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7 Ways To Rebrand Your Hotel For Profit

Do you want to change the fortunes of your hotel? Is your hotel not doing profitably as you would want it to be? Are you struggling to put guests in your hotel? Maybe it’s time for you to rebrand your hotel for profit.

If your hotel is not achieving regular guest hosting of between 50 to 80 percent, your hotel will be struggling to even cover your cost. Most likely, you may have downgraded all your services in order to reduce cost and to be able to stay afloat.

But that shouldn’t be the case. For a hotel to maintain profitability it should already fill up 50 percent of its rooms. That should at least help you cover most of recurrent costs like fuel or diesel cost, staff salaries, electricity bills, generator maintenance cost, equipment repairs, fixing and replacements, transportation costs, and other miscellaneous expenses a hotel incurs daily or monthly.

Understanding How To Rebrand

The power of branding is visible in every business entity, whether or not you actually set out to brand your business initially. The truth is that everything you do when you started your business is part of branding. And most businesses have actually branded their business poorly without knowing they were de-marketing their brand.



Branding is anything you do that creates impression to promote your business to your audience. If you are not doing branding consciously you might be harming your business or product. And rebranding is a change in branding to either upgrade, reposition or retarget your market.

Wikipedia defines rebranding as a marketing strategy in which a new name, term, symbol, design, concept or combination thereof is created for an established brand with the intention of developing a new, differentiated identity in the minds of consumers, investors, competitors, and other stakeholders.

However, not all rebranding requires the change of a name. You can do color rebranding or logo or design, or whatever that suits you, with the intention to impress and improve patronage. It’s important you actually set in motion the process of branding your hotel, rather than ignore or overlook it. Planning and thinking through the processes you engage in marketing your hotel will help you avoid demarketing your hotel brand.

So, how you create marketing materials, promote your hotel and serve your customers are setting the brand image of your hotel. You are either selling your hotel brand short or you are increasing your hotel brand equity.

Don’t Make Mistakes With Rebranding

If you had made mistakes with branding in the past then you really need to start rebranding your hotel now. Branding can work for you or against you. You are better off making branding work for you. And to correct the mistakes of your past branding, you should start rebranding your hotel.

First, you need to identify the main areas of your branding problems. If you don’t really know, get the services of a consultant. Although, it’s advisable to use a brand consultant throughout the process of your branding stages. Just as you can’t self medicate, don’t rebrand your hotel yourself unless you are a brand expert.

Anything you do in business just because you want to avoid spending money will eventually cost you more money. Just spend wisely and not lavishly. And plan your cost in relation to your return on investment. Understand that if you don’t invest properly in your brand marketing, you will not get the best benefits.

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Tips To Rebrand Your Hotel

Here are tips that would help you in your re-branding process. Although, I don’t advice that you embark on this without the services of a brand consultant.

For instance, without understanding what areas of your hotel rebranding would impact on your profit, don’t just spend money on rebranding. There’s difference between rebranding and renovation. You can renovate your hotel any time you chose. It may or may not impact on your profit. But if you are renovating as part of your rebranding process, it’s also different. The renovation will follow branding guidelines and will not just be the sole work of a civil engineer but with inputs and designs from a brand consultant.

These 7 points can help you Rebrand your hotel business. Once you identify areas you need major improvements, get help to rebrand it. Don’t self medicate in this kind of situation, since it’s already a problem you probably created yourself.

{1} Rebrand Your Hotel Image

This may not necessarily be the first rebranding strategy, but it’s important when you want to change the face and feel of your hotel generally. This might also be the most important when it matters the most, if getting attention of customers in your location is key to the rebranding.

This may involve change of name, lots of renovation work, repairs and services of major infrastructures of the hotel. Most especially the look and feel of your hotel brand. You need to know what customers have been complaining about your hotel. Your hotel image is important. I always recommend not just what customers could see, as in image but what they could feel, like the cool environment and steady electricity.

The main focus of rebranding your hotel image is to give customers the right perception that when they lodge with you, they will be paying a fair value for the luxury and comfort you provide them. So, when it has to do with image, don’t comprise with your hotel. People remember more what they saw with their eyes. Take that seriously in how you rebrand your hotel.

{2} Rebrand Your Hotel Services

If your hotel service is not topnotch, you are probably not competitive enough in the market. Always measure your service level based on your hotel type and customers satisfaction. If you really know what your hotel was setup to offer potential customers, it’s easier to know when you are failing in that promise or doing well at it.

Customer satisfaction shouldn’t be an empty promise. Itemize what your service promises are and publicize it in all your rooms. That would give customers an idea of what level of service they can get from you. It helps to keep their expectation within a defined level. People really like to know what they are getting and not to be allowed to operate on assumption.

And if you make a promise, let it bind on your hotel and train your staff to provide those promises excellently. Let your hotel be known for your services. That way customers will know what to talk about that you do in your hotel. That’s a good way to rebrand your hotel.

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{3} Rebrand Your Hotel Rooms

In hotel business the rooms holds all the magic. That’s where the customers make their final decision to lodge in your hotel. So, your best magic should be done in the rooms. Your can sell your hotel short or better with your rooms. If you are already in hotel business you would have known what customers are saying about your rooms firsthand.

