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How to Increase LPG Daily Sales In 2023

How to Increase LPG Daily Sales

Do you own an LPG plant and you are thinking on how to increase your LPG daily sales target? Pay attention now, because I’m sharing with you some of the ideas you can implement to increase sales for LPG plant.

It’s important that you read through and find some strategies that would work for you. There are several ways to increase sales for LPG plant, but not all of them may be applicable in your location. Some might be costly to implement as well.

As the huge Investment opportunity in cooking gas increases, so will the revenue starts to decrease as well. Because there will be more LPG plants targeting same location or even out rightly taking over some share of your market.

When that begins to happening, as it’s already happening for some plants, how do you hope to increase sales for your LPG plant?

Plan for LPG Daily Sales Target

If you already knowledgeable about advertising, you would be familiar with LBA or location based advertising. This kind of advertising was born at the beginning of the mobile phone era. Although, not much is being said about it lately because it’s virtually being used in every digital platform today.

This kind of advertising deals with targeting customers to patronize a business within a specified location. But this advertising is targeted only at those who are within the preferred location, and at the time they can use the service or buy the product.

So, this advertising favours businesses that are location based like LPG plants. The question is, how do you utilize such marketing to increase sales for LPG plant? How do you implement LBA for you plant, and what technology is most effective for your target audience?

Together we are going to be looking at some of the existing platforms you can use to increase sales for LPG plant. But it will be up to you to decide which one or ones that are suitable for you to use.

Tips for Increasing LPG Daily Sales

I have outlined these tips as a way to guide your marketing plan. Most LPG plants don’t think there’s anything they can do to promote their business. They just believe that the customers would always come into their plant to buy gas when they need to refill. As much as that could be true now, it may not be true for all time.

The main reason for marketing is competition, and without competition there will be no need for marketing. Because your customers would always find you when they really need you. But since they don’t have to choose you, then you have to find a way to make them to choose you.

The idea to increase sales for LPG plant is to go beyond the wait and see conventional sales strategy for gas plants, where the customers on their own would find the nearest plant to buy gas. I have bought cooking gas from different plants as I choose because no one gave me any reason to choose them.

But if you plan to increase sales, you don’t just seat and wait for customers to decide in their house which plant they would buy from when their gas cylinder is empty. You can help them to choose you, long before they ever need to refill their gas cylinders.

Holiday Sales Marketing

Holidays are the best times to increase sales for LPG plants. One of the benefits of holidays is that people want to spend. They have plans to spend more money and that can increase your sales normally. But that’s not always the case.

Inasmuch as people want to spend money during holidays, they don’t have to spend it on your product. If you want their money it’s up to you to strategies on how to get it. That means, as an LPG plant you have to have holiday sales plan.

It’s not enough to say my customers would buy from me. What about increasing sales during holidays? You have to see holiday season as a time to increase sales for your plant and not just to seat with the hope customers would buy from you.

The marketing strategies I’m sharing with you here would help you to plan your holiday sales better. Also, I recommend you read the following articles: How To Sell – A Simplified Guide and How Marketing Works For Beginners.

Membership Database Marketing

One of the most important form of marketing that’s being ignored by LPG plants is membership or customers database. In all the gas plants I have visited and even worked with, they never see this as important.

Most of them don’t even have the contact details of their customers. They treat everyone as a walk in customer without any relationship or attachment with the plant. You can send text and WhatsApp messages to notify your customers of discounts, incentives and closures and holiday sales.

You can even send them holiday greetings during Christmas, Easter, workers day and Salah holidays. Also, you can send birthday reminders. People love to be celebrated. I have testified of my story, how my bank used to remind me of my birthdays until social media took over.

Recently, I learnt one of the popular LPG plants around me had a free gas day during the Covid-19 lockdown. But I wasn’t aware, even though I have been buying gas from the plant. I first thought it wasn’t properly publicized or they used a different platform not targeted at their customers.

Then it occurred to me, they don’t have my contact, even if they wanted to reach me. This should be a lesson to all LPG plants to have a database of their customers. If someone ever bought cooking gas from your plant, you should have at least their phone number and cylinder KG size. Everything is tagged to phone numbers these days.

We currently implemented this for a client, and I will explain it all in the case study how we implemented this strategy. You too can do the same, tapping into my ideas for your plant.

Mobile App Strategy

Mobile apps are changing the way we do business with our mobile phones. One of the best ways to build membership or customer database is with mobile apps. While most plant owners still argues that it’s still early to adopt such strategy, they forget that you don’t build customers overnight.

A mobile app would help you start building members database now, long before your business would become more competitive. Moreover, the app can do much more than just members database profiling. It would help you increase sales for LPG plant by giving users access to order cooking gas and buy cylinders on their phones.

Also, it may cost some money to develop an app like this but it helps plant owners increase sales through customer database management. However, an entrepreneur can also provide such marketplace for all gas plants in the country to use.

Social Media Marketing

This may not be the perfect way to increase sales for LPG plant, but it’s a way to help brand your gas plant in the mind of your target customers, and publicize your future promos like discounts.

You cannot avoid having social media presence, at least in platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Plus, you  need to localize your social handles as well to avoid people who are not from your location joining your fan base. You don’t need your followers polarized. That would make your social media campaigns less effective.

If you have multiple plants, it will be best to either add the locations you want customers to follow you or create each handle for particular location. Don’t attempt to target everyone with your social media pages. Focus only on your target location.

