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How to Start Cooking Gas Accessories Business

Cooking Gas Accessories

Do you know cooking gas accessories business is a lucrative investment? If you are interested in starting a simple buying and selling cooking gas business this year, I will recommend starting a cooking gas accessories business. You can start it as a wholesale or retail business. Also, you can import gas accessories on your own or even have your own brand manufactured for you.

It can be your full business or as a side hustle. You can open one and hire a sale person to work for you while you still keep your 9 to 5 job. Even if you don’t know anything about gas or it’s products and hasn’t also done business before, I will show you a very easy to follow steps to start this business.

Cooking Gas Accessories Guide 

As the demand for cooking gas increases so is the demand for gas accessories. Because more and more homes are now using gas for cooking. The target customers for gas accessories are multiplying as well. To measure the current or future potential for gas accessories business, use your city population.

Although, the right measurement would be the number of household. But that’s not an easy figure to find. For now, use population and that would let you in on the huge potential for cooking gas accessories.

The business can be started either of this two ways:

  • Dealership or wholesale gas accessories
  • retail gas accessories

Additionally, you can also explore importation or manufacturing of some or all the accessories. Of course, that would be capital intensive. But its not impossible. You can also get funding from financial institutions. So you don’t need to finance it on your own.

Also, you can explore another article on this site, where I have carefully written about manufacturing your own brand. It will assist you if you hope to brand your own cooking gas accessories.

Opportunities In Cooking Gas Accessories

Starting a gas accessories begins with deciding on the accessories you want to sell. Although, there are few gas accessories you can sell, but they are becoming high demand products as demand for cooking gas keeps increasing.

Now, let’s start with finding profitable gas accessories you can deal on. Also, It’s better to know the products you can sell faster in your city or target market. Its more profitable to maximize your funds in stocking the right and high demand proportion than stocking the ones customers don’t buy often.

Moreover, avoid the mistake of other gas shop owners who buy from other retailers like themselves without knowing it. That makes their prices higher. Always ensure you get products from importers and major distributors to retail with good markup..

Cooking Gas Accessories List:

  • Gas regulator
  • Gas cylinder
  • Camp gas burner
  • Gas valve
  • Gas Hose

Let me explain what each product is for and the demand for it and why you should deal with it. The gas regulator is in colossal order now. Many families are changing to gas.

You know this thing when your neighbor’s husband buy the gas cooker for his wife, and your wife won’t let you rest until you buy for her too.

Gas Cooker

Many families are buying gas cooker because of there neighbour has one. Don’t underestimate the power of a woman when she wants something her neighbour has in her house. When you purchase a gas cooker, you must buy a gas cylinder with the regulator and hose.

Gas Cylinder

Under normal circumstances this should be the least selling gas accessories. But its currently high in demand due to fake and substandard cylinders on sale to consumers. Gas cylinder should last longer than any other products but from the standard sold in the market the lifespan is lower than it should have been.

That makes cylinders one of the high demand products you can sale.

Gas Burner

It’s the same with the demand for camp gas burner. In case you don’t know this camp gas burner is those small gas cylinder that has the burner attached directly to the bottle. They have become very popular now, especially among university students.

Gas Valve And Hose

While the gas valve and hose are also in demand on their own. Though they are not much of a hot product because valves come together with camp burners most time but the hose is in regular order but with meagre-profit margin. That’s why you shouldn’t do hose as a single product dealership.



Gas Regulator:

In todays gas accessories market, gas regulator is a high end product. Gas regulators are required and purchased by gas customers who use bigger cylinders like 12.5KG to as low as some 6KG sizes. It’s becoming scares in some markets, and may not be in high demand everywhere.

However, there are still average demand for gas regulators. You need to stock it in low quantity. Also, you consider gas regulators that can help monitor when gas will finish in the cylinder. A lot of gas consumers have issues of gas getting finished during cooking.

If you can offer them a regulator that can monitor gas usage, even those who already have gas regulators will buy new one from you.

Wholesale or Dealership Plan

One of the strategy for selling gas accessories is to become a dealer for brands. If you want to be a distributor in your state, find a gas brand that is offering exclusive dealership and signup with them.. You will have an exclusive dealership in your state.

Also, you have to know the cost implication too. You will require to buy directly from an importer and in bulk. Alternatively, you can import the accessories yourself, or manufacture your own brands to enjoy some exclusivity.  Another reason you may want to have your brand is to dictate your own quality and successful fight against competitors.

But here is the main secret to selling cooking gas accessories faster and more profitable as a distributor or wholesaler. In your town, you can find at least five to ten gas plants depending on your city, and many cooking gas accessories stores that are selling gas products. They are your target customers.

  1. Make a list of all of them.
  2. Go to them one after the other
  3. Ask them how much they are selling their gas regulators.

Try reaching at least 50 gas accessories shops. After you have done this, you now have 50 potential outlets where you can sell your gas accessories. Make sure  you have the samples ready if you are going to do this because you will need it to kickstart the sales.

Have a sample sales arrangement with them for a start. But avoid opening up credit sales because it will hurt you later if you want to demand for cash sales in the future.

Retailing Gas Accessories

The first to consider when starting your cooking gas accessories retail business is to find a well located shop in your target market. The two best option s to location your cooking gas accessories shop is inside the main market in your city or busy bus stops.

However, to start retailing cooking gas accessories, you will need a trusted supplier where you can be getting your accessories. There are two things you should consider when using a gas accessories supplier. Their products must have quality and at a competitive price.

You should avoid joining the trend of shop selling fake gas accessories. Let your customers know you for quality. That way, they wont even mind if your price is a bit higher than your competitors.


Finally, before starting this cooking gas accessories business, take out time to do some market research. You need to understand how the business is doing in your city. Find out how those already doing the business are faring – if its lucrative in your city. Also, if there are challenges they are facing that you may not be aware of.

Alternatively, take sometime to become an apprentice before starting your own shop. Look for a successful cooking gas accessories dealer and signup as an apprentice. Six months apprentice is ok to help you understudy the dealer and get the needed experience to start your own successfully.

Beside that, stocking large products at the beginning may not be a wise decision. Start with small stock and gradually be increasing it as you progress. It will help you spread your funds properly to products based on market demand. And it will reduce unnecessarily stocking large products that are not selling fast enough.

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