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Christianity Today – The Role Of The Church In 2021

Christianity Today

Christianity today is on a transformation. What’s changing is not the faith, nor the message, but how we understand it and believe in it. This is so crucial for the world, because it has a lot to do with the wellbeing of nations. The church of Jesus Christ as constituted in the earth, is a body of saviors.

A savior is one who announces, informs, delivers and restores others from whats destroying them into what has the power and potency to save them from eternal death.

That job is only reserved for Christians. There are no other group in the world whose job is to save the world. No wonder the Bible called Christians saviors from mount Zion. That’s who we are today, tomorrow and forever.

Yet some Christians are in themselves feeling inadequate. Some are not happy. Life has not been good to some. While some others even feel God doesn’t hear their prayers. Including those who have given up their faith because they have concluded that our faith in God is mere religion.

But who has believed our report? Of whom is the arm of the Lord revealed? There are things that Christianity today needs to get right. Our place in the world is in no way under contention. We are who we are by nature. It cannot be taken away. Irrespective of what anyone may think of the church today. In fact, your opinion of Christianity today doesn’t count with God. You can criticize for all I care. God is never going to side you against His church, no matter what the church did wrong.

Understanding Today’s Christian

If there’s ever a plus in Christianity today, it’s primarily because of what God is doing in the churches around the world. The wall of religion has been partitioned to give room for the entrance of the truth of God’s word in the churches. And so many Christians are being exposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ, beyond their religion.

And that’s what is so striking about Christianity today. The truth is growing in our hearts. We are opening up more to the truths of the gospel. I can imagine why Pilate asked Jesus the question: what’s truth? But what’s more striking is the reason Pilate asked Him the question.

Initially in that conversation in the book of John, we could read Pilate’s line of question and interest. Pilate was only interested in the kingship of Jesus, and has no interest in the truth. That was also part of why Jesus didn’t respond to it and probably why Pilate never insisted on an answer.

The only reason Pilate ask the truth question is because of what Jesus said about those of the truth. And that statement defines Christianity today. We are of the truth and our job is to bear witness of that truth. But what’s amazing about this truth is the message it carries.

The church of Jesus Christ is the truth Jesus was hiding from Pilate. He didn’t want to give away our identity to the enemy. In the book of Isaiah God called us His witnesses. And to further clarify the kind of witnessing we are to Him, Isaiah said, we are His witnesses that He’s God. Also, in another scripture in second Corinthians, the Apostle Paul reminded us that Jesus took our place of sin that we might be made the very righteousness of God.

So, a christian today is an expression of the truth that God is who He says He is. And we represent the truth that God is righteous. The reason anyone in this world should trust Him and believe in Him.

What We Are Doing Right Today

Let’s look at some of the things Christianity today is doing right. Some we may also need to do even more better than we are doing right now. This gospel of the kingdom is too important for us not to understand what need to be done well for the sake of the lost.

I like how Apostle Paul puts it more succinctly, that if our gospel be hid, it’s to those who are lost, those whom the god of this world (satan) had blinded their eyes. In other words, it shouldn’t be because we failed to preach it, but because those we preached it to have chosen not to believe it or because the devil has placed several distraction on their path to deceive them.

Now you see why what we do is so important to God. Many may never be able to disentangle themselves from the deceptive power of satan if we don’t go to rescue them. That’s why we must preach the message of the gospel.

{1} The Message Of The Cross

The church today is more focused on the message of the cross than it did some years ago. Although some are still constrained to balance the gospel of salvation with corresponding actions. Some churches are still swayed by opinions of others rather than what God said to do.

If you understand the instruction given to the church by Jesus Christ, it says to go into the world and preach the gospel. That requires some movement, which ultimately would cost money. And if the church is afraid to follow it’s calling because it doesn’t want be harassed or mocked by situation that requires it to keep explaining to its members what it needs to do, then how can the gospel be preached to every nation.

The message of salvation is in two parts. One is the how, while the other part is the instruction. There’s a how the gospel should reach the world. But our instruction is simply to preach the gospel of salvation. But how you reach the world would greatly depend on what’s available to you. You can chose what option is suitable for you. But don’t condemn the choice others make for the same gospel. Some would walk, some would run, while others would drive or fly. The option is yours to make.

Also, another aspect of the message is what you do as a means of getting the attention of the people God sent you to. That’s where the healing ministry comes in. I want to make this point for posterity sake. If a pastor lies or cheats about miracles, he or she would be answerable to God alone and not any man, irrespective of wether people also got healed by that deception or not.

So, you need not to criticize pastors who perform miracles. It’s also not your call but God to deal with at the appropriate time. And don’t even think those who patronize the fake miracles are gullible. They are not. They are only desperate and didn’t care how the result is achieved. Don’t think you are the only wise person to find out the miracle was faked. We all do. Some just cared about getting results than joining your bandwagon to call it fake.

Our gospel is good news. You can’t tired of spreading good news. The Christianity of today is in a better position to encourage the world with the good news of our Lord, Christ Jesus. The world is desperately in dire need of love, peace, joy and protection. But how can we give the world all these things from our gospel if we that are sent have not in ourselves found love, peace, joy and the protection from the Holy Spirit. This is the more reason the church must continue to pray.

{2} The Prayers Of The Church

When we pray, it’s not because God must be perpetually disturbed to get Him to help us. We pray because God asked us to pray. Most importantly, it’s not because God wants to know what we need, but because God needs to tell us what He wants done in the days we live in. The Bible is enough but yet it wasn’t given in our day. There’s generation gap and language deficiency in some of what the Bible says with what is relevant in the world today.

And the church has not failed in its call to prayer. At different times the church has risen up to the challenges facing the world. Even when the world mocks the dependence of the church in prayers to God, it has not failed in praying for the world. Just as prophet Samuel told king Saul that, God forbid that I should cease from praying to God for you.

More than ever, the prayer of the saints has not ceased. One of the renowned prayer conferences, the healing school online prayer conference has continued to attract hundreds of millions from around the world in praying for the sick and the lost. This prayer conference is being held online by the ministry of Pastor Chris Oyahkilome

Prayer is an important responsibility of the church. And it’s as though God would do nothing excerpt we pray. So, Christians today must continue in the attitude of prayer. It’s the only known form of fellowship we enjoy with God in a way nothing else can satisfy. As we pray, God will continue to lead us in the direction of His will in saving the lost.

