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How to Network People to Give You Money

How to Network People

The people you know maybe holding the key to your wealth. I’m only going to show you how to get to them and collect the money in a legit way. So, I want to show you how to network people to give you money.

What if all the people you know are damn broke? Lol! Nobody is actually that broke, they just don’t know it.

They may not have enough money to give you but they may know someone who does. Whichever way, you will start earning from them right now – I mean starting from today.

Sometimes all you need to do is tell yourself the truth. If you are broke you need money. And I want to show you how to earn money the easy way, using the help of people that you already know to get started.

Network People Money Secret

Do you know why everyone needs money? Forget those who claim they don’t want to be rich. Everyone needs money, whether they want to be rich or not.

Money answers to all things – including insults. Have you ever been insulted by money? Wait till you get sick and the doctor says you need $10,000 to pay before treatment can commence.

Money can insult you that way. Now your life is dependent on just $10,000. Imagine if you have the money to pay. It won’t mean anything to you. Your life is more important than $10,000.

If you can’t afford to pay $10,000, not just for medicals but any bill at all, you have to read through this post with rapt attention. You are the one who really to start this business now.

 How Do You Start?

You will need some money too. Aha, I can hear you scream “that’s the catch. But I don’t even have that kind of money”. Then, I will show you how to start with zero money.

Money is everywhere around you. If it’s not in your hands now it’s with someone else. Find someone who has it and let them pay for you to start earning money from them.

“Is not that simple,” you would say. Yes I know but that’s why I’m going to make it simple for you.

At the end of this post I will make you an offer to get you started for free. But there’s a catch. It’s a simple thing to do using what I have taught you here.

 Why You Should Do this Business?

I don’t want to sound too optimistic, but imagine what $500 daily can do for you. We are talking about over N250,000 daily income by conservative estimate.

Okay, let me not make it sound like marketing. I really want you to see this opportunity and to take advantage of it.

It’s not going to be that easy for everyone, but if you stick to this plan you will surely start earning $500 daily.

Do you know that everyone is looking for how to make money? And people will listen to you if you show them how they can make more money.

Let’s start first by helping you find those people around you. Shall we?

 How to Calculate Your Net-Worth

What is your net-worth? Most people don’t know their net-worth, and they are wondering why they are still broke.

If you don’t know how much you are worth, you will feel inferior and unmotivated to attempt anything that can make you rich.

️Take this test and never forget it:

  1. How much money have you minted since you were born?
  2. How much money have you received from other people since you were born?

Which of the question has a ‘YES’ answer, A or B? I can even answer for you. All the money you have came from other people. You don’t mint money. You are not central bank.

So, to calculate your net-worth, it’s not about the money in your hand or your bank or your business. But all the people you know, and that you can meet, or reach, or connect with.

Your net-worth is people. If you value people you will be rich. And I’m going to show you how to reach them and what you can use to continually collect money from them.

If you want to be rich fast enough, here’s the secret you may have been ignoring all your life. But you need to be prepared for this.

 How Prepared Are You?

You need to prepare yourself before you can convince someone else to listen to you. I can hear the murmuring, “yeah, yeah, me that can’t face people”.

If you are BOLD enough to face POVERTY you should be able to face anything, including the ugly faces of other BROKE PEOPLE like YOU.

I sounded so blunt, right? Yes, I know, but that’s my way of telling you not to give any damn excuse to continue living a miserable life.

Those people you may be afraid to face will be happy to face you if only you can help them find money like I’m showing you right now.

So, get ready to start using your net-worth to make money without fear or apology.



 What You Should Know

I’m not asking you to go and acquire more university degree. In fact, you don’t need any form of education, and you don’t even have to be able to speak English – unless the people in your network speak only English.

What you need is what I’m going to hand over to you at the end of this post. If you take it quickly, then you are prepared. If you don’t…I reserve my comment.

How to Network People for Money

Now that you understand your net-worth, you need to start working on your network.

You already have a network. What you need to start doing now is to organize them the way you want to use them.

️How big is your network? Let’s do a simple test:

  • How many people do you know personally?
  • How many people do the people you know-know personally?
  • How many people do they people they know- know personally?
  • How many people you don’t know that you can meet, reach and connect with?

