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How to be a Successful Blogger Without Writing a Blog

Successful blogger

Do you want to be a blogger? Do you want to know how to make money as a successful blogger? And how you can start your own online business with a blog?

Welcome to my unique expose on blogging. I’m not just showing you how to be a blogger but to be a successful one. You will learn how to do everything right as a professional.

If you can write, you may never know the power your own until you start blogging. The force of blogging can be applied in many ways than just written words. And here is your opportunity to learn how to be a successful blogger. And start influencing your world.

Top 10 Bloggers In Nigeria

I believe you have heard of successful bloggers in Nigeria. The one that comes to mind includes Linda Ikeji blog. Here is a list of the top ten Nigerian bloggers by RanksNG.

  1. Linda Ikeji of Linda Ikeji blog
  2. Japheth Omojuwa Founder of Ynaija
  3. Chudy Jideonwo co-founder of Ynaija
  4. Loy Okieze of Techloy
  5. Onibalusi Bamidele of YounPrePro (
  6. Makonde Azeez of Naijaloaded
  7. Jide Ogunsanya of Ogbongeblog
  8. Noble Igwe of 360nobs
  9. Uche Eze, the founder of BellaNaija
  10. Ovie of Notjustok

Mark my words, there are clear-cut steps to become a successful blogger in Nigeria. It’s not what everybody is doing. You need to know what they did and how they do it.

Understanding Blogging In Nigeria

One of the assumptions a successful blogger doesn’t make is thinking that a blog will start earning money immediately. That may never happen. Although it’s not entirely impossible.

But don’t start a blog with that in mind. You need to have alternative income sources. You should know that it might take up to two years before you start seeing good web traffic. That’s not a short time to wait for money to start flowing.

It’s also one of the reasons we have fewer success bloggers. Most bloggers are not prepared to wait for their blog to grow.

How Do You Make Money As A Blogger?

One thing you must know about successful bloggers is the mindset about blog money. A successful blogger makes the blog into a money-making machine. They understand what is Blog money are how to tap into it.

Until a blogger has created Money blog, you don’t expect revenue. The wrong expectation can kill passion.

Blog money comes from web traffic. And it’s measured by the percentage of traffic to your site. Mostly between five to twenty per cent of your web traffic. It can be lower or even higher.

A successful blogger only leverage web traffic to make money. You don’t start running ads or selling products from day one. You build an audience, with increasing traffic sources. Then, you can monetise the traffic for money.

How To Start Blogging

Blogging is the most straightforward job for writers. A writer doesn’t need to learn how to blog. The only challenge, which can be fixed, is how to grow your blog. But if you needed to learn how to blog, that is a significant problem.

So, before you consider blogging as a career, you should know how to write and enjoy doing it. Because to be a successful blogger, you will have to blog so many titles and subjects. It’s not an overnight success.

Writing is painstaking. It will need your time, your mind and your hands to write. It can be a tasking Job. But for a writer its fun. I write as a way of life. I enjoy it more than any other Job.

That is where your wish for blogging should start. If you don’t see that gift in you, it won’t be long before you give up blogging. Even some successful bloggers get tired and sale their blogs.

There are two ways to start blogging. You can blog on other blogs as a guest blogger or start a blog. You have to be involved in any of the two to be a blogger.

Create A Blog

Anyone can get online and create a blog. But to create a blog like a successful blogger, you shouldn’t do things the same way. You should be purpose driven. Your kind of expectation should decide how you create your blog.

The easiest way to create a blog is to use WordPress. It gives you the expansion capabilities, with access to premium themes and any plugins you need.

Also, you will need a web host for your blog. Choosing the right web host is equally essential. Some themes and plugins may have server compatibility requirements.

So, not every web host is right for your blog. Don’t find out the wrong way. It’s better you choose the web hosting companies that are compatible with blogs.

Who Is A Successful Blogger

Being a successful blogger is not the same as being a blogger. Even though they are both doing the same thing but at different degrees.

But it doesn’t really cost much to run a successful blog. What you need is to know how and what to do. And the rest is patience.

If you want to be successful in blogging, you have to take blogging seriously. Even if you start as a part-time career, don’t treat it like a part-time. You should invest time and money into it.

Most times, people associate blogging with the word ‘free’. That doesn’t mean it’s a career you start when you don’t have money. It’s not cheap to keep up a blog. I have listed for you what a successful blogger does. It gives you an idea that it’s not for everyone.

