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7 Tips To Build A Strong Business Brand {For Newbies}

Business branding

How strong is your business brand? Could it be the reason you are not getting enough patronage and web traffic from search engines lately? Amazingly, the world of business is changing, with consumers losing confidence in the proliferation of products and services. read more

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How To Sell – A Simplified Guide

How to sell

One of the most important skills you should acquire in life is how to sell. If you know how to sell anything you are more likely to be successful in business than someone who doesn’t know. But when you don’t have Selling skill, you put your business in great danger, and you lack the ability to convert your products or services to a profitable opportunity for your target audience. read more

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How Marketing Works For Beginners

How marketing works

Although marketing works the same for everybody, but there’s a way it can be well explained for beginners. That takes away the seeming complexity that most people associate with marketing. Even if you are an MBA student, this simple explanation about marketing will help you understand it much better. read more

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