You can see how big your network really is. Now you can start networking.

 How Many People Do You Need?

One of the major fears of networking is thinking that you need many people in your network. I’m sure you don’t even know many people.

If that has been fear in networking, then you don’t have to be afraid of networking any more. You really don’t need many people to start a network.

Here’s the exact number of people you need – 2 people. Do you know at least 2 people? Can you get 2 people to join your network? Do you know 2 people that you can convince to invest money in a business if you introduce them?

If all your answers is ‘YES’, then start networking today. You are going to be rich beyond your widest dream.

 What to Sell to Your Network

Let me help you solve this other problem. Most people think what you sell to your network is product – and because most people don’t like to sell product, they won’t buy it.

In networking, you don’t sell product or service or business. Rather, you sell MONEY. Everyone buys MONEY. Someone may not need the product or service or business you are offering in your network, but everyone needs money.

Sell them MONEY and they will buy it from you. If you are wondering; how do you sell them money, you need to read further. I have explained it in this post as well.

 Find Money to Give Them

Here is the hard part. You need to find money to give all these people you are bringing into your network.

The more money you can give them the better. I have been doing this for a long time now. I should know how it works best.

Remember, what I told you earlier, everybody is looking for money. If you have money to give to your network they will follow you.

 Give Them Network Money

Every network has money to give. As a networker, you have to structure your network in a way that everyone who joins you makes money, whether or not they are able to sell or not.

That’s the key to successful networking. Everyone that joins your network should start earning money.

In my network, once you join, in less than one week you will earn your first income, if not immediately.

Now, imagine joining a network that quickly gives you back the money you paid instantly, and start paying you returns almost immediately.

 Here’s My Network Money for You

I’m making you 2 simple offers right now. That’s the beauty of networking. If you join now you are in a better position to start earning money now.

  1. I’m offering 10 free registrations every month (conditions apply)
  2. Money-Back-Guarantee if you registered with money

 How to Register in My Network

The first step is to join the group on Telegram. Yes, it’s important. In order to work with me you have to begin to know me. I don’t work successfully with strangers, and I believe that applies to everyone.

️By knowing me you will get to understand the following:

  • How my network works
  • What my network is all about
  • How you can register in my network
  • How you can make money in my network
  • How to start your own network
  • How to start giving network money to your network

I have made too many promises in this post. Yet, all of it is true. Now it’s your turn to test my offer for yourself. Click this LINK HERE to JOIN MY TELEGRAM CHANNEL.


️F-E-A-R has 2 meanings:

  1. Forget Everything And Run (FEAR) or
  2. Face Everything And Rise (FEAR)

The choice is yours. I have done my part to show you the path to MONEY. You have to follow the path to find if you want to find MONEY.

If you have any question, concern, request and remark, you can also use the comment box and I will respond to it quickly.

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Internet Marketing

How to Get Rich Doing Network Marketing

Truly, there is no such business that you won’t require selling skill. That means most of us just hate network marketing for no reason. Even if you still do, but I hope you don’t also like to be broke, true or false? So, let’s agree that you need money but you don’t like it the network marketing way.

I can help you deal with that in this article, to deal with what makes network marketing difficult for many people and why it could be your goldmine to wealth. And I will tell you my personal experience as well.

What’s Network Marketing

But let me help you clear your doubts and your fears. Networking marketing is like any other business that you have to market. The difference here is that you are doing two things together. You are marketing and at the same recruiting. So, your problem with network marketing is not the marketing but the recruiting.

But do you know that the big money in networking marketing is in the recruiting? Each person you recruit is working for you as your indirect staff. You don’t pay them, the network marketing company pays them as well as you. While they work to make money for you.

Imagine if you recruit 100 people in your network marketing. That’s 00 people working for you. These guys could be anywhere in the world but each time they recruit others or buy products you also get paid as well.

You may not like the idea of network marketing, but believe me, you will like it when you experience how fast the money flows into your bank account. And my simple advise to you is this, stop deceiving yourself, join network marketing now. It’s not really who joined first that makes the most money in network marketing but who grows fast enough.