Customer Delivery Services

Another strategy you can apply to increase sales for LPG plant is delivery. During the pandemic, many customers, both homes and businesses wanted to get their gas delivered to them but couldn’t find such service anywhere.

This kind of service is what is still keeping the road-side gas refill stores operational. People find them convenient when they don’t feel like going any distance to buy cooking gas. Also, in time of emergency, when gas suddenly finishes during cooking and you have no one to send to refill your gas cylinder, delivery service may be the only hope. There are customers who won’t might paying delivery charges.

Some businesses like restaurants, hotels, etcetera, would use delivery services when offered. You have to understand your customers needs then look for a common ground to provide such services in a way it will serve a purpose.



Promoting LPG Daily Sales Target

I have given you some important clues as to what you should be doing about how to increase sales for LPG plant. First, I explained about location based advertising – meaning your promotion should be location based only. You target only those within your business coverage.

Secondly, i highlighted in the steps to increase sales for LPG plant database marketing and mobile apps. These two should work together to be more effective. You need an app to manage customer database. You can also collect customers data any other way or even using manual method.

But for LPG plants that deals with more customers or multiple locations, using a mobile app would of great benefit. I even advised that it would have better subscribing to an existing LPG marketplace app to save cost in developing your own app.

The real concept is how you can communicate to your customers through their most effective platform. And then, the social reach out. It’s also an avenue to promote discounts and incentives. Most importantly, it’s to brand your LPG plant business. While I also explained delivery as a value service that can increase sales for your gas plant as well.

Let’s now look at some implementation strategies, as a way you can increase sales for LPG plant:

Promote With Incentives

Incentives are most effective way to attract, motivate and encourage customers to do something. You remember the popular campaign, BUY 1 GET 1 FREE! Such incentive drives sales in a way you may not be able to control.

However, I would only advise using promo that can increase sales for LPG plant and that will not reduce your revenue.

Moreover, the only way promos work effectively is if they are amply advertised. There’s no way it works without more customers being aware of it. It doesn’t matter if you are giving out discounts or souvenirs, they are the same. If nobody hears of it, nobody will participate in it.

Offer Discount Promos

Let me start with discount sales for either all your customers or segment of your customers. You may not know how effective discounts work for sales until you try one. This kind of strategy is used a lot by supermarkets, and it works.

Once customers know they can pay less they would want to come back for more. Study and strategies on different promo discounts to help you boost sales regularly.

However, if you have been operating for up to one year, you should have noticed your high and low-peak periods. This would help you plan your discounts to either help attract new customers or increase sales from dormant customers.

With discounts nothing is done without a target. You might observe my emphasis on mobile app, it’s because to better manage promos in this age you need it. Also, it will help you to better manage customers who benefits from those promos and for proper accountability. You don’t want discount fraud or encouraging your workers on how to steal from you.

Give Out Souvenirs

This kind of promo is usually good when you are launching your gas plant. It helps to create massive awareness around your target communities. Also, most customers would come just to get the souvenirs.

You can either give it out freely to everyone, depending on the type of souvenirs or use it to increase sales or patronage. You should use something that’s attractive and that would help promote your new plant.

For example, t-shirt or face cap can do the Magic better. While everyone would like to get this kind of souvenir, it can also help you increase patronage. You can offer the customers that buys up to 12.5kg gas quantity in one month. Not everyone would qualify but surely everyone would be talking about it.

This kind of promo would work best with mobile app, so you can collect their data as well and use it to capture your first customers. How you implement this would matter a lot.

Case Study: OBO GAS Promo

Let me say client name is OBO Gas. They wanted to implement a system to help them manage and reward customers. We launched a campaign, know your cylinder size. They campaign was to help document regular customers and to know how much gas they buy monthly.

OBO couldn’t automate the system, we used its receipt system. Customers were issued with a tally number to indicate how much kilogram of gas they have bought. Every repeat purchase gets a new tally number with current KG total.

We exchanged customers data during the first tally collection for the month, and announced winners at the beginning of each month. Top 3 customers with the highest KG purchase gets gift items. Their phone numbers, kg purchased and gift they qualified for where published and posted for everyone to see. And we took pictures for the social media campaign.

At the end of 3 months, we collected 247 customer data, and had 60% increase in return customer rate. There were challenges too, and we hope to do it even better next time.


If you are focused on how to increase sales for LPG plant, you will always find ways to promote your plant better. But what’s more important is how best you can reach out to target audience during your promo period. It’s important you consider the options that would give you more reach at cheaper cost.

Also, you have to know which segment of your customers you want to target with the promo and what the motive for the campaign. Whether you are using discount or souvenir, whatever incentive you agreed to use shouldn’t be wasted on the wrong target.

Finally, customer management is more important and should be part of your plan from the beginning. Managing customers is like managing your revenue source. It’s not something to take likely. And I strongly recommend to focus on phone numbers. Everyone has phone these days. If you would buy into my idea of a mobile app, contact me for how you can implement it for your gas plant.

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Internet Marketing

How to Sell Anything In Nigeria

One of the most important skills you should acquire in life is how to sell. If you know how to sell anything you are more likely to be successful in business than someone who doesn’t know. But when you don’t have Selling skill, you put your business in great danger, and you lack the ability to convert your products or services to a profitable opportunity for your target audience.

That’s because every business requires selling skills to succeed. The value of sales skill is a highly sort after skill in every business. No business can achieve greatness without the best sales team. Even on the internet, affiliate marketing, which is sales, has continued to dominate how to sell in a digital world.

