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How to Make Your Local Business Ads More Effective

Local Businesses

Do you run local business Ads? A local business is not really a business that is ‘local’ but one with physical address. Google sees businesses with physical address under its local businesses category. That means you offer a service that people come to get from a physical location.

If your business have a physical location, offering a service at a location, you are one of the local businesses. These categories of local businesses includes restaurants, salon, photoshop, supermarket, fashion store, phone shop, etcetera.

If your business fall within any of the types I mentioned here or even similar category that requires a physical shop to attend to customers? Then, this article will be of great help for you.

However, you haven’t advertised on Facebook before, you need to read this article first. Because I’m dealing with just a part of Facebook Ads here and not advertising from scratch.

How Local Business Ads Work

Advertising your local business on Facebook is not different from any other Facebook advertising. The only difference here is that you are seeking to reach a specific type of people. And to avoid reaching out to those who would t be able to patronize your business due to location.

It’s like a targeted ad but this time your focus is limited to only those who are within your defined locality. For example, if your business is located in Lekki part of the state, your Ads would target only those within Lekki area.

But knowing the location to target with your Ads and actually achieving your desired results from the Ads may require some tactics. Here are the four steps I have researched you can use to Run effective Facebook Ads for a local business.

Local Business Ads Lookalike Audience

If you want to get the right result for you local business Ads, think about lookalike audience. Since you already have a functional business, use your customers email to target their lookalikes on Facebook.

Lookalike audience are simple same type or profile of customers that already patronize your business. They probably have the same location, interests, age and probably buy similar goods online. There should be one or two things that connect them together.

But where your business is starting from scratch, you may not have any lookalike audience. You might just be left with defining your own target audience. And for local businesses the best target audience starts with your location, relevant interests and behaviors.

Facebook let’s you target your ads with features that gives you more options to choose who you want to reach with your ads. So you don’t have to waste money advertising to everyone who may not be interested in your business or not within reach to patronize your services.

Try Targeting More People

You also need to know that location based ads may tend to limit the number of people you can advertise to. Imagine if your city location doesn’t give you as much target audience that would help you Ads success. You can try reaching further to nearby areas that may likely patronize you as well.

For example, you can even find that most of your customers are people traveling into your city, If it’s a hotel business. You may target people who live outside your city but are likely to travel to your city anytime soon.

Let assume you have a hotel in Asaba but you want to advertise to people in Lagos. Considering the business relationship between Lagos and Asaba, you may reach more potential customers in Lagos. By targeting cities in Lagos that have people that are likely to travel down to Asaba or even Onitsha for business.

Places like Trade fair, Alaba international market may hold potential customers for your hotel business in Asaba. You can enlarge your Ads reach by targeting these potential customers as well.

It’s advisable that you set your radius of targeting large enough so that you reach as least 50,000 to 100,000 or more people. But don’t waste your ad spend on irrelevant targeting. Focus only on where you can find people who would patronize your business more.



Always Offer A Deal

The importance of Facebook Ads is not just to reach more people. Your target should be to get them to patronize your business. And one way to achieve that faster is to offer them a deal.

People tend to buy when a deal is offered to them. So, your Facebook Ads should always offer a deal. It’s essential to getting potential customers to click on your ads and visit your site or social media page to get the offer.

It’s also important that you know the kind of deal that your target customers would be attracted to. As a business you should already have done customer profiling. Your type of customer should let you know what deals are attractive to them.

You deal could be a discount, BOGOF (buy one get one free), free breakfast or lunch, or free birthday or anniversary gift, if you know why your customers are visiting your hotel.

Test Different Local Business Ads Headlines

It’s important to test your ads to know which one is bringing the customers and what’s working for you at the moment. No matter how good you think an ad is, it may not feel so with your target audience at that movement. It’s always better to test different ads.

Always create two ads with different offers. For example, taking a cue from the kind of deals I mentioned earlier, you could create an ad for BOGOF and another one for discount offer.

But if the two ads didn’t resonate with your audience, drop it and change to another two ads. However, you may be testing two ads and they both appealed to your audience and are bring in more customers to you. It’s better to stick with what works all the time.

And don’t be ashamed to drop none performing ads and switch to performing ones.

Ads Services For Local Businesses

As a local business owner, understand how Facebook Ads really works. Where you don’t have the time to manage such Ads yourself, outsource it. Especially, if you don’t want to increase your recurrent salary scale to hire a social media person to operate your ads.

Here’s what to do. You can hire a digital marketer. But someone who understands local businesses marketing. Ads for local businesses on a need to use basis. You don’t always run these ads. So you can use outsource to do it when ever you need to run ads for a period, like for Christmas period or Black Friday sales.

But make sure each ad plan runs for a minimum of one month. Short time Ads seems to have short term impact. A month is good enough to reach as many people as should be reach to help you achieve your ad target. And to hire a digital marketer for your local business ads shouldn’t cost much on a need to use basis.


Running local businesses gives you huge advantage in Facebook ad targeting. As a location based business you can identify and target those who are more likely to patronize your business. It reduces wastes from your ad spend.

Always plan your ads ahead of time and utilize different shopping seasons to create offers. Remember that customers also plan to spend more money at these times and are looking out for the best deals.

Not advertising when you should be is a bad business policy. As a local business, no matter how much business you get, always know that you can get more if you advertise and at the right time when customers are also planning to spend money.

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