My Network Marketing Story

If It’s Not Your Story, It Doesn’t Always Seem Real…But This One Is Real…

This is my story and it’s real. Some years ago, in 2016, a friend of mine from the Philippines, Leonardo R. Domingo, who lives in United Arab Emirates with his family told me about the network marketing company Alliance In Motion and I rebuffed him.

He wanted us to partner to open a Nigerian branch for his network and I will be his partner but I wasn’t interested. My concern was, if it’s network marketing, no deal. He wasn’t the first and not the only one who have tried to coo-opt me into network marketing but I always rebuffed them in a kind way.

Later, I also met another friend who also tried and I almost did but she didn’t follow up strong on me. She probably thought I wouldn’t be interested. Any way, she was also right, I wasn’t really interested. I just wanted to encourage her by not refusing her request like I did the others. But since she didn’t follow up on me, I let it slip again.

How it Worked Out For Me

Then in 2019, I met this same lady. This time she was ranting as usual but with much conviction and proofs of her earnings that I just couldn’t take my mind off the things she said.

She wasn’t trying to convince me to join this time. She was only talking to me excitedly about her recent exploits without a thought that I could be interested. And probably because that’s how her life has been spent these days talking about AIM Global networking business.

But I was struck by the figures she kept mentioning to me as we were having an honest discussion. I would hear her say things like, 14k daily income, 300k daily, 1 million daily. If I wasn’t listening to anything else she was saying, I couldn’t forget those figures.

Then I asked her, do you mean daily income and she said in the affirmative, YES! I thought to myself, no, that can’t be serious. With no shop, no product and just leveraging the efforts, time and monies of other people, your can just seat in your house and earning such money everyday?

I’m a businessman and I know the efforts I put in to get sales on daily basis, and it wasn’t like it’s been easy. Now, I’m just hearing with a group of people working together we could all earn money more than I could make in a month in one day.

My Journey Into Network Marketing

At this time, I was becoming interested and she was surprised at me. I have never shown interest in network marketing like I did this time. We have known each other for more than five years and she knows when I’m serious about something.

She was telling me the story of how she got an oil tycoon willing to invest in this multi level marketing. And because I knew her very well and for many years now, I knew she was telling the truth.

She narrated how she convince the oil tycoon by just showing her the numbers and the potential of him making 43 million monthly from just investing an initial capital of 570k. As a business man, I know what that translates to, near impossible.

If you invest 570k that would take very long years to turn it into 43 million income monthly. Now, imagine if that is your case, think of how many months that kind of amount would be dropping into your account.

I don’t like exaggerating but it’s okay to try to imagine these things so you know how possible you can become rich only if you stop doubting some facts and try to risk something’s in your life.

But when you add up all the people working for you in the network, it now seems very possible to make 43 million monthly. Well, I would like to just leave it here. If you are like me, you would want everything clarified for you.

Let’s Do The Network Marketing Math

I couldn’t let her finish her story before I demanded that she show me how that would work. Initial I wasn’t getting her point because she mentioned one 3k that I could earn when someone signs up under me. And she also mentioned another 4,800, which I wasn’t very clear about.

So, she brought out a book from her handbag with a pen and began to sketch the usual networking pyramid with up line and downlines. I know this stuff well, because I have studied network marketing and how to build the best network from international acclaimed professionals.

I was simply eager to know how 43 million can be possible monthly. I was saying to myself, just one month of 43 million is enough. I know what I could do with that amount to turn it into billions in a couple of years.

She began to draw the sketch and later started adding figures and linking them as they should be earned. That still didn’t add up it for me. She showed me how to earn 3k, which is for everyone I introduced to my network. That was easy.



Figure It All Out

This 3k is for your personal efforts. If you don’t work you won’t earn this one. And it’s paid every time someone is introduced by you. But then she showed me about the 4,800, which is earned every time my downline creates a pair of two under each up line.

That means, for everyone that was added to my downline, whether by me or anyone who is under my downline I’m entitled to 4,800 each time a pair is formed. That is the leveraging. You can be sleeping while someone’s else effort is making you rich.

By now, I was already uncomfortable. I was thinking how far I could have gone in this business and how much I could be earning now. I calculated from 2016 to 2019, that’s 3 years in between. What a waste, I thought. The real pain is when I try to calculate my current monthly income and compared it with how much I could have been earning as daily income, in network marketing, I felt sorry for myself.

