This Song Will Hit You From ST. GREG in 2019

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Nigerian gospel music has witnessed significant growth in recent years & many of our gospel artists have made significant impressions internationally. Artists like Frank Edwards, Buchi, Sinach, Nathaniel Bassey, Ada, Samsong, Iyke Onka, Chioma Jesus, Eben, Joe Praize, to mention but a few.

Irrespective of this recent achievements, there are yet more heavenly birthed gospel artists that are speedily redefining the gospel music world, whom when you listen to them, you’ll be literally translated to the 3rd heaven. One of such artists is St. Greg, also of the Loveworld platform.

This is one artist you should watch out for this year. There is none of his tracks that you’ll listen to without being greatly moved of the Holy Spirit within your inner man or on your body with “holigorized dance steps.” Also, our sources confirmed that beginning from this December into 2019, there would be series of singles releases from this great Minister of God, who was a former lead singer of the renowned reggae group in the early 90s, The New Waves (Dready Boys).

In our quest to know more concerning St. Greg, we met a gentleman who introduced himself as his manager & he gave us an insight on St. Greg’s new song SPIRIT & LIFE (This Thing That Hits You) ready for release in few days. And honestly, this is a jam! We were carried away by what we heard & the hook of the song keeps playing on our minds. What a song! Playing the video of the song for us then became the climax. It showcases what fusion you get when “urban meets local”.

You can’t but just DANCE & SING IT! Just be close to your social media platforms on Dec. 12th 2018, this mega hit “this thing that hits you” which is officially titled SPIRIT & LIFE would hit the airwaves and where you are. Don’t miss out to download it as well.

As usual, you’ll see St. Greg’s power of songwriting, able to bring the real Word Of God into a strong melody that you can’t resist dancing to. If you are a dance group, surely you’ll like to try some of the dance steps on the video clip. In fact, this song is the best song that can help you showcase the gift of dancing that God has granted you. Feel it here before it Hits You!

Follow St. Greg on social media: Instagram @stgregmusic – Twitter @stgregmusic – YouTube @stgregmusic – Facebook @stgregmusic

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