{3} New Direction In Soul Winning

The church of Jesus Christ is on a calling to win others. That also should be the primary focus of Christianity today. God called the church to soul winning only. Any church that’s not saving the lost is not a church of Jesus Christ. That used to be the case of many churches in the past. But that’s changing so fast in Christianity today.

Jesus died to save the world. The church was setup to let the world know about what Jesus did for it. Jesus didn’t stay behind to do this announcement Himself because it cuts across several generations, even yet unborn. It’s this reason the church is empowered to reach the world and bring to them the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Apostle Paul remarked in the book of Romans, woe is unto me if I preach not the gospel! He was emphasizing our important role and stressing the cost to us if we didn’t do it. So this is the reason for Christians today to ensure that this sole responsibility is driven with much relevance that is commands.

Take for instance publishing platforms like Rhapsody of Realities, Christianity Today, Charisma, Guidepost, World Magazine, CCM magazine, etcetera. We also have the television platforms like LoveWorld Networks, Daystar, TBN, Hope channel, GOD TV, etcetera. There are over 50 Christian television channels. God gave the body of Christ all these strategies to win others into the kingdom of His son. If we are not yet covering the whole world, then we should rethink our strategies.

Only Rhapsody has the kind of partnership needed in Christianity today that is covering the whole world with billions of copies already distributed. That’s the kind of new direction soul winning needs to take. We should form new and better alliances with other churches and believer around the world. There’s no idea God gave to any Christian that’s exclusive to them or their churches. God deals with the entire body of Christ. That’s the way He thinks. And that’s the reason Christianity today needs more money, irrespective of the criticism of the world.

{4} Financing Christianity Today

What are you doing for the gospel of Jesus Christ? If we are to save the world the way it is now, we must move more faster than we did in the past. And there’s no better way of doing that but with money. Give more and more to the work. The early church gave everything. Some sold all they had and gave it to the church. Because if you are truly not of this world, what kind of mindset should you have?

I’m glad That the church (by that I mean members of the church) is not letting themselves be deceived by those who mock the church on finances. Although the reason this criticism is more today is because of the growing knowledge on the financial participation of Christians.

We are more financially aware of our roles in Christianity today than we were in the last 50 years. And those who attack us knows with more money we can save more lost souls. They don’t seem to like that at all. But if a christian take sides with the enemy to criticize the church on money, how then can the church do what it’s called to do?

Don’t generally fingers the church based on the experience of those who are in the church but are not sent by God. Those ones we know will do what they like, and bring disrepute to the body of Christ. But we are not to be deceived by them. Or join others to criticize the church because of those who are only doing it for their bellies worth.

There were recent information about churches opening their treasury account to help their members pay off their debts. It’s ok if a church thinks to do so. But it’s also a sign of the failure of the church. If those who should be saving the world for Jesus now requires to be saved by the church, who will save the lost? The church is not the pastor but every member of the church. Think about it…

What We Can Do Better Today

As I talk about the new media platforms being used by God to prevail upon the nations, I’m compelled to also express my belief on the power of the most impactful instrument of God, the written word. The word of God, irrespective of the platforms used to express it, contains the same resurrection power that raised Up Jesus from the dead.

Firstly, I must commend men and women of God, whom God has used to setup all these platforms that we have today. I make bold to speak for God, that these platforms belong to God and should not be restricted. Gods people need to hear from God. And we must always ensure that these platforms are in the hands of those whom God has chosen.

There are men and women who may not be known to the church today but are being prepared by God to use certain platforms He has already given to Christianity today for the furtherance of His gospel. Those in position of control of Gods platforms should not hang on to them, if God want to make more impact with them by putting them in the hands of anyone whom He may chose.

No one should see Gods work as a financial inheritance for them. Our inheritance is Christ Jesus. We are born to live the heavenly life. Our affection should be constantly on things above, we shouldn’t be anxious or desirous of food and raiment. God takes care of every Christian today. Our prosperity is solely to bring God’s divine power to the people’s and nations of the world.

God sometimes wants to use His tools beyond the vision and comprehension of the founders, but He’s often hindered by those who control such platforms. And you might say how can someone hinder God? In the book of Malachi, God also told us that some robbed Him. They also responded the same way, how have we robbed you?

The Violent Gospel Of Salvation

Jesus gave us this analogy in reference to John the Baptist. But the church is still trying to understand the context in which Jesus wanted us to take things by violence. There’s no better way to understand what Jesus meant than to align with what He came to do. That’s probably the direction He meant for us to express violence as well.

Jesus said in the book of John that, I have come for you to have life. If that’s what He came to achieve, then that also points to His direction of violent intention. So, Jesus is saying be violent about the way you save lives. That’s powerful.

Our violence is not for destruction but to save lives. And the reason Jesus was emphasize on the violent nature is because of the danger of not being saved. Imagine how many souls will be lost to the devil if we didn’t save them. And if we lose them, their loss is forever. We can’t ever save them again. They will be gone from God forever.

But how do we interpret the kind of violence that a gospel requires to reach the lost? The job of knocking on doors hasn’t changed because the world has changed. We just have new ways of knocking on doors. This power of mass media is our best opportunity of knocking on many doors at the same time. And everyone must be involved to ensure that we knock at billions of these doors before Christ comes again. Yet some among us have chosen to work against us, siding with the enemy the devil.

What’s Wrong In Christianity Today

I want to point out that the church of Jesus Christ is the most powerful group on the face of the earth. And whomever that’s not for us is against God. You cannot be fighting the church and be friends with God. You must be the biggest fool to think so. It doesn’t even matter if you think you need to correct the Pastors who are erring.

Who gave you such a job? If the pastors need correction, I can bet you, God wouldn’t send you. So, why should you arrogate such responsibility to yourself when God didn’t ask you to? That would be dangerous for you. And if God needs to correct His pastors, he will send someone they will probably listen to. It will not be you.

