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How to Win Elections in Nigeria – Beginners Guide!

Elections in Nigeria

Do you know not too young to run bill has opened up opportunities for young people to win elections in Nigeria? But if you don’t know how to win an election, the law will be of no use for Nigerians, considering the state of politics and those now involved in it. read more

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How to Implement an Effective SMS Campaign

SMS campaign

SMS campaign enjoys a high success rate of 98 per cent. It’s one of the most effective mobile campaign strategies. Also, 90 per cent of SMS messages are opened within 3 minutes of sending. That means your messages will not only reach a wider audience, but it will also be read quickly as well. read more

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How to Run an Effective Robocall Campaign?

robocall campaign

Do you want to run an effective robocall campaign, whether for election or product marketing? We have republished an incisive article from one the best digital marketing company in Africa. You can also visit the company website here. But below is an excerpt from the site for you. read more

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