And in the room, the bed is something else. Some hotels play the scheme of small size, queen size and king size beds. Depending on how this works for you, playing the bed game is a poor hotel marketing strategy. It means you don’t have better room deals that you have to use beds to create different packages. This kind of strategy sell your hotel short.

Hotel is luxury business and anything you do should be to give customers luxury. If the luxury is cut down the satisfaction is reduced. The rooms should be exquisite in beauty and the beds a touch of comfort. If you are not selling this kind of room and hospitality, even if you seem to be doing well because you have some monopoly of your location, some one may soon undercut your advantage.

{4} Rebrand Your Hotel Foods

Food is an important hotel service. When people come to lodge in your hotel, they don’t have a different plan of how they are going to eat. But most hotels fail their hosts when it comes to food. It’s either the food are not as tasteful and low class, or that it’s overpriced and discouraged lodgers from buying foods from you.

When rebranding a hotel, don’t miss the food. Even if your foods are selling and customers don’t mind, still rebrand the food. Its either you are adding more food options, or you are increasing the taste level. Foods are an integral part of hotel stories. If they foods are not good the customers notice.

Although, most lodgers have written off hotel foods for two reasons; for their bad taste and high prices. This areas should form major part of your food rebranding process. Don’t push your lodgers into eating outside your hotel, and then, only to return to order water from you. Push food as an integral service of your hotel and encourage customers to eat food while they are lodging in your hotel. Moreover, see food just as an extra revenue source. Don’t put all your revenue burden on the food price.

{5} Rebrand Your Hotel Bar

That also includes the bar section. You shouldn’t make drinking at your hotel a financial problem. Some hotels markup their drinks higher than regulated retail price. That’s not entirely bad but don’t overdo anything in hotel business. Anything you do gives the lodger an impression of your brand. Sometimes high price is misconstrued as extortion. You don’t want your customers thinking that you are extorting them.

Think reasonably when pricing your drinks. I once bought a bottle of red label drink from a hotel bar for N7,000. This same drink is sold in Shoprite for N3,999. I paid extra N3,000 for the same drink and end up paying that much for a knock-off version, when the original is sold at N3,999.

Although, not every hotel has a large open bar. Whatever bar you have, try to make it as reasonable as possible for your customers. I have seen guys leave their hotel to go drink in a nearby bar because the price is cheaper. If you know you target customers and how they think, try and align your prices to match their expectation.

{6} Rebrand Your Hotel Marketing

Marketing should be at the heart of rebranding your hotel. How you get customers daily to your hotel is important. And how many channels of marketing you have is equally important. Also, you need to identify which of them are generating revenue and how much? This kind of assessment is important to how you brand your hotel.

If more customers are not walking into your hotel daily, you are actually not running a profitable hotel business. A good hotel should be having problem of over booking or being fully booked to rejecting new bookings. If you are not having that kind of problem then you are having the other kind of problem, which is not good for your bottom line.

Your marketing should focus on every area that has the potential to get you new customers daily. Imagine if you have 5 channels and each one can get you 7 new customers everyday; that’s 35 new customers daily. This excludes returning customers and walking customers, whom you may not have control over their patronage. And if you have 50 rooms hotel, you have already solved much of your problem by attracting 35 new customers everyday.

But how do you go about building your channels? You can decide to have an in-house marketing staff. That’s good but may not be effective if your hire is limited in their knowledge on hotel marketing. You can also outsource this to a third party, which is better but may not be cost effective. An experienced freelance hotel marketer will be better at the early stages. Don’t skip this process. And you can reuse them when ever you feel the sales are slowing down again. You can also retain a freelance marketer on a monthly retainer-ship fee that pays for itself monthly.

Some smart hotels also use their empty rooms as a marketing strategy to attract new customers. You should explore how to turn your empty hotel rooms into a trap to get new customers.

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{7} Rebrand Your Hotel For Competition

Do you know what your competitions are doing to get more customers than what you are getting? You cannot be competing with rival brands and be ignorant of what they are doing. There’s nothing wrong in businesses spying on each other. It’s what many businesses do normally, spying on their competition. And you should be doing that too.

And if you don’t know how to spy on your competitors, hire a business consultant. It’s safer you hire a consultant that’s experienced in business, branding or marketing and strategies as well. That way you have an expert who really know how best to spy on your competition. Remember, you are not spying on them for negative reasons. You are looking for what they are doing so well that could help you boost your own business.

Do you even know what’s your competitors unique selling proposition? You can learn a lot from the competition if only you know what drives their hotel business. Sometimes the secret you are looking for is in the open. Who they are, what they do and how they do it are as simple as a USP.


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The biggest problem for hotels is unsatisfied customers. Sometimes your staff can so displease customers and put your business is grave danger. In the past that could be easily overlooked but not anymore. One displeased customer can wreck your hotel business. So, you dare not ignore your customers anymore.

The internet is another aspect of your hotel business that you should take seriously. It’s either you are working the internet to your advantage or the internet could be working against your hotel business. Even one bad customer review can take away customers from your hotel. And the customer might not even be right, but merely angry at the way he or she was treated the last time they visited your hotel.

