carrot oil to soften the moisturizer. Mix it properly, not to be too soft either. The carrot oil will help the thick lotion or cream to become softer for better application.


Choosing the right option would mean taking the time to learn your skin’s specific needs. When you understand what your skin needs you can better make the best choice of how to care for it. And with a balance skin, the result will be a healthier, more radiant complexion.

Understand that every person’s skin is unique, and have different needs. Don’t copy your friends in using the same kind of moisturizers unless their skin type is same as yours. To know your skin type is the beginning of looking beautiful.

However, there are a few common skin types that may help you to identify where your skin fits. The main skin types are commonly referred to as Oily, Normal/Combination and Dry. There’s also sensitive skin, which is just an anomaly of some sort. Here are two easy ways to determine your skin type at home from another post on this blog.

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How To Know Your Skin Type In 2021

The best way to begin to address your Skin type is to understand that you were born with it. Once you settle that in your mind, it helps you realize that you are not dealing with an anomaly. Each person is born with a particular Skin type. That means everyone of us, whether male or female belong to a particular Skin Type. 

There are different Skin types. They are all good Skin types, but some are easily managed than others. How you should treat your Skin should be guided by your Skin Type. That’s why knowing your Skin Type is important. That knowledge would make the difference between beautiful skin and not beautiful skin.

In the world of cosmetics, it makes a lot of sense to know your skin type before choosing the kind of cream, soap and other cosmetics you allow on your Skin. Remember, that these cosmetics are made from chemical combinations. Each combination is made to achieve a particular result. The question is what result do you want for your Skin? In my recommendation, I added a little detail on Infini clear cosmetic products. 

What Skin Type Are You? 

You need to ask yourself this question: what Skin type are you? If you don’t know your Skin type, this is your chance of getting that knowledge to  better care for your Skin. Let me even ask you this question directly: do you know your Skin type?

There are five different Skin types and your Skin falls within one of them. So, in the five Skin types, one of them is yours. But which one exactly? Below I have given simple description of the different skin types. It will help you know which type your skin belong to. 

Here’s a list of the skin types:

  • Dry skin
  • Oily skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Normal skin 
  • Combination skin

Dry skin

If you think your Skin is dry, how do you know that? Let’s examine dry skin to know what makes dry skin, to differentiate it from any other skin type. The first thing to note about dry skin is that it’s largely due to genetic makeup, and environmental factors like lifestyle and your diet composition. Dehydration is another leading cause of dry skin. 

It’s not a disease that needs to be cured. If your skin type is dry, it can feel tight throughout the day. You may also experience noticeable flaking. You can care for your skin by drinking plenty of water, avoiding alcohol and taking less caffeine. It will show significant difference about how your skin feels and looks. 

Moisturizers are another way to care for your dry skin. But make sure they are those containing hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and algae. These actives attracts water that it delivers directly to your skin cells. Also, emollients, squalene and camellia oil helps in smoothing and hydrating your skin in an even and effective way. 

Oily Skin

Those with oily skin experiences excess oil that oftentimes leave their skin pores congested and clogged. But oily skin has its advantage as well. It makes your skin look younger and more supple, with more natural moisture that is less prone to wrinkle.

To prevent the sebum building up in your pores and promote cell turnover, a daily enzymatic exfoliation is necessary. Avoid abrasives that can cause tiny tears in the dermis. Rather, a gentle physical exfoliation is useful for balancing the tone and texture of your oily skin.

Exfoliation also helps lighten dark spots by polishing away the uppermost skin layers to reveal new cells.

Normal/Combination Skin

There’s a coloration between a normal skin and combination skin type. They both experience dryness on the cheek. You need a moisturizer that’s not too heavy but substantial to retain adequate moisture. 

Gel-like moisturizers are absorbed more quickly. They are also less likely to cause breakouts. You should start with a small amount, while you increase as you needed. This would help avoid over moisturizing and eventually stressing your skin. 

However, normal skin types don’t usual experience breakouts. But daily exfoliation is important to keep the t-bone and cheek areas balanced. 

Sensitive Skin

One of the Skin types that’s challenging is sensitive skin. This type of skin is sensitive to reactions like redness and itching. You need only formulas that are non-irritating, non-sensitive, and free of parabens, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, sulfate, detergents, phthalate, urea, DEA or TEA. These are the major ingredients that causes skin redness and itching. 

