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How to Create Custom Website, eCommerce & Blogs

Custom website

Do you know that more than 50 million Nigerians are online daily? Do you know that digital marketing is the tool required to reach these millions of potential customers? How digitally prepared is your business custom website?

Here is a clear plan your an adopt for your business this year to reach more potential customers and make more money. You don’t have to pay hundreds of thousands to learn digital marketing. The cost of digital marketing training is based on the fact that it’s still new and evolving.

Soon, everyone would know what it means to organise digital marketing. And don’t be deceived by the term used, it’s the same things you have been doing online. What you only needed to learn is how to organise them into a marketing arsenal to win more customers.


This article is to help you setup three most important digital marketing tools. Marketing is changing everyday. Remember when it was just word of mouth that is required to market your product. Then you needed newspaper, radio and TV ads.

Today it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google adverts. What makes marketing simple in the past are making it difficult for some entrepreneurs to make money. You need to know these three essential tools that would make your digital marketing efforts worth all the hype and cost put into it.

They are called website. It’s not something you haven’t heard off or know about. However, I’m going to show you why Websites makes more money for you than if you don’t have it. I will also show you how to get them setup cheaper without hiring a web designer.

The first one is e-commerce. The second and third ones are the blog and corporate or custom website. And interestingly a website can have all these three put together on one. And I advise you to have all three on one site. They all work together for your online business.

How Custom Website Works

If you are wondering why you should have a website that has e-commerce functionality and also a blog, here are how digital marketing works. The sole purpose of the website is to show your customers what your business is capable of offering them.

Any website can do that and do it even better than you. And more and more websites are launched, people are getting more confused about which site to trust. And the longer it takes customers to believe you the faster it takes for you to lose them.

What you need is how to engage your customers on your site, give them enough information to encourage them to trust you and help them make a quick decision to get that product or service from you without leaving your website.

Custom Website And Functionalities

Every business owner must think beyond just getting a website with pages and information but this about custom web design. A custom website is more than the regular site. It provides your services in a unique way to your customers.

Imagine if you are a hair stylist, you might think having a website is not essential for your business. But if you have a custom website, you can make your customers book ahead for days they would come to your salon and make their hair.

You can even use that app or site to make them know the price and also make payment to secure the time they book for their hair online. That way your customers know for sure that they can book a specific time for their hair and have it done without fail.

It might not come so cheap, depending on what you want to achieve. But it’s worth developing your own custom website than just getting web pages. A web page would inform your customers, but if it doesn’t help them achieve the result, it won’t be useful or needed next time.

If you are looking for a quote for the custom website email: nedu@fastweb.com.ng or click to go to the website here.

Blog Website And Advantage

You should always add a blog to your website. Sometimes people argue that blogging should be left to bloggers. But who told you certain people are called bloggers. Anyone who can share information online is a blogger. So by having a website you are a qualified blogger.

But blogs are more than a platform for sharing information. It’s the biggest and most important digital marketing tool in the world today. In fact, if you don’t have a blog, you pr business is not doing digital marketing.

A blog is the largest advert platform online. It’s the secret weapon used by digital marketers to drive free targeted online traffic to their business. If you want to keep getting potential customers online, you need to have a blog targeted at your niche market.

E-commerce Website Ordering Functionality

Sometimes when we talk of e-commerce, everyone thinks it’s about selling products online. It’s more than just selling products. It’s a complete fulfilment functionality of your website.

E-commerce features give your website the power to deliver the expectation of your customers. When a customer comes on your site with needs, you can meet that need without any interaction with them. And because your website can deliver on your promise on the go, your potentials are easily converted into return customers without any more marketing from you.

Your business must identify those services it can provide to customers online and enable them with e-commerce. Until your website can do something for your customers, it wouldn’t make any economic sense to have one.

Action Points to Create Custom Website

If you are serious about growing your customer base, you need to target more traffic online. You might think it doesn’t matter now, but it will soon matter. The growth of internet users and growing services online would quickly make new startups kings over those who chose to stay outdated.

Make the right decision now. And the advantage of the internet is the older, the better. Google search engine likes a more former website. It’s like the saying old men and wiser. So, if you start now, you begin a chance of growing older than waiting in the future to start.

Here are the steps you can take now to have your own e-commerce, blog or custom website.

Step One: Buy A Dot Ng Domain Name

Having an online presence would require your own domain name if you plan to control your contents online. Even though you can have a social media presence that doesn’t give you absolute control over your content.