So, why should you chose to be against God? It’s not profitable for you. Some Christians don’t know their role. Stop siding with the devil against the church. God doesn’t correct His pastors with public opinion. In fact, God hates public opinion.

Think of it, was it not the same public opinion when they screamed at Jesus, CRUCIFY HIM! Who were those who joined the rest of the Jews to condemn Jesus? Did they at least tried to verify what He was accused of? No! A thousand times no. Yet they joined His accusers and crucified the king of glory. You already sensed what’s at stake. Don’t join the world against Gods people. It will make you an enemy of God, and not His unsolicited mouthpiece you may think you are.


God cannot abandon His church. He told Abraham to walk before Him and be blameless. The church which He purchased with the blood of His son Jesus cannot be lesser in value. If only Christians today will understand the power and the purpose of our calling, there will be no mountain too high.

God told Joshua after the death of Moses to be bold and very courageous. That’s what Christianity today really needs. There’s nothing in this world that is designed to stop you. But if you act like you are under the influence of this world, then the world can stop you.

Pastor Chris Oyahkilome once said, there’s no weapon in the world that can kill a man who has chosen not to die by any weapon in the world.

The world is waiting for today’s Christians to save it from destruction. It’s not the job of Paul and Peter. Their time is gone. It’s our time now. You can chose to do nothing with this Jesus that is your heart. Or chose to change the world by the power of the Holy Spirit that’s at work in you. God bless you.

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What Is Sin In Today’s Changing World?

The most controversial question in the world is on the subject of sin. What is sin in today’s changing world? A lot of people are struggling with what they consider as sin. And most people have come to the final opinion that as long as man is in this body he will always sin.

How true is that? Does that mean we cannot stop sinning even if we try? That also invalidates the concept of righteousness, because if you cannot ‘stop sinning’ then how do we even accept the state of righteousness.

Although, most of what is fueling this controversy on what is sin, is based on the ignorance of the subject. There’s not enough popular knowledge available to the world on sin. Most of what is judged as sin is on the basis of what is wrong or right.

Most Christians have accepted the wrong doctrine about sin. And if those who should know don’t know, how can the world ever understand the concept of sin. Moreover, the real problem is that most people find it very difficult to unlearn what they know already that has failed the test of truth. They would rather hang on to their ignorance than accept the truth.

What The Bible Teachings On Sin

Okay, let’s look at sin from what the Bible teaches on the subject. If there’s any book in the world that gave better view on the subject of sin it’s the Bible. However, we cannot successfully exhaust the subject of sin according to the Bible in one post. I will therefore critically examine the general message on the subject.

For example, the Bible teaches that sin is a nature. That implies that for anyone to sin, he must first have the nature of sin. Based on this, the Bible explained that everyone born into this world was born into sin because of the transgression of Adam. So, by nature, everyone was born a sinner.

Another example is that sin has results. The wickedness, evil and destructive tendencies in man was as a result of sin. The Bible explained that the heart of men is desperately wicked. The effects of this nature of sin in man can be seen in the results that man has produced in the world.

Also, the Bible teaches that sin can be dealt with. The problem of sin is not beyond redemption. Meaning, even though man has the nature of sin, it does not condemn him to sin. The issue of sin can be dealt with for everyone.

Thats to imply, there’s payment for sin. Sin can be paid for. I’m using this expressions carefully because these things has been dealt with already. But I’m using it this way to express the point more clearly. So, sin has a price. It demands payment. That’s what the Bible teaches. If anyone sins, he has to pay the price for sin to be made free from sin. I will elaborate on this later on this post.

Finally on this, the Bible teaches that sin works by fear. The reason men sin is because of fear. You may wonder, what could they be afraid of? Fear is the reason for most sin. We fear for the wrong reasons. Instead of you to channel this fear towards God, it’s channeled towards the power of the adversary.

The Concept Of Sin

This is not a theorized concept. It’s actually God’s mind on the subject of sin. Although, over the period, from the old, and into the New Testament of the Bible, what we understood as sin is represented in activities that can be singled out for what they are.

So, what many see as sin are actually the results of sin. And if you examine the idea of sin, it’s usually given to us as a noun. Even Wikipedia couldn’t give us the right definition of sin. It defined sin as an act of transgression against divine law. But what it failed to contemplate in its definition is that divine laws are spiritual. And it gets its premise from the nature of the law giver.

Therefore, if sin is a noun, it cannot be described by adjectival verbs. Sin has its meaning different from the results of sin. That’s to mean, if someone commits murder, even though that could be a sin, yet it doesn’t describe sin. And when a murder is committed, it may or may not be a sin, depending on the circumstances.

So, what is sin? Yes! Let’s get right into it.

The concept of sin means that there are conditions required for anything done or undone to be considered as sin. That’s how God sees sin. He doesn’t look at what is done but the circumstances that led to what was done. That’s why our example of murder, may or may not a sin, considering the circumstances of the murder.

And God gave us these circumstances that justifies sin in the book of Romans chapter fourteen verse twenty-three says, “…for whatsoever is not of faith is sin”. So, faith is the justify of what is sin and what is not. If anything is done, it has to be measure by faith to justify if it’s a sin or not.

But to further explain the character of the faith that justifies an act from sinful nature, the Bible gave us Galatians chapter five verse six: “For in Jesus Christ neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision; but faith which worketh by love.” Which suggests that the faith that justifies sin is the faith that works by love.

Therefore, one can fully express that the concept of sin implies that anything that’s not of faith that works by love is a sin. It has nothing to do with right or wrong. As long as it’s not of faith that is powered by love, that thing is a sin, period!

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What Is Sin Today?

That brings us to the question of what is sin today? Some people are of the view that God should be lenient with this generation. Mostly because of what they are exposed to that promotes immorality in a way that’s never been experienced before. Some even cite the increasing influence of homosexuals. But the Bible has the account of Sodom as a city filled with homosexuals in the days of Abraham.

So, we cannot justify or deserve leniency on the grounds of exposure to excessive immorality. Moreover, didn’t God know that immorality will increase in our time with all the latent power of technology like the internet and mobile devices? Of course, God knew everything that’s is happening would happen.

How then do we justify the level of sin today? Should God deal with us differently than it dealt with others long before us? And what’s the mind of God concerning this generation?