Finally, hotel business is to provide relaxation, comfort and luxury. Stop seeing your hotel business as a rental business. It doesn’t matter how small your hotel is, don’t ever compromise or miss your purpose. Some hotels have derailed to just rental business. But hotel business is not a rental business.


How To Start Exclusive Boutique Hotel


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How To Start Exclusive Boutique Hotel

Do you want to start your own hotel? Do you know that its lucrative to operate a boutique hotel anywhere in Nigeria? If you live in a small city for example, these cities have limited number of hotels. And most of the hotels are also low class, and are old, lacking the needed amenities that depicts luxury.

Boutique hotel provides option for startup investors to go into luxury hotel without investing huge sums of money. It’s not like people have not been investing in small ways in Hotel business, but boutique hotel provides a modern way to startup and attract the right kind of paying customers.

You can Start Your Own hotel now in the city of your choice. The same way you can invest in real estate properties, you can build good boutique hotels in choice locations and earn huge income than you would from flats, duplexes and condos.


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You can also convert an existing real estate property and redesign it into a luxury hotel. Imagine a story building in a highbrow area with four flats can be converted into ten or more rooms hotel.

Boutique hotels are the new real estate trend in Nigeria. They are not only faster to build, they are also cost effective to manage. Managing a 20 rooms hotel would require less workforce. That also means less salaries, and expenditures. But that doesn’t mean boutique hotels are in the affordable hotel range.


A boutique Hotel is a small size hotel with stylish design decor, having a personal note, with sense of intimacy and privacy. Although, it’s usually not defined by any specific hotel category, rather a boutique hotel is defined by its characteristics.

A boutique hotel is a class of hotel with 10 or 100 rooms . And it’s the trending hotel in Nigeria now. It’s easy to finance, manage and also recoup the investment within the shortest possible time. It’s also the best form of real estate investment with high return on your investment.

Instead of building 3 bed room flats and renting them out for annual rents, one can build a boutique hotel and rent out the rooms daily with high percentage returns than flats.

Regular Hotel Versus Boutique Hotel:

Boutique hotel is not the same with regular hotels. The main difference with regular hotel is that no two boutique hotels are alike. Unlike the traditional hotels that are usually chains, boutique hotels are usually smaller and they cannot accommodate as many people as regular hotels. And the focus of boutique hotel is to create a lot more intimacy.

However, there are three important reasons why Boutique Hotels are better.

  1. Intimate Atmosphere: Boutique hotels are built with fewer rooms to allow for a more intimate and sensual experience. The fewer rooms means fewer guests as well. And that is opportunity for the hotel to provide personal touch, thereby making guests feel special and not like just another customer on the list.
  2. Location Environment: Boutique hotels are built around push, trending or highbrow locations. It gives the hotel a high class image and branding that attracts high value customers. Even the building is in modern style and beauty.
  3. Modern Interiors And Amenities: the rooms are squally well designed interiors, and with changing designs as the owner seem fit. Also, the amenities are squally top notch. The idea is to give guests the best experience in private relaxation.


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How Boutique Hotel Works

Boutique hotels are typically a small kind of hotel, and are better situated in the very heart of any city. That makes them hot spots for travelers and city crawlers. It’s a hotel that has between 10 and 100 rooms in unique settings, upscale accommodations and individualized unique selling points.

The difference between small and boutique is in the customer experience. However, it may sound like anyone can do that, but you need to follow the prescribed process and standard if you want to achieve success. There are several factors that makes a boutique hotel successful.

Most boutique hotels are built to target high-end customers, who require some privacy and a luxuries hospitality that is usually provided by big brand five star hotels. But these customers would like the publicity of big brand hotel names.

Characteristics Of A Boutique Hotel

When building your own boutique hotel here are the key features to implement. However, using a hotel design specialist would be the ideal strategy. Although there are very few boutique hotel specialists in Nigeria. But finding one is your best investment.

  1. Size is a key factor
  2. Individuality is very important
  3. Design is the heart of its beauty
  4. Character is the style decor
  5. Location is the brand
  6. Culture is in it’s humor
  7. Service is its personality
  8. Local Foods is chic
  9. Customers are the essentials

These nine feature will define your good boutique hotels. You must focus on delivery these key characteristics in your boutique hotel. In size you must maintain that culture of minimum of 10 rooms and maximum of 100. However, a 10 to 20 rooms hotel is on the budget side.

The ideal boutique hotel is one that seeks to offer individual taste and experience. That means even from your design you are looking at rooms with varying designs, decor, color and even amenities.

Cost Of Starting A Boutique Hotel

After reading through this explosive article, the most important question would be how much would it cost to build a boutique hotel. However, the answer doesn’t really exist but we can explore options to arrive at a cost estimation.

Because, no two boutique hotels are the same, and therefore cost cannot be generalized. There several elements to look at when building a boutique hotel. Things like:

  1. Cost of land property
  2. Building or renovation cost
  3. Cost of labour in the city
  4. Cost of Government approvals
  5. And other minor or miscellaneous costs

These factors can define the actual cost of starting a hotel. And it would be wrong to give an estimated cost without personalizing these factors to your target city.