You can only control the contents you have on your own blog or server. And that’s why having your own website on your own domain name is a better option.

You can get a domain name on several websites online, like Godaddy, Namecheap, Domain101, but when it comes to having a dot NG domain name, WhoGoHost is a good option. That’s what I use, and it’s been years now, and they are one of the best.

Step Two: Design Your Website Type

When you want to build a website, it doesn’t have to be like the other websites you know. Think about what you want users to do with your website. The days of just getting web pages are over.

Your website must be an interactive site and can provide visitors with the solution they seek. Unless you are just a blog, don’t build lame websites. It’s better you don’t waste money and waste your customers time on your site than building lame webpages.

Define what you want to achieve online with your website and hire a good web developer to get the job done.

Step Three: Host The Website Don’t Bury It

You may wonder how one can bury website? Well, a lot of sites are buried online, even though their owners don’t even know it. And it starts with the web host. Who hosts your website can help hide it faster than your sloppy designer’s can.

So, I recommend that you choose the best host for your website regardless of cost. Although it cost little these days to host a simple website for a whole year. Here are a few choices for your web host.

And so many others that are too numerous to mention. But you only need one choice, and I have already given four. So you can find what you seek in these four hosting companies.

Step Four: Reach Out To Your Target Market

I’m not supposed to be talking about marketing here. But what’s the good of a website if nobody knows about it. So, I’m pushing for you to pay close attention to promoting your site than just building it.

There are several conventional promotional methods used today to attract traffic to your website. Meant advocate for the use of social media. And that’s not optional either.

But one source of promotion for your website that you shouldn’t overlook is a search engine. It’s not only because it’s free but for the consistency in driving targeted traffic to your website. You cannot substitute this for any other option in driving profitable traffic to your site.


Don’t just seek to have a website, instead get sites that make you money. If you paid for a website that is just infomercial, it wouldn’t be long before you forget that you own a website. And don’t prefer a cheap website over one that cost you money, because good things always cost more.

Plan to invest in an excellent website that is designed for revenue. Whether it’s for e-commerce, or services or advertising, choose a money making site over a poster for your business online.

Nobody wants to just scroll over your website all day. They want to get things done, and your website should help them get things done. Even visa websites now let you make your application and schedule your embassy visit. And if visitors can get more than by visiting your website, you will get more user traffic and save more time and cost as well.

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How to Get A Website – A Newbie Guide

Do you want to keep increasing your business income daily? Then what you need is to get a website. I know most businesses are on social media. But the benefits of a website far outweighs that of social media.

Do you know some websites gets over 2 millions visitors monthly? There are websites that gets more than that. I’m just using the Nigerian websites as case study. In the US, some websites gets more than that number visitors monthly. I know of websites that gets over 50 million monthly visitors.

The issue is not even that they get these visitors monthly. But that they get them for FREE! Yes, it’s for free. And these huge amount of free online traffic keeps coming to their websites every month without end.


Don’t get me wrong, this kind of traffic doesn’t happen overnight. But the fact that it happens should get your attention. The primary reason that it’s remotely possible is because the owners have a website.

You can’t guarantee these number of visitors on social media platforms. Don’t misunderstand it. They are not number of Followers. These are visitors that search engines like Google sent to their websites every month for free.

On social media, if you don’t do anything at all, you may never get any visitor to your page. But that’s not so with websites. Once you start building your site, if you are using a blog, the journey for free online visitors has just started.

How it Works

If you know how the Internet work, you will see why that is even possible. The internet is a network of computers. The primary reason for this network is for sharing information. And the site at the centre of this information sharing in Google.

Google indexes all the websites existing in the world to help those looking for information online to find it easily. All you do is enter some related search strings to the information you are looking for. And Google will match that search strings to related information in its database.

Whatever it finds related is displayed in a hierarchical order. You can now open the reference websites to verify it contains what you are looking for. And Google does all that for free without asking the website owners to pay for this listing or the display in the search.

How to Qualify

Any website is qualified to be listed in Google search. And your website can benefit from this free listing from Google for life. But if you don’t have a website, you may never get listed by Google.

Although, Google list social media accounts as well. But such listings are limited to just the social media handle. The contents are not listed as separate information. However, websites get separate listing for each page of information it contains.

For example, if you have a 200 page website, each of the 200 pages will get a separate listing on Google for your website. That increase as well your chances of getting more online visitors to your site.