In the second book of Timothy chapter three, the Bible informed us what would happen in the last days. If those things are true with today, then we are in the last days. And from all indications, those things are true with us. See below some of the things Paul by the spirit of God said would happen in the last days.

  • For men shall be lovers of their own selves
  • Covetous
  • Boasters
  • Proud
  • Blasphemers
  • Disobedient to parents
  • Unthankful
  • Unholy
  • Without natural affection
  • Truce-breakers
  • False accusers
  • Incontinent
  • Fierce
  • Despisers of those that are good
  • Traitors
  • Heady
  • High-minded
  • Lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God
  • Having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof

For of this sort, it says, are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts. And it continues.

  • Ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth
  • These also resist the truth
  • Men of corrupt minds
  • Reprobate concerning the faith

Now if you judge by most of what is normally considered to be sin, most of what is listed here were not among them. So, you can see that this generation is deep into things more dangerous than adultery and fornication, which are some of the known sins from generations before us.

Yet, God gave us His Son Jesus Christ as our sin bearer. And not only did we receive the forgiveness and remission of our sins, we also got a new life in Christ. No wonder the Bible says, a new heart and new spirit will I put within you. Excerpt a man is born again, sin lies at his door.

How Sin Works

It’s important you understand how sin works. It’s not enough to just ask what is sin and run off with the ideas you get. What do you know about how sin works? Imagine if you only knew what sin is, how would that benefit you the most if you don’t know how it works?

So, let’s also learn about how sin works. That would help you know if sin is working in you or not. And if you know how it works, you can know when sin is at your door. That means, you can have the opportunity to either let sin in or drive it away. That’s like power over sin. But for the one who’s nature is sin, he or she wouldn’t have such power to stop sin, because sin is already inside, not just at the door.

You want to know how it works? Read the book of James chapter one. James gave us the word temptation as how sin starts its operation, but I will like to give you a better word for this temptation, which is choice. So, from James illustration, sin comes to everyone as a choice between two or more opposing alternatives.

That means sin doesn’t force itself on anyone. Sin is never a final choice. It’s always an offer against your obvious but sometimes hard choices. You know the road to your house, but someone told you of another road, a shortcut that could save you five minutes of your journey, and you took it.

It doesn’t end there. It’s often not a sin the first times. Sin doesn’t always come into your life as sin. It starts by changing your choices in life. The things you most surely believed will start looking like they could have been better if done differently.

Then, when it has control, it starts leading you to satisfy you precious lusts. And as you keep thinking that you are getting away with what you want, you will want more. Until sin takes full control and becomes the final decision maker for you on all matters. And that’s sin at work in one’s life.

If you find yourself in this situation, you need help. And it’s only the word God that can help you. Because you won’t be able to see how sin has taken over your life, unless the word of God shows it to you. It’s from Gods word that you can also obtain payment for sin.

The Payment For Sin

The Bible records in Romans chapter six that the wages of sin is death. That is, the payment for sin is death. Sin takes payment, and that’s the reason sin is a dangerous thing. It demands that the only payment it accepts is one’s death. If a man sin, the payment for his sin is death.

This death is eternal. Remember that the Bible told us that the last enemy that shall be destroyed is death. It’s the last enemy, meaning all the other enemies have been defeated and destroyed, including sin. But death is the only one remaining to be destroyed. No wonder the Bible declared that sin shall not have dominion over you.

So, what is sin in relation to death? Sin is the only cause of death. That means the reason anyone could die is because of sin. If there’s no sin, no one would ever die. But as sin came into the world, death became possible.

Death is what is paid for sin committed. If any man is free from sin, that man is also free from death. He will no longer be a debtor to sin and will not see death.

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Jesus Our Sin Bearer

How can anyone be free from death, if we judge that everyone has sinned? That can only be possible if payment is made for everyone. That is why Jesus came into the world. His job was our sacrifice for sin. In other words, He was to take our place of death to pay on our behalf so that we can be free from death.

No wonder Jesus said in the book of John chapter eight, in verse thirty-Six: If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

The freedom from sin is in Christ Jesus. He alone has received freedom from sin for all mankind. That is to say, nobody in the world today is a debtor to sin. Just as all have sinned, all have also been made free from sin. If you born into sin because of Adams transgression, the way you have been made free from sin by Jesus sacrifice for sin.

How to Be Free From Sin

If nobody in the world is a debtor to sin, does that mean we are all free from death? The answer is no. The freedom Jesus obtained for everyone is a gift. Until you personally accept the gift for yourself, even though you have been made free from sin, you will not be free from effects of sin, which is death.

Let me break it down in a way a lay person will quickly understand. The Bible teaches that everyone have sinned. But Jesus came and paid for the sins of everyone. And anyone who accepts, endorses and reckoned it to be so for him or her, is free from sin eternally.

Let me cite an example that is closely related to this explanation. In the book of Luke chapter seventeen, The Bible told us about the story of ten lepers that Jesus healed. Later, just one of them came back to appreciate what God did. The Bible records that the only one who came back to thank God was made completely whole. While the nine others who didn’t come back only got healed but not completely made whole.

Even though the ten lepers were healed, only one was made whole. And what qualified him to be made whole was not the general healing the ten lepers got, but his personal recognition of what was done for him and for camping back to acknowledge and appreciate the doer.

Sin Is A Personal Thing

So how can someone get his or her sins remitted? That’s what makes sin personal, because each one of us is responsible for getting his or her sins remitted. Even though Christ Jesus has paid for your sins, you still owe yourself the duty to demand that what Jesus did should be accounted for you.

And how do I get my sins remitted, you might ask? The Bible said in Romans chapter ten verse nine: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

It starts with believing in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead. Then you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord of your life. That’s how you get your sins remitted eternally.

If you do this now, and believe absolutely in the power of God, you will be saved.


Sin is not the problem. The issue of sin has been dealt with. Jesus made the full payment for sin. And that includes the sins of everyone that was ever in this world, everyone in this world now and everyone that will ever be in this world. This payment took care of the past, present and future sins of the whole world. What a payment.