My 43 Million Monthly Challenge

Let’s not make the explanation too lengthy. Let’s get staring into how the 43 million can be possible. And this is not just theory, some people are already earning it and it’s a done deal already.

The first thing you must know if you want get rich in network marketing is the recruitment. That’s even why it’s called networking marketing in the first place. You are recruiting others into your network to market for you.

So, your target is going to be how many people you need to recruit to start making 43 million? Mind you, that includes all the people you personally recruit and those recruited by your recruits. They all make up your network for the monthly 43 million, which is also the peak in AIMS Global network marketing.

To earn 43 million monthly means you are earning from 15 different accounts. Yes, you must have registered 15 block accounts to begin your journey to earn 43 million. These 15 accounts form the base for growing your network. You will also be earning from all the 15 accounts.

Daily target earning from 15 accounts is 1,440,000. While Weekly is 10,080,000. But I doesn’t start happening like magic. The network needs to grow. Every step and number of recruits that each single must have, your 15 accounts must all have reached that level too.

The big plus here is that all the accounts are also leveraging on each other. You are like doing the same thing one account does but with a multiplied result in 15 places. That’s the power of network marketing.

My Network Marketing Business

But I made up my mind to join the business. Remember, I didn’t like network marketing. But I wasn’t afraid to try this time. That’s also why most people don’t want to do it. The fear of failing. It’s better to fail trying than to have to regret in few years from now again.

So, I told her that I’m in. She told me it’s just 38k to sign up but that I could start with three accounts, which is 114k. I quickly realize if money is involved and you can see it’s possibility you won’t mind doing the marketing for it. The problem most people have with network marketing is the idea that you have to beg people to join the network.

However, I remembered she told me how she advised an oil tycoon to start with 15 accounts, which is 570k, I also opted to start with 15 accounts. Even though I didn’t have the money right there, I made up my mind to send 114k first and complete the rest within a short time.

I was determined to start and earn big with my 15 accounts. Remember, I should have started 3 years ago when my friend Leonardo from Philippines introduced it to me. So, I was already late. Starting like a beginner will not help me grow fast. I needed to jumpstart my earning.

My First Network Marketing Income

Right after I completed my 15 accounts, I also earned instant income of 123k as referral bonus and matching bonuses from all those my 14 accounts under my own up line account. That is the incredible upstart I was looking for. I have started earning from my initial investment of 570k.

Not to mention that I also got products worth of 840k, which I sold and made 840k cash. If you add that to my 123k cash, I have already earned 963k from my original investment of 570k.

And it didn’t stop there. You could see that I have instantly recouped my investment and still have an investment of 570k in the network and will be earning from this network everyday for the rest of my life.

Now, I don’t know what you think about network marketing, but it’s okay if you don’t like it. You read that I didn’t like too, until I had to make this switch in my life. So, you are not the only one who doesn’t like it. We are all in the same boat.

But I would like to advise you not to keep making the same mistakes I made in three years of not joining. I’m also going to make it easier for you to start earning your own daily income from AIM Global if you will join my network today.

Tapping Into Other People’s Efforts

Networking marketing is different from pyramid scheme. In pyramid you only earn for your own effort. But that’s not the way networking work. You earn both for your personal efforts and the efforts of other people.

Let me explain it well. If you sign up as a member of my network that means we are linked together. If I get someone to add to my network, I can only add them under my network, which could you or someone else also linked to you. That means, I’m helping you grow and earn as I’m also growing an earning.

That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid of joining network marketing. Even if you did little or nothing you will still earn from the network.

Join The Right Network

Now that you know that it’s easy to make money from networking even if you don’t know marketing yourself, I bet you have resolved to join. But mind you, it’s not every network can make you rich.

There are factors that should help you decide which network to join. If you are reading this, you should know that I have access to reach many more others as I have reached you now. That means my network can grow faster and make more money than some other networks.

Being a part of a fast growing network is your guarantee to earning money both ways, for your personal efforts and other people’s efforts. That’s why it’s called network marketing. The right network means more income. You shouldn’t just join any network or group.