This design prototype cost between N500,000 to N1,000,000 and includes site visit, conduct space management plan, the beautiful design prototype and actual cost estimate. And the cost estimates would look into both materials and labor cost. That would give you an entire overview of all that it would cost you to build your dream hotel.

Action Points to Boutique Hotel Design

Your dream of starting a hotel has to follow some predefined steps. A hotel might be made up of beautiful rooms but boutique hotels are more than rooms. First, it doesn’t even need to have a lot of rooms. Secondly, your location gives it brand image that it’s not just an ordinary hotel.

But let’s look at some of the important steps to plan, build and decorate your own boutique hotels.

Step One: Planning A Boutique Hotel

The first step in starting a boutique hotel is planning. Although having a business plan is a key part of starting any business, but for hotels is not just important, it’s too important.

It’s essential to have a proper feasibility study before setting up your boutique hotel in any city. Remember that location is one of the characteristics of boutique hotels. And don’t. do this with reservation. Get the best consultant to handle this job.

Don’t even consider cost because if you miss it in your location you have probably missed it in its entirety. If it would cost millions to get the best feasibility study done, then don’t settle for less. A feasibility study is not just a report, it’s an actual research on the viability of the business in a specific location.

Step Two: Choosing The Best Location

That brings us to the issue again, which is location. There is no substitute for location when it comes to boutique hotels. It’s either you have the right location or you don’t even venture into this business.

And it’s not like finding a location is any mystery. I have already told you it’s best in highbrow areas. But that doesn’t mean there is no technicality involved as well. It’s best to allow the right people do the job of finding a suitable location for you than doing trail and error.

Step Three: Choosing A Design And Construction Company

But when it comes to choosing a design and construction company, this could mar the whole dream if your selection is wrong. One of the things I always consider in hotel business is the fact that it’s luxury business.

And luxury has a feel. If that feeling is not felt in everything about your boutique hotel, you have missed the mark. Believe me, it’s marked to fail. You cannot substitute luxury. It can only be luxury to be felt as luxury.

Using an experienced hotel designer and construction company to build your hotel business cannot be overemphasized. It’s the best or nothing. You shouldn’t just use any construction engineer.

If you don’t have an idea how to find the right company to build your hotel, I have also made provision for phone contact at the end of this article in case you need help getting your hands on an experienced hotel construction company.

Step Four: Top-Notch Interior Decor & Luxurious Amenities

Finishing is the art of beauty. Anything can attempt to look beautiful until its beauty is tested with time. Fake beauty fades away with time. Luxurious beauty is the brand of boutique hotels.

It must be top notch to pass off as luxury. Any designer can claim to offer luxurious finishing but looking like luxury and being luxury itself is not the same thing. Even though nothing last forever, luxury has a way of sustaining its beauty forever and with little maintenance luxury can shine forever.

Step Five: Staffing And Exclusive Marketing Strategy

Culture is at the heart of boutique hotel. The people you hire to work for you and your marketing strategies can define your hotel business. Create the right hotel culture from the beginning and stick with it.

You will equally need to hire experienced staff members. Depending on your number of rooms, hire enough staff workers to reduce service time and offer personalized services to guests.


Now that you have decided to start your own boutique hotel, you need to know what to do and how to do it. You should never hire just any construction engineer to build your boutique hotel. The whole idea of boutique hotel is not just a beautiful design. There is the individuality, culture and character that goes into the building itself.

It’s only a qualified and experienced hotel consultant that would give you the real touch and class that is required. And all these elements can’t go without the location, decor and powerful design of boutique hotels.

Everything starts from the planning, location, design, building, decoration to management style. If it fails to follow the pattern, it may be a hotel but it’s not a boutique hotel.

Contact us: For full consultancy, design, building and full decoration of your hotel on these numbers (Call/Text/WhatsApp).: 08139006120 and 07087770518.

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How To Start Hotel Business In Nigeria For Beginners

Do you know that some states in Nigeria has less than 10 good hotels? There is so much money to make from hotel business in Nigeria if you know how to start one. If you want to go into hotel business or build your own dream hotel, here is a guide you can follow.

The profit potentials in hotel business is so huge. Although some hotels are struggling to get customers. That’s because customers patronize good hotels only. While the bad ones are struggling, the good hotels are turning away customers.

Imagine filling a hotel of 90 rooms everyday or most days in the week with customers. A typical good hotel can be filled most weekends beginning from Thursday until Monday morning. That’s like 4 nights out of 7 nights in a week.

If you calculate those 4 nights at a budget rate of N10,000 per night that would be N900,000 income from rooms per day. And N3,600,000 per weekend. In one month that is N14,400,000. It doesn’t include food, drinks and hall rental if you provide other hotel services. And good hotels also charge more than N10,000 per room.

Introduction To Hotel Business

Hotel business is very lucrative. Hotels make money selling out their rooms for a minimum of 24 hour use. This revenue is more than what some home rentals charge in one month. Also, hotels make money through other additional services like selling foods, drinks and conference and meeting rooms.

And there are factors that affects hotel business revenue. Most of which includes, domestic trips and total nights spent away from home. Consumer index, consumer spending and inbound trips by non-residents of that city. All that can influence, increase or decrease in hotel patronage.

There are over 17,560 hotels in Nigeria. Most of which are located in cities like Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt. Other cities share just about less percentage of the entire hotels in the country.