You will not require another payment for sin. This sacrifice is enough and it’s all that’s ever required to pay for your sins. And all you are required to do is to believe in the Lord Jesus and confess with your mouth that God raised Him from the dead for your justification. That’s just all. There remains no more sacrifice for sin.

So, if someone ask you today, what is sin, you should know what to answer. Most importantly, you know how sin works and how to get your sins remitted once and forever. Don’t even worry if after you have done what the Bible says and you still didn’t feel like your sins have been remitted. Notice it didn’t say you will feel something. Just stick with God. Join the family of God to learn more about God’s ways of doing things. Trust me, you won’t need another payment for your sin.

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How To Pray Effectively To God

Prayer is a kind of communication that defiles natural laws and helps to align situations to your favour. And how to pray effectively is to help position you on how best to communicate in prayer with God.

The essence of prayer is not so that God would answer, even though God wants to answer your prayers. Although, God has finished His works from the foundation of the world. But our prayers help to stir situations to our advantage.

A dear man of God once said, it seems like God would do nothing excerpt we pray. That’s the reason you ought to pray, not just to communicate but also to receive the answers of what God has already made available for you.

How To Pray Effectively

Praying effectively is not really what you are praying about but the intensity of the prayer. What you are praying for doesn’t make God answer. It’s how intense you pray that causes an answer in response.

That’s why crying during prayer doesn’t make God answer your prayer. And intensity is not about crying. Their’s a call of faith that’s deeper than emotion. And God sees the heart and responds to faith alone.

However, praying in intensity can be practiced. If you do not endure in prayer you cannot develop deep hunger for God. It’s this deep hunger that drives your intensity of prayer. You are praying to a God who’s a spirit. Your prayers should be deep in spirit.

So, when you pray, let it be continuos and heartfelt. In other words, maintain a commitment to your prayer. Spend sometimes in prayer. Don’t just mumble words and quickly rush off to live as though it was just a routine expression. Give God attention. Stay in the place of prayer for a timeframe, while you talk to God.

If you pray in tongues, spend enough time to speak in other tongues. The Bible admonished that praying in other tongues edifies you. It emboldens, builds you up like an edifice. So, the more you stay in the place of prayer, the more you are built up in God.

How To Pray To God

When we pray to God, it’s important we also know how to better pray to God. If God would answer your prayers, you ought to know how to pray in a way that God wants to answer. So that when you pray, you are so sure that God would answer. Assuming there are prayers that God doesn’t answer.

And if God won’t answer prayer, you ought to know those prayers that God doesn’t answer. Or if God didn’t answer your prayer, you should know why God didn’t answer a prayer from you, even when He asked you to pray.

That brings us to the question, who should pray to God? What qualifies anyone to pray to God? Is there a way to pray God for Him to answer? Or are there people whom God doesn’t answer there prayers?

Who’s Qualified To Pray

Let’s start with who is qualified to pray. Having asked if there are those God doesn’t answer their prayers, it’s necessary to answer the question of qualification. That would help you see how you qualified or not.

So, who’s actually qualified to pray to God? The right way to answer this question is to first identify who God is for. Are there people in this world that God did not create? The answer is no. If everyone in this world is created by God, then that qualifies everyone in this world to pray to God. That means you are qualified to pray to God.

But there are two types of people in the world today that God created. You may like to know which type you belong to. And each of the two types is required to pray a certain kind of prayer.

The two types of people are:

  1. The Natural man
  2. The New Creation

These two type of people can only pray a certain prayer for God to answer. The natural man is the direct descendants of Adam, whose the first creation of God. Everyone who came into this world, first came as a natural man. If you are born into this world, you are a natural man.

However, the second creation is the new creation. This new creation are descendants of the natural man that have accepted Jesus Christ into their lives as their Lord and savior. These creation of God is regarded as the new creation in Christ.

Another way to describe these two creations of God is by their perceived nature. While the natural man is regarded as a sinner, the new creation is seen as righteous. These two natures separates the two, and would be used in this post to represent the two creations of God.

Who’s A Sinner?

A sinner is a natural man who’s not yet born again. The fall of Adam in the garden of Eden bequeathed to him the nature of a fallen man, which is ridden with sin. The natural man became a sinner as a result of the nature of sin.

He’s not a sinner because he did anything wrong. Everyone born into this world as a natural man is born with the sin nature. He or she is a sinner by nature and not by act or deed.

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The Prayer of A Sinner

By reason of the sin nature, the natural man, even though he can still pray to God, he’s only permitted by God to get only one answer to prayer. God can only answer one prayer of a natural man. And that prayer is the prayer of salvation.

There’s nothing else a natural man would want that God is willing to grant, excerpt that prayer for the salvation of his soul. He may live in the illusion that God answers all prayers. But that’s a fallacy.

The Bible in the book of Proverbs 15:8 KJV declared that: The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to the Lord : but the prayer of the upright is his delight.

And if his prayers are not answered, what should a sinner do? God gives every sinner the right to pray one prayer that must be answered and that’s the prayer for salvation. The Apostle Paul gave us this prayer guide in the book of Romans chapter ten, from verse nine to twelve.

Paul even went ahead to tell us that God promised to answer the sinner immediately. And when you pray this way, God answers. So, if you call upon the name of the Lord today, you shall be saved. And that automatically makes you a Christian.

Who’s A Christian?

A Christian is a natural man who’s born again (the new creation). A Christian is one who has prayed the sinners prayer, according to the book of Romans chapter ten. Until you have prayed this prayer you are not a Christian.

That your mother and father claim Christianity as their religion doesn’t make you, including them to be Christians. Yes, their religion can be Christianity. But their nature is not Christ-like.

A Christian is a natural man who has the life and nature of God. Not someone who’s made in the image and likeness of God. They are two different things. It’s also this nature of a new creation that gives you access before God in prayer. This access is what the Bible described as righteousness – a right standing with God.

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Who’s A Righteous Person?

Righteousness is a right, a qualification given to a new creation by God. That’s the primary reason a new creation prays and God answers. Righteousness gives you privileges that are not available to the ordinary natural man.

God listens to a righteous man when he prays. And Bible told us in James chapter five and verse sixteen that the prayers of a righteous man makes tremendous power available, and it’s dynamic in its working.