Here Is What You Should Do

The best network team is a team with potentials and resources to grow faster. Remember it’s about growing the team and making more money. If you join just any AIM group or even any other network the experience may not be worth it for you.

You need to be with AIG Team. Our network includes chains of blogs, Facebook, twitter and Instagram pages for pushing our network to win more followers. You are probably reading this now from one of our blogs or social media pages.

That’s how we win new members and grow the network faster than those who do one on one marketing. We reach and win over 500 interested new clients every month. That’s how fast you can start growing with us. And as the network grows you also make money from that effort even though it wasn’t directly done by you.

Get One On One Information

If you would like me to explain it to you very well, with specific guidance on how you can get started now and the number accounts that would match your budget and target, just Call/Text/WhatsApp me now via 07087770518. Or follow this link to join my WhatsApp group.

We also have a new group on Facebook opened just for our network partners. You should join now so that we can teach you, help you and show you how we are earning so that you too can start earning as well.

It’s business leverage. The advantage is bigger than what your personal effort alone can get you. It’s the fastest way to get rich with the efforts, time and monies of other people. The least you need to get started now is just 38k. Even if you don’t have the money now, don’t let it discourage you.

When you join our network, you will surely find the best way to get started with us better than when you let money discourage you. Who knows you might also benefit from one of our sponsors program, where we raise money to register those who are eager to join but lack the money to pay.

Points to Join Network Marketing

I’m going to summarize it for you again. It’s not just joining network marketing. That’s why some people get frustrated after joining. Even if you have issues marketing to other people, but you should at least know other people. That way our team can help you reach out to those you know.

But if you join a great team of network marketers you are sure to make it big in network marketing. AIG or Angel Investors Group builds the group as a team. You will also get special training on utilizing digital marketing. That way even the little marketing you have to do is digitized for you.

Below is the summary is a nutshell.

Step One: Get More Info

Training is key in network marketing. The more seminars, workshops and trainings you attend the better you get and the more you are better equipped to build a more profitable network. Don’t miss out on training.

Step Two: Identify A Fast Growing Group

This one is my strong key. A good team will both inspire and help you make more money. And you can only be as good as your team. In network marketing when your team is recording great successes you are inspired to achieve more.

That’s why most networkers spread news about other people’s success so that others will be inspired to do more as well.

Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group:

Step Three: Signup to Network Marketing

Yes, you have to signup. If you learn about this and you never signed up then you will never gonna make the money. And if you still need someone to preach this again to you then you are really not serious about earning residual income.

If you have noticed I didn’t want to sound too marketing like network marketers because I’m not. I’m just like you who never like network marketing but is now making money from it.

Step Four: Participate In Group Activities

Your team is your backbone in network marketing. You can’t do it alone. And how you become a team member is not by just following that Team. You have to participate in everything your team is doing.

Don’t lack behind. Most especially follow the group daily, weekly, and monthly targets. Be a goal getting. And when you discover what works for you be quick to share with your team members. First share it with your team lead and get approval to share with others.

And if it’s not working for you don’t keep quiet or get discouraged. Rather, seek the help of your leaders. Let them know what your challenge is and as a team they will work with you to help you out.

Step Five: Monitor Your Earnings & Set Agenda for More

Where your treasure is there will your heart be also. This saying is true till eternity. Don’t get distracted. The treasure of network marketing is not just your money in the bank. Your network is your potential treasure. Keep your eyes there and make it grow daily.

If you want to make more money you have know how much you are currently making and set new goals for new earnings. And when you set new goals, set the action plan as well and follow through it.


When it comes to network marketing the strategies for winning is constantly evolving. You need to keep updating to learn new ways of growing your network. The real concept of network marketing is multiplying people to multiply income. Even though you are in a network, you have your own network in the network. And that’s the people you brought into the network.

The more people you get introduced into the system the more money your network is capable of generating. That’s why big network managers earn bigger than those under them. It’s no magic is simple mathematics.

But you can gain from the efforts of others as well. But when you recruit others you gain from both your personal efforts and the effects of other people. Here is THE LINK CLICK HERE NOW to join AIG and grow your income under our fast growing network.

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