Why Websites, And Not Social Media

There is a reason why Google prefers listing websites and its pages than social media contents. Google is selling itself as an answer to any question anyone may have in the world. And website information provides better information over what’s on social media.

Most of the information on social media cannot be trusted. Their authenticity cannot be proved to be always true. Also, the consistency and topics relating to a website can be gauged but not so consistent with most individual social media accounts.

And the fact that Google is a compendium of information, the authenticity of what’s it’s giving out should also be valuable and not trashy. So, it picks website that meets all the basic requirement of a source of authentic and useful library of solution.

Action Points to Get A Website

If you don’t have a website you will not benefit from Google free traffic. And because your business is a specific niche, you will easily get indexed by Google. Although, the cost of website is also an issue for most business owners. But there are also options to get a full functional websites cheaper and keep upgrading it as it grows.

Fastweb provides websites for SME’s at an affordable price. Depending on your type of business and website needs, Fastweb can create a site within your budget. You can visit their website here or contact them on Call/WhatsApp; 07087770518.

Here are a few option of the types of websites Fastweb designs:

  • School website
  • Church website
  • Corporate website
  • E-commerce website

Step One: Chose A Domain Name for Your Website

To start building your website you will need to choose a name for it. Choosing a domain name for your website is not that simple anymore. There are over one billion websites on the internet. That means there are more domains registered.

That doesn’t mean you can’t find a name for your website. It’s only that you may not find one on the major domain name extension. You can read more about domain name extensions and what they are here.

So, if the name you chose can’t be find under major domain extension, you can check with local extensions like dot ng or co for example. Popular domain names includes Amazon.com, Google.com, eBay.com, citisavis.com, etcetera.

Step Two: How to Design Your Website

The popular option is to hire a web developer. And that is not cheap at all. A simple website cost between $500 to $1,500 to build. If your exchange that in naira it’s not small figure at all.

And the web developer will do the following and keep all your money. He will buy a web theme from popular theme markets. Make a few changes on it to match your request, and deliver it to you for $500 or more.

However, you can use a web design consultant like Fastweb who will help you get the best website theme for around $70. Customize it for about $50. And help upload it to the host server for just $30. That’s a total of $150. You get a savings of $350.

Step Three: Where to Host It

When you have finished designing a website you will need to buy a web hosting plan. A hosting plan is like a house rent. You pay to live in the house. The same way your website pays rent to live in a host.

A hosting plan is not costly at all. Although some web design companies will ask you to pay as much as $500 annually. But you don’t need to spend that much. What you need is a hosting plan as cheap as N1,500 monthly. That’s about N18,000 annually. That’s affordable for a small business for one year.

If you are using Fastweb as the consultant for your website, they will also help you with getting the cheaper web host. If not, any other option may be costlier. You can also get the web host yourself by clicking here.

Step Four: How to Get Google Traffic

Once your website is designed and hosted on a server, you are getting ready for Google free traffic. But that is just the beginning. The next step is to update the content of your website to suit your business type.

Content is king when you are looking for Google free traffic. You will need now to start upgrading your new site with revealing information about your business. If you can’t write better copy for your business, hire someone to do it for you.

It’s better you invest in good content because that’s what will guarantee the visitors that comes to your site will patronize you. So, don’t see the cost as unnecessary. It will make money for you.


If you want to make money online for a long time you will need a website. I know it’s good to have social media. But the problem is if you stop posting on your social media the traffic also stops. And the traffic is not free.

You need to build a better and larger traffic for your business. Even more so, you need visitors traffic that is consistent. You don’t want customers to come today and tomorrow they won’t come.

You need to get your own website design for you cheaper using web design consultants like Fastweb. Once you have your website designed for you, the next thing is to now sit back and wait for the visitors to start pouring into your business from everywhere around the world.

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How to Buy & Sell Online Business Profitably in 2019

Do you have businesses to sell online? Do you know you can sell an online business in multiples of its current monthly profit? But why you are selling is even more important than how much you want to sell. In fact, buyers may find the price attractive if they understand your purpose for selling. Some people can’t understand why someone would want to sell a profitable business.

And you will also need to find the best ways to sell an online business fast. Because once your interest is to sell, your commitment to the business also wanes. And if it takes longer to sale, the revenue may start to dip, and that would depreciate the value as well.