Even though hotel business is lucrative, most people still fail in hotel business. The reason is not understanding the business and lack of management. You cannot expect to make good money from any business you don’t understand how it works.

Moreover, hotel business is hospitality. If you have more hospitable options more customers would come to you. You must understand that most of your customers are those living in that city, and they all have residence.

But all that won’t even make any difference if you didn’t start your own hotel business. So, you need to know how to start your own hotel business. This report is a step-by-step guide you can follow. I also provided options to connect with a reputable luxury and hospitality design and construction company to help you get the best from startup to finish.

Steps to Starting a Hotel Business

If you want to start a hotel, there are important decisions to make. It will help you decide important actions towards starting your hotel business. These considerations would determine both what kind of hotel business to start, like how many rooms, whether luxury or affordable hotels. Including the target market and choosing your profitable location.

Some of these steps to consider include:

  • Choosing your type of hotel business to start. Like, how many rooms, whether luxury or just an affordable hotel.
  • Selecting the right location to build your hotel business
  • Choosing whether to build from scratch or buy an existing hotel
  • Consulting with experts in hotel design and building to determine cost implications
  • Consulting government to understand necessary approvals and permits
  • Packaging your hotel business plan to explain your strategy, plans and financial requirements.
  • Prepare your funding plan to include reaching out to investors and banks to raise the funding required
  • Start Building or renovating your hotel
  • Hiring and training qualified hotel staff
  • Acquiring the required software systems (e.g., reservation system, accounting software, etc.) to effectively manage your hotel business.
  • Strategies to launch your pre-opening hotel marketing plan
  • And finally to open your hotel to the public

How Hotel Business Works

There are different types of hotels. And if you want to start a hotel business you need to understand which class of hotel is meant for your target customers. Building a hotel without knowing the class of customers that would use that hotel is a big mistake.

It will also affect your hotel design, building quality, finishing style, interior decor and management style. And since most hotel owners don’t even know this, they make mistakes from design and choosing the wrong comoany to build their hotel. Some even hire just any contractor to build a hotel.

Hotels are not built by just any building contractor. It’s not just a house. It’s a hotel business. You need the right designers, builders and decorators with vast hotel building experience. If you get things right this way, you will save lots of waste and get better luxury hotel for the class of customers you are targeting.

The moment you decide to build your own hotel, stop looking for cheap options. The idea of hospitality is to offer luxurious lifestyle. The reason hotels fail is because they are built with cheap products. And hotel maintenance is more important than building the hotel itself.

Cheap products requires more maintenance than high end luxurious products. And if your hotel is cheap, it also attracts the wrong kind of customers. Hotel business is for the rich and those who want to feel rich. It’s not a service to everyone.

Your customers are exclusive and they want luxury that’s the major reason they would leave their homes to sleep in hotels.

Different Classes Of Hotel Business

When starting a hotel business, it’s important you decide the class of hotel you want to build. It’s different from hotel ratings. These classifications takes several criterion. We have classifications based on locations, sizes, by service standard, ownership and affiliation.

These classification takes into account target market. While small hotels does not target elite customers, it’s ideal market is budget customers. The same way large hotels target elite customers with both semi and full luxury amenities. So, in building your hotel business, it must be based on the target market, and that is directly connected to your building budget as well.

Generally, hotels are classified and built with this general classification in mind. Your dream hotel can fall into any of this hotel business class.

Here is the general hotel business classification:

  • Commercial Hotels
  • Airport Hotels
  • Suite Hotels
  • Extended Stay Hotel
  • Bed & Breakfast Hotel
  • Residential Hotel
  • Resort Hotel
  • Casino Hotels
  • Conference Hotels
  • Convention Hotels
While Hotels that are classified on the basis of location includes:
  • Airport Hotel
  • Resort Hotel
  • Country Hotel
  • City Center Hotel, etc.
Another classification are those by sizes, which includes:
  • Small Hotel
  • Medium Hotel
  • Large Hotel
  • Major Hotel

But this class of hotels have two separate classifications based on U.K types and typical class. The U.K. Class is also what often obtain here in Nigeria. So, you can classify Nigerian hotels based on the U.K class and you will be right. But that’s not to mean that some Nigerian hotels are not in the typical class. It’s just that Nigeria doesn’t have a standard class rating of its own.

U.K. classifications are:
  • Small Hotel: Fewer than 25 Rooms
  • Medium Hotel: Around 25 to 99 Rooms
  • Large Hotel: Around 100 to 299 Rooms
  • Major Hotel: More than 300 Rooms
While the typical hotels are classified as:
  • Small: Nor more than 150 Rooms
  • Medium: 151 to 299 Rooms
  • Large: 300 to 600 Rooms
  • Major: More than 600 Rooms
Also, we have hotels classified based on their service standard, and they are as follows:
  • World Class Service Hotel
  • Mid-Range Service Hotel
  • Economy or Limited or Budget Hotel
The last but not the least are hotels classified by ownership and Affiliation, which are just 2 major groups:
  • Independent Hotel
  • And Chain Hotel

Different Hotel Star Ratings

Although in Nigeria, most hotels are not recognized by customers by their ratings but all hotel’s fall within their rating of course. While some are internationally rated hotels like Sheraton, Protea and Western hotels, etcetera, others are either self rated or rated by online sites, which are not officially approved.

