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How to Rank Higher On Google Nigeria Search

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Do you want to know how to rank higher on Google Nigeria search? Do you want me to show you how it works and what you need to do? I’m sharing exclusive information with you that would turn your business into success online.

Note, it doesn’t matter even if your business is an offline business. The strategy works for both online and offline businesses. Although, it works a little different if being applied to a company that is entirely offline. I doubt if we still have any such business that doesn’t have a website.

But if your business has a website, it works best that way. You can also get a website fast, and in less than 24 to 48 hours you can have a site up and running.

Most importantly, this strategy works for any business as well. That means your business is qualified to use it.

Why Rank Higher On Google Search?

If you are not internet savvy, you may not fully understand why your business should have any activity on Google. Let alone rank higher on Google search. You may even ask, what is even Google Search?

Well, I will explain soon. The main advantage of Google search is the direct connection with customers who are interested in what your website is offering. It’s better than advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other platform for that matter. Google sends you direct traffic to the customers you need.

But you need to understand why businesses all around the world are spending billions of dollars to place their adverts on Google. They are paying billions of dollars to stay at the top of Google search.

According to Internet Live Stats, Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average (visualise them here), which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.

That’s more than the number of visits Facebook gets daily as well, according to The Number of daily active Facebook users worldwide as of 2nd quarter 2018 (in millions).

This statistic presents the number of daily active Facebook users as of the second quarter of 2018. During this period of time, it was found that 1.47 billion active users visited the social network on a daily basis.

And if you know the relevance of search on Google to Facebook users, you will understand why your business should follow Google and not Facebook. You may think to have those imaginary followers on Facebook means your business is doing well. But your business will be better if you rank higher in Google search.

How to Rank Higher On Google

Google search is like a Q&A site where people ask questions and Google provides them with the answer. But it works much more than a Q&A site. You don’t have to wait till when someone presents a solution.

Google searches for the answer for you where ever it might be on the internet. And in split seconds present you with multiples of options to pick. And the companies Google pick are those it rank higher on Google search for the query.

That way Google sends millions of visitors for websites for free. As long as someone wants something from Google, it will deliver it. And Google doesn’t have information of their own on these questions and problems people want answers for.

But Google keeps the record of information on every website on the internet based on categories or search string queries. And each query has hundreds if not thousands of sites with answers Google can pick.

How Google Search Ranking Works

You know about the benefits of Google search now. Let me also show you how it works. Already, the staggering number of daily searches on Google should make anyone interested in how Google search ranking works.

In case I didn’t mention it or not as emphatic as I should, good search traffic is free. Yes, the web traffic Google sends to a website is free of charge. That is different from Google Adwords. Google search engine traffic is free. You don’t pay to Google to rank higher, and you don’t pay when you get visitors sent to your website from Google search.

Although, it’s not that easy to rank higher in Google search. It’s one of the most contested positions on the internet. Most companies spend millions of dollars to rank rigger on Google search. But it’s not all about money.

In fact, most of the top spots on Google search are occupied by websites that are not top companies in the world. There is a process of ranking on Google search. And the process may be stiffer depending on which market niche your business belongs to.



But there is a way to rank higher on Google search. We know that by following what Google considers for ranking websites.

How Google Site Search Work

And if you are wondering how Google site searches work, you can learn from Google itself. Google dedicated a page to explain how its search engine work. But I will give you a preview of some of the workings of Google site search.

Even before you arrive at the Google site search engine, there are millions of Google pages with relevant information for your queries. What should amaze you is how Google figures out which of the Google pages is relevant to your request.

Let’s see how Google does the miracle.

How Google Listing Works

I’m using listing, but Google uses words like crawling and indexing. And that’s precisely what Google listing does. It crawls the internet and index all the pages it finds. It does more than that.

Google then lists these web pages according to the relevance to problems and solutions. Like a Q&A site. But it’s much more than Q&A.

Google Page Rank Algorithm

Here is where Google does the most important job. And that is to ensure that it delivers only the most relevant pages to your search queries. By that, Google ranks pages according to several factors.

But here is how Google determines what’s relevant.