You will need the right platforms to sell faster. Some sites specialise in how to buy and sell online businesses. They will take the friction out of buying and selling your online business. The two best platforms to come to mind are Flippa and EmpireFlippers.

Although, you can also choose to sell on your own. It will do you much good if you let the experts handle it for you. They have the experience and the right connection with buyers or sellers. They can also help you get the most value from your sell. And buyers also trust them with their money than they would trust dealing directly with you.


How to buy or sell an online business is not different from how to buy or sell an offline business. But you only need to understand how online businesses are valued and how to identify an excellent online business to buy. There are things to watch out for whether you are buying or selling. And most importantly if you are selling, you need to convince the buyer of your intention rather than just the value of the assets.

Also, Selling your online business may be a personal decision but that has to be revealed during the sale. Why do you want to sell? The buyer wants to know you are not selling because the business is crashing. Although, a buyer should conduct due diligence, but explaining sincerely why you are selling raises hope.

However, both sellers and buyers usually have different reasons, but the seller’s motivation is so important. Also, how the online business makes money is another information buyers what more clarity. Do you earn revenue from advertisements, or affiliate, or e-commerce? And a brief description of what the business does can help the buyer understand what they are paying to acquire.

Another critical information when selling your online businesses is how you get customers? Internet businesses value source of traffic more than revenue itself. The online sources of web traffic can determine the value of customers, the cost of acquiring customers, and potential growth.

How it Works

You have to start by choosing which one you want to do. Is it to buy or sell online business? How to buy or sell online business have their different consideration. If you’re going to sell an online business you focus would be to get the most money out of the sale. While the buyer is thinking of how to get the most value out of the transaction.

So, what the seller will be looking for is different from the buyer. The buyer will also be trying to avoid scammers. And most importantly not to buy a business that’s losing its trend already. But for the seller, the concerns are minimal. You only need to deal with finding the right platform to sell online business fast. And in some cases, you might be considerate about who buys the business if you want your legacy to continue after the sale.

One more issue may be a listing fee. Although, there shouldn’t be any fuss about that. But considering that some marketplaces charge listing fee monthly or for a limited period instead of throughout the selling period, makes it an issue.

Why People Sell Online Business

If you are wondering why anyone would sell a profitable online business, I can provide you with answers both from ordinary analytical life and from those who have sold businesses before or desires to sell online business. There may still be some crazy fellow who would want to rip off others with the sale of a dangerous business. But those are in the minority. However, that’s the reason it’s advisable to buy from verifiable sources or marketplaces.

However, one thing you must know is that most sellers may not divulge their real intention to sell because it might be private reasons. And most reasons to sell may actually be your bargaining advantage as a buyer. Here are some of the known reasons people sell online businesses. I will first make a list of the reasons and then explain some of the knotty issues around them.

1. Partner or investor issues
2. Better investment opportunities
3. Fear of uncertain future
4. Industry limits or changes
5. Big upfront cash out
6. Wane interest or burnout
7. Life events and changes

Partner or Investor Issues:

Sometimes businesses are sold for this reason. However, it’s important you trade carefully. Most business disputes don’t always end well. Although it can throw up some buyer advantage as well. You have to be sure you are dealing with all the parties involved or the party that can make the final decision. You should also get the parties involved to sign seller agreement to avoid anyone backing out after agreements to sell has been reached.

Better Investment Opportunities:

Here is one of the most popular reasons many sellers give. Although there is an issue with reason, because it may be a cover for the main reason. For example, many sellers may not want to disclose that their intention to sell online businesses it had to do with their private life. So, using better investment opportunities seem to cover it well for them.

However, you still need to find the right reason as well. Also, it may also be the reason. Right now, some experts specialize is starting online businesses and selling them for profit. They are continually moving on to better opportunities so to say. It might also be a seller who has several online companies and wants to sell one to reinvest the cash into other online businesses.

For example, most Amazon FBA businesses require huge stock investment. And as the company grows it needs more funds to keep the stock and meet growing customer demand. There are indeed better opportunities for selling, but you should find out about it as a buyer.

Fear of Uncertain Future:

This one may seem like a no-no for buyers. But it’s actually not about the kind of fear that should drive away an excellent buyer. Sometimes a seller no longer sees a future for continuing in the business. It may even be that the seller has done everything they could do regarding growing the business.

