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How to Plan Your Christmas Message for 2018

christmas message

Do you know it’s essential to plan your Christmas message? You may not have thought about it before, but I think you should do this year. There are several reasons you should plan your Christmas message. The first one is because Christmas is the most crucial time of the year.

Although, many still think that sending Christmas message is not essential. Well, that depends on who you are, how you value your contacts and the purpose of your message. Remember, just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean every Message must be about Christ. Of course, Christ should be part of your message but your purpose may be slightly different.

For example, if you a politician sending Christmas message might be to connect with your target voters. Even though your message may be about the birth of Christ the Messiah, your purpose will be to appeal to their conscience concerning your interest in the coming elections. And there is a different purpose depending on who is sending the Christmas message.

Understanding Christmas Message

I don’t want to assume that you don’t understand the reason for Christmas Message. But I will like to make a little emphasis on that to you. The best time of the year is the right time to get everyone’s attention with a simple Christmas message. And it doesn’t even matter if you are not a Christian. Well, if you are not, I strongly recommend this book for you: How to Find God. It will help you know how to write the best Christmas message this season.

Christmas is a season for the whole world. It’s not about Christians alone, even though most Christians think it’s for only them. Jesus didn’t come for Christians alone. He died for both Christians, Muslims, pagan, Hindu, etcetera. There is nobody in the world today that Jesus didn’t die for.

So, everyone has a stake at Christmas. It’s your season too, and you should be celebrating with a Christmas message to your loved one, friends and coworkers. Don’t let anyone deceive into thinking that your religion does not believe in Christmas. Take this time and have some fun and share it with a message of love.

Why You Should Plan A Christmas Message?

I don’t want to give such crab as Planning is essential. You already know that. And I don’t even want to tell you that some people will be reading or hearing your Christmas message. Of course, you should that by now.

However, I want to show you that your planned message would save more lives this Christmas. The current economic situation in the country has caused more damage to the people already. Hope has gone out of the window. Most people are living in abject poverty. Hunger is so much in the land. I can go on and on to narrate to you the lost cases of Nigerians right now.

And if you just push out any kind of message without taking a deep thought, you will be sending the wrong message even though it’s for Christmas. You need to be careful how your words sound so as not to make a false impression. Instead, chose words that would sort the pain, calm the nerves and whet the appetite. Don’t forget this words, whatever you say will be used against you in the courts of human conscience.

How Do You Write Christmas Message?

But how do you even begin to write this message? That would depend on who you are, the purpose of your message and the people you are sending it to. If I can suggest, use voice instead of text. There is voice call technology in use now called robocall that can send a prerecorded Christmas message directly to phone users.

The reason for voice is so that people don’t see it as a random message. They will assume it’s preplanned and that you really thought much about them. It’s simple human psychology. Also, by hearing your voice, it will communicate the spirit of your message more than text can do.

However, if you can’t afford the cost of calling many people even with robocall, still use the text message. But make these few changes in your communications. Use the words WE and YOU. Avoid using the personal noun I, myself, my family, my team, etcetera. Bond with the people in your message as much you can and feel like one of them.

Who to Send Christmas Messages to?

I don’t want to assume that you know who you want to send Christmas messages to this season. Even though you should know since you should also consider the purpose for which you are sending it. One thing your goal does is to help you define who to send the message this season.

Please note that you don’t have to send to everyone. In short, you can’t even communicate with everyone. There are over 7 billion people in the world. And Nigeria has over 198 million of them. Your circle or target should be the ones to get your message. And I don’t mean your social media circle alone. I’m looking at a wider circle, based on your purpose.

For example, your company may choose to send to all the customers that patronised you this year. Although, I will strongly advise against using social media as your primary Christmas message platform. You should know by now that the number of people who see your messages on social media has been cut down by the platform owners.

There is one thing you should do. Write down the groups of people you would like to send a Christmas message to this year. And behind each group, add your purpose for connecting with them. Estimate their number, what platform you want to use and evaluate the cost implication.

When Should You Send Christmas Messages?

I Don’t think this should have come up. But considering some findings, when sending your Christmas message it’s now essential when you post it. It can mar or make the purpose of your message. And you will love to connect with people when they are not distracted or busy to read your message.

Also, if you want to use text message service like bulk SMS, you should know that NCC regulation prohibits sending publicity messages like that between the hours of 9pm and 6am. The operators equally shut down their servers for bulk SMS within this period of the day. Any message sent won’t be delivered.