If you want to start a business, the first skill you must have is selling skill. Don’t take it for granted. Sales is a skill you can acquire through learning. And there are many courses online to help you learn how to sell.

Furthermore, there are two important things you must understand about sales. They are the people and the product. If you don’t understand the people you are selling to and the product you want to sell, you cannot have a great selling experience. The people must be clear to you. And you must know the product like you know yourself.

How Sales Work In Nigeria

The most important part of any business is the sales. Businesses are setup to make sales. And if sales doesn’t work the business fails. So, in how to sell, it’s important that you properly understand how sales work beyond assumptions. And above all, you need to know the things that makes sales work.

Remember, if anything is working, it’s because somethings are responsible for making it work. You need to know how sales work for some businesses and not work for others. What are they doing to make sales work that you should know and do for your own sales to work?

Moreover, sales works better when it aligns with your marketing. (Read the post: How Marketing Works). Most startups misunderstand sales with marketing. Though they work together, they are not exactly the same. While marketing deals with interest of the audience, sales handles the activities to produces the sales. It’s a direct exchange of product or service with money.

Think of sales as a direct process a business follows to exchange its product or service with money. Once money exchanges hands with your product or service, sales have taken place.



How to Sell Anything

Now that you know how sales work, you need to know also how to sell anything to anyone. Your understanding of what you want to sell is key to selling it to anyone. The people who would buy your product or service would like to know what you are selling. It’s only when you know the product yourself that you are inspired to sell it to anyone.

However, to sell anything is not just about the product. You will need to know the product or service so you can sell it better. But what makes sales work is by knowing how to sell. If sales can be learnt then it has to follow a process. That means, there are sales guidelines one needs to follow to sell any product or service.

What are these guidelines? Based on this, let’s look at what to sell, things to avoid, what the buyer needs, and how to make your sales convincing. These four guiding principles is what would help you sell anything to anyone.

{1} What To Sell

In how to sell, even though it’s about the product or service, your focus should be on what exactly you want people to think they are buying from you. That’s very important because people buy value and not necessarily the product or service you offer. And it’s your job as the salesperson to sell them what they really need to buy.

To sell anything you have to know what you are selling. The primary reason people want to buy product or service is because they require solution for something. And what you are selling must be a solution that they need. This solution must also be the right or near fit to get the attention of your target audience.

However, there’s a right way to sell your solution. Your sales strategy must be clear and concise enough to get the buyer to make purchasing decision as fast as possible. Your marketing shouldn’t be based on complicated logic. It’s important to make the buyer see the reason he or she is buying your product, even on face value.

Moreover, how to sell should involve emotion, driven by strong desires. Even though selling shouldn’t include exploitation, but when it comes to buyers emotion, you need to get their emotion involved in the purchase. As long as it’s not deceptive, and forceful, but a subtle enticement that seeks to explore what’s already in the buyer’s desire.

Note that every purchase is driven by a desire. If you can find what those desires are, use them to drive your sales.

{2} What to Avoid In Selling

There are things you have to avoid about how to sell. because they can frustrate your sales and lose you clients. These things most be avoided like plague.

However, the first one I consider in the sales mistake is allowing prospect lead the sale. For whatever reason, you don’t let them control the sales pitch. Sometimes it’s not about what they say but how they feel about how you sell.

The second one is having ego problem. Some customers have ego problem too. How you present your product can be misunderstood by such type of customers. Your customers thinks they know more than you. They also don’t like to be corrected, it makes them feel offended. To sell to them you should be smart enough not to hurt their ego, while you can turn that ego into a selling point for your product or service where it applies.

{3} Identify Buyer Needs

The best part of sales is knowing what the customer really wants. If you can identify the buyer’s needs it makes it easier to win in sales. The customer needs to have better reasons to buy. It’s this buyer’s needs that you sell back to your audience.

You have to realize that customers don’t like to spend money or buy products. That may surprise you, but use yourself as an example. How easy do you like to spend money? And how often do you query a price tag on a product?

As people don’t like to buy product, they are rather forced to buy because of their needs. You buy a car because of the need to move around much freely, whenever you want to, without the inconvenience of public transportation. But considering the price of cars, you may not want to buy one.

That’s why how to sell requires the pushing of the emotional button. You make the customer feel the need to buy a car, irrespective of the cost consideration. So, rather than worry about the cost of the car, the customer is consumed by the strong desire to buy the car.

{4} Be Convincing

The power of sales is the ability to convince a customer to make the purchase now and with you. That’s why you need to understand the different kind of people to sell to. When you prospect for sales, always seek to end it with an actual sale. Sometimes after you have prospected a client, they might end up buying from a competitor.

You need to avoid this, by being not just more convincing but add a time frame. Your customers need to make purchases quickly and with you. But most times it’s not even about how convincing you are but the right kind of customers that you target.

How to Sell to People

If sales is exchanging products with people for their money, then you ought to know how to sell to people. Don’t assume that people will just give you their money because you have a product or service to exchange. Sales doesn’t just work that way.

There’s some complexity of sales you need to understand. If sales are not done properly they don’t yield the best result. And the only way to get the right result is to know how to sell to people.

Sales work when your product or service is properly targeted at the right people who really need it, who can afford it and who are willing to make the effort to get it. If these elements are present with your audience, it makes sales work better.
First, you need to understand the 4 different kinds of people you can sell to. It’s not everybody that’s your target audience for your product or service. More so, even among your target audience you can further classify them into 4 groups. And you need to know this when you are conducting sales.