It’s up to you to evaluate the business properly before buying. Sometimes, the seller has limited knowledge and couldn’t do much to grow the business. But you can find at growth potentials that the seller didn’t know of. When you analyse what the seller has been doing, you will notice what needs to be done to grow the business further.

Industry Limits or Changes:

This looks at upcoming legislative limitations, tax increase or tariffs changes. Anything regulatory changes that can impact on the business. Sometimes these changes may be positively too. But anything is what checking out first before you commit to buy.

This may be a bit challenging, but you can have your lawyer conduct a legal review on the industry. Also, you can use Google trend. These days anything can be found on Google. Or you can find out from insiders in that industry for such legislative changes.

Big Upfront Cash-out:

I like this one so much. If you understand how to sell online business, you will know that it’s like a big payday. Most online companies sell for as much as 30 times their average one-year monthly profit. That’s a lot for some sellers if they are already making like five-figure income.

Getting an amount like that can be a motivation to sell online business. And many companies sell for just this reason. Especially those entrepreneur growing an online business just to sell them for profit. That’s what motivates them.

Wane Interest or Burnout:

This one happens a lot. It’s the most common actual reasons to sell online business. You can start a business now, and a few years down the line the enthusiasm is gone. You no longer feel as motivated as you were when you started.

However, a buyer should find out if the decline is due to seller lack of interest or distraction or other factors directly connected to the business. Anybody can say their reason for selling, but it’s up to you to find out how that benefits you or not. Why you should buy the business based on their purpose and what is the possibility for growth.

Life Events and Changes:

Things can change that affects the course of your life. And when that happens, it might cause you to want to sell online business you have been building for years. Some of these life events and changes include relocating to a new country, the birth of a new baby, marriage, divorce, religion, etcetera.

Although this can put the seller in a compromising position where they sell their online business to the fastest bidder and not for maximum gain. But be careful too and verify the reasons before settling for the deal.

Action Points to Sell Online Businesses

You will like to know if the reasons to sell online business is also legitimate, right? What if the reason is that the seller wants to move on to other projects, which may be the case for many sellers? But you should also find out the other projects that are taking the sellers interest away from the business.

However, your primary focus as a buyer should be to verify the business trend level, viability, untapped potentials, recoupment time, industry limits, expansion opportunities, etcetera.

And if you are the one selling your online business, you also need to have these facts so that if the buyer makes the enquiry, you can provide detailed information to show you understand the market and your industry. It gives buyers confidence that they are buying a well-managed business. Here are also what buyer and seller should be looking at to buy or sell online business.

Step One: What’s Your Business Worth

Find out the worth of your online business before making a decision to sell. In buying and selling, the value is what is exchanged. You have to identify the amount you want to trade in monetary terms. How much is it worth to you? But that is not to assume that you can just pick any figure as the value.

Any measure you place on the business must be justified by the current monthly revenue and profit margin. You should specify how your online business generates revenue. Do you use affiliate, Adsense or e-commerce? Your monetisation options would help the buyer understand how the income is generated.

Step Two: What Are The Assets Included in the Sale

Selling a business is selling its assets. So, you should specify these assets that you are transferring to the buyer. It’s important because the buyer may have a different idea of what they should get from the sale. But a clear itemization of what the buyer gets for this sale will avoid any form of rancour.

Also, online businesses may have assets that are not transferable. Like, Google Adsense account is not transferable under any circumstance. So, if you buy an online business that is monetised for Adsense, you will not be getting the Adsense account as well. But if the selling didn’t itemise what is being transferred after the sale may create sales disputes.

Step Three: What’s The Work or Skills Required in Daily Operation

For most online businesses, the work or skill required to run the business may determine the kind of buyer. So, this kind of information would make it easier for a buyer to decide. For example, If the website requires a frequent update, how was the seller doing it? What are you needed to do? How much of your time is needed for day to day operation?

And if it’s a specialised site, what are the skills needed? Do you have it? Can you train for it? The buyer should be informed of these skills. Buying a business, you don’t have the required expertise to operate may be a disaster.

Step Four: Provide Proof of Income

The most critical asset in selling a business is the proof of income. Unless the business is being sold for other reasons apart from revenue, the primary evidence any buyer require is income proof.

If there is no income proof, you may have a problem selling for the most value. Also, income proof shows how efficiently the business was managed. That’s why it’s advisable to To separate personal income from your online business.

If your receiving account is the same with your personal bank account, there may be problem convincing a buyer about the actual cost of running your business.