Nigeria doesn’t have any such rating body for hotels in the country. Most of what is used to rate hotels are the brand popularity and number of rooms. However, we will examine how hotels are generally rated so you can understand how to build the kind of hotel rating you want.

Hotel business is rated based on the amenities and luxury it provides. It’s different from hotel classification, where it’s based on the target market.

According to reports, the original star rating was started by Forbes magazine in the 1950s. Although, many other bodies now rates hotels in the US, but Forbes remain the number one star rating body in the US and globally too.

Below are the different ratings for hotels:

  • 1-Star Hotel
  • 2-Star Hotel
  • 3-Star Hotel
  • 4-Star Hotel
  • 5-Star Hotel

1-Star Hotel:

It’s the lowest level of hospitality, where you may not get a TV, telephone or even daily house keep services. It’s just basic rooms of a bed and table. Bathroom may likely be shared with others. There is probably no on-site facilities and it’s usually not opened 24 hours.

2-Star Hotel:

This kind of hotels don’t provide many services either, but you might get a breakfast. You will get a private bathroom with probably shower but not a bathtub. It’s just an upgrade of 1-star hotel with probably cloth racks, telephones and TVs, but don’t expect a flat screen. And the reception desk is likely to be opened 24 hours daily.

3-Star Hotel:

This one is just right in many ways. Buts it isn’t too cheap, neither too fancy. It’s the most top hotels you find in most small cities in Nigeria. It typically has a restaurant, a bar on-site, as some has butlers to take your luggage to the rooms. The idea is to make guests feel relaxed and comfortable without spending too much money. It equally has larger rooms, more comfort with more furnitures.

4-Star Hotel:

This hotel rating is more relaxing than 3 star. The rooms are bigger and more beautiful, and with large beds, mini bar, including bathrobes, workstation and modern television. Plus valet parking, gym, pool, spa, etcetera. Most importantly, a 4-star hotel is extremely nice and you should be able to notice the difference from the lobby from their fancy decor.

5-Star Hotel:

The highest hotel rating is 5-star rating. Although, some still claim there is 7-star rating, but no hotel is currently rated that high. However, 5-star is the luxury hospitality of hotels. It should have all the amenities one requires in a luxury hotel and even more. Everything about 5-star hotel is luxury. It’s not actually so different than 4-star but it offers more luxury in every way.

Most exclusive 5-star hotels includes golf courses, tennis courts, health clubs with trainers and even child care services. It’s the best comfort one can find in hospitality with gigantic lobbies. A typical 5-star room has oversized bathrooms that’s lined with marble counters, large vanity laden with high-end toiletries.

Action Points For Launching A New Hotel Business

Starting a hotel business requires you follow some important steps in achieving your dream. Although, if you don’t know much about hotel business, you will still need the services of a consultant to help you with the plan, design, building and furnishing your hotel.

But the main idea of this post is to help you get it right from the beginning. That’s how to make hotel business work, from the beginning. If you don’t get it right from start, you may never get it right again.

And it’s not about just building the hotel. There is a way a hotel is built for its class of target customers. It saves time and money. Don’t build a high-end hotel only to have low-end customers patronizing it. If you don’t make enough money to maintain the hotel it will close down in no time.

Step One: Determine Your Hotel Classification

Your first step is to determine what class of hotel you want to build. In order words, determine who your target customers should be. What kind of customers do you want your hotel business to serve? Once you get this right, you won’t have a problem deciding the right location for your hotel business.

If you don’t know what customer base to target, maybe you should start by consulting an expert by sharing your hotel business dreams and let him help you target the business rightly.

Step Two: Choosing the Best Location

Choosing a hotel location is like asking where can I setup my hotel that is convenient for the right kind of customers? Who your customers are would determine the location for your hotel. If they are elite customers or budget customers, it’s important you know first, before deciding on the location.

The right location would always be the right place that your target customers would find most convenient to come. If you noticed, motels are mostly built along highways. The reason is because their target customers are usually road travelers.

However, if you are going to invest tens of millions and above into your hotel business, don’t just assume the location is right for your target customers. Going into hotel business is enough risk on its own. So don’t multiply that risk by making wide guesses. Use experts to conduct feasibility study on any proposed location or to find you the right location for your target customer.

If you make mistake of a wrong location your hotel business is doomed from day one. The wise thing to do is to avoid early mistakes like this, it may not be easily corrected anytime in the future. The money you spent on feasibility study is a wise investment. So, don’t ignore it for any reason.

Step Three: Plan for Capital

It doesn’t matter whether you buy an existing hotel or start a new hotel from scratch; even if you choose to renovate a building into a hotel, everything is about money. And it can cost in the millions or billions of naira to build one. And if you don’t have the money readily available, you will need to seek bank loans or get from investors.

Step Four: Package a Business Plan

A hotel business plan is not just a document to help you get loans from the bank. It’s a simple, clear, but persuasive plan that is required throughout the building and management of your hotel business.

It should communicates the vision, mission and focus of the hotel business. And’ defines who should work in the hotel, what qualification they should possess and also their roles and daily work functions.

