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4 Proven Steps to Start A Business With Zero Capital

Zero capital

What if there’s a way to start a business with zero capital. If you are thinking of how to Start a business but lack the required capital, here is a way out for you. I have 4 proven steps you can take to start a business with zero capital now.

You may have questions about how feasible this idea can be. There are many ways to start a business with zero capital. This idea is just one of them.

If you wondering the king of business you can start with this zero capital idea, the best bet is agency business. There are so many agency type business you can start with zero capital. Although this post just gives a general idea on how to start with zero capital.

Types Of Agency Business To Start

An agency can be a business, firm, or organization. It provides a specific service. And often work on behalf of another group, business, or person.

Let’s take an example from some agency types in the marketing world.

  • Traditional Advertising Agency
  • Branding Agency
  • Design Focused Agency
  • Media Buying & Planning Service
  • Promotional
  • PR or Public Relations Agency
  • Marketing Agency
  • Digital Agency

But agency business cuts across different skills set.

Starting With Zero Capital

Yes, you can start a business with completely zero capital. That’s what I want to show you how. Although starting any business when you don’t have capital depends largely on you.

You are the main key to opening this opportunity for yourself. If you have ever heard that faith is the capital, it applies more here. But it’s not just on the religious side. Faith in yourself and your ability to discover what you can offer in exchange for money is important.

Because to start a business with zero capital means you are the capital. If you can discover your capital potential you can start any business with zero capital. However, if you don’t have the skills you need already, you can acquire them too.

{1} Learning A High Demand Skill

There are several high demand skills available to learn for free online. You can check these free training on YouTube, hubspot courses or edx courses.

A high demand skill gives you an edge over attracting high valued clients who require your services. And it makes it easier for you to get them to hire you for their job. That eliminates the problem of not getting clients to work for.

You can check out my post on High Demand Skills To Learn This Year.

{2} Offering Your Skill To Businesses For Free

Once you have the right skills you can leverage for jobs, then, offer it for free to target companies who really need your services, even if they can afford it. You should target the companies that could pass on good reference value to your service.

Even though you are offering your skill for free, doesn’t mean it’s not worth paying for. As a startup business not many of these growing business would give you a chance to work for them. They would probably hire a more experienced business to do their job.

But offering to do it for free you will get to see companies that will give you a chance since it’s not costing them money.

Your real target is to build case studies for your service that you can reference to get even more bigger paying jobs. Because the bigger clients would like to see job references you have done. It gives them an idea that you can deliver. Also, it helps them see the quality of your work.

{3} Creating Account On LinkedIn

Having acquired good case studies, you now need to start promoting yourself to get paying customers. You will need a LindedIn account to start connecting with relevant business owners.

LindedIn is the social media of choice for business networking. By having an account you open up yourself to network with potential clients who may be interested in your skill set. And then you start pushing your earned case studies to show work done and what you can do for your target clients.

How to Create A LinkedIn Account:

  1. Open LinkedIn site on a browser: (Follow the webpage instructions). It’s pretty simple.
  2. Type in your personal information like, first name, last name, email, and preferred password.
  3. Click on the button “JOIN NOW” to submit your details.
  4. It will prompt you to select country. Scroll to select, enter zip code and click next.
  5. Indicate your current status, input your job description and the company where you work
  6. Personalize how your LinkedIn feed should look like.
  7. The next prompt is to verify your email.
  8. Goto your email to check the verification link
  9. Click on the link and follow the browser to verify your new LinkedIn account.
  10. Other prompts will follow to help you add some connections, either from your social media friends or contact from your email or fresh from LinkedIn site.

{4} Get New Clients

With your new LinkedIn accounts and fresh new connections to it, you are ready to start building your clients list. You can start by identifying your niche target. This will reduce the time spend in checking every business on LinkedIn.

You can either reach out to potential clients yourself by contacting them if you know they are looking for your skills. Otherwise, it’s better to let them find you.

You should start by posting and talking about the case studies you obtained from your previous jobs on your LinkedIn profile.


This kind of zero capital idea works best for agencies. However, your choice of skills are too important, based on the niche you are targeting. Your skill set must be among the high demand skills to give you the kind of advantage you require to get clients faster.

Companies can’t resist skills they have problems finding in the marketplace. Or skills that compliment their business, which they may not have the capacity to hire as full time paid employment.

You stand a better chance at targeting clients on LinkedIn than other social platforms. Also, on LinkedIn you can target the right decision makers of the companies you want to work for, since every executive has a profile on LinkedIn.

And all of what I have explained in this article can be done with virtually zero capital.

Chinedu David
About The Author: Chinedu David An inspiring writer with several years of experience in journalism, consulting and training. Worked with Success Digest magazine for over a decade. Founded MyStore - an online store in 2013. Trained several startup entrepreneurs in telecom sector, LPG (oil & gas), and on Cryptocurrency investment. A born again christian, who's committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ with passion. Drop a comment below and he will respond to your query. He can also be reached via email: or Call/Text/WhatsApp: 07087770518
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