How To Create Stuffs Google Wants To Rank – Hidden Secrets of Writing Powerful Blog Contents

Powerful blog contents

The reason you started a blog is to share information. But google has indexed almost every kind of information you can think of. And over the years google ranking has made sure that only powerful blog contents remain.

You can search online for the topics you want to write. You will find it has been written before. And several times by different people. So, what makes you think you can rank on google for the same content? Can you write powerful blog contents that can compete?

The answer is not that simple. It’s to give Google what it haven’t seen before. And unless you know what Google is looking for, you can’t get it right.

Understanding Search Request

Sometimes we misunderstand what the term search means. It’s a popular term online. But how many knows what it means to google.

If you want to know what Google wants, understand what Google knows.

The term search is seen by Google as a problem. Whenever someone is searching for something, Google views it as a request for a solution.

That is why Google makes effort to rank the blogs with the best possible solution to search requests.

If for instance, I’m searching for a bag. Google will look for possible bag links to display. But if I’m searching for Gucci bag. I’m telling Google the specific of the bag.

Now Google knows more specifically what I want. And it will display for me Contents with the best ranking on Google.

What Visitors Search For on Google

You know that searches are problem. People go to google to search for solution to their problem. That is why must searches are question-like.

They ask questions like, how can I write powerful blog contents that appear in top page in google ranking? And the answer will be…that’s up to google to choose which links contain the right answer.

How Google does that is called algorithm.

It’s a question and answer kind of thing. Users ask google question and it looks all over the web to find a suitable answer.

It’s different from Quora. Quora.com waits for someone else who is on the platform to answer your question. While Google simple looks for already made answers on the internet to deliver instantly.

That’s why Google keeps trying to tweak its algorithm. To better serve high quality answers. And not just any half-baked information.

So, every time someone types a search request, Google wants an answer. The websites with the best answers (according to google algorithm) wins.

Google Tells Content Providers what it wants

Google is also having a problem getting the right answers. It’s not 100% accurate with information. Because google doesn’t own these information. It doesn’t control the contents of the information.

Whatever is available online is what google provides as its solution.

So, it depends solely on the contents of bloggers to provide accurate information to search requests. That’s why Google is strict with contents it’s ranking on the first page.

And to help bloggers package powerful blog contents, Google also provides information. It gives content providers ideas about what it wants.

That’s Google’s way of influencing the contents produced around the world. To enable it deliver powerful solutions always.

So, it created a platform called Google trends to collect new requests. They are new words. Trending topics. Breaking news around the world. And anything that users are asking for.

Use the trending words of phrase to package your SEO contents for your blog.

Google Trends Knows What Users Want:

And because Google stores all these trending search requests, it ranks them according to the number of requests it has received.

It’s a powerful resource for content providers to explore. You can find current trends daily. It can be your source of hot new topics that Google wants to rank.

Remember that these topics are new. And have little or no information on them. Google algorithm is sensitive to such trending terms. And would pick it up.

It’s also the fastest way to get your new blog ranked faster on google. If you are wondering why news blogs enjoy high popularity with Google ranking, here is the secret.

Google likes trending topics. Not because it needs them. But because that’s what users are searching for. And google wants to answer them instantly.

If your blog provides google with trending stuffs like this, you will always rank faster in search.

Get Readers Talking About Your Powerful Blog Content

Don’t take my word for it. That’s exactly what google would say. If your content is that powerful, Google wants to hear it from its users.

So, the more comments on your post, keep it trending with Google. Now, Google is justified to send more search traffic to your blog content.

Sometimes, Google may just rank you for keywords you didn’t plan to rank for. That’s the reason such things happen.

Users can change the course of your google ranking. Apart from the content of your blog, Google also tracks users comments to see what more your content provides.

A comment can even add your post to a new keyword that would drive more traffic to you. Or help drop your ranking. You can also use your comment section to add quality value to your posts.

Become Popular With Google

One more point on writing powerful blog contents is becoming an authority. Although, I used the word popular in the subheading. That’s because that’s what interests Google. Your popularity.

Google is not going to figure out which school you attended. But it sure knows how many blogs you visited. And how many posts you have all over the internet. It can track your online movement.

That’s how it knows about your speciality.

What do you think google local business is about? Google follows you online and now offline as well. When you checkout a website online before going to shop offline, google knows.

So, use its tools to gain search ranking. Visit authority sites. Signup with them. Don’t visit a blog without dropping a comment. They all add up to what google pieces together to rank you as an authority.

Have A Digital Life

Build a powerful digital life. The same way you have a life offline. Let search engines be able to link you with your social profiles, blogs, email, phone numbers, and relationship ties.

The future algorithm will be using digital life to prove authority of contents produced by you. The authority of your blog will now have a human perfective.

It’s even better you start now growing your authority. Stop being unanimous online. If you want to grow online business, have a life traceable online.

Google may soon be measuring powerful blog contents by the popularity of the author. And not just by the information it contains. There are many good contents online now.

The power of Google is to give accurate information that solves problems. And Google wants to know who are the problems solvers.

Imagine, you start a new blog now. But google already knows you have been involved in that niche or similar niche for ten years running. That gives your blog instant authority with google algorithm. Over some other blogs that don’t have such past record.

Pay for My Powerful Blog Contents

Finally, I like asking for payment for reading my blog. If you benefited from this article, I demand payment for it. But my fee is cheap. All I require is for you to pay me by dropping me a great comment below.

I will like to know this post has helped you. Or if there is anything you learnt from it. Thank you. And cheers.

Chinedu David
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