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How to Start Profitable Cooking Gas Retail Shop

Cooking gas retail shop

Do you know you can compete with cooking gas plants around you by setting up a cooking gas retail shop? DPR (The Directorate of Petroleum Resources), the government agency responsible for approving plants and shops for cooking gas retail, has released a new guideline to help you tap into the business even as a small investor. read more

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How To Start Exclusive Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotel

Do you want to start your own hotel? Do you know that its lucrative to operate a boutique hotel anywhere in Nigeria? If you live in a small city for example, these cities have limited number of hotels. And most of the hotels are also low class, and are old, lacking the needed amenities that depicts luxury. read more

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How To Start Hotel Business In Nigeria For Beginners

hotel business

Do you know that some states in Nigeria has less than 10 good hotels? There is so much money to make from hotel business in Nigeria if you know how to start one. If you want to go into hotel business or build your own dream hotel, here is a guide you can follow. read more

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