How To Choose The Right Kitchen Gas Regulator

Rhino kitchen gas regulator

The importance of cooking gas is growing every day all across Nigeria. There are many types of gas regulators on the market today. And most people don’t even know that there are features in a kitchen gas regulator.

The same way you have featured on your gas cooker or any other appliance at home. I will show you the elements that must be on your gas regulator. And when buying a regulator, you should always consider safety first.

You know the phrase, don’t play with fire? Cooking with gas is playing with fire. You all know the dangers. So, safety should be the first option to consider when buying a regulator.

Don’t buy because the price is low. Think first about your family, your husband, children and other family members who may be living in the same home as you.

How much do you value their lives? If there lives and yours are valuable, then go for the best regulator and not the cheapest. Your life is not cheap.

On average, a good regulator cost between N3,000 to N4,500 both online and offline. I recommend you buy at www.mystore.com.ng or www.Jumia.com.ng/mystore. Or any approved RHINO dealer in your city.

You can find the address of RHINO dealers on RHINO Facebook page www.facebook.com/RhinoKit

How To Choose The Best Kitchen Gas Regulator:

However, the best regulators also come with some enormous benefits you may not see on other regulators, Here are a few things you should consider when buying a gas regulator.

  1. Safety First: regulators are the primary safety feature in cooking gas business. It’s where you lock and unlock your gas cylinder. And because gas cannot be easily seen when it’s leaking, your regulator should help protect you from such leakage.
  2. Gas consumption: a regulator impacts your gas consumption. It’s through the kitchen gas regulator that the gas gets to the gas cooker. How the regulator pushes the gas and the quantity of gas it pushes at one time is essential to your consumption.

  3. Gas gauge: another thing that can surprise with gas is an empty cylinder. Your gas can run out without notice. But a good regulator should help you know when your gas is running low. You may not be able to stop your gas from finishing, but you can at least see when that is about to happen.

If you have a regulator that helps you deal with these three most important issues with using cooking gas, then you have the right gas regulator.

However, let me help you find that gas regulator so you won’t be in doubt if such gas regulator actually exists. And I’m going to be specific with all the details and even brand name so you can go look for it in the market yourself.

I will also tell you markets where you can find it and possible price range for the regulator depending on your location.

The name of the regulator is RHINO KITCHEN GAS REGULATOR WITH LEAKPROOF & GAUGE. The brand name to look for is RHINO. It doesn’t have a fake. The manufacturer is Rhino Industrial & Trading Company Limited is a registered company with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria.

So you can trust them. I can only assure you of this brand because I have used it myself and it’s a trusted brand for new generation gas regulators.

There are also other types of this regulator, but I can only write about RHINO because it was giving to me to test and confirm their claims – and that is why I wrote about it so that consumers can learn and make the right choice.

I will be writing on other regulators if the manufacturers contact me with test samples to prove their claims. Read below for what makes RHINO REGULATORS the best in Nigeria right now.

Gas Saving Low Pressure:

One of the discouragement families have from using gas to cook is the cost of gas. An average family can consume 12.5KG cylinder within 3 to 4 weeks of healthy cooking with a high-pressure gas regulator.

With the rate of cooking gas now that may be a bit on the upper side for some families – at the rate of N4,000 to fill the 12.5KG cylinder. However, using a low-pressure gas regulator can give you up to 6 weeks usage on the 12.5KG cylinder.

That’s like an additional savings of N2,000 for each gas purchased. Some families in the busy cities like Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt who major cooking like ones in a week and stock their fridge to feed on for the rest of the week. And with many times minor food within the week can get up to 8 weeks from a 12.5KG cylinder using RHINO gas regulator – which is a low-pressure gas regulator.

Leak Proof Dictator:

Another massive benefit of RHINO kitchen gas regulator is its leak-proof dictator. This is where safety comes in. Let me explain a little bit how this feature works in a regulator.

When you buy RHINO gas regulator, shake it a bit. You will hear some ticking sound inside the regulator like the sound of a tiny ball. That sound you hear is the sound of your safety.

That small ball inside your regulator help protect the regulator from leaks. It dictates leaks fast enough and blocks the regulator hole from where the gas comes out, thereby stopping gas flow and preventing any leaks that could cause a fire outbreak.

Gas Measuring Gauge:

And the most glaring feature of RHINO gas regulator is the gauge. This one is obvious on the regulator. See the picture in this article you will see the clock size measurement gauge on the side of the regulator.

That’s simple gauge is so powerful that you wished you had it since you started using gas. That device saves you both money and embarrassment.