Moreover, your message is better sent when your target audience would be in a position to invest their time in reading it. Like when people are commuting to work. During such time their spirit is open and ready for opportunities. Also, during lunch hour is another right timing.

But if your platform is for calls, whether using robocall, your timing might be different than text messages. You need to call when they are in a position to answer the call. If they are committing, it might be noisy. And if they are having lunch, it might direct, and they won’t give their full attention to your call. The right time is during office hours when they are expecting customers to call them.

Action Points for Christmas Message

Here is a brief summary of the action you can take to send your Christmas messages. Take all the ideas I shared with you in this article and apply them following the points below. And whatever you do, say a Merry Christmas to someone this season.

1. Chose a date to send out your Christmas message
2. Define your purpose
3. Chose your platforms
4. Pick your audience
5. Write your words
6. Send your Christmas message
7. Respond to every reply with appreciation


Planning your Christmas message can be fun and exciting. Although if you are just sending to your family and friends, it may require proper planning. But if it’s for business or especially now that the election is around the corner, it’s essential to plan.

Also, sending messages to many numbers of people for business wishes or elections campaign is a job you should only give to professionals. There are several professionals companies to handle your Christmas messages. For an election campaign, I recommend Fastweb Internet Services. They are the best. But for individual messages, you can go with Gbestsms.

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How Nigerian Election Campaign Strategies Work

We are already less than one year to the swearing-in of another four years government. Right now, the power play is going on. Some have lost already even before the fight began.

I’m Chinedu David. I’m not a politician. I’m a business strategist. Already I can see strategists at play in this election. Good or bad, what’s more important is winning. And those who would win are those who planned to win.

It doesn’t even matter if the winning is handed over through rigging. What politicians do to win is only part of politics. Even the rigging is a strategy.

I read Donald Duke true confession on how most elections have been won in this country since 1999. And that system is still in place. Although, it favours the governors more.

The only reason, the Senate was fighting for a reverse of the election timetable is to give them and the governors the first shot of being elected.

So they don’t have to work for the ‘oga’ at the top. The fight was not for the senators alone. The governors were all behind it. They wanted it even more than the senators. But it seemed like all that has been put to rest.

Coming to political parties. There is nothing to be seen yet from all the oppositions. Apart from the name dropping of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

Despite all the young blood, not too young to run candidates – who are running outside formidable party structures. I don’t think anybody is expecting these guys to win. To even believe in their winning, it’s in itself a miracle.

But what is not so clear is which political party would give Alhaji Atiku their presidential ticket?

Right now, only APC has a candidate. The man whose scorecard is not strong at all. With growing hunger and bloodshed. He doesn’t seem to have any solution to tackling the hunger and herdsmen activities that have killed more innocent people than Boko Haram.

But as things stand now, he is still the man to beat. He is the only candidate who stands a chance to win. But that is not so for other APC candidates in the governorship and National Assembly race.

The battle for them is an uphill task.

If they have to win they must seem to both fights the opposition at the state and constituency levels. And this fight is about the mind and conscience of the electorate.

Nigerians are not going to just willingly hand over their votes at this coming election. They have a choice to make.

And that choice is between hunger and survival. That gives room to betray their governors and representatives by electing any other candidate who soothes their pain.

There is a popular saying that a hungry man is an angry man. This will be a reality at this election. The seating governors shouldn’t take chances. It’s not like the kind of election we have known since 1999. This one will be different.

Many second term governors and senators might lose their seats. It’s not a prophecy. The stack reality is that people are angry right now. And their anger is on their elected leaders. And they are waiting for the election to show it.

While I was musing over this reality, I also saw a way out. Hunger is relative. Nigeria is a religious base country. We know how to fast. We can handle hunger. They only need someone to show them he cares. And that there is hope.

That is where the president has failed. He had the opportunity but never utilized it. But as a governor or representative of the people, feel their pain. You may not be able to feed all the hungry people in your state or constituency. But you can at least show them how much you wish things could have been different.

Take it or leave it. Here is what you must do to win 2019 election in a landslide victory. Make a phone call. This could be the most important phone call of your political career.

Your people would be ecstatic to hear you called to speak to them. Remember history is made in one day. You are in the place of history. Take it now. Do what nobody may think is possible. Today’s technology is our advantage. Speak to your people directly on their phones. And that memory will never leave them till they die.

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