A good hotel business plan should also look into the staff training requirements and service manual to help it achieve a better customer service experience required of a hospitality brand.

It’s ideal to package both hotel business plan with feasibility study report together for seamless idea management. However, don’t start looking for a cheap business plan package. You need a workable plan and not cut and paste hotel business plan. And expert feasibility study report to cost more.

Step Five: Design, Build And Furnish Your Hotel

Use only the best comoany to plan, design, build and furnish your hotel. A hotel is more than a fine building. So much goes into the building of a hotel. Firstly, the class of hotel business is a major criteria when designing a hotel.

A builder who doesn’t understand the different class of hotels won’t get it right. And when you understand the class of hotel to build, it helps you come up with a feasible budget and save you cost from adding amenities that doesn’t belong with that classification.

Also, hotel furnishing is an important aspect of hospitality. You want customers to satisfy their fantasy which includes luxury beyond what they have and experience at home. Whether you want to build a 1-star or 5-star hotel, you need an experienced company to build your hotel.

If you are new in hotel business then you should be talking to us about designing and building your hotel. Here is what you should do now. Call or WhatsApp: 08139006120 or 07087770518.

Step Six: Offer Satisfactory Services

Whatever your offer let it be satisfactory to your target customers. One of the key benefits of knowing your customers is to be able to provide them with the best services that exceeds their expectations.

That way, even your staff are trained to know what your customers want and how to satisfy them. Sometimes, it could means being courteous, capable of resolving issues that arise promptly or even as simple as remembering the names and preferences of repeat guests and giving advice about what’s new and better for them.

Step Seven: Implement a Smart E-commerce Strategy

Most hotel rooms are sold online than through walk-in customers. A good hotel should be able to sell at least 60 percent of its room via online hotel booking portals. Apart from hosting your own booking portals, you should also list your hotels with every popular hotel marketplace online.

You should take advantage of social media platforms to promote offers and sell more hotel rooms. Your marketing strategy should be such that encourages the sales of more rooms. Even if it includes using price point to lure online customers.

Step Eight: Structure a Smart Hotel Pricing Strategy

Sometimes, a little bit higher than normal price could bring you more customers than an average price or cheaper deals. Be smart and learn smart hotel pricing strategy. It will help you increase number of rooms you sale per day.

However, you should learn to determine room rate based on your cost and market research. You may have relatively high cost than a competing hotel. Selling lower than them may be costing you good revenue.

Price factors should include the following:

  • Cost of Staffing
  • Room category and amenities
  • Average Time and length of stay
  • Cost of Maintenance
  • And your Competitors pricing

Step Nine: Make Flexible Decisions

Hotel customers are the most difficult set of customers to deal with. And that’s because they are rich or are willing to spend more for luxury and comfort. That means they are also loud and braggadocios.

They want everything, even beyond what they can afford. Sometimes you need to make decisions that is not in the hotel manual, your hotel management needs to be flexible enough to decide on every issue to improve customer satisfactory report.

Also, you should know that a single bad customer review online can destroy your hotel business than a thousands good reviews can do. So, paying close attention to what customers may say about you should help you decide faster on every customer request.

Step Ten: Differentiate And Target Repeat Customers

Customers would remember their experience more than the ambience of your hotel. Offer them better experience to help them choose your hotel against the competitors. Rather than try to do too many things, focus on significant areas of hospitality and do it much better than hotels around you.

Also, you should create the kind of products that other hotels don’t have. That way you win a significant numbers of repeat customers who would come to your hotel because you offer what’s not available elsewhere.

Step Eleven: Focus on Quality Management

Providing quality services at any hotel is not just about the value customers derive from the products. Most times it’s often the way the values are being presented. Having an inspired workforce is better than building the best looking hotel in town.

If your workforce are happy working in your hotel they would in turn express it in the way they serve those who come to the hotel. Primary because they want to continue to work here and not because they are afraid to be sacked.

Focus on employees satisfaction as much as you want customers satisfied by the employees. Factor a good pay and free times for workers into your management style. Don’t treat workers as slaves, because they will express slave mentality in their service delivery.

Step Twelve: Plan For Strategic Marketing

Don’t be the kind of hotel people would discover by chance. Be popular in your market. That’s the way to grow hotel business. If people don’t know your hotel exist they wouldn’t recommend you to anyone.

Create marketing that encourages more new customers. The more new customers you make the better your long time success strategy. Also, discover programs and events that bring more people to your city and tap into them.

It might be churches, government or organizations. Partner with them and create special price package to lure them to use your hotel for their events. Do everything to be the hotel of choice by most event organizers in your city.


Hotel business is location base. The first thing you must get right is your location, using your hotel classification and target customers as a yardstick to determine where to locate your hotel business. And getting your hotel location right should not be a guess job. Neither does it require a magic wand.

What you need is a professionally done feasibility study to determine the possible profitability of your hotel business in your chosen location. And if the right location meets the target customers with the right hotel classification building, your hotel business will be an instance success.

Note the three key points: location, target customer base and the right hotel classification building. These three things would require the best hotel consulting experts to handle it for you. Don’t throw away your hard earned money in ignorance and ‘over-sabi’ mentality.

