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Omegapro – How to Invest Risk-Free In 2023

Invest in Omegapro

Omegapro is going to make you rich – If you are looking for passive income opportunities to put your idle money to work for you; I recommend you invest in Omegapro forex trading packages. It’s far better than leaving your money in the bank. And there’s not many passive income opportunities like this available.

However, the company has made major changes going forward which I have also updated in this report.

What if I also tell you that this one offers 300% return on investment over a 16 months period, would you give it a try? I know you would but first, let me explain it properly. I really want you to invest in Omegapro. But don’t do it blindly.

This post is not a financial advise. You must know that every investment has risks. You should properly evaluate your risk options before you invest. Or better still seek the advise of your investment adviser. I’m only going to share with you my personal findings.


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Is Omegapro A Legit Passive Income?

See it for yourself. As an investor, it’s always safer to question the legitimacy of any investment before you put in your money. Even if you are a risk taker, always evaluate the risks first to know how much risk you are prepared to undertake.

Most of what would clarify if Omegapro is legit or not would be explained in each of the subheads in this post. But here are the things to watch out for:

  • What’s the company offers and promises?
  • How are they going to fulfill them?
  • Are they registered and where?
  • Who are those behind them ?

What Is Omegapro?

Omegapro is a Forex and crypto trading company. What they are offering investors like you and I are opportunity to invest in Omegapro by buying any of their trading packages. When you buy a trading package the company trades with your money and pay you profit daily.

Simply put, the company trades for those who can’t trade for themselves. And they also pay you profit earn from trading with your money. They give you opportunity to buy the packages you can afford. The minimum package to invest in Omegapro is the $100 or startup package.

You don’t have to know how to trade forex or cryptocurrency. In fact, Omegapro is suitable for non traders like yourself. They took the risk off you, while you can earn daily returns on your investment.

#1 – How Does Omegapro Works?

If you understood clearly my explanation about Omegapro, then let me explain how it all works. Here are things that you should be familiar with before you invest in Omegapro:

  • The company will trade with your money
  • You get your profits daily paid into your wallet with them
  • The minimum daily profit percent is 0.45%
  • You can buy as many different packages as you want
  • Referring other people is optional

Let me explain a bit about the referral program of Omegapro. It’s not part of your requirement when you invest in Omegapro. Referring others is entirely by choice. If you don’t want, you shouldn’t.

But let me reveal a secret to you. The company pays more when you refer others to them. Remember, they can afford to pay for adverts. But they are paying you for helping them educate someone better on how to invest in Omegapro. What their advert couldn’t do, you are hired to do it better for them.

Here’s the different packages you can buy in Omegapro and their daily profit returns.

  1. Startup Trader: $100 package – $0.45 daily returns
  2. Basic Trader: $500 package – $2.25 daily returns
  3. Light Trader: $1,000 package – $4.50 daily returns
  4. Pro Trader: $3,000 package – $13.50 daily returns
  5. Advance Trader: $5,000 package – $22.50 daily returns
  6. Tycoon Trader: $8,000 package – $36 daily returns
  7. Premium Trader: $10,000 package – $45 daily returns
  8. Master Trader: $15,000 package – $67.50 daily returns
  9. Elite Trader: $25,000 package – $112.50 daily returns
  10. VIP Trader: $50,000 package – $225 daily returns

To sign up for each package, Omegapro charges additional $99 as software fee, plus the investment package sum you chooses to start with.

Omegapro Partner Package

The partner package is designed to lower your risks and to help you cash out regularly. If you are looking for opportunity to earn weekly income and withdraw from your investment without affecting your regular earnings, this partner package is for you.
Here are also what you stand to gain from being an Omegapro partner:

  • You will receive 10% network bonus from the efforts of those under your network
  • 7% direct sales from those you sponsored to join omegapro.

  • And other benefits like masterclasses, webinars, personal development, mentorship, etc.

Omegapro Customer Package

The customer package is a package that gives you benefits of passive income. Below are some explained benefits:

  • You get 7% from direct sales
  • You also benefits from trading output

  • However, you do not get network bonus from other people’s effort

  • But you will also get masterclass, and webinars.

#2 – Why I’m Recommending Omegapro

It’s always important for me to explain my motive, so that you will understand why I’m reviewing this passive income opportunity for you. Before I started writing this post, I have already invested in Omegapro.

So, I’m not only recommending as a promotion for the company. This post is not a paid advert for Omegapro. It’s a personal review of the investment based on my findings.

Here’s my reasons and findings to help you decide to invest or not:

  • It’s easy to start
  • Has daily income
  • Has daily withdrawal
  • It’s a medium term investment plan
  • Daily profit percentage is 0.45%
  • The company is very transparent

The minimum investment package is $100. Anyone can afford to start with that amount. You may also need to calculate how much you hope to earn when picking the right investment plan.

#3 – Those Behind Omegapro

Those behind any investment is important when making decision to invest. For Omegapro, not only do we know those behind it, they are well known institutional investors, and they have publicly

Omegapro is founded by 3 institutional investors:

  1. Mike Sims (Partner)
  2. Dilawar Singh (Owner of OMP Group)
  3. Andreas Szakacs (CEO)

Andreas Szakacs – An Ace in the Financial Field

Although Omegapro started in the late 2018, but by 2020 is has recorded tremendous success as an organization and with its investors in over 100 countries. You can search for the information about its founders to gain more knowledge about those behind Omegapro.

#4 – What’s Risk Assessment of Omegapro?

Now, let’s consider the risk involved. I know what’s on your mind. Hope this investment is not a risk? Every business is risky, it’s just the level of risk exposure that one needs to measure. And for Omegapro investment, I will analyze the risk exposure for you. Let me go with a YES and NO answer.