Let me explain it adequately. If you have ever bought gas and felt you were cheated, that the cylinder wasn’t full, then you will appreciate the gauge on RHINO regulator.

It helps to measure the quantity of gas that is in your bottle so you can tell if what you paid for is exactly what you got. This one also helps you know when you are running low on gas.

You know how it feels when your gas just finished and you are still not done with cooking. And if you are cooking something for the guests in your house, it can be embarrassing.

But with RHINO regulator you can now plan ahead, and it will no longer be a sudden problem to you when your gas finished. You would have been expecting it.

There are other non-essential features of RHINO regulator, like long lasting with up to 15 years lifespan and others in that little regulator box. But these three are the most important and valuable for your money.

Don’t let anyone deceive into buying just any gas regulator for any reason. My advice, even if it looks like RHINO regulator doesn’t buy unless you are sure it is RHINO.

And Finally:

I recommend the RHINO KITCHEN GAS REGULATOR and also any other RHINO gas products for quality and protection. You can drop your comment below, and we will support the location of the RHINO DEALER in your city where you can get this regulator. Also, if you are interested in becoming a RHINO DEALER WhatsApp 07087770518 for more details.


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Energy Market

Tips to Help You Save On Cooking Gas In 2023

Hello, welcome to another brief article on how to save on cooking gas or buy cheaper. education for both men and women. Since women are the ones that cook most of the time, men do cook too – and even more, critical more men are involved in this cooking gas business than women.

However, today’s article is more of interactive exposition than just me teaching you, because there are different experiences around the country for everyone using cooking gas.

And your experience can help shape the way we all buy cooking gas in Nigeria.

How to Save On Cooking Gas

There are necessary things that can help us all to save on cooking gas or buy cheaper, and they include the supply chain, the demand curve, the price index, better gas cylinders, and metering gas, regulators.

I will briefly explain each one under a sub-head, and you can comment your views and share your own personal experience in our comment box. I will appreciate you include the street where you bought your last gas (city and state), how much you paid and other experiences.

Gas Supply Chain

I don’t know how natural gas supply works in your city and how close are gas plants and gas retailers in your town. The amount seems not to be too good in some cities than others. How good is the supply in your area?

Do you have gas plants around you and how close are they to your area? Also, do you have gas shops where you buy gas from? How good are these shops in supplying your area?

Although, it doesn’t make business sense to have gas retail shops in every street, considering the weight of cylinders that’s just the best bet.

However, don’t expect that to ever happen because it’s not profitable for business, but it’s very beneficial for consumers. Is gas always available or their scarcity sometimes. Let’s know how it is in your city.

Gas Demand Curve

I can confirm that the demand for gas has grown over the past 5 years in Nigeria, except in the remote villages.

Although, according to some analysts we are still just 15 per cent consumer base for gas – which means there is still about 85 per cent of consumers who haven’t started using gas for cooking yet. That may sound poor but for business people looking to invest in gas that’s good news.

And due to the growing need for efficient cooking options, many people are now adopting cooking gas faster than even the supply can match. If you are interested in starting a gas shop just call or WhatsApp 07087770518 for a free guide.

Cooking Gas Price Index

Even though gas is considered cheaper now, it’s still very costly compared to petrol. I don’t know how much you buy gas in your area. I purchased a 12.5kg cylinder N4,000 in the last one week. That’s like N320 per kg.

That is too high, considering that a liter of fuel sells for N145. In case you don’t know, 1kg of gas is equivalent of 1 liter of fuel. And if you compare both prices based on this new knowledge, you will agree that it’s costlier than fuel.

Although, let’s not just generalize things. Since the cost of Mercedes is not the same as Toyota – but they are both cars. However, I just think the price should be cheaper than that. Also, I’m aware that some places the rate is even higher than mine, like up to N400 per kg. Let me know what price you are paying for your location.

Metering Gas Regulator

If you haven’t heard about the gas regulator with a metering feature, where in the world have you been? Just joking….but seriously, you need to get this regulator if you haven’t got yours.

You need to know the quantity of gas you are buying. And when you are running out of gas if there is nothing else you need it for. It’s a big plus for gas business.

And if you are in gas business and you haven’t started selling this, I won’t say you are an enemy of gas consumer progress. But instead that you should repent and give the gas consumer something to protect themselves against gas retail fraud.



Better Gas Cylinder

I have good news about cylinders – but a costly one.

The current gas cylinder we use should be changed for so many reasons like it’s weight, less fireproof, non-transparent. And generally too outdated for a 21 century.