One way to manage your sensitive skin is by choosing your care products carefully. Avoid trying out different products. Test one product at a time. This way you can tell what product reacted on your skin, and be quick to discontinue it immediately. 

Also, you can patch test new formulas before using them on your entire skin. One way to patch test is on your inner forearm. It’s an excellent way to minimize potential reactions on the face. Once your skin shows no sign of flaring up, you test behind one of your ears. After that, you can now apply on your face if the test was successful. 

Why You Should Know Your Skin Type

The idea of knowing your skin type is not so that you will be drawn to the problematic nature of your skin. Rather, it’s to help you understand how best to manage your Skin and give it the best care you can get. 

What you know of your skin would help you choose the type of cream,lotion, oil, soap or gel you use. Different Skin products are made for different Skin types. Most cosmetics also comes with Skin Type instruction to help you know which skin type it’s made for. 

Picking the right cosmetics that’s made for your skin type starts by understanding your own skin type. And then, finding the right products for your skin. 

Methods To Know Your Skin Type

There are only two types of methods used in identifying Skin types. I will explain each of the methods below. These are just generally acclaimed method of identifying your skin type. Sometimes, your an even tell what skin type you have using personal methods. Whatever works for you is good. 

But the best two methods are explained here. You can test with any of the method or try out both to know your skin type. 

Blotting Sheet Method

To use the blotting method is the quickest. It works when you want to know if your Skin type is oily or dry. It requires you to gently pat a blotting paper onto different areas of your face. After which you hold it up to a light. You can see if the paper is either oily or dry. If oil is visible,which means the paper picked up little oil from your face, or its dry, which likely indicate a dry skin. 

Bare-Faced Method

But when it comes to the bare-face method, you start by cleaning your face thoroughly with a mild cleanser and gently pat it to dry. You will not need to apply any moisturizer, serum or treatment. You leave the Skin bare. 

After about 30 minutes, you can examine the cheek area, chin, nose and the forehead for any shine. And after another 30 minutes you check your Skin for patches. That’s if you smile or make any facial expressions, to note if your skin feels tight. That’s a sign that it’s likely dry. 

If there’s noticeable shine on your nose and forehead in particular, then your Skin is most likely normal or combination. But if that shine shows also on your cheek in addition to your nose and forehead, your skin is likely oily. 

Managing Your Skin Type With Infini Clear

What’s Infini clear cosmetic products? Let me explain this in several brief summaries to give better insight into Infini clear products. 

Infini Clear DSR7 25ml: Infini Clear Dark Spots Remover. Works fast in just 7 Days. With Carrot Concentrated Clarifying Treatment. This works exclusively to remove dark spots from your face or any part of the body.

Infini Clear 3R Complex With Carrot Oil Cream 300ml: Removes dark spots, regenerates radiant complexion clarifying cream. 

Infini Clear Clarifying Oil 60ml: You can use it alone or mix it with Infini clear lotion to get a smoother feel and better results. 

iNFINI CLEAR clarifying beauty lotion: is a formula rich in beta carotene arid vitamin t order to make your skin light, manageable and satin-smooth. Its components and active principles are specifically designed to deep-nourish your skin. Protect it and give you a feeling of well-being. Apply twice a day on whole body after shower of bath.

Infini Clear Clarifying Soap: Removes Dark Spots Mix with Carrot Oil 180g

Note: Infini clear doesn’t bleach the skin excerpt when you mix the cream and the oil together. It only clarifies your skin colour and gives you a smother skin. Let’s know what your experience has been with Infini clear products. And depending on your choice of product, it can be used for different skin types. 


Interestingly, to know your skin type can be as simple as ABC. If your skin feels tight, like squeezing, your skin is most likely the dry type. When there’s a noticeable shine, especially on your nose and forehead, you can tell your skin is normal or combination. 

But when the shine is on the cheeks, and also on your nose and forehead, you are beyond normal, it’s an oily skin type. A sensitive skin is just when your skin is picky and doesn’t accept just any type of body care products. 

However, your skin needs can change with time. But for your skin to function and be it’s best, you need to take essential steps to identify what it needs to stay best. Your skin needs special care and attention. And that start with choosing the right cosmetics for your skin care. 

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