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100 blog visitors don’t seem like much, right? But it was necessary to me. It wasn’t like I have built a successful blog before. And it feels so good to see that much number of blog visitors daily.

If you are startup blogger, this may interest you as well. But if you are already seasoned, it’s like child’s play.

You might probably be doing tens of thousands monthly. So, a guy with just 100 blog visitors doesn’t feel like much of a deal. But it was a deal for me. In fact, it was a big deal. I had finally broken the code. And it didn’t come cheap.

For me at that time, I would have loved CNN, BBC, or MSNBC to interview me. I wanted to tell the whole world how I Started getting 100 blog visitors daily. But that wouldn’t make such news headline.

There are many ‘idiot’ blogs making a substantial income online. Why should I trouble the whole world with 100 blog visitors?

The Value of 100 Daily Blog Visitors

For those of you who are just starting your blog, it’s for you. Don’t mind my ranting earlier. I was proving a point – that 100 blog visitors may not be a big deal for some. But it should be for you.

Many blogs died because they never made it to the 100 visits per day. So, don’t let me trivialize it for you. It’s indeed a bid deal.i

When Amazon sold its first book, it was a big deal for Bezos. The question is, how much profit was there in one book? You can see the point, but it made so much sense for Bezos to launch Amazon. Of course, looking at Amazon now, anyone would merely see the big deal then.

So, let me help you make your first big deal in blogging. You are a startup blogger. Nothing should be as important as growing your blog visitors.

Take it from me, the faster you can grow the better for you. Not many people have the patience to wait long for success. That’s the reason we have many failed projects all over the world.

People won’t couldn’t wait to see their efforts turned to gold.

How Long Before A Blog Succeeds

When I started my blog, I wanted to know how long it can take. I needed to start earning income. My last business just suddenly went flat in revenue. My bills have started piling up.

So, knowing how long it would take me was important.

I searched online looking for who knows. And I have seen different opinions. Some said within 4 to 6 months your blog posts will start showing in search traffic.

That felt both good and bad at the same time. I can wait for six months. But how do I earn income to sustain my bills in that six months?

You might even be in that same situation right now. And wondering how long or short is six months.

Well, that is even the most comfortable option. It never said you could start generating revenue. Your blog will index on searches.

So, with all your effort now in your blog, you can only start seeing little results from 4 to 6 months time.

However, Neil Patel wrote about how his long tail keywords started generating good traffic years after. And he went on to say, SEO strategy is for the long term.

You can mix the two information and rest your mind. That’s if you want a sustainable online blog. But if you are looking for a quick return on investment, I advise you think Facebook ads.

How Much Can 100 Visitors Generate?

Let me start with the good news. It would depend on your revenue models. And your target niche. It’s not certified 100 per cent. But it’s possible under normal circumstances.

100 daily visitors are 3,000 visitors in a month. Assuming you have a product priced at &100 you are selling. 3,000 visitors can translate to one per cent purchase. Which are 30 sales per month? You are already earning $3,000 monthly.

What I told you is not all that bad with just 100 visitors daily.
It can also scale up with advert revenue. And affiliate products. So you can even be looking at more than $3,000 monthly.

However, the bad news is that it can also be a no sale situation.
One thing you must settle as a startup blogger is that you don’t have 100 per cent control of its outcome. You can only do what you have to do.

It’s not even about all the tricks the gurus teach you. Even the gurus depend on platforms they don’t control. That is why I advocate starting with the basics. And then scale things up as you make progress.

Don’t jump into massive investment in your startup blog. Just invest in the basics. They will give you the thumbs up you need to access the direction your blog may take adequately.

When I first started my blog, it was a news blog. As I scale things, I realized I should be helping and not just taking. So, I moved to startup blog training. Now you are a beneficiary of that decision I made. And it’s because I used only the basics and still do.

How to Get Visitors to Your Blog

There is one key strategy to blog optimization, to drive visitors to your blog. But not every traffic is your traffic. The work of optimization is not only to drive traffic but to ensure that just the right kind of traffic gets to your blog.

It’s the reason bloggers invest a reasonable amount of time and resources to optimize for traffic.

Google ranks your site authority on visitors. And if they are not the right visitors, it can leave the wrong report to the search engine.

Your blog bounce rate and time visitors spent on your blog are tracked by Google, including the kind of visitors your keyword is sending to your blog. If you optimize for the wrong keyword for your content, Google cannot index the post.

Optimize correctly and drive only the right visitors for your content.

How to Grow Your WordPress Blog

WordPress gives you the massive advantage of plugins that can help you optimize your blog. It’s easier to grow a blog on WordPress than on any other blog engine.

The vast utility plugins WordPress provides gives any new blogger the power of a pro in optimizing for traffic. All you need to do is install the right plugins that can help you maximize appropriately for the right search engine traffic.

An excellent SEO plugin should help out with keyword search, assist in optimizing your tags and content. It should also help you place the new content or its revision on the sitemap.

There is so much one needs to do about traffic optimization that you can’t afford to dwell on every day doing them. A plugin should be able to assist with these complex tasks.

How to Get 1000 Blog Visitors a Day

If you are going to drive traffic to your blog, you have to rank for more keyword with substantial daily traffic volume.

Driving 1000 blog visitors is not the hard part. But you have to wait for it to happen. It will not happen overnight.

Blog traffic is has a growing pattern that it follows. There are periods of the building before the visitors would start coming.

The strategy for 1000 daily visitors is not different for the plan for 100,000 or 1,000,000 visitors. The more contents and keywords you optimize for the more traffic your blogs get daily.

You will need keywords and contents with estimated traffic volume. If you rank for keywords that generate up to 100,000 traffic daily, there is no way you won’t get 1000 of those juice.

You have to drive for more content and keywords. And if your blog is new, wait for the traffic to arrive. It can take from 3 months to 6 months before your blog visitors start coming.

Strategy to Grow Blog Visitors

Your best strategy would be to package the most trending content in your niche that has high volume keywords you can rank on Search Engines.

I made critical points in the above statement, which I want you to consider seriously. We don’t just target high volume keywords; it must be keywords you can rank for in search engine.

Some keywords may be difficult to rank your content. The question now is, how do you know which keywords to list or not to rank?
Now, coming back to growing your blog visitors, you have to build your blog systemically.

Your concern for more visitors should inspire you to plan for it. You will need strategy and not just the willingness to see more traffic.

The first plan should be to decide how many Traffic you need now. That will help you choose the content and the keywords that can generate them. And if your current materials are not anywhere near your target, it’s time to increase your content portfolio to achieve your objective.

How to Get Traffic to Your Blog for Free

If you want free traffic, invest in SEO technique now. Let me illustrate with my plan. I have a one-year strategic traffic plan. I’m looking at driving 100,000 free traffic from search engines in the next one year.

To achieve that I have already outlined my content strategy, keyword plan and cost implication. Don’t forget, if you want free traffic you must invest in it first.

You can copy my strategy it’s simple. I’m using the age-long SEO strategy. The only thing I have changed is the manual approach. I have automated things a bit with my Squirrly SEO Plugin.

I’m setting out for 365 blog posts this year. I’m targeting an equal amount of keyword rankings. But here is the secret I’m using to drive traffic.

The more keywords I can rank for the more traffic I can generate. I may not list for all of them, but I can surely rank for most of them.

That brings me back to high volume keywords. I pick my keywords based on how possible to rank for it. If a keyword is not possible to rank, I leave it and rank for a similar keyword that’s possible.

Finally, I weight each keyword Traffic estimate to judge if it’s reasonably okay with my Squirrly SEO plugin.

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