You will agree with me. But let me even spice your mind with what is currently gaining the market of cylinders. The composite gas cylinder. That’s the new cylinder coming into the market. But it might take a while due to price difference with the current iron cylinders.

Composite Gas

But let me give you some of the features of the composite gas cylinder. So you can better prepare your mind for the future of buy cooking gas. It minimizes the risk of explosion in a fire outbreak, and the reasons are simple. And is explosion-proof, and it’s made of non-metal material.

It’s also lightweight and transparent. The gas retail shop won’t just sell anything to you and tell you it’s full. Because you will see it with your two eyes.

It has its own regulator that saves you money from buying another regulator. And other features that are merely amazingly awesome for a gas cylinder.

We hope the price will be right soon for Nigerians to start buying them. Let me know what you think about this new cylinder.


I don’t know what your experience in using gas has been but share with us by commenting below. Also, share this post with your friends and see what their own experience might have been. Remember to indicate your city. It helps to bring it home for others who may be going through the same thing.

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How Nigerian Election Campaign Strategies Work

We are already less than one year to the swearing-in of another four years government. Right now, the power play is going on. Some have lost already even before the fight began.

I’m Chinedu David. I’m not a politician. I’m a business strategist. Already I can see strategists at play in this election. Good or bad, what’s more important is winning. And those who would win are those who planned to win.

It doesn’t even matter if the winning is handed over through rigging. What politicians do to win is only part of politics. Even the rigging is a strategy.

I read Donald Duke true confession on how most elections have been won in this country since 1999. And that system is still in place. Although, it favours the governors more.

The only reason, the Senate was fighting for a reverse of the election timetable is to give them and the governors the first shot of being elected.

So they don’t have to work for the ‘oga’ at the top. The fight was not for the senators alone. The governors were all behind it. They wanted it even more than the senators. But it seemed like all that has been put to rest.

Coming to political parties. There is nothing to be seen yet from all the oppositions. Apart from the name dropping of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

Despite all the young blood, not too young to run candidates – who are running outside formidable party structures. I don’t think anybody is expecting these guys to win. To even believe in their winning, it’s in itself a miracle.

But what is not so clear is which political party would give Alhaji Atiku their presidential ticket?

Right now, only APC has a candidate. The man whose scorecard is not strong at all. With growing hunger and bloodshed. He doesn’t seem to have any solution to tackling the hunger and herdsmen activities that have killed more innocent people than Boko Haram.

But as things stand now, he is still the man to beat. He is the only candidate who stands a chance to win. But that is not so for other APC candidates in the governorship and National Assembly race.

The battle for them is an uphill task.

If they have to win they must seem to both fights the opposition at the state and constituency levels. And this fight is about the mind and conscience of the electorate.

Nigerians are not going to just willingly hand over their votes at this coming election. They have a choice to make.

And that choice is between hunger and survival. That gives room to betray their governors and representatives by electing any other candidate who soothes their pain.

There is a popular saying that a hungry man is an angry man. This will be a reality at this election. The seating governors shouldn’t take chances. It’s not like the kind of election we have known since 1999. This one will be different.

Many second term governors and senators might lose their seats. It’s not a prophecy. The stack reality is that people are angry right now. And their anger is on their elected leaders. And they are waiting for the election to show it.

While I was musing over this reality, I also saw a way out. Hunger is relative. Nigeria is a religious base country. We know how to fast. We can handle hunger. They only need someone to show them he cares. And that there is hope.

That is where the president has failed. He had the opportunity but never utilized it. But as a governor or representative of the people, feel their pain. You may not be able to feed all the hungry people in your state or constituency. But you can at least show them how much you wish things could have been different.

Take it or leave it. Here is what you must do to win 2019 election in a landslide victory. Make a phone call. This could be the most important phone call of your political career.

Your people would be ecstatic to hear you called to speak to them. Remember history is made in one day. You are in the place of history. Take it now. Do what nobody may think is possible. Today’s technology is our advantage. Speak to your people directly on their phones. And that memory will never leave them till they die.

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How to Setup New Cooking Gas Plant (2022)

Do you want to start one business that its profitability is insanely awesome because people can’t STOP cooking food. That business is in cooking gas plant. To set it up profitably you have to follow the right steps and professional advise.  This business is very lucrative if you set it up the best way.

And I’m going to show you all about this business, how you can start it on small investment; how you can even have it where the consumers live that are easily accessible to buyers.

however, all you need to know how to start this cooking gas plant immediately is here- faster than you can read this article. If you haven’t read most of my startup articles here, please do so, and you will find other businesses I have shared that can help you create your source of income.

