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Position Exchange – How to Turn Tiny Amount of Crypto Capital Into A Fortune

Position Exchange - POSI Token

As a new Decentralized Trading Protocol, Position Exchange is powered by a vAMM and operating on Binance Smart Chain. The exchange is aiming to bridge the gap between investors and the cryptocurrency markets, by enhancing trading experiences.

Position Exchange is offering crypto investors an easy, cheaper and accessible option in Derivatives Trading. Users can trade Crypto Derivatives products transparently, with high security, and privacy. The plan includes expanding into other assets in the future.

Moreover, Position Exchange platform is designed to deliver all the advantages of Decentralized Finance, and bringing the traditional Centralized Finance experience and tools onboard. Some of these benefits include, high leverage, low slippage, and low costs, as well as limit orders. It’s also solving the liquidity issue using the vAMM.

Position Exchange platform is designed to be user-friendly, with an attractive interface that allows traders of all kinds to trade with ease.

✅ What’s POSI Token?

The platform is also empowered by the POSI token, its native deflationary utility token, which is the backbone of its Ecosystem.

POSI holders can benefit from these multiple advantages, while using POSI in the different developed features. POSI holders can use this utility token for Staking, Farming, and can Cast NFTs that grows with their POSI balance, as well as participate in Position Exchange’s governance that shapes its future operations and growth.

There are 4 main features for investors in Position Exchange app. Here’s the list and possible returns they can help investors achieve with their POSI tokens.

?️POSI Staking Pool
?️POSI Liquidity Farming Pool
?️POSI Derivatives Trading Protocol

✅ How to Buy POSI Token on Position Exchange

The best place to buy POSI token is on Position Exchange app. Although, POSI token is also available on other exchanges like PancakeSwap, it’s still better buying it from Position Exchange app.

You can link any wallet of your choice to buy POSI from Position Exchange. The preferred wallets includes Trustwallet and Metamask.

To setup the POSI wallet on Trustwallet or Metamask you will need the following details. Moreover, POSI wallet may already exist on these wallets. You can do a search with the POSI contract address.

✅ POSI Contract Aaddress on BscScan:

?️Network: SmartChain
?️CA: 0x5CA42204cDaa70d5c773946e69dE942b85CA6706
?️Name: Position Token
?️Symbol: POSI
?️Decimal: 18

After setting up your POSI wallet address on Trustwallet or Metamask, you can proceed to buy your POSI Token. The best two places to buy POSI tokens for now are PancakeSwap and Position Exchange.

I recommend you buy from Position Exchange using the link below. The reason is very simple.

?️It’s POSI token native exchange
?️It’s user friendly as well
?️The slippage rate is set automatically at 2%
?️You can swap to POSI Token using any of the other tokens available on the app

✅ Step-By-Step Process to Buy POSI

It’s simple to buy POSI from Position Exchange. One of the experience you would have on Position Exchange is the sweet user interface. It makes it all simple and easy to use any feature on the app.

To buy POSI or even any other token, or to swap your other tokens back to POSI or BNB or BUSD, works so effortlessly. Here is a clue of how simple the steps are:

?️Open the Position Exchange app
?️Select Exchange in the menu
?️Choose the pair you will be using to pay or swap
?️Enter amount you are paying to buy or swap
?️Select the pair you are buying or swapping
?️Click on Swap Button
?️Check the details of the Confirmation page
?️Then Confirm Payment

? To swap, stake or farm POSI Token, copy Link below, paste in your TrustWallet DApp to connect to Position Exchange

How to Earn Over 500% Staking POSI

Staking is one of the ways of earning consistent income daily from crypto investment. Position Exchange provides its platform to crypto staking. Staking POSI, which is the native token for Position Exchange is very lucrative.

You can earn an APR of over 500% for staking POSI Token. An average monthly earning from POSI staking pool is around 40 to 60%. An amazing return for your investment.

✅ What’s Crypto Staking?

Staking in crypto is the process of participating in transaction validation. With a minimum required amount of balance of a particular token, you can validate transaction and earn staking rewards.

There’s huge potential in staking crypto. It’s one of the easiest and lower risk crypto investment, with higher yield as well.

✅ How to Start Staking POSI Token

Staking POSI is very simple. All you need is the right amount of POSI Token. Although, Position Exchange doesn’t demand a minimum amount of tokens you can stake, but staking little amount of POSI tokens would simply means paying high network fees for little benefits.

However, a $100 POSI stake can give you the right start in POSI pool. Following the calculator for staking rewards on Position Exchange website, you can explore what your returns would be from $100 staking power.

To stake in POSI pool just click or copy this link and paste in your DApp browser to access Position Exchange website. iPhone users may need to connect POSI site through Apple native browser.