Step Five: Provide Proof of Online Traffic

The most significant assets of online businesses are the traffic potential. Sometimes a company may have low revenue but substantial online traffic. A buyer may see opportunities in that traffic they might monetise.

You have to provide online traffic proof to justify that the business is seeing enough visitors to explain the revenue. Also, the sources of your traffic are essential to help the buyer know what’s sustainable and what’s not.

Your Google analytical account has these details. And you should provide traffic proof for at least 12 months or based on buyer request. You may also have periods when traffic was low, it’s ideal to explain why and what you did to regain traffic loss.

Step Six: Show The Existing Opportunities and Risks

The buyer may not know your business too well. So, it’s recommended that you expose opportunities the new buyer can tap into when they buy your online business. That would help them see more value beyond what they are paying now to acquire it.

And also look at the possible risk. But this time, be sure to provide a way out. Not having a way out can discourage the buyer. But highlighting the dangers and showing their solutions would create the impression that you are transparent and honest. Because you didn’t only show the opportunities, you also showed the risk to watch out for.


One of the vital information you need when buying an online business is to stick with the market you know. Don’t buy a business because you are attracted to the amount of revenue it’s making monthly. You should be able to run the business that you buy. If not, there is no future guarantee of the income.

Also, it’s critical to buy only vetted business. Any successful online business must have verifiable data. But if you don’t know what to look out for, you may still not identify a great business deal when you see one.

To buy or sell online business is not that simple. You need to know more about the business you want to buy. Have a perfect knowledge of the niche, revenue model potential and traffic sources.

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How to Convert Free Online Visitors to Customers

Do you have online visitors? Do you want to turn your online visitors into customers? There are online businesses with millions of monthly page views but no revenue. And there are also sites with as little as a thousand visitors per month with four-figure income. There are primary revenue funnels used by proven money-making online businesses to monetise their websites.

And these revenue funnels are not rocket science. You too can learn them and apply it to your online business. It can work on a website, blogs, social media, etcetera. It doesn’t matter what you do online, you can turn those online visitors into customers using this same process.

However, there are three basic revenue monetisation strategies, and I will be discussing them as well in this article. Some of these things should also be defined when starting a business.


The internet may have been around for a while now, but there are still many things that may not have been learned by all. It’s easier to create a web service with a defined solution. But when your website or blog is an infomercial, it may be challenging to monetise the online traffic properly.

Although, it’s not really about what to do, instead of how to do it well. For most blogs, they know different monetisation strategies. But they are still not making money from their online visitors. You need both the revenue funnels and revenue optimisation process for your blog to convert well.

There are three known revenue models known to bloggers. Selling adverts, affiliates and selling products. These three models have verified revenue funnels for blogs. You only require a right combination of web traffic and revenue optimisation to turn online visitors into paying customers.

How it Works

There are several monetisation opportunities available. But you have to use options that are working rather than adding several of them on your blog. You have determined the revenue potential of any model for your blog. If a model doesn’t work after several tests, remove and change to another.

Sometimes, it’s not the model that doesn’t work but the choice of channels used for the model. For example, Amazon affiliates are currently the most converting affiliates program for blogs. In fact, some blogs are dedicatedly built for Amazon affiliate business. And the fact that these sites are also selling the online business for up to six figures is a testimony that it works.

Amazon Affiliates

Starting an Amazon affiliate partnership is simple. The process is not strict at all. Amazon pays up to 10 per cent commission for products successful bought by online visitors via your affiliate link. And it’s not just the product you are promoting that you get paid for. Amazon also pays when the same affiliate link is used by your online visitors to purchase other products not promoted on your blog

The massive advantage with Amazon affiliate is that these products are what online visitors need and buy regularly. So, it’s not like asking them to buy something they really don’t need or may never need.

Google Adsense

Also, Adsense is still the best option for monetising your blog with adverts. Although you can sell adverts directly to individuals and businesses, it’s not that simple to get paid adverts from businesses without proof of of your online visitors traffic. But Google already receives many adverts slots daily. When you sign up with them, they will send some of it to your blog, and you earn instantly when your online visitors click the ads.

But getting an Adsense account approved by Google will require registration and approval by Google. I had a website I thought should be qualified but it was disqualified by Google Adsense. And the reasons might surprise you. And I got a second site approved, which was just two months old.