A successful blogger:

  1. Writes and manages a blog daily
  2. Promotes the blog posts on different platforms
  3. Performs regular on-page optimisation
  4. Writes and publishes articles on other blogs to promote your blog
  5. Seek for other bloggers to link back to the published contents
  6. Generally building the brand image on the blog
  7. Generate revenue for the blog
  8. And patiently waits for readers to comment and then respond to every comment.

It’s a full-time job to be a blogger. And these are just a few of what goes on at the back-end. Some bloggers sell products on their blog. So, they have customer service Job to do every time. Whether on customers enquire or purchases or even cancel purchases.

Writing And Managing The Blog

After you have created a blog, you need to start blogging. But what should you be blogging? Although, you should know before even creating a blog. But sometimes you might discover an angle you feel so strongly about and want to change.

While that is not good, but it usually happens to bloggers.

You should try as much as possible to stay on a subject you have enough information or willing to learn.

Guide Of A Successful Blogger

  • Blog regularly and on specific days.
  • Your title blogs must be captivating each time and addresses one problem at a time.
  • Stay focused on the main subject of your blog. If it’s a fashion blog, stay in fashion.
  • Understand how search engine optimisation works.
  • Use premium blog theme. Don’t use the free WordPress theme
  • Invest in relevant plugins. Only use free plugin version to test before buying. If a plugin is useful for your blog success, purchase the premium version. The free version limits the advantage you can get.
  • Learn how keyword works, research option and how to optimise your blogs for Focus keywords.
  • Update your blog posts at least once every year.

Writing Google Optimized Blogs

There are several things to consider when writing your blog posts. And that is the mindset a successful blogger has for every blog post. You don’t just write articles and post on your blog. Every blog post topic is carefully chosen.

It’s all part of your big picture. You pick your topic based on the audience needs. And you write it with Google in mind. You accomplish two things. You offer a solution to your fans, and you make Google love it to want to show it.

Here are strategies a successful blogger would use to write a blog post.

  • The focus of the title is to provide a solution
  • It’s well researched with references
  • It’s optimised for free Google traffic
  • And it’s promoted to existing followers
  • Also advertised on social media to expose it to more people
  • Then, get other bloggers to link back to it

Promoting Blog Posts Socially

A successful blogger promotes the blog posts regulatory on social media. It’s not optional. It’s one of the effective ways to gain new exposure for your post.

You should have a plan and a budget to work with for it. I don’t mean posting some thoughts about your new post on social media. This should be a strategy for you. You should even link your blog to your social media platforms.

That way your blog posts are automatically posted on your social media handles as well. Then, you can optimise it for a social advert.

Most bloggers use Facebook to promote their blog posts. That also shares the advert on Instagram. It’s essential you have a specific budget for advertising each new blog post.

For example, if you post a new blog per week, budget weekly an amount you spend on social media adverts. If you blog more than one post a per week, you can budget based on a blog post. You need to know How to Start An Effective Social Media Marketing.

Performing On-Page Optimization

A successful blogger makes every blog post ready for search engine optimisation. You don’t just write a blog. It’s made prepared for free web traffic. Your blog can’t survive without free web traffic. It should be your number one source of web traffic.

And if you don’t have it as a priority, you will never be a successful blogger. Here is a clue of on-page SEO technique.

  • Optimize your title tags
  • Optimize for focus keywords
  • Write powerful meta tags to attract clicks on search engine
  • Write highly readable blog contents
  • Link your posts to sources or reference sites
  • Link back to another post on your blog as a reference

Although Google recent update is pushing for user experience, on-page optimisation is still relevant. Your visitors cannot have any user experience if they never clicked on your link. However, you need to learn more about SEO Techniques.

Publishing On Other Blogs

Your reputation as a blogger can be improved by writing on other blogs. That’s what a successful blogger does. You are famous not just for writing on your blog but on other blogs.

You can also leverage the success of other blogs to send new visitors to your blog. If people like what you post on other blogs, they will want more from you. And your blog will serve as a place for them to get more from you.

Seeking For Authority Back-links

This one is like the holy grail of blogging. Buts it’s equally important for your blog. Although many experts have proffered solutions on it, that doesn’t apply to everybody.

Some bloggers don’t bother about it either. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. But it’s okay to try. The most effective way is asking other bloggers to link back to you. That is, researching about your competitors and identifying who connected back to them on competing for content.

You can also get backlinks from others bloggers without asking for it.

