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I Just felt to share something that inspired me recently with you all. I was doing a study on some bible stories I was writing and came across the story of Lot’s wife. The first thing that came to my mind was, what’s the name of Lot’s wife?

I was shocked that I didn’t know anything much about her. I thought it was my error until I cross checked in all the Bible reference of her and didn’t see her name anywhere in the Bible. Even Jesus didn’t mentioned her name when He referenced her in the book of Luke chapter seventeen in verse thirty-two: Remember Lot’s wife.

Jesus used her as a reference to the story He was telling in that chapter. So, I thought, what is actually there to remember about Lot’s wife? Then, I stumbled on these four important facts. I will come back to that story of Jesus.

5 Important Facts About Lot’s Wife:

  1. Her name was not given
  2. She looked back
  3. She was turned into a pillar of salt
  4. She was preserved
  5. She wasn’t destroyed with Sodom

Do You Know Her Name?

No name was given of Lot’s wife like we have of Abraham’s wife Sarah. Although, the reason for this omission is not known, but it won’t be far from the fact that Lot’s wife was not from the same kindred as Abraham, like Sarah.

And at what time Lot married her was not given. No mention of her specifically or quote of her as we have of Sarah in many places in the Bible. Although, there’s believe that she could have been responsible for the problem between Abraham and Lot.

But there is not enough evidence to prove that beyond reasonable doubt.

She Looked Back:

Yes, this is the only reason Lot’s wife became legendary. We were not told of how beautiful she was, as we have of Sarah’s beauty. There was nothing else of note about Lot’s wife than she looked back when God said don’t look back.

The question is: didn’t she know it was God’s instruction not to look back? Was she not there when the angel said don’t look back? What type of person was Lot’s wife?

It’s obvious she didn’t just look back, she actually wanted to go back to Sodom. She didn’t want to leave Sodom. The Bible said she remembered her gold and silver which she had in Sodom.

Lot’s wife made a choice when she looked back. She had an unfinished business with Sodom. Remember that at the time she looked back, she was already outside of Sodom. It’s not just a looking back of the eyes. She went back in her mind.

The Bible even told us that all the nearby cities that had business with Sodom where all consumed along side. While they were burnt up with fire, why was Lot’s turned to a pillar of salt?

She Became A Pillar Of Salt:

I was a bit concerned with this fact about the end of Lot’s wife. Why would God chose to turn her into salt? She could have been turned to a rock or sand. Remember, it was in a dessert place.

The reason for turning into a salt was what Jesus revealed to us in His story: remember Lot’s wife. Jesus knew that what the people knew about Lot’s wife was that she looked back, and was turned into a pillar of salt. But why pillar of salt was not revealed to them.

Let’s look at salt and why it’s significant about Lot’s wife story. Salt is used mostly as a sweetener and for preservation. It gives taste to food and helps to preserve something from decay.

She Was Preserved:

Why salt? While the reason may not be scripturally proven, I only take solace in the scripture that says, if the salt therefore loses its savor it thrown to the earth and trodden under the foot of men.

Salt signifies preservation and sweetness, and that’s what Lot’s wife was, excerpt that her salt was trodden under the foot of men. Also, she was preserved from the destruction of Sodom; and as a sign for the world. For all those who are deceived by the cares of this world.

Another sign, is to the church. Lot’s wife is a sign of the rapture of the church. Jesus never told us to remember something that doesn’t have eternal value. The Bible talks about Christians who would not be Rapture in the first flight.

She Wasn’t Destroyed With Sodom:

There’s so much to learn from the story of Lot’s wife. Yet not much is known about her. I would have thought she would have been close to Sarah, since they lived together. But that never seemed to have happened.

Her destruction is also a lesson that still baffles many. The Angel never said if you look back you will turned into a pillar of salt. The Angel merely said, don’t look back. But what does that got to do with pillar of salt?

It’s an important lesson for Christians to learn from. Lot’s wife was his sweetness, but all that sweetness was gone. No wonder Lot’s life ended so miserably inside a cave. The rich man Lot died a miserable man, after impregnating his two daughters.

Jesus Told A Story On Lot’s Wife:

The title of this chapter is taken from Jesus’ statement in Luke chapter seventeen and in verse thirty-two: REMEMBER LOT’S WIFE. What does Jesus want us to remember about Lot’s wife? Let’s look at that scripture again.

Luke 17:29-33 KJV:

[29] But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all. [30] Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed. [31] In that day, he which shall be upon the housetop, and his stuff in the house, let him not come down to take it away: and he that is in the field, let him likewise not return back. [32] Remember Lot’s wife. [33] Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it.

Isn’t it amazing that Jesus was talking about the end of the world. He used the destruction of Sodom to illustrate what the end would be like.

The story of Lot would never end without mentioning his wife. Although, not many positive things were recorded about her, but she was a strong pillar in Lot’s life.

The end is at hand. And once again, there’s the need to remember Lot’s wife again. Some Christians may not wait till Rapture because God would want to preserve them from falling off from the faith. So much would happen in these remaining years to Rapture.


I’m not surprised that we have come to the end of the age, which Jesus told us about. This is the best time to be alive in history. To those who are born again and walking in the light, it’s goodnews. But to the rest of the world, calamity awaits them.

Remember Lot’s wife now and amend your ways. The reason she looked back, waiting to return to Sodom wasn’t a thought she form that day. It was her mindset that had been formed over the years of her life. She loved this world, making it impossible to be saved by God.

Finally, instruction is your life. Jesus wouldn’t have told us He’s coming again if He would not come. And He didn’t say it would happen in sweet by and by. He gave us signs of the end. It’s not like the sign of the rainbow. This sign is in His word. If you know His word, you will recognize this sign.


Chinedu David
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