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How to Start A Successful Niche Blog In Nigeria

Successful niche blog

Do you want to start a blog? I would recommend you start a successful niche blog. In case you don’t fully know the benefits of a niche blog and how you can grow this type of blogs faster than general blogs, I will be showing you things you need to focus on more.

Starting a blog today is no longer an easy job as it was some decade ago. A lot of Nigerian bloggers are struggling with generating traffic for their blogs. The reason is not that blogging no longer works, but the game has changed. Even the SEO techniques has shifted from on-page to more of off-Page.

It takes a lot now to grow a blog. And the way search engines treat blogs now, it’s difficult for general blogs to grow their traffic faster than a niche blog would. That’s why it’s in your interest to narrow your niche and help Google understand your blog and help you grow faster.

Why Niche Blog

There are many reasons you should start a niche blog instead of general blogs. I know most startup bloggers think that writing on every topic increases your traffic. That’s a farce.

Having a general content makes it difficult for Google to properly rank your site under one topic. It would rather treats each post as a single topic, reducing the impact each post could have on the entire blog, since the contents are not directly related. That affects the traffic you get from the search engine too.

I’m going to break it down for you, in a way you will understand and take advantage. Most importantly, I will also remove the fears many have in starting a blog. Yes, blogs are still the fastest way to gain online relevance, as social media networks are now censoring and reducing the reach of users posts.

What’s A Successful Niche Blog?

Niche blogs are specialized blogs that addresses only a particular niche. It’s like a question and answer approach. So, a niche is the problem you want to solve with your blog. This gives you advantage with search engines.

Your blog is easily categorized in search engines and that shoots it up through the page-rank faster than general blogs. Your blog is only competing with other blogs in the same niche, which is limited, and not with all the billion blogs on the internet.

Examples of a niche blog are too many to ignore them. There are countless niche blogs online that you won’t have a problem finding your kind of niche to learn what other Before have done.

And you can easily know what niche would flow with you by knowing what natural type of intelligence God gifted you with. If you have a hard time figuring it out, I recommend you read this: 9 Types Of Intelligence In Smart Entrepreneurs.


How Niche Blogs Work In Practice

A niche blog is an information resource targeting at a particular audience with a focused need. It deals on a specific topic or content. Although, everybody has a different idea of what a niche should be, but that doesn’t change the fact that a niche is addressing a specific topic.

So, choosing the topic of your niche and focusing on that topic, by addressing every sub topic that exist in that niche is what makes a niche blog powerful. It’s like a compendium of specific information.

For example, football is a type of sports. It’s a niche in the sports arena. Doing a football blog is a niche. However, a football blog can also be a general blog when you now look at blogs that deals with only players transfer market, or fan clubs, or betting, etcetera.

Finding A Niche For Your Blog

In picking a niche for your blog, it’s not entirely a straightforward approach. Even after you select your niche, you still need to calculate the traffic volume, the revenue model and conversion funnel.

However, you don’t have to be a pro blogger to figure it all out. You can follow what existing blogs are doing well, and you will be just fine. The first step is in finding a profitable niche is finding your niche. It matters what you have enough motivation for.

Don’t do news blog if you don’t have the flare for news media. The same goes for gossip blog, etcetera. Remember, blogging is like teaching, you stay with the subject you are best at. That’s the only way you can create the best content and win the best endorsements from sites with higher domain authority.

Avoid trying to jump into niches that seemed to be attractive or profitable. The game of search engine traffic is changing everyday. It takes more efforts now to win in the online traffic war than was possible in the past.

Tips On Profitable Niche Blog?

To find a lucrative niche would largely depend on your target audience. The most profitable niche blog is that blog that provide answers to problems most people have in a way that’s helpful and easy to access to their benefits.

Nigeria is a complex online community. Most of what drives blog growth are freebie blogs. That’s why blogs like free music download sites are gaining momentum. But the real problem is also how to monetize them since bloggers don’t usually have copyright to those songs.