{1} People With No Job

The first category of people you need to understand when planning sales, is people that has no job. This category can cut across different audience categorization in your buyer persona. If your target audience are doctors, there are doctors who don’t have jobs.

The reason is, these people who don’t have jobs, even though they have time, may have no money and possibly can’t travel. By understanding the people you plan to sell to with this kind of buyer persona would make your sales directional. This category may not do much to help your sales.

Even though these category don’t have money, they may sometimes represent the largest buyers of certain products like groceries. And they mostly shop offline than online. They look out for huge discounts and clearance sales. They don’t mind traveling to buy the product. They also have time in their hands to visit the malls and walk through, looking for cheaper deals.

{2} People With 9-5 Jobs

The second group of people are those with jobs. These people are working, and that means they have money, but not necessarily time and possibly can’t travel too because of the tight schedule of their job.

If they have money that means they have purchasing power, but may not buy anything that requires their time investment. And so, will not travel to buy anything as well. These kind of customers are the large number of online shoppers. The enjoy the flexibility of online shopping.

{3} People Who’re Self Employed

This category are people who are self employed. That means they have money, and can possibly travel. But they have no time due to their daily engagement with their work. So, even though they have purchasing power, they may not subscribe to product or service that would demand for their time.

Forasmuch as they have money and can buy from you, they may not have the time to actually buy your product or service. Or even come to the location where the sale might take place. These consideration would help you package the right sales strategy for your target audience.

{4} People Who’re Business Owners

Finally on how to sell to people, let’s consider this fourth category, which are people who own businesses. This class of people have everything, including time, money and can travel. If what you sale requires the people to meet all the 3 conditions of the buyer persona, then, this people are the best fit for you.

However, all the different classes gives us an idea of the different buyer persona on how to sell to people. If doctors are your target audience, you will have all these 4 classes present. There are only a few of the buyer persona that you won’t find all these 4 different classes of people present.

How to Sell In A Digital World

You cannot talk about sales today without reference to the digital world. The highest number of sales today happen online. And every salesperson must focus on the internet. The huge potential provided by the internet for sales is unprecedented.

The most powerful way to sell online is through eCommerce. The power of online stores in managing sales is not only felt in the automation process, but also in the number of sales that is possible online than what is currently possible offline.

Moreover, here are the main types of digital marketing you should consider for your business when planning how to sell online.

  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Instant Messaging Marketing

These are just few of the ways on how to sell digitally. While these are digital marketing processes, they also follow sales process. The Balance Small Business Blog gave a 5-step sales process to follow on how to sell in a digital world. See the list below:

  1. Marketing/prospecting to your target market and audience.
  2. Building credibility and trust.
  3. Escorting and courting the buyer through the process.
  4. Presenting the product or service that meets their needs.
  5. Closing the sale.

However, customers are more likely to buy online when the order comes with free shipping, even if the shipping is bundled in the order than when a lower price is offered with cost of shipping charged separately.

Remember, we have looked into not allowing prospects lead the sales. This kind of scenario can achieve that either way. Customers can argue about shipping cost or get discouraged to buy. But if the shipping is free it eliminates arguments.


The success of any business is controlled by its sales. If you get sales right, everything will work effortlessly. Imagine if you know what the customer needs, it makes sales a lot more rewarding. And like I emphasized with different people to sell to, having money to buy is an important key in the buyer persona.

And from the 4 different types of people, only one didn’t have money to buy product or service. That means most of your sales work is not about looking for customers with money. Rather, it’s about finding the customer who is in urgent need of your product or service and is willing and able to commit to a sale. It’s this kind of customers that can quickly give you money in exchange for their need.

However, the biggest sales in history are now taking place on the internet. If you are selling anything, you should be selling it online.

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Start A Business

How Dropshipping Works For Beginners

Do you want to start dropshipping? Do you know how dropshipping works? Here you are, about to learn a simple step by step on how dropshipping really works and how you can start your own dropshipping business as a beginner.

myblog Users

There’s really not much to learn about dropshipping. It’s neither a skill to acquire. You can even start dropshipping business by hiring someone at Fiverr to design an online store for you. It doesn’t require you to know how to design a website either.

You can buy a web hosting package from Interserver and get a free domain name to start. And all that can cost you less than N100,000 if you want good standard Store. Or less, if your standard is not high enough. And you can signup with any dropshipper to get products to sell on your site.

The process can be automated, so that the most you can do is calculate profit to help you know what to deduct and pay as taxes as at when due.

What’s Dropshipping?

The best definition of dropshipping to me is from Shopify, which also happens to be a major player in the dropshipping business. But I kind of like the way Wikipedia puts it, without the fluff and decor of enticing customers.

So, I’m going to give you the two definitions just in a way to expand the definition beyond marketing. Another definition that’s close to that of Shopify is from Oberlo. And it’s another player in the drop-shipping model. But I won’t give you Oberlo’s definition since it’s same with that of Shopify.

Wikipedia definition of Dropshipping: it’s a supply chain management method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers its customer’s orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.

Here’s Shopify definition of Dropshipping: It’s a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product using the dropshipping model, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer.

And dropshipping follows a process, which I have described in a step by step below.

Step #1: Customer Places Order On Your Site

This is where it all begin, when a customer places order for a product on your drop-shipping site. Your site must be well optimized to handle orders faster and more efficiently, in the best user friendly interface possible.

The order process activated by potential customers are the most important activity on a dropshipping store. Without customers placing orders on your site, you do not have a dropshipping business.