Things to consider before applying for Google Adsense is the original content of your blog. How unique is your site content? If you are copying and pasting contents from online blogs, Google won’t approve your site. It has to be original. Another thing to consider is site design. Google wants to deal with serious website owners. And there are other considerations, you just have to see them for yourself on Google website.

Selling Products or Services

The third revenue model is a lot demanding than the first two options. But you can also make it easier if you know what to do. However, this option requires that you have a product or service that you are selling to your online visitors.

It could be an exclusive product or e-commerce model to sell other people’s products. You choose what works best for you and your potential online visitors. Some bloggers also sell services like online course or eBooks. It gives some kind of exclusivity since your potential web visitors can’t find them anywhere else.

Action Points to Turn Visitors to Customers

The primary objective of monetising your blog is to turn online visitors into customers. You have to follow the right approach. People don’t just visit your site. They are searching for something, a solution they believe you may have.

That makes it easier for you to sell to them. But you have to understand as well that most online visitors believe that anything online is for free. So, your blog content must first provide them with the first line of satisfaction by giving them something useful for free. And then direct them to more solutions.

Step One: Understanding Your Online Visitors

The first step to monetising your potential online visitors is to understand them. You must know where they are coming from, what brought them there, what expectations they have and how you can manage their curiosity and satisfied their expectations.

You need to know that online visitors don’t always set out to spend money on your site. The reason they are searching for answers online may be to understand the problem they have or find cost-free solutions. If you don’t know your visitor’s expectations, you won’t be able to monetise your blog optimally.

However, the best way to understand what your online visitors want is to define that expectation for them. Make your blog content into a niche. That helps to define what would bring your potential online visitors to your site. Since your blog is on a niche, your monetisation model should also align with your blog niche.

Step Two: Build Email List First

Start first with building an email list. Even if you don’t know how to monetise your blog, collecting visitors email is a monetisation process. If you have their emails, it’s possible to monetise them anytime you know how to start turning online visitors to customers.

If you are confused about what to do as a beginner, pay someone to set up your email funnel for you. It will be the first wise investment in your revenue drive. Some website comes with optimised email funnels to collect emails from online visitors. You should check and activate this funnel for your blog.

Step Three: Pick The Right Revenue Models

The right revenue model for your blog may not necessarily be the one with the most income per transaction. You should pick your revenue model wisely. If you studied your online visitors properly, you could understand the best revenue model for your blog.

However, I always recommend that you get someone vast in this area to pick the revenue model best suited for your kind of online visitors. Only the right revenue model can convert to paying customers. But if you run a niche blog, I have already showed you how to pick your revenue models.

That doesn’t mean you can make money from any model that is not niche based. Your niche blog does not define the only problem your online visitors may have. It only defined the problem that may have led them to your blog.

Step Four: Optimize Your Revenue Models

Even after setting up the revenue models you may still not get paying customers. You need to optimise your revenue models for clicks. The arrival of online visitors to your blog doesn’t mean they came to click on your Adsense or affiliate links. They are searching for answers. That’s only what would get the attention Potential online visitors.

Picking the right place to display your Adsense or affiliate link may not be that simple. Knowing the right places that would get you the highest number of clicks is an advantage. There is also software that can help you identify where visitors click on your site. However, you can also pay an expert to optimise your Adsense for paying customers.

But the best way I have optimised my site is using anchor text to link to potential revenue funnel. Sometimes, I would ask potential visitors to click the link and what they should expect. Some other times, I will just use the recommendation technique and hopes they would take the bait.


The search engine offers an excellent opportunity for driving free online visitors to your website. But what uses is online visitors if they don’t translate to customers? Getting every visitor to your site to become paying customers may not be feasible. But you can convert a good percentage of your traffic to revenue. How many visitors that clicks on your links is what drives your revenue.

Although, you also need to deal with the conversion rate. Your conversion rate is a percentage of your click-through rate. While click-through rate is also a percentage of your online visitors. A niche blog has a higher conversion rate than general blogs. That’s if the revenue funnels are also optimised with the blog niche in mind.

If you do the maths, these are just a fraction of the total online visitors to your site. You might get a click-through rate of 2 per cent from 100 impressions. That is 20 clicks of every 1,000 impressions. That’s why you can have millions of online visitors to your blog and not get a high conversion rate. But with Adsense optimisation, you can improve your click-through rate to up to 40 per cent more than the normal click-through rate.


You need to understand how Google traffic works. And how to use SEO Techniques to improve your online traffic potential.

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