Building A Blog Brand

If you want to become a successful blogger, you should create a brand. You have the advantage of doing it right from scratch. Most of the successful bloggers didn’t start building a brand. It was when they had become successful they created their brand.

Google is also shifting its algorithm focus to two essential elements. The user experience and brand identity. Your attention should be on these two as well.

Your first brand image creation should be from your logo and blog theme. Buy beautiful and professional designed WordPress themes only. Create a brand image that positions your blog as a professional.

Generating Blog Revenue

Until your blog starts earning revenue, you can boast as a successful blogger. Income is what validates your blog as relevant. A blogger achieves this by ensuring the web traffic is targeted using focus keywords.

Focus on what brings in the right traffic to your blog. And then serve the right products and services to meet their needs.

Managing Comments And Feedbacks

Blog comments and feedback from your visitors are essential. It shows you how they understood or benefitted from your post. It’s also a way of interaction with them.

You should pay attention to how you can attract comments and feedback from your visitors.

Action Points For A Successful Blogger

If you want to know simple steps you can take to become a successful blogger, here are the proven steps. A successful blogger is not trying to prove anything. You just do what wins for you in the market.

You may learn what others are doing, but that doesn’t always mean they will work for you as well. Learn to see your blog only in the eyes of your target audience. Find out where they go online, what they do there and what their primary concerns are? And then give it to them in your blog.

Point One: Your Audience Is Your Topic

To be a successful blogger you don’t pick your topic. You only choose your audience. Your audience becomes your topic. You blog what your target audience needs. And not any item you like to blog.

Your audience is your best topic. Study your visitors, learn what they want and how they want it. If you win your audience, you succeed in blogging. Put yourself in their shoes most of the times and ask yourself how they would want this?

Point Two: Plan Your Blog Content

Planning your blog content means you have a perfect understanding of what your readers want. For example, a fashion blogger considers are the fashion shows and events to plan the blogging calendar.

Good content is what keeps visitors coming to your blog. One of the best ways to write good contents is to research what your audience needs at the moment. You can tell by visiting Q&A sites. Or what people are posting on social media sites. You can also use the Google trend website to know what people are searching for online.

Point Three: Blog More Frequently

How often you blog depends on how frequent your readers want to hear from you. It’s not about how many times you feel like blogging a week or month. You are a successful blogger because your audience says so.

If they want more, you give them more. And when it’s less, that is what they should get. You need to know how often visitors would want to read new blog content from you. Although, specific blogs like news blogs don’t have the luxury of negotiating frequency. You blog every time there is breaking news.

Point Four: Be Focused About Optimizing Your Blog

If you are going to be a successful blogger, you must understand search engine optimisation. It’s not optional. The most significant traffic source for blogs and even any website at all is the search engine.

Your blog must plug into search engine traffic to become successful. You can’t pay for every visitor that comes to your blog. Especially when they run into millions per month. Tapping into free web traffic from search engines like Google is a big win for your blog.

Point Five: Promote Each Blog Post On Social Media

Your blog should build social media following. It’s also where you can get the first readers of your blog. Search engine visitors don’t find your new blog immediately. It can take months before the posts are visible for search engine visitors.

But social media can give that content it’s first new readership base. It might be your already existing followers on social media. However, every successful blogger knows the power of social media advertising.

You make a regular budget to promote your post on social media. A little investment for every blog post will help give you the first pair of eyes and new followers.

Point Six: Build Email Subscribers

This one is the primary key to a successful blogger. You need to build the list of your ardent followers. And to continuously reach out to them. You may have millions of visitors a month, but they are not your followers until they can keep coming back.

An email newsletter is a perfect way to build a list of ardent followers. These ones also are the first set to read your blog when you post fresh content. You email them ones you have posted a new blog.

This group has a lot of benefit for a successful blogger. They are the group that you can quickly monetise when you have a product to sell. You can get testimonial easily from them. Many of them will likely comment on your blog. You can’t afford to ignore to build an email list of your followers.


Although there are no generally defined ways for successful bloggers, there are things you can do to be sure you are on a right path.

Also, everyone may not be successful at the same level, some may be more successful than others. You should not measure your success with others. But you should be able to gauge if you are successful as a blogger or not.

You are a successful blogger because you have many followers and substantial monthly visitors to your blog.

In blogging web traffic is both the currency and the product. You are merely leveraging on other things. If you don’t have online traffic, you don’t have a blog. That means you are not a successful blogger.

Chinedu David
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