Finally, if you are planning to start your own hotel business in Nigeria don’t hesitate to contact us through the following contact details. Call or WhatsApp: 08139006120 or 07087770518. Email: nedu@myblog.com.ng

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Grow Yourself Worth

How To Work In Dubai: Get Paid Over 600k Monthly

Do you know how to drive? Would you like to work for a taxi company in United Arab Emirate? Can you afford to pay the expenses to process your travel permits to work in Dubai? If your answers are yes, then read further. I have instant employment for you in UAE.

The job is available now. It’s not a promise. Once you qualify, and pass the interview here that will be conducted in Nigeria, you will be on your way to Dubai. The job is for a two years driving job. After the first two years, you can renew your contract and extend your work permit to allow you to continue to live and work in UAE.

Which Work In Dubai Jobs Available?

If you are now unemployed here is your chance to gain meaningful employment with good monthly salary. The jobs are guaranteed if you meet the necessary requirements.

The salary is also good compared to salaries you can get in Nigeria. Even though it’s driving job, it’s more decent that bank jobs in Nigeria. And it’s not like the kind of driving job you have in Nigeria. This one is executive driving.

You will also get bonus salary. Yes, you will be getting bonus salary every month for hard work. Sometimes, your bonus maybe more than your basic salary. If you are hardworking you can earn your salary times two as bonus monthly. Assuming your salary is N400,000, you can earn bonus salary of over N800,000. Although, this amount is not guarantee but it’s possible.

There is also one month leave every year for that two years. You will have opportunity to come to Nigeria and see your family once in a year.

And there are other incentives depending on the company you work for in Dubai. Some of the incentives includes:

  1. Free feeding allowance for the first three months you are in Dubai.
  2. Free accommodation (depending on the company you work for)
  3. Driving school training to teach you how to drive in UAE

And many others.

What is the average Salary in Dubai?

The salary in Dubai is more than the salaries in Nigeria. The basic salary for a cab driver is around N250,000 to N400,000 depending on the company you are working for.

But the average bonus salary is N300,000 to N1,000,000 monthly. In Dubai hard work is encouraged. Since you are generating revenue, the company encourages you to work hard by sharing part of the revenue you generate with you as bonus salary.

That means, while you get your normal salary for working for them, you can also get extra pay every month for generating for revenue for them. The bonus salary is not paid to everyone but those who worked hard that month.

It’s to discourage laziness and idleness. If you want to be paid more money you equally work for it.

What Are The Working Hours in Dubai?

In Dubai there is nothing like working hours for a cab driver. It’s a 24 hours job. So, you can work as much as you want and earn as much as you work.

However, the company might decide to share the time between you and another driver, like a shift job. While you work for 12 hours, your partner will work for the rest 12 hours of the day.

That makes it easy for both of you to rest in the 12 hours when you are not working. And be strong enough to work your 12 hours times successfully.

You may also be given a 24 hours work time. Those who work for 24 hours doesn’t necessarily work all the 24 hours everyday. They pick the time passengers are more and rest when it’s low peak.

However, working for 24 hours means more money for a driver. You work more and earn more as well. The richest drivers in Dubai are those that have 24 hours driving. But companies don’t easily give you a car to your self for 24 hours. You must work hard and have proven it to them.

How Can Get A Job in Dubai?

Getting a job in Dubai is not difficult. You need to have the qualification for any job you want to do. It’s a law abiding country. So, everything is done according to the law. But to get a driving job doesn’t need much qualification. Though you are required to meet the following requirements:

  1. Drivers license with at least 3 years driving experience in Nigeria. A new drivers license will not be accepted. It must be at a least three years. Expired one is preferred because it means you have used it for up to 3 to 5 years.
  2. International passport with age not more than 45 years. The age for driving is below 45 years. However, they are looking at the age on your passport to decide your age. Your passport must show age below 45 years. New passports are allowed as well.
  3. West African O’Level examination certificate. You will need at least WAEC certificate. You will be required to attend driving school when you get to Dubai. So, ability to read and write is required. You WAEC certificate is proof that you have some basic education.
  4. Police report to certify that you don’t have criminal record. This one is obtainable in Lagos or Abuja Police office. In Lagos it’s only PANTI that issues this document. In Abuja its force headquarters. It’s just for police to prove that you have no criminal record. It can cost like N20,000 for the document.
  5. Other documents include health tests. There are basic health tests that are required like, HIV, tuberculosis, and hepatitis.

How Can I Get Dubai Work Visa?

Dubai work visa is only issued to companies employing people in Dubai. They are not issued to people. To get a Dubai work visa you need to first get employed by a company in Dubai. And the company will ask for a work visa for you before it can be granted.

Anyone who claims to get you a work visa is a fraud. You must first get employed and the company that employed you will not apply for a work visa with your documents before UAE government will approve it.

For you to work in Dubai you will need to be employed. So, the companies that hire drivers come to Nigeria to conduct their interviews. It’s only after the interview that you should pay any money to anyone for a work visa.

However, the Dubai work visa is not as cheap as their visiting visa. The visitor’s visa is for a week or two. But work visa is for a minimum of two years an opportunity to work in Dubai and earn money.

So, the rate is higher than regular visiting visa.

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