Steps To Order A Product On A DropShipping Site

  • Step 1: Find a product you want to buy on a site
  • Step 2: Search for the product if you don’t know the category
  • Step 3: Click on add or buy product to add product to your shopping basket
  • Step 4: Continue shopping to buy more product.
  • Step 5: Or end shopping to checkout and pay
  • Step 6: Signup if you are an existing customer
  • Step 7: Or Create a new account before you buy
  • Step 8: Pick shipping method and finalize check out

Step #2: Your Store Sends The Order To Your Supplier

Once you receive an order placement on your dropshipping store, the order is transmitted directly to your supplier. This process can be manually done or transmitted automatically. If done automatically, then you don’t even need to know when it happened.

Your supplier will receive the order alert with all the shipping details of the customer, which will enable them to perform the next action point, to transmit the order package to the customer. But a manual operation requires you to place that customer order with your supplier and pay the agreed wholesale cost for the product, plus shipping.

One of the most popular marketplaces for ecommerce entrepreneurs using the dropshipping business model is AliExpress. This site is owned by Alibaba, one of China’s most popular eCommerce Store.

Step #3: Supplier Sends Order directly To Customer

The best part is that after you sell a product to a customer who has ordered it from your site, you repurchase it from a dropshipping supplier like AliExpress (Automatically or manually) and then have it shipped directly from their warehouse to your customer.

This part is done solely by your dropshipping supplier. You probably don’t know their inner workings. But this is what goes on at the drop-shippers warehouse on your behalf. They do this on your behalf. And your customers hardly notice the product is not shipped from you.

Also, suppliers uses white label shipping or you can agree on a branded shipping that carries your own brand. That’s up to you. It may cost extra more to brand those shipping materials and invoice, depending on what you want them to brand for you. This is what happens at a dropshipping fulfillment center once a customer submits an order on your site.

Steps On DropShipping Order Fulfillment

  • Step 1: Order is received by supplier
  • Step 2: Order Picking is done at suppliers warehouse
  • Step 3: Order Packing is done either at suppliers warehouse or shipper
  • Step 4: Order Shipping is done by preferred shipping company

Step #4: Profit Margin

How much do you want to make from dropshipping business? You have to define your success path. You need to plan your product by identifying all the elements that would help it succeed.

Deciding your profit margin is not just to add a markup on the product. It starts by identifying the product value, competitive rates, suppliers price, ad spend, even before markup can be decided.

Formula For Profit:

To determine what your profit per product would be, you need to do some arithmetic. You need to attach some financial figures to each element of the price point. And here are the elements in consideration.

Your Price: the price you set as retail price for the product. That’s your suppliers price, plus your ad spend and your markup. In some cases, which I advise you do, add shipping fee as part of your final retail price.

Suppliers Price: this price is determined by your supplier. It’s the agreed price that your supplier would give you for each item. It doesn’t include any other price point.

Ad Spend: here’s your confirmed cost of acquiring a customer or selling a product. This cost may vary for different ad campaign. So, you maybe flexible with deciding your ad spend per campaign, as its most likely to change each time you run an ad campaign. You can either add this to your markup or add it as a separate cost.

Your Profit: that’s what’s left of your retail price after you have deducted suppliers cost and ad spend. It’s not your total markup if you did not include it as a separate cost to your retail price. So, your profit is what’s left from the retail price after all necessary deduction have been removed from a sale.

For example, if you sell 100 units of a product at a defined price, your profit will be 100 products multiplied by the unit retail profit of the product, after all the price markups like suppliers price, ad spend and shipping fees are deducted.

Step #5: Scale Up Your Business

If you have a proven dropshipping business, the next plan will be to scale things up. You will need to increase the frequency at which the steps of your dropshipping model is repeated. The more customers that are ordering and paying for your products the more profit you can calculate.

That means you have determined your ads is successful and your product profitable. Then, increase your ad spend to run more frequent advert, while you watch more sales coming in. Take a clue from tips below on ways you can consider scaling up your dropshipping business.

Tips To Scale Up A Dropshipping Store

  1. Automate order fulfillment to speed up order processes
  2. Automate order tracking to give customer assurance about their order delivery timeline
  3. Join an affiliate network to promote your store and attract potential customers
  4. Negotiate with your suppliers for better and cheaper price
  5. Expand your support team as order level increases to speed up response rate
  6. Consider content marketing to drive free and unlimited web traffic to your store
  7. Test, test, and test until you find out what works best for you

How To Start A Drop-shipping Business

Starting a drop-shipping business is simple than you think. You can start without a website or even startup capital. You don’t also need to stock products or handle inventory at all.

The only requirement for starting a drop-shipping business is passion, commitment and consistency. All these are just part of being hard working. And this hard work can be channeled in finding best selling products, enhancing the effectiveness of your dropshipping site and advertising your products to generate sales regularly.

Below are the simple steps you need to follow to start your dropshipping business.

  1. Select a niche audience to target with a niche solution
  2. Perform competition research to weigh your competitive advantage
  3. Secure a supplier for the kind of niche you want to target
  4. Build your eCommerce website yourself or hire freelance developers online
  5. Create a customer acquisition plan to drive traffic to your store
  6. Analyze and optimize for better performance and increase sales

A niche selection is important. One of the reasons customers patronize drop-shippers instead of major eCommerce stores is the niche simplicity of product selection. They know what your site sells and they can easily search through the varieties of same items to pick what best matches their need. This is your best strategy when started a dropshipping business.