If you are to go by Google standard of a profitable niche, then you can just add problem with number of people who are looking for solutions online. Also know that it’s not every problem have large number of people looking for its solution online. But generally, any problem with large number of victims would make a profitable niche blog, and finding such problems won’t be difficult.

For a profitable niche blog, your concern should be to find the problem that the victims are capable of paying for solutions. Google search is built as a way for people to find solution or answer to their question. If your solution is worth money that’s a way to gauge the power of your content with search engine approval rating.

A comprehensive answers on a blog to a niche problem would get more searches than those in a general blog. You don’t need to start looking for a profitable blog in a niche you know nothing about. There are problems everywhere and you can find one that you are qualified to solve.

Focus On The Right SEO Techniques

In SEO, it’s a give and take kind of thing. You give the best solution and you get rewarded with more traffic. But there’s a lot that helps make that transaction possible. It’s not just about the best content wins. The battle is now beyond the cliché ‘content is king’.

That phrase ‘content is king’ is getting a new definition. Your blog also needs to be endorsed by top internet sites. Yet, it’s more so like how it operates in the real world. If you get endorsement from the big companies you can get virtually anything done in the business world. Google thinks that way with its search algorithm.

You can do your best in on-page SEO, but if your off page SEO sucks, you still can’t get much of a traffic from search engines. I made this mistake for over 2 years, working mostly to perfect my on-page SEO. But when traffic stagnates at the same level for more than one year, I knew something else has to be done. You don’t have to wait that long to find out the truth.

However, most of what you do to optimized for on-page SEO is now being done for you by Google algorithm. The search engine understands your content now more than even your keyword is trying to make it see. And because there are billions of other sites competing, Google pays more attention to site endorsed than your on page SEO.

How To Do Off Page SEO Right

The reason for off page SEO is to get the much needed endorsements from other sites. Think of it this way, that you have a book and CNN, BBC, Bloomberg, New York Times, etcetera are reviewing it on their networks. That’s a huge endorsement that your book is a best seller, and that would translates to more sales.

That’s pretty much what happens to your search traffic when big sites link back to you. Although, some are still thinking backlinks as in quantity. But Google values the site quality more than the number of backlinks you get from many sites. If you get more high quality backlinks that’s a huge win over your competitors. That’s how fast to get to the first page of Google ranking.

The theory of backlinks is based on MOZ domain authority ranking, which rate sites from zero (0) to hundred (100). The higher the number the more authority that domain commands. One backlinks from a site with DA 80 is more valuable to your site SEO than hundreds of backlinks from sites with DA 20.

How To Get High DA Backlinks

If you understand the power of backlinks, you will also know that it doesn’t come so easily. You are not going to get backlinks from sites like Amazon, CNN or New York Times just by asking. Don’t listen to the gurus. Those theories they preach doesn’t always apply to everyone.

Think of backlinks as a growth formula. If your site is still low in domain authority, start by attracting backlinks from site with much higher DA than yours. It’s a journey you are undertaking. So be patient to follow the routes.

Alternatively, don’t ignore this one as well, pay to get backlinks. I know it’s not something to say openly. But it’s a common thing happening online. People are selling backlinks. It’s a huge business. As Google tries to limit the use of paid backlinks, sellers are getting smarter and successful.

There are so many sellers on Fiverr where you can buy backlinks. Okay, don’t fret, follow this link to Fiverr site. I don’t recommend any other platform because it’s also so easy to get conned by spammers who sell bad backlinks.


Blogs don’t just grow online. It requires a lot of online traffic to grow. Unless you are willing to Invest enormously in advertising, then your best source of traffic is the search engines. To get search engines to trust you and send you traffic you have to play the search engine game.

While niche blog gets approval from search engines as authentic resource for that particular niche, you also need to prove that your blog overall content can be trusted. That’s why you need backlinks as online endorsement from high domain authority sites.

If you get things right fast enough, your blog grows. The idea that if you have many blog posts it’s faster way to grow traffic is not entirely true, but it does help. One blog post can get you more traffic if it has highest DA rating than all the entire traffic from Washington Post.

Chinedu David
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