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Online Niche Guide – 3 Steps to Pick The Best

Online niche business

If you are thinking of starting a niche business in this age, you cannot think outside of online business. Starting a successful online niche business is simple but follows these 3 major steps. And these steps are what determine whether you got it right or not.

It’s the tested and proven steps of starting an online niche business. If you miss these 3 steps, your niche business is doomed already. In fact, you do not have any business at all. You may just have a great idea but with poor implementation.

However, it’s not even about implementing a good niche business idea. The steps help you standout in a very competitive online space. Imagine competing with over a billion of other online businesses for the same online traffic. You stand little chance if you are poorly prepared or setup.

Tips to Pick An Online Niche

That’s the reason you should follow these 3 simple steps to start your own successful online niche business. These steps doesn’t replace the conventional idea of starting a business. It merely complimented it and helps it to position well in an online space.

And if you do take these steps seriously and follow the advice on this post, you are more likely to setup a profitable online niche business than someone who didn’t know or follow these steps.

However, your main focus should be to grow your business. That means you have to focus more on the things that would make your online niche business standout and attracts the right kind of customers.

You should focus on:

  • Creating a simple service
  • Defining your niche marketplace
  • Becoming the niche’s leading authority
  • Being specific, distinctive and relevant

The best niche business are those that offer simple services that are relevant, specific and distinct with a touch of authority in that niche. The biggest strategy in a niche market is trust. If the audience can trust you, half of your marketing is done for you.

Step #1: Pick A Good Online Niche

A niche business is a focused, but targeted area that you can serve particularly well, like a small but specific audience that is known to you. Although it doesn’t necessarily have to be small, but the small the better, because it helps you to pinpoint the exact target audience without any ambiguity.

But every niche business must have a niche product. The niche product is the reason you have a niche business. This niche product can be defined as a product, or service, or interest that appeal to a small, specialized section of a target population.

And the best way to define this target population is the niche market. The real idea of a niche market is to satisfy specific market needs, maybe by price range, product quality, or by the demographic interest of the market.

It’s also a marketing strategy deployed by a niche business of a focused marketing plan, unlike targeting everybody kind of strategy. But you target only those who can benefit the most from your niche product or service.

Top 3 Benefits Of A Niche

  1. Build your brand loyalty
  2. Provide customers with products and services they need and desire
  3. Items in a niche market are difficult to find in general products

Pick a niche you can become an authority. Your passion and interests should help you identify the right niche for you. Your niche is better as a relevant solution for a specific audience. If your niche meets this criterion, it’s a winning niche idea.



Step #2: Find A Good Location

A location used to be just an offline thing. But when starting a niche business, location is key to its profitability. This location is not entirely different from audience demography. It’s important to your online presence. And since every business targets online customers, your online location is even more relevant to your niche business.

As the digital world is getting saturated, the major search engines like Google are focusing more from personalized to relevant search information. Google seeks to serve users information that is more relevant to them and at the same time closer to them to make purchasing decision faster.

So, if you set your online niche business with a location, you stand a chance of ranking at the tops of search pages than when you are competing with global search traffic. Your advantage is that, you could be just one of the few niches like that focusing on that location. And that would attract a lot of potential customers to you faster even as a new business.

For example, if you chose Umuahia as your location, when people in Umuahia and nearby states are searching for the terms you rank for, you are more likely to rank tops on Google for those searches.

3 Tips On Choosing Location For Online Traffic

  1. Demography
  2. Competition
  3. Search Traffic

Focus on a specified location to gain top page ranking in Google. You stand to gain free traffic from Google ranking if your niche business is set to a niche location. Google wants you to define which part of the global village you want to serve. There are too many people doing the same things. Search engines want to be able to serve everyone with information that is useful and at the same time much closer to them, so they can take advantage of it.

Step #3: Target The Right Audience

Your location, plus your audience is your market. Once you find a good location, it’s easier to target the right audience in that location. So, the third and last step on starting an online niche business is targeting the right audience. And it’s also the easiest of the 3 steps.

Finding the right audience should follow your niche type. What’s your niche and what type of customers needs them? You should identify the right customer base for your niche. The right customer base are usually the audience with the problem you hope to solve with your online niche business.

However, in a digital world, you can target and reach out to your customers, and not wait for your target customers to discover you. That makes it a lot easier and better to target the right audience. And following these four ways by BigCommerce you can identify and engage the right audience with digital marketing.

  • Learn what’s important to your target audience
  • Speak your target audience’s language
  • Know your organic keywords and apply them to your SEO technique
  • Stay top of mind with Facebook and Google retargeting

Target a specific client or customer base for your niche business, using search engine optimization technique. This huge free traffic from search engines directs the right audience to your online niche business for free. You should know the common keywords your target audience are searching, for the same problems you are solving, and optimize for them.


If you get these 3 steps right, you are sure to have a successful online niche business. And if you do the last step more, you can grow your business bigger in no time. Reaching out to your target audience is the most important step. The more people who need your service or product know about your business, the more successful it becomes.

Moreover, becoming an authority in your niche business will be your biggest investment, with huge brand advantage as your benefit. Even if you were not an authority when you started, invest in yourself to become one. If you command authority in your niche, you will attract and retain more target audience than ordinarily providing solutions would have achieved.

Don’t forget it’s about location. The internet is now more effective when the global village can be grouped into regions, states, communities and villages. The more specific location you target, the better your chances of winning and becoming a bigger brand, by winning online trusts faster, rather than picking the global location as your domain.

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