Here’s my reason for saying YES:

  • It’s an online investment, no chance of visiting the physical office
  • The company drives sales only through network marketing
  • It’s relatively a new organization and not enough time yet to prove them

And here’s my reason for saying NO:

  • At minimum entry of $100 is low to be risky for most investors
  • It offers daily withdrawal for profits
  • It’s a medium term investment, you can also cancel in between the contract period
  • Forex trading has a high yield potential
  • The company support staff are handy and helpful
  • You also have some control over your investment through the back office

#5 – How to Invest In Omegapro Wisely

I have already explained that Omegapro pays minimum of 0.45% daily on any package you purchased. You can buy as many packages of your choice. That’s the investment side of the business

If for instance you invested $500, you are paid $2.25 daily as your profit, from Mondays to Fridays. You can choose to withdraw it or leave it. And when you leave it the company will trade with it and you get a compound interest on the profits earned daily.

Each package has a lifespan of 16 months. If you leave all your profit to compound, by the end of the 16 months you would have earned 300% of the amount you invested. If what you invested is $500, it would have become $1,500.

You can then choose to withdraw your full money or reinvest some or all of it. That’s your choice at this point.

Create Your Account

If you are convinced about investing in Omegapro, here’s the steps to take to get registered with the company. The company prefers someone sponsors you. That way you stand to benefit more than just from your investment.

A sponsor in Omegapro is like a mentor – someone who will guide you on how best to maximize your investment with the company. That also places you in an advantageous position to earn from other people’s efforts in the network. While it’s optional to refer others, you are still going to be in the network and might earn from the efforts of others.

To register, use anyone of our referral links below and that would make FASTWEB your sponsor:

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Note: You can register from any country in the world and make your payments with either local bank transaction or with cryptocurrency.

Make Your Deposit

To make a deposit to activate a package on Omegapro, there are several options available to help you do that. Here are some of them:

  • Bitcoin wallet
  • Etherium Wallet
  • Bank transfer
  • Credit/debit card
  • Peer to peer transfer

For those in Nigeria, you may have only one better choice to make deposit into your Omegapro account to activate the package of your choice. If you registered through a sponsor, you will be guided on how to use peer to peer transfer.

A peer to peer transfer means another Omegapro investor would accept an agreed equivalent in naira and transfer the agreed amount in US dollars into your wallet account with Omegapro.

Note: exchange rate may differ from government regulated rates. If you have any problem making payments you can contact me for guidance.

How To Withdraw Your Profits

The most important part of any investment is how to withdraw your profits. And this can be done in very simple ways. You can withdraw into:

  • Your US dollar bank account
  • Your credit/debit card
  • Peer to peer

Also, you can withdraw into your Omega Money account. It’s an online bank from Omegapro. You will need to create an open a banking account with Omega Money.

#6 – Leadership Rank & Rewards

Omegapro has 9 different leadership ranks with applicable rewards that follows each one. I will explain each of them. But first here is a list of the 9 leadership ranks below:

  1. Associate
  2. Builder
  3. Silver
  4. Gold
  5. Platinum
  6. Diamond
  7. Blue Diamond
  8. Black Diamond
  9. Crown Diamond

This is the highest rank and reward in Omegapro. You will receive a Crown Diamond ring, plus a Lamborghini Aventador, or its cash equivalent of $500,000.

#7 – How to Earn Referral Income

Furthermore, the company is also offering its investors opportunities to earn more through referral. This one is optional but the beauty of it is that it pays more than the investment part.

When you refer someone the company pays you 7% of the amount they invested as direct commission, and another 3% in reinvestment for you, making it a total of 10% for every referral.

And you will also get network bonus weekly as you build your downline. You get 10% of the amount your downline contributed every week from the weaker leg of your binary network.

#8 – How You Earn Network Bonus In Omegapro

And as more and people join the network, everyone graduate from earning passive income to earning network bonus. This one is the big money in Omegapro investment.

Network bonus is simply money Omegapro pays to investors every weekly, every Monday to be precise. This money is derived from the total investment in your network. However, it’s only 10% of the amount generated on your weaker leg of the binary network.

This one works when we all work for passive income. As the network grows, more people signed up, the total amount generated by the network is what would earn you network bonus.

#9 – Omegapro Leadership Pool Earnings

As you grow in Omegapro investment and multilevel marketing, you will qualify in the pool sharing. This pool sharing is the 1% of the total turnover produced in the company each monthly. So every month you are entitled to share in this pool. You can only share in one pool even if you qualified for all the 3 pools.

However, not every member of Omegapro qualifies to share in this pool. It’s called leadership pool earnings for a reason. It’s shared among leaders who have attained a level of growth in Omegapro.

Omegapro operates 3 different pool Earnings share. Here are the 3 types of pool earning and how you can qualify for them.

  • Pool 1 – $16,000 and $24,000 respectively on each of your network legs
  • Pool 2 – $60,000 and $90,000 respectively on each of your network legs
  • Pool 3 – $400,000 and $600,000 respectively on each of your network legs


In network marketing, you need to understand what network means. A simple definition is the number of people who directly joined the network under you, after you have joined. That forms your own network inside the entire network system of any multilevel marketing company.

So, your earnings practically grows as the network under you grows. And in a binary system of marketing, the network grows faster if everyone is contributing to the growth. And the faster it grows the more money each investor in the network earns from the groups efforts.

For Omegapro, the earnings come faster, on a weekly basis and and at the end of each month. Every Monday of the week you get paid network bonus, and at the end of each month the 1% pool money is paid out to qualified investors only.

If you would like to know more about Omegapro, or how to join the investment group, contact FASTWEB. Use the WhatsApp LINK.


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