✅ Step-By-Step Process To Stake POSI

?️Go to POSI WEBSITE (copy the website link and paste in your wallet DApp browser)
?️Choose your preferred pool in the pool section
?️Unlock your wallet (This would require small network fee to unlock)
?️Enter the amount of POSI tokens you want to stake
?️Click on Stake
?️And your stake will be activated immediately

? To swap, stake or farm POSI Token, copy Link below, paste in your TrustWallet DAPP to connect to Position Exchange.

How to Earn Over 1,000% Farming POSI LP

Liquidity Pool is the biggest revenue earner in crypto investment. If you are looking for high return on investment, then think crypto liquidity Pool.

✅ What’s Liquidity Pool?

A liquidity pool is a market maker that provides liquidity for trading crypto that helps to prevent large price swings. It helps to control how market prices react with a particular asset.

✅ How Liquidity Pools Make Money

One sure way to earn from liquidity pool is a cut of the transaction fees. These fees are distributed among all the liquidity providers in a particular pool. The more crypto LP assets you stake in a pool, the more you will earn from it.

Another way to also earn from a liquidity pool is through rewards. Some liquidity pool offers incentives to encourage investors to farm in its pool. These incentives are also shared proportionately to the amount of assets you have in the farming pool.

✅ What’s POSI Liquidity Pool?

POSI liquidity pool is an investment that guarantees POSI holders high yield returns on their POSI LP token in POSI liquidity pool. POSI liquidity pool comprises of the pair of POSI and other tokens like, POSI-BUSD and POSI-BNB pairs.

The POSI liquidity farm is a very profitable pool for investors to earn more from their tiny investment. It provide a high yield returns daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

With as little as $10 you can stake your LP token in POSI liquidity pool. This pool supports low startup. But staking the right kind of amount may help cover for fees and give you better return on your investment.

Also, the higher the amount you stake the higher your yield. The right minimum recommended should be $100. While a good liquidity pool investment for optimum returns should be around $1,000 POSI LP token.

POSI is a native token of Position Exchange platform.

To farm in POSI liquidity pool you will need POSI LP token. PODI LP token are created in pair of POSI-BUSD and POSI-BNB. You can create POSI LP pair token easily with POSITION EXCHANGE app.

✅ How to Farm POSI Liquidity Pool

Copy this link here and pate it in your Trustwallet or Metamask DAPP browser and connect to your wallet to begin transaction. Click here to watch the video on how to create POSI LP token.

Note: An LP token is not a different token you have to buy. It’s just a pair of two supported token in the POSI liquidity pool. POSI allows you to pair the following tokens in its liquidity pool.


The process of creating this LP token is also simplified by Position Exchange. Position Exchange makes it all easier to create supported LP Token pairs with POSI token.

?️Click on DETAILS below any of the POSI LP pair
?️Select POSI-BUSD or POSI-BNB LP (depending on the pair you choose)
?️Enter the amount for each token in the pair (both monetary values must be equal)

POSI Compound Yield

What Is POSI Compound Yield. If you are staking or farming POSI token, you can earn more by using the POSI compound yield formula. Let me show you how this works and how you can make it work best for you.

The first step to achieving compound earning with POSI token is buying more. The right minimum amount to invest is $1,000, but you can start with $500 and grow it over time. However, if you have less than any of this amount I mentioned, you can also compound your POSI yield but the frequency won’t be like those of $500 or $1,000.

How POSI Compound Yield Work

If you know what POSI earnings means you will also know how POSI compound yield work. POSI Compound Yield simply means reinvesting your POSI stake or farm earnings to yield more for you.

You earn POSI compound yield when you reinvest your POSI earnings. It’s like compound interest. The idea is just to increase your pool value by reinvesting your pool earnings to enable you earn more from the pool.

If you have 100 POSI in a pool that earns you 5 POSI daily, and you wish to reinvest it that would increase your pool value from 100 to 105 POSI. It will also compound you pool earning from the additional 5 tokens.

POSI Compound Yield Frequency

To decide how to compound your POSI earnings you must know what you earn daily, weekly and monthly. And since POSI earning is directly proportionate to your POSI stake in the pool, you can know what you earn by what you have in the pool or hope to have in the pool.

How much do you have in the pool? How much do you earn daily, weekly or monthly? What’s the network fee chargeable when reinvesting POSI? What’s that cost in relation to how much you are compounding?

So, if your frequency in a month is more, your compound yield in that month will also increase. Imagine what a daily frequency compound yield would be like. But that’s only possible based on your initial pool value and cost implication of reinvesting your earnings daily.


If you want to earn regularly from crypto, you can do that effortlessly from Position Exchange. You can start now by copying the link embedded below start earning amazing income from Position Exchange.

Let me know your views on Position Exchange earnings. And if you have any question or need clarity on any issue concerning POSI token, just drop a comment and I will be glad to answer it.

? To swap, stake or farm POSI Token, copy Link below, paste in your TrustWallet DAPP to connect to Position Exchange.

✅ Follow my Crypto Lessons on Telegram

✅ Exchange Where you can buy and sell crypto:

?️Get a POSI Exchange Account
?️Get a Binance Exchange Account

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