And you are righteous because God says so. It’s not because of what you did right. Righteousness is not a function of right living, even though you live right because you are righteous. Your righteousness is a nature you received from God that makes you right without condemnation, when you got born again.

The Prayer Of The Righteous

So, how does a righteous man pray? What does he pray about? The prayers of a righteous man is important to God. His prayers are needed by God to perform His purpose in the earth.

The righteous man has privileges, and one of them is getting answers to prayers. If God would answer the prayer of anyone in this world, it’s the prayer of a righteous man.

But a righteous man prays in a certain way. Prayer is not just about request to God. Even though God answers the prayer of a righteous man, the prayer should be heartfelt. God answers to a passionate desire of a righteous man. You may need to get this book: “The Art of Prayer” on Amazon.

So, what does a righteous man pray about? Anything that’s important to God and important to him. As a righteous man, you can pray any time and about anything. You are not restricted to just one prayer like the natural man who’s not born again.

How Does God Answer Prayers?

The idea that God answers prayer is not like in a direct response. God has already answered the prayers of the righteous in Christ Jesus. There’s nothing anyone can pray for or about that the provision hasn’t been made available in Christ.

So, God is not actually answering your prayers, but has answered your prayers. Imagine if you come to this consciousness that even before you pray, God has made provisions for answers to your prayers. That would change your mindset when you pray. And that’s the reality of the gospel.

Remember that the Bible already told us that God has finished His works from the foundation of the world. And He’s rested from all His works. That means your prayer now has answer provided even before you chose to pray today.

That’s why prayer is not so much as what God can do for you, but what prayer does to you that nothing else can do for you any other way.

What Does Prayer Do For You?

Prayer is more than just a request to God. It affirms your faith in God that you cannot see. Through prayers you talk to God and make decrees on behalf of God about the things you want changed in the world. And God also talk back to you.

But the real impact of prayer is that prayer changes you. If you pray always you will notice changes in your life. That’s the primary reason God wants you to pray. However, the reason prayer changes you is because when you pray you are communicating with God.

This communication with God is what changes your life. Remember, when Moses went to collect the ten commandment. The Bible records that when he returned from the mountain, where he talked with God, his face shone brightly. The glory of God rubbed off on him.

This same glory rubs off on you when you pray. But the difference is that while it was on Moses’ face, this glory increases in your spirit.


How to pray effectively should be the desire of every Christian. There are no excuse good enough for a Christian who does not pray. And if you don’t pray as much, make conscious effort to develop the habit of praying deeper with intensity.

If you are not yet born again, don’t take it for granted. That God doesn’t hear the prayer (sacrifice) of the wicked should get your attention. And since you cannot bribe God, doing the needful by getting yourself born again should be your utmost desire now. I recommend this book on Amazon: HOW TO FIND GOD.

Finally, God wants to hear your prayers. Praying o God gladdens His heart. It’s God’s greatest desire that you pray to Him. And it’s not so that He can answer, because He has already answered. It’s because God loves you and want you to become more like Him.


Christianity Today – The Role Of The Church
How To Become A Member Of Christ Embassy Church


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How To Join Christ Embassy Church

Do you want to become a member of Christ Embassy church? Do you know how to become a member? Or what is required of you? And how do you know that you have become a full member of Christ Embassy?

In this unique guide, I will be showing you how you can become a member of one of the most evangelistical church in the world today.

However, note that it’s God that has the last say on who should be your pastor. His thought is given to us in the scripture in Jeremiah chapter three verse fifteen that says: “And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.”

So, while you want to know how to become a member of any church, you should pray carefully for God to guide you. It’s only God that recognises the right pastor that can feed you the word of God accurately.

Understanding Christ Embassy Church

Christ Embassy is one of the most innovative and vibrant churches in the world. The church has global influence, with the most widely read daily devotional, Rhapsody of Realities in more than 900 different languages. There is also a Christ Embassy church in every country of the world.

The vision of the ministry is focused on giving people’s lives meaning and helping them find their purpose for living.

The ministry was founded by Pastor Chris Oyahkilome as a student in the university. The church started first as a fellowship on campus, known as Believers LoveWord (BLW).

The church is also vibrant in televangelism with several local and terrestrial stations around the world under the flagship brand LOVEWORLD. The latest being LOVEWORLD USA. A station he founded along with Pastor Benny Hinn. Also, LOVEWORLD Jerusalem, an entirely Arabic station has also joined the fold.

Christ Embassy is widely famous for its fantastic ministry outreach to the sick. A unique healing service with Pastor Chris called The Healing School. Where uncountable numbers of miracles have taken place to the glory of God.

Wrong Perceptions About Christ Embassy

Some of what people know or think about Christ Embassy is wrong. But most of these false perceptions have followed the ministry of Pastor Chris over the years. The one that started it all was the misconception that it’s a church of just young people.

Although, the church has lots of young people but among the first members of the church are fathers, mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers. It wasn’t just all young people as many believed.

Below are a few other misconceptions about Christ Embassy church.

  • You have to be rich to join Christ Embassy
  • Christ Embassy church members are braggadocio – I know who I am
  • Members of Christ Embassy church intimidate other Christians
  • The members worship pastor Chris
  • And some I might not even be comfortable to mention.

There are also very controversial ones. And I intentionally left them out. The purpose is to give an intending member of Christ Embassy church a proper background of the church, its vision, mission and purpose.



Right Perceptions About Christ Embassy

It’s not all about the misconception of Christ Embassy church, some are also in the right direction. You can tell who a Christ Embassy church member is when you see one. They carry this symbol in a way that is unmistakable.

Follow up is the critical retention strategy in Christ Embassy. The church follows up on every new member in its church. To identify you personally, know where you live, what you do and set up a connection between the new member and the pastorate. If you weren’t followed up, go back and report yourself, something might be wrong with your details, or someone didn’t do their job on you.

Here are a few of the things you can quickly find a Christ Embassy church member with.

  • They speak like kings with so much authority
  • They know the word of God and feels confident to show it
  • The members show strong faith, and they are unapologetic in their defence of the gospel
  • They are aggressive about soul winning
  • They are radical givers to the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Christ Embassy church members love their pastors and leaders. They show it lavishly
  • The members are well nurtured and raised in the full knowledge of the gospel of Christ.