Moreover, you have to consider customer acquisition as your biggest investment plan. Your customers are the life of your business, and you must properly plan for acquiring new customers on a regular basis.

But don’t forget your website design and user interface. If your customers can’t browse your site easily and able to checkout without hitches, then you don’t have a business. Make your site the most user friendly eCommerce Store ever. That’s your best winning strategy.

Top Dropshipping Suppliers

If you are starting your own dropshipping business, you will need a supplier. A dropshipping supplier is not the same as any other kind of supplier. There are basic requirements a dropshipper should have to qualify as a dripshipping supplier.

Every dropshipping supplier must have the capacity to accept, process and ship customers order directly. That’s what makes them dropshipping suppliers. And all these suppliers listed below are equipped with the right structure to handle your dropshipping business interest.

  • Dropship Direct
  • Sunrise Wholesale
  • Worldwide Brands
  • Wholesale Central
  • MegaGoods
  • Inventorysource
  • National Drop-shippers
  • Dropshipper.com
  • AliExpress
  • SaleHoo
  • Doba
  • Wholesale2B

Before you pick which supplier you want to work with, visit any of these suppliers and check through their product selection, prices, operational structure, delivery conditions, and return policy.

You can also have more than one supplier as a backup strategy, incase one supplier falters, you can switch easily to another supplier. Also, product quality should be another consideration you must not take lightly.


How dropshipping works is simple. And it works the same for every country. Things that are most important in a dropshipping business are the supplier, niche product and target customers. Where you are operating from doesn’t matter.

So, Nigerians can do dropshipping business profitably. Imagine starting an eCommerce business without stocking products or handling inventory. Plus not doing delivery too, since your supplier will deliver directly to the customer on your behalf.

The concept of dropshipping is simple to start without capital, once you can build your website. The supplier bills you only when a customers orders an item on your store. And you pay the supplier from money paid by the buyer. There’s no upfront payment for stock required.

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Online Niche Guide – 3 Steps to Pick The Best

If you are thinking of starting a niche business in this age, you cannot think outside of online business. Starting a successful online niche business is simple but follows these 3 major steps. And these steps are what determine whether you got it right or not.

It’s the tested and proven steps of starting an online niche business. If you miss these 3 steps, your niche business is doomed already. In fact, you do not have any business at all. You may just have a great idea but with poor implementation.

However, it’s not even about implementing a good niche business idea. The steps help you standout in a very competitive online space. Imagine competing with over a billion of other online businesses for the same online traffic. You stand little chance if you are poorly prepared or setup.

Tips to Pick An Online Niche

That’s the reason you should follow these 3 simple steps to start your own successful online niche business. These steps doesn’t replace the conventional idea of starting a business. It merely complimented it and helps it to position well in an online space.

And if you do take these steps seriously and follow the advice on this post, you are more likely to setup a profitable online niche business than someone who didn’t know or follow these steps.

However, your main focus should be to grow your business. That means you have to focus more on the things that would make your online niche business standout and attracts the right kind of customers.

You should focus on:

  • Creating a simple service
  • Defining your niche marketplace
  • Becoming the niche’s leading authority
  • Being specific, distinctive and relevant

The best niche business are those that offer simple services that are relevant, specific and distinct with a touch of authority in that niche. The biggest strategy in a niche market is trust. If the audience can trust you, half of your marketing is done for you.

Step #1: Pick A Good Online Niche

A niche business is a focused, but targeted area that you can serve particularly well, like a small but specific audience that is known to you. Although it doesn’t necessarily have to be small, but the small the better, because it helps you to pinpoint the exact target audience without any ambiguity.

But every niche business must have a niche product. The niche product is the reason you have a niche business. This niche product can be defined as a product, or service, or interest that appeal to a small, specialized section of a target population.

And the best way to define this target population is the niche market. The real idea of a niche market is to satisfy specific market needs, maybe by price range, product quality, or by the demographic interest of the market.

It’s also a marketing strategy deployed by a niche business of a focused marketing plan, unlike targeting everybody kind of strategy. But you target only those who can benefit the most from your niche product or service.

Top 3 Benefits Of A Niche

  1. Build your brand loyalty
  2. Provide customers with products and services they need and desire
  3. Items in a niche market are difficult to find in general products

Pick a niche you can become an authority. Your passion and interests should help you identify the right niche for you. Your niche is better as a relevant solution for a specific audience. If your niche meets this criterion, it’s a winning niche idea.



Step #2: Find A Good Location

A location used to be just an offline thing. But when starting a niche business, location is key to its profitability. This location is not entirely different from audience demography. It’s important to your online presence. And since every business targets online customers, your online location is even more relevant to your niche business.

As the digital world is getting saturated, the major search engines like Google are focusing more from personalized to relevant search information. Google seeks to serve users information that is more relevant to them and at the same time closer to them to make purchasing decision faster.

So, if you set your online niche business with a location, you stand a chance of ranking at the tops of search pages than when you are competing with global search traffic. Your advantage is that, you could be just one of the few niches like that focusing on that location. And that would attract a lot of potential customers to you faster even as a new business.

For example, if you chose Umuahia as your location, when people in Umuahia and nearby states are searching for the terms you rank for, you are more likely to rank tops on Google for those searches.

3 Tips On Choosing Location For Online Traffic

  1. Demography
  2. Competition
  3. Search Traffic

Focus on a specified location to gain top page ranking in Google. You stand to gain free traffic from Google ranking if your niche business is set to a niche location. Google wants you to define which part of the global village you want to serve. There are too many people doing the same things. Search engines want to be able to serve everyone with information that is useful and at the same time much closer to them, so they can take advantage of it.