How LPG Cooking Gas Plant

Currently, the cooking gas plant is a very costly investment. In fact, DPR (The Directorate of Petroleum Resources) doesn’t want it easier, either as a way to protect big investors or simply because government would like this business to remain in the exclusivity.

Also, only a minimum size of 100 by 100 square feet of land space DPR can approve for the cooking gas plant setup. That’s at least a plot of Land. Although in some states you will require two plots of land to get an equivalent land size to match the DPR requirement.

In Lagos and most other states, you will need two plots of land to get this size of the area for the gas plant. Lagos lands are sold 120 by 60 square feet.

While Abia, Imo, Awka, Enugu and in most other states the size of a plot of land is 100 by 50 square feet. I’m only aware that Delta and Edo is exactly 100 by 100 square feet sizes for plots of land.

So, at the current land arrangements, you probably would be spending so much on just land acquisition alone before even considering other colossal cost implication of cooking gas plant.

Estimated LPG Cooking Gas Plant Cost Analysis

For example, a 10-tonne cooking gas plant setup can cost around N40 million to N100 million to fully setup – including all the regulatory documents, land purchase, building construction, operation cost and gas plant equipment. Most importantly, considering that the location of your gas plant is more important than any amount you can ever invest.

That is not a manageable amount to come by these days. That does not exclude the fact that your cooking gas plant has to be setup in outskirt of town – in remote locations that is far from the city center where most of the consumers live.

That is not an excellent site for a business that wants to be profitable. Its also a reason many gas plants suddenly started to shut down, as they become unprofitable. If you locate outside the busy city, and someone sets up close to the city, you will automatically lose most of your customers patronage. There’s no mystery to it. That’s just how location based business works.

If for any reason you want to setup in outskirt of the town, ensure the area is a fast developing one as well. You don’t need to wait 5 to 10 years when that areas opens up before you start making profit. Think first about the customers of today, and tomorrow, before thinking of those in forever.

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Leasing A Petrol Station for Startup:

You should set it up in the city where the consumers live. And beat all regulatory limitations that cooking gas plant have, by building a mini cooking gas plant that can be set up even in busy areas using already existing filling stations or land (if you can afford the cost of land at the city center).

Note that DPR is not against setting up cooking gas plants in the cities. Their rules says not to setup in residential area. every city has both residential and commercial areas. So, you can setup in commercial areas. Anywhere a petrol station is allowed legally, a gas plant Cam be allowed there too.

This mini cooking gas plant are capacities from 5 metric tons down to 2.5 metric tons plants. You can also setup inside a petrol station if the station is big enough and meets DPR requirement for an add-on LPG license. And you can find such location within the city Centre’s or close enough to where the consumers can access you.

One of the 5 year plan of the government through its new gas policy is to make cooking gas accessible to the consumers. So, your mini cooking gas plant is in line with government policy.

But you will still need to get DPR to approve it for you. There’s also space restriction requirements to meet. Most times, it advisable to conduct location assessment before applying for DPR approval. Reason is, once you have applied for approval if your location is rejected, you also lose the money you might have paid to government for the approval. You can hire a consultant to conduct this assessment for you. It’s not expensive at all.



LPG Plant Location Assessment Report:

Starting a business in uncertainty and fear is worse. You could lose your investment. Invest little to get your location assessed by a professional LPG consultant.  An LPG gas consultant would charge between 100,000 to 150,000 naira to conduct this assessment for you, if you have a consultant near you t might be less. But where you can’t find one around, it would cost you more to cover costs like transport, hotel accommodation and feeding for a day or two, considering where the consultant is coming from.

One thing to consider here is that it’s cheaper to avoid mistakes than correcting costly errors of an LPG setup in a wrong location. Cooking gas is a location based business. Get it right from start. Avoid guessing, it can lead to much regrets later. Location assessment will give you the facts of your location. Its a physical assessment of your location.

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Advantages of Leasing Than Buying:

You are getting the picture clearer now. There is no city in Nigeria where you can’t find filling stations in major city area to locate your mini cooking gas plant. The cost of buying lands is increasing daily. It may discourage small investors from tapping this huge potential in cooking gas plant business.

In fact, in major roads leading to many estates and even GRA’s we have filling stations. And these are the routes gas consumers take to work and their homes. The best location always wins in this business.

They pass these filling stations every day, and many of them never go to the outskirts of towns even in a whole year, unless when they are travelling or visiting someone there. Consumers no longer fancy going into the bush to buy cooking gas.

These stations are your secret weapon to set up your cooking gas station closer to the consumer. Although you will still need approval