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How to Implement an Effective SMS Campaign

SMS campaign

SMS campaign enjoys a high success rate of 98 per cent. It’s one of the most effective mobile campaign strategies. Also, 90 per cent of SMS messages are opened within 3 minutes of sending. That means your messages will not only reach a wider audience, but it will also be read quickly as well.

And it’s also cost-effective to implement, especially for a election campaign starting at just N10.00 per message, you can reach millions of potential voters with your campaign in 3 minutes.

SMS campaign is the best investment your campaign can make to create a personal connection to a vast number of voters in this election. It’s not only the smartest choice, but it’s also one of the most affordable as well.

Political SMS Messages are extremely effective, with a proven record of producing quality results with high engagement from voters. It’s more effective when you combine SMS campaign with Robocall.

SMS Campaign Voters Data

One of the challenges of the SMS campaign is Voters data. Now, Fastweb can provide you with Voters data. It can be requested directly from our website contact page. Whether it is for a Robocall or to update records for a door-knocking campaign, we provide voter files for every need.

With our simple request process, users can choose who to target with no minimum order. Our Up-to-date, reliable voter data is just N3/record.

Receive Current Voter Data

We have current Voters data for your SMS campaign. These data come in a well-structured way to help you target potential voters down to their polling units. So, we can push your SMS campaign messages to identified polling units for counsellors, or local government presiding officers, and even for state house of assembly, by determining the polling units, they are representing.

That also goes for House of Representatives, senatorial districts, governorship and presidential. All political positions are covered in our effective and affordable political SMS campaign.

Here is how the Voters data is structured :

  • Voter’s full name, including prefix and suffix
  • Voter registered polling unit
  • Polling unit is the closest anyone one can get to identifying the votes that matter to a candidate’s campaign target.
  • Also breakdown based on polling unit, LGA, state and region
  • Demographics based on ethnicity, language, education, etc.

How to Campaign With SMS

SMS campaign is not just about sending out messages to mobile phones of voters. It has to be strategic as well. There are only 160 characters in one page of SMS. You have to creative to use such limited space to sell an ambitious project like a political campaign.

There are things to consider when running a political SMS campaign to make it effective. Your message must meet specific criteria. And the script should be crafted in a such a way to inspire Voters involvement.

Make SMS Campaign Personal

The most effective way to set up your SMS campaign is to approach messaging as a conversation. And not merely an uneven distribution of information.

Your campaign is likely to receive better insights when messages address voters in a more casual, personal manner, almost like friends chatting We offer Political Campaign Message and Script Tactics.

You may also need to provide a contact number for anyone to respond to your campaign. Or offer some incentives to encourage volunteers, like free campaign t-shirts, face caps and other branded items. People will volunteer to work for your campaign if they can identify with it.

SMS Campaign Script Pointers

When drafting your messages, be sure to use:

  • High energy language is effective, like: “It would be awesome to see you there!”
  • Use direct questions to encourage a response: “Can you make it?”
  • A casual tone: “A lot of us…” “Going to be around…”
For more voter interaction, try to:

Save more specific information, like the exact location of your campaign or ways to get involved, for follow-up messages. This way, the contact must engage to get more information.

  • Hold off on sending event or fundraising links until the contact has committed, then send a follow-up message.
  • Use custom tracking links to maximize and optimize click-through rates. You can use these to track total opens.
  • Avoid sending messages directly as the candidate or other important campaign officials; use volunteer personas instead, as this makes the individual messages seem more genuine and personal.
  • Avoid hard-liners, ask specifics like “can you donate N5,000?” Instead, try asking “can I send you some info on how to donate?”

SMS Campaign Script Example One

Hi! This is [agent name] with the _______ campaign! Don’t forget that tomorrow is Election Day and _______ is the right choice for you and Kunle! Please vote for _______ to continue to serve us – he would be honored to have your support.

SMS Campaign Script Example Two

Hello [contact name], the election for Governor is coming up, and _______ needs your help to make it to our midnight fundraising goal. Would you be able to help so we can elect a strong leader for our state? If you’re interested, please donate at _______ [Link to website]

SMS Campaign Script Example Three

To stay updated on the path of Hurricane Irma, please click [Link to website] for the latest information. For assistance and immediate inquiries, please call [Phone Number]. Thank you and stay safe. – Senator _______.

SMS Campaign Script Example Four

To all who wore the uniform and the families that support them, Happy Veterans Day! Thank you for your service and sacrifice. – Senator _______. [YouTube Link to Veterans Day message]

SMS Campaign Script Example Five

[contact name], we are asking voters in the [polling unit name] which issues are most important to them and would appreciate your feedback. This will help senator _______ know which issues to focus on. Please complete the brief survey located here_______. [Link to Survey]

SMS Campaign Scheduling Tactics

There are a lot of ways to approach person-to-person SMS messaging, and not all of them are effective. The highest success, however, comes from creating a relationship with the voter through consistent, reliable and meaningful communication. This personalized, layered messaging ensures that voters mark your candidate’s name on the ballot without hesitation.

Allowing voters to hear directly from your campaign a couple of times a month makes them feel the personal connection with not only your candidate but your entire cause. If they want to ask a question, they can text back and get a quick response. If they’re going to donate, your campaign will be able to guide them. Trust is cultivated, and your campaign will grow.

SMS Campaign Q&A

Q: Do Voters require to opt-in to a list before they can be texted. How does Fastweb handle that?

A: Because SMS Campaign is a peer-to-peer product, voter opt-in is not required. Since Fastweb uses real people to send each text, there is no need for voters to opt into your list.

Q: Does texting really get voters’ attention?

A: Yes! Having a peer-to-peer conversation with a voter drastically improves the participation rate and helps to provide invaluable data back to your campaign. Text conversations take the pressure out of engagement for the voter, making it more likely that you’ll receive positive responses.

Q: How can I be sure this will work?

A: We have a proven track record of customer satisfaction, which we’re happy to demonstrate through a trial run for any political organization that is new to Fastweb.

Finally, you can start and implement an SMS campaign within 3 minutes, and you will start receiving responses from your campaign. And we have also provided a contact below to enable you to reach us for further explanation.

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