Step #3: Target The Right Audience

Your location, plus your audience is your market. Once you find a good location, it’s easier to target the right audience in that location. So, the third and last step on starting an online niche business is targeting the right audience. And it’s also the easiest of the 3 steps.

Finding the right audience should follow your niche type. What’s your niche and what type of customers needs them? You should identify the right customer base for your niche. The right customer base are usually the audience with the problem you hope to solve with your online niche business.

However, in a digital world, you can target and reach out to your customers, and not wait for your target customers to discover you. That makes it a lot easier and better to target the right audience. And following these four ways by BigCommerce you can identify and engage the right audience with digital marketing.

  • Learn what’s important to your target audience
  • Speak your target audience’s language
  • Know your organic keywords and apply them to your SEO technique
  • Stay top of mind with Facebook and Google retargeting

Target a specific client or customer base for your niche business, using search engine optimization technique. This huge free traffic from search engines directs the right audience to your online niche business for free. You should know the common keywords your target audience are searching, for the same problems you are solving, and optimize for them.


If you get these 3 steps right, you are sure to have a successful online niche business. And if you do the last step more, you can grow your business bigger in no time. Reaching out to your target audience is the most important step. The more people who need your service or product know about your business, the more successful it becomes.

Moreover, becoming an authority in your niche business will be your biggest investment, with huge brand advantage as your benefit. Even if you were not an authority when you started, invest in yourself to become one. If you command authority in your niche, you will attract and retain more target audience than ordinarily providing solutions would have achieved.

Don’t forget it’s about location. The internet is now more effective when the global village can be grouped into regions, states, communities and villages. The more specific location you target, the better your chances of winning and becoming a bigger brand, by winning online trusts faster, rather than picking the global location as your domain.

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How to Write A Case Study to Get More Clients

Do you want more clients? How about writing a case study to get more clients? A good case study is one of the best marketing tool to help you market your business better. Most potential clients would like to know if you have done similar jobs in the past and how well you did them.

Having a case study to show clients what you have done in the past will boost your credibility level and convince potential clients to also patronize you. Also, it helps to boost your confidence level when trying to win new client. You have something that proves you can do what you asking to be offered to you.

But there is a better way to Package your case study to give the target clients the right information about your past work, in a way that would prompt them to hire you. I have put these tips in a brief post to give you all the information in a way you can assimilate them faster.

How Best To Write Case Study

If you want to get more clients, you have to learn how to write better case studies. Potential clients are easily convinced about your experience and capabilities when they can relate with work you have done in the past.

Sometimes these jobs may not directly relate with your target client’s scope of Work. But having something to show that other businesses like theirs have trusted you with their projects in the past, tells a lot about your service delivery.

You can follow this simple guide to write a case study that will regularly get you more clients.

Itemize The Challenges

Your case study should include the challenges you faced when executing the project for your client. Give it enough bullet point details. Potential clients would like to know what problems you had to deal with, to know how it relates with their own peculiar challenges as well.

Try as much as possible to use generalized phrase to itemize the problems. You should give specific details relating to the clients problem in the explanation. But give the item points in a general phrase in a way it will cut across many niches. Even though each case study should be unique to the client, use itemized phrases that is easier to understand by other potential clients.

Also, give enough details about the needs of the company that hired you. That would prove the itemized challenges are relevant and are in line with the company’s need. These needs must be expressed to give insight into what the company needs done, how it affects the company, and how it has improved the revenue and other areas of the company.

Outline The Project

Secondly, you need to give brief on what the project was. That would give potential clients idea of what you were hired for. Some potential clients may have exactly the same needs. And that would increases your chances of landing new clients.

Another thing is the goal of the project. What did you set out to achieve, based on the needs of the clients. The goal must be very clear. For example, this goal might be to boost client revenue by “X” amount.

The more specific the goal is the better it is to convince potential client with results of its achievement. A case study goal must be clear and presented in a chronological way to give potential clients idea of your own understanding of the client’s need.

Project Progress Report

So, how do you go about completing the project? You need to talk about your progress in the project. Everything needs to be done without giving away too much private details.

You can give breakdown in days or per item basis. Have a systemic way of making the progress report enjoyable. Your potential clients needs to grasp the content in your progress report to understand what you are doing that produced the results you have showcased.

Understand that your case study is not complete if potential clients cannot see how you carried out the project. You may need to arrange each progress report in correlation with the goals of the project.

Show Final Results

The final result is the most important part of your case study writing. It must be presented in a way that’s appealing to potential clients. The final result is where you express your marketing skills. It must be clear and at the same time precise with enough details to catch the attention of your target clients.

How you choose to present the final result is equally very important. Your understanding of your niche market, and the presentation format of choice will help you more. Different niches appreciation for reporting format may differ. Find what works for your niche and use them better.

However, you can decide to use multiple formats to present your results if your target niche is not conformed to any presentation form. The best formats for Case Study result presentation includes, images, graphs and other visuals.


A case study is the best way to sell your services to potential clients using your previous clients projects as example of job well done. The power of a case study is irresistible for clients who have similar needs.

But having a case study example is not enough. You need to know how best to write and present this case study in a way it can attract more clients to you.

The advantage of a case study is more than just telling potential clients that you have done the job before. It proves to them that you have been trusted by other businesses with similar projects. And it gives them the confidence to also trust you with their project.

When you have a proper case study presented in the right formats to reach your target clients, it reduces the time and effort you put into trying to prove to clients that you can deliver on the job if hired.

