6 Soft Skills To Acquire In Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeship program

Skills are important, but learning skills from a more experienced tradesman is a much valuable Investment. What you learn from such Apprenticeship program is too precious than what the academic world can offer.

A lot of cultures use apprenticeship program to groom young men and women into transferring skills that are relevant to their tribe.

This same model is now being used affectively to train people faster than modern schools can produce. The concept is now being studied worldwide and applied in most country in areas that requires technical skills and discipline.

Most Apprenticeship program pay you to learn. Unlike the traditional degree training that cost a lot on fees.

What’s Apprenticeship Program?

Apprenticeship gives students or apprentice an opportunity to learn by way of doing it. The model is a transfer of skill from a more experienced tradesman, often associated with vocational training, and the Apprentice attempt to follow the program while the tutor provides necessary feedback.

This model has been in practice for centuries even before modern educational system was introduced.

And the benefits of Apprenticeship Program includes:

  • Earn while you learn
  • Develop your skills
  • Receive recognised qualifications
  • Gain real work experience
  • Improve your employability
  • Gain independence and respect
  • Discover your earning potential
  • Benefit from ongoing and personalised support

Qualities Of A Good Apprentice

But your desire to learn through an Apprenticeship program must be matched with the right commitment and dedication required for such non curricula learning.

Your training success can only be measured by the processes and your internal system to endure, focus and emulate the tradesmanship of your trainer. Here are the qualities you should posses as a good Apprentice to benefit more from the program.

  • Be Willing to learn
  • Have a sincere interest in the job
  • Be punctuality
  • You should have a good work ethic
  • And have a fervent desire to learn

Soft Skills To Acquire Through Apprentice

You gain much through an apprenticeship program than the actual skills you acquire. The program is more effective in molding you into a perfect tradesman that jus giving you the basic skills from the job.

And without tuition fee, Apprenticeship is the best way to transfer real life experience with qualification that match the experience. Apart from the responsibility to complete contributory tasks to real situations, an Apprenticeship program helps to develop certain soft skills that accelerate your career.

Below are some the soft skills that is consciously transferred through apprenticeship program.

{1} Communication Skill

There are three engaging parts to communication. It includes, listening, speaking and writing. Apprenticeship engages through these three levels.

An apprentice gains better communication skills through the program. First, you learn by listening to the tradesman as he or she teaches. This molds you into a great listener, which is the best gift of communication.

Also, you get to speak when giving the chance to either explain or to show other apprentice what you learned or how you did what was assigned to you to do. While writing may come in different forms. Some Apprenticeship in Africa doesn’t involve physical writing, as most of the apprentice don’t know how to write.

{2} Organizational Skill

You also learn organizational skills, which is one of the soft skills for success in an apprenticeship program. Having organizational skills is one of the most important Soft skills you gain from a good Apprenticeship program.

{3} Teamwork

Being a team player is part of learning as an apprentice. Teamwork makes sure that every member of the Apprenticeship group gets equal contributions during learning. It also enhances the leadership skills in them, while giving the quiet members opportunities to express their ideas.

{4} Problem-solving Skill

As an apprentice, you get the opportunity to learn what’s like to fail and to overcome the fear of failure. You get the chance to deal with real life problems, and within a watchful eyes of the tradesman you get to learn solving problems with confidence.

{5} Adaptability Skill

You will learn an evaluable skill of adaptability during your Apprenticeship program. This will equip you on how to cope with ever changing work place environment. You also gain the resilient nature to adapt to different situations in order to succeed.

{6} Leadership Skill

Leadership is one skill that you must acquire during an Apprenticeship program. The tradesman greatest desire is to prepare you to lead a team even while you learn under an apprentice program. Usually the oldest students in the group gets to lead others while still under Apprenticeship.

The Apprenticeship program would seek to breed in you some leadership skills like:

  • Commitment and passion
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Good communication
  • Creative and innovative
  • Inspirational

You are either learning these soft skills along side your trade or you are ignoring these skill transfer from the tradesman. Although, they are not skills that are not consciously included in the Apprenticeship skills transfer. But they are given in the process of molding you as a great apprentice.


In an Apprenticeship program the main purpose is to learn. And what you learn from what you came to learn as an apprentice will either help you succeed or become the barrier to your success.

While you pay close attention to learning from the tradesman the job that brought you there, observe every other skills that is being transferred to you on the job.

It’s important to beware of what you shouldn’t learn. Most of what could be transferred is the character of the tradesman as well. Identify the ones that are not good for you or are below moral compass and avoid getting influenced.

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