  • Analyzing your words to understand what you mean
  • Matching your searches with more relevant web pages
  • Ranking most useful pages on top
  • It also considers the context
  • Returning the search result

Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

However, it’s the knowledge of how Google sites search works that brought about SEO Techniques. To rank higher on Google search, webmasters explore techniques to improve their website ranking on Google search results.

SEO is simple how websites are optimised to meet Google search requirements for top page ranking. By understanding what Google wants, you can prepare your web pages to explore this free web traffic from Google.

SEO Website Ranking

There are several factors to consider when ranking your website using SEO Techniques. Although, doing SEO is not a hundred per cent guarantee that Google will rank your site on its top search pages.

But it gives you the opportunity to rank if Google feels you deserve the top spot of its search result. And SEO Techniques is done both on-page and off-page. Every webmaster learns the art of on page SEO optimisation. And it’s becoming much more natural with SEO plugins.

Though there are also aspects of on-page SEO Techniques that is still a bit complicated. And that is keyword research. That too can be taken care of with keyword research tools.

But off-page SEO is the part that requires a lot of work. By this Google is seeking validation for your content. You are required to get authority sites to link back to you as a validation of the authenticity of your content.

You can get backlink through several methods, like…

  • Requesting links from other websites
  • Guest blogging on other websites
  • Providing answers on Q&A sites like Quora
  • Posting on Web 2.0 sites
  • But most importantly your brand

Google SEO algorithm is placing more emphasis on brand and user experience more than any other SEO Techniques. However, that doesn’t mean you should discard SEO Techniques.

Action Points to Rank Higher on Google

There is a reason Google Search ranking works the way it is. If it’s possible for everyone to rank, it would also affect the value of the search results. But let’s even analyse it properly. Every website can’t rank on top pages.

According to Internet Live Stats, there are over 1.9 billion websites on the internet. How in the world can Google be able to rank all that on top pages? And the fact that so many of these websites are close categories, who should be considered better if Google doesn’t apply this algorithm?

If you plan to rank higher on Google search, you have to follow how Google considers websites it ranks on its top pages for your target categories.

Step One: Understand Google Search

If you are going to win on Google free web traffic, you have to learn how it works. One thing you must know is that Google algorithm will not shift entirely from the basics. There may be improvements on how Google validates sites it ranks higher, but it will deviate from its core purpose.

Step Two: Learn to Work with Google’s Vision

If your website would succeed online, it cannot do that without the advantage of Google billions of search potentials. You need Google as much as it requires you. Well, Google needs all the websites in the world to give users the best search experience. And your job is to help Google maintain that purpose.

Step Four: Learn SEO Techniques

If you want Google free web traffic, you should be a student of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). And even more than being a student, become a practising one. SEO Techniques helps align your website with Google purpose. It gives you the best shot to rank higher on Google search.

Step Five: Be a Solution Provider

One fundamental truth you would realise when you want Google free web traffic is that it goes to websites that provide solutions people wish to. The top page of Google search is reversed only for the best solution providers on the specific subjects.

Step Six: Create Better Experience

Since you can do both on-page and off page SEO Techniques excellently, Google is also monitoring what users think of your site. If they love it, Google will know. And if they are not, too bad, because it will hurt your ranking with Google. And all that SEO Techniques wouldn’t change that for you.

Step Seven: Become a Brand

Already we can see Google shifting its focus more on the brands. The reason is simple. Google needs to the truth the information it’s delivering to its users are both authentic and useful. And since brands are better established and can provide better experience and value, Google tends to rank brands ahead of other sites.


You can get into Google search ranking pretty much easier now if you do what’s right for Google and search visitors. Although, Google ranking is slow for new sites. It’s also part of Google validating process.

And depending on your category, it may be less, or it may need more time to rank you on the Google top page. There is a need to be patient when building a new website. Google is not looking for sites for rank on its top pages.

Google is in the business of search. It has to deliver the best search results it can find. And if you new Google can place that amount of trust to you above old sites, it has already proved over time. It will need time to compare you with what others are offering and what users think of your content.

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  2. Also, find mentors to follow online on SEO. It will help your learning process.

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