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5 Ways You Can Increase Holiday Sales

Holiday sales are the biggest sales period of the year. Most companies make their highest revenue during these period. And for that reason it’s an important part of every retail business marketing plan.

If you are involved in sales, even as a manager for a retail business, your understanding of these tips to increase holiday sales will impact on your revenue drive greatly.

However, it’s not just about understanding the tips either. You need to know your customers enough to know what would get them to commit more money to buy from you.

You might also choose to implement each marketing tips to increase holiday sales by targeting different types of audience. Understand that it’s not just about making sales but increasing sales.

Plan Your Holiday Sales

One way to take full advantage of holiday sales is to plan ahead. Your customers are also planning for these holiday sales. Since most of them are salary earners, who buy for specific reasons, planing ahead is key to increasing sales at this period.

It’s usually important to start your planning two months ahead. That way you give all your existing customers the details of how your holiday sales would be like.

They should know what kind of discount or bonus awaits them. This will entice them to start planning as well on what to buy and how much savings they would be getting in return. Don’t leave them guessing about what you can offer.

Holiday Sales Calender

Planning for holiday sales would require you to have the current year holiday calender. That should be your guide when planning to increase holiday sales. And you should have different strategy for each holiday in your calender.

Note that some holiday periods that are global. While some holidays are just for certain regions or country. You should know and plan for all the global holiday sales and also those of your country.

You can find the current holiday calender year online. And you should search for the holidays at the beginning of each year you or when planning your annual campaign.

And here are the best ways to push your sales plan this holiday. I have selected just these five ways to help you increase holiday sales this season. Here are my top five tips you can apply to make more sales.

It’s not like it’s any particular order. You can choose anyone to apply based on your target customers. Sometimes it’s good to know what works for you the most and find ways to make it a huge value proposition for your customers.

{1} Offer Special Discount

Special discount offers are age-long marketing strategy. They work all the time. It’s probably one of the most enticing sales offer used by retail businesses.

Offering discounts during your holiday sales can increase revenue for you. Most shoppers, especially online customers look forward to product discounts during holiday sales. It’s one way to get shoppers to click the buy button to avoid losing out on good discount sales.

However, offering discounts during holiday sales can be a huge advantage for your marketing. Some of the advantages of discount sales include (as listed by Chron in its small business section):

  • Attracting New and Repeat Customers
  • Increasing Sales Across the Board
  • Freeing Up Room in Your Store
  • Boosting Your Reputation
  • Meeting Sales Goals
  • Saving Money Cash Discounts

{2} Send Holiday Sales Personalised Emails

Emails are still that powerful for online marketing. Open rates and click through rates are still high. And most online shoppers have emails. You can reach most of your existing customers through their emails. And that gives you the advantage to personalize different holiday sales offer to them.

Imagine offering a customer who bought a red dress, some shoes and bags ideas to match the red outfit. That might even include an exclusive deal personal to that customer or all customers who bought red dress from your shop.

Segmentify blog gave us top of the five benefits of personalized emails. And here are the list below:

  • Personalised emails will get you a sales return 6 times more than regular bulk email campaigns.
  • Unsubscribe rates are significantly lower with personalised email campaigns.
  • Personalized emails don’t create any operational costs for you.
  • You can choose from 10 different scenarios to match your business needs and goals
  • Conversion rates from personalised emails can reach 4 times more than the average.

{3} Offer Cross Sale

Offering cross sale is the best way to increase holiday sales. Consumers are already planning to buy more items during holidays. By cross selling to them you are exposing more items they would normally might be interested in.

The idea of a cross sale is to give your customers more chances to see other items they might love to buy. Sometimes it serves as a reminder to them. A customer who wants to buy read dress might find a matching shoe and bag through cross sale.

The main advantage is to multiply the revenue potential of each customers purchase.

{4} Send Gift Ideas

People love to give or receive gifts. And holiday periods are seasons of giving and receiving gifts. The best way to get Customers attention may just be through helping them find the best gift ideas that you have available. I personally have a hard time picking the right gift to give away to people. And it’s so with many people, especially the men.

Also, holiday seasons are for gifting. Helping your customers with gift ideas would help increase your holiday sales.

You can bundle items together and brand them with gift ideas for a particular audience. Like gifts for family, or for men or for women, etcetera. The whole idea is to inspire your customers to come up with shopping ideas of what would meet their shopping needs.

{5} Offer Free Or Special Deliveries

Shipping cost is one heck of a problem with online shopping. For customers shopping for heavy items during holiday sales, the cost of delivery doubles as well due to the busy schedule of most delivery companies.

It’s a huge advantage to offer free or special deliveries for certain heavy items to encourage sales. Most customers would like to avoid delivery cost by shopping for heavy items from the mall. But if you offer them special delivery they might reconsider buying from you.

The real idea of holiday sales promotions for the consumer is an opportunity to save cost. Anything that will add to it will be refused bluntly.


Holiday sales are the most important sales period for every retail business. The most important of them includes Black Friday, back to school, Christmas holiday sales, and Easter holiday sales. Other holiday sales may vary according to your location. Find the ones that applies to your location and plan for them.

The best planing is making sure you have sufficient stocks, trending stocks and properly planning your promotional campaign before, during and after the holiday sales.

After the holiday sales campaign caters for those customers who might have missed taking advantage of the huge holiday discounts due to late salary payment or other reasons. It also takes care of those sentimental customers who don’t subscribe to the rush.

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