Identifying a Christ Embassy church member is easy, even though they don’t wear a visible signboard on them. You can quickly find them when you meet one.

Also, there is an active Leadership structure in Christ Embassy, from the least member up to the most senior pastors.

Outstanding Achievements In Society

There are many aspects of Christ Embassy not known to the world. Most of what people know about the church is from what sensational news media projected about the ministry of Pastor Chris.

But there is so much good from the church that is not being seen or reported by the media. So, most people are not aware and don’t know this side of the church that is bigger than the seemingly wrong perception.

I will just list out some of the impacts Christ Embassy has on the society.

The Impact Of Christ Embassy Ministry

  1. The innercity mission of Christ Embassy – the church is providing free education, food and housing to so many indigent children around the world.
  2. Back to school initiative – this one caters for those children the church could not accommodate through the Innercity mission for children, due to limited space and other challenges. But here, the church helps to send back children who dropped out of school due to financial constrains of their parents. Hundreds of thousands of these children are being supported with schools and other material needs by Christ Embassy.
  3. Send portions – it’s a feeding initiative of the church to give food to children during Christmas celebrations. In fulfilment of scripture by the words of Nehemiah to send portions to whom nothing is prepared.
  4. Innercity food drive – the church also provide food supplies to many families in the inner cities of the world. This regular food supply happens quarterly, and families are meant to push carts around a store of foods and collect whatever they need.
  5. Para initiative – is an empowerment opportunity created to give both support and training to the unemployed members of the church. This initiative provides skill acquisition training and empowerment of the church members.
  6. Reach-out campaign with Rhapsody of Realities – this campaign motive is to inspire patriotism. It started only in Nigeria and has spread to over 50 other countries of the world, including USA, UK, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Italy, France, Canada, etcetera.
  7. Support to other ministries that are not Christ Embassy churches. This aspect of the church is never known beyond the walls of Christ Embassy. Pastor Chris is a strong supporter of other ministries worldwide. And through Christ Embassy ministers conference, this support has touched more than 100 countries and hundreds of thousands of ministers.

And much more that are too many to mention.

Action Points

Although, membership of any church is not based on prescribed process. But still, a member can be defined by specific attributes that is like an unwritten membership code.

In Christ Embassy churches around the world, it’s instituted in every process of membership retention strategy. It’s how it works at retaining everybody that comes into the church. Here are four essential steps to become a member of Christ Embassy church.

Step one: Being Born Again

You must be born again and filled with the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues.  It’s  either you are already born again before you came or right there in Christ Embassy. That’s qualifies you for foundation school.

Step two: Foundation School

Foundation school is a six weeks training program. The idea is to ground every new member on the word of God. And to give a primary doctrine of Christ Embassy church. And to help new members understand more about the church and it’s ways of doing things. You must attend foundation school to be a member. It’s mandatory.

Step three: Join A Cell Group

Cell meeting attendance is another retention strategy of the church. It also helps the church to be accountable for everyone in the church. The cell is more beneficial to the members than even to the church as an organisation. Through the cell ministry, the members can also enjoy any benefit that the church provides. It helps the church to verify members. Especially on issues that require the attention of the church or its intervention.

Step four: Financial Partnership

Partnership participation is how the church truly measures your membership. It’s according to the words of Jesus, that where your treasure is there will your heart be also. The church sees partners as full members. So, if you want to be a Christ Embassy church member, you should be a partner.


Christ Embassy is primarily focused on soul winning. It’s the church with the most significant evangelical outreach in the world today. The ministry is focused on people. It prides in the vision of reaching everyone before Jesus comes back.

And the clear reality about the church is its audacious commitment to the work of the gospel. As though, it’s the only church commission for the propagation of the gospel.

The church has accomplished so much beyond the church walls among the needy than it has done within its walls.

Important Instructions

  1. Rhapsody of Realities is an essential daily devotional for the church. You should become an ardent reader and partner.
  2. Also, healing School is an outreach of the ministry to the sick. The church delivers this service to the broken humanity through the support of its partners globally. You should sign up as a regular partner with the healing school of Christ Embassy.

References Materials of Christ Embassy

Download daily devotional: Rhapsody of Realities

Rhapsody bible: Download it here.

Pastor Chris Digital Library: for audio and video messages of Pastor Chris

Follow Pastor Chris on KingsChat.


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How To Become The New Superman

Do you want to become a new superman? I don’t mean the carton superman? The real Superman? A supernatural man that is capable of achieving results that seemed impossible to others?

You may have wondered why some people are so good at what they do more than others. Or why it’s impossible for some people to fail at whatever they set their mind to do. The answer is being a new superman.

Think about the carton superman. He has this supernatural ability that makes him do things that ordinary men cannot do. He is endowed with great sight, strength and ability to climb and move at a faster pace.

And that is just an imagination of man. But there is a real Superman. He has the best sight, he is powerful and can move at a breakneck pace.

Now, you may be wondering how do I become a new superman? I have provided you with the answer and the reason man is more potent than that carton superman.

Who Is A New Superman?

Man is a spirit, he has a soul and lives in a body. That means the man is not a body. The function of your eyes reveals so much about the real man. You have two eyes, but they both see as one. You can’t look at two different directions at the same time even though you have two pairs of eyes.

It’s because your eye is the doorway for the real man to see and interact with this world. Without your eyes, all you will see is darkness. That is not a proper definition of blindness because a blind person shouldn’t see anything at all.

But the real man cannot be blind. He can only be cut off from seeing this world.

And let me start by explaining what I mean. There is two version of the man in every human being. The inward man and the outward man. The inner man is the spirit man, and the outer man is the body.

There is a real you. And that is your spirit. Your body is just like a house for the real you. It’s just like in a car, there are the engine and the body. Sometimes what affects the body may still not harm the engine. But whatever affects the car engine stops the car from the operation.

Why Can’t I Become A New Superman?

Yes, you can. The real purpose of man is to be a superhero in this world. The only book that has the information on the creation of man showed us that man was created to dominate the earth.

That is a Superman role. You were created to be in charge of everything. And to see to it that every other creation of God complies to that directive of the laws of nature.

But when the man himself walked in disobedience to the same law of natural men, he was separated from the authority that backed him against nature. In order words, he lost his sight. That part of him that was a superman was a disconnect from its crypto energy.

The imagination behind the cartoon superhero called Superman is not far from the truth either. And the reason children loved the story is because of the something in them that bears witness that the story was true.

How To Become A New Superman

You may ask, can I still become a new superman? A thousand times yes! The power that made a man a superhero is still available today. That inner man is still there. The same power that made the man a superhero is still available.

Just like in the carton superman, when they used kryptonite against him to repels his powers. But when he breaks away from it, his powers return back to him in full.

Sin is the kryptonite that is repelling the superpower in you. When sin is taken away from your life, your superhero powers return in full. And honestly, your sin has been remitted. You just needed to know how to break off from its spell and be a superman again.

And you don’t need to wait for a long time for this to happen. You can do it now, right here. And you will become a new superman.

Everyone Can Become A Superman

If you don’t know that, now I’m letting you know. You were born a superman. There is three type of people in the world, those who were born superheroes, those who became superheroes and those who have superhero powers bestowed on them.

If you were not born a superhero, that’s okay, because you can become a superman too. All you need to do is follow the action points in this personal guide, and you will become a superman.

According to Wikipedia, Superman is a fictional superhero created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster.

You are the imagination of someone. That someone is God. You are His Superman, created to bring peace to the world. You don’t have to fail anymore because you have in you a superman ability to save both yourself and the world.

Get A Super Hero Identity

Superman has an identity. Yours don’t have to be that muscular physic of Jerry Siegel imagination. In fact, you are the new Superman. It’s not by muscles but from an inner strength of your spirit.

To be a new superman, you should wear this label on yourself like I know who I am. Our fictional superhero wears a distinctive uniform that separates him from the rest of the world. You cannot become a superman and be ordinary at the same time.

Something has to shift. And since your superman ability is spiritual excellence, bring it to the fore. Let the world see and experience that Superman in you.

You real Superman identity is love. It what makes superheroes. Even the Bible says, God so loved the world that He gave His son Jesus to die for its sins. Love makes us do superhero things.

Get A Superman Mentality

Think differently and start seeing things differently. A superhero doesn’t contribute to the destruction of those you should be saving. The way you think about others, the problems in the world and how you treat others should change.

To become a superman, you should have a different attitude to life. You do not want to contribute to the problems in the world. Instead, you are an answer the world needs.

You have the power to do extraordinary things.

Super Heroes Take Action

Start the business of saving the world by first saving yourself. Until you start, you are never going to see the kind of world you dream of.

Silence has never produced results before. No wonder it’s the best answer for a foul. Because a fool doesn’t need an explanation. And it’s not your silence that fools need but grave silence.

Dress up in your superhero outfit, it’s time to save the world. The world you live in needs saving. What are you going to do about the people in need of salvation? What about the broken humanity?

What do you say about the problems of war, hunger, destruction and environmental degradation? The world is waiting for you to become a superman for the less privileged. You need to take action now.

The Super Hero Of Our Time

Jesus is our number one superman. His life and ministry are characterised by the supernatural. The Bible told us how God anointed Jesus Christ of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power. Who went about doing well for God was with Him.

It sounds like that carton story of a superman. The Superman of your carton story goes about doing good and bringing peace to the world. And Jesus is the author of peace.

Also, the Bible records that Jesus defeated death so that man may not die again. It’s like in that cartoon superman story, he was never meant to kill. The story always revolves around him winning at the end.

And Jesus, who is the superhero of all times died to save all people but rose again to prove that a superman is beyond death. His death, burial and resurrection took away all limitations of the former Superman and gave you the same ability to save others with your superhero powers.

See The Superman In You

Can you see the Superman in you? You have to start seeing yourself as a superhero. In everyday life, people have demonstrated the ability to become a superman. You see it every day, in that child that gave out a pair of his shoes to another child.

People have an enormous capacity to love. When you activate this love, as the Bible says, it will cover a multitude of sins.

Like our carton superman, his eyes can see through walls. And he has an ear that can hear deep thoughts and conversations from a distance. But you don’t need those physical attributes. You can listen to the cries of hungry children deep into the Sahara. You can feel the empty soul of the homeless.

You don’t need a cartoon character to become a superman. You are a superhero already. See it in yourself.

Action Points To Become A New Superman

To become a superman is to live with your inner man. Life of the spirit man. It’s to dominate the circumstances of your life and reign over it. You may not feel like a superman now, that’s because you haven’t activated your superhero instincts.

See how I did mine and kept it flowing every day.

Step one: find heroes to emulate. Learn everything about their successes and lifestyle. Jesus is your number one superhero. Who’s is he and how can you become like him?

Step two: Fill your heart with so much love, enough to go round to those in need around you.

Step three: be the change you want to see in the world. Most people learn faster when they can see an example. Give them your example of the Superman you want them to become.

Step four: become sensitive to the needs of other people. Be challenged by the needs of the people around you.

Step five: be a problem solver. An answer to the cries of others. Make an effort to help others even in little matters.

Step six: look out for a human need and reach out to meet that need. Don’t just wait to become aware of the problems of others. Look out for it. And reach out with help no matter how far they may be. You might be the only help they have.

Step seven: don’t fail. Never get discouraged. Believe the best of other people even when you hear the wrong things about them.

Step eight: Become a superman today. Go and be a hero to someone out there. Any act of kindness is the hero inside you that has been unleashed.


The world can be full of May superheroes. And you can be one of them. Make others glad that they have you. Be that superhero to your daughter, your son, your wife and your family.

Learn to share the love with everyone, irrespective of colour, race or tribe. Feel the pain that other ps feel. Share in their grieve and be your brother’s keeper.

The world has seen enough of evil. Let good people saturate the world with their goodness. Let’s see how much it can hurt to do much good to everybody.

Instructions For A New Superman

  1. The action Points on superheroes are not complete yet. Help us complete it by adding your point in the comment box.
  2. Make someone else believe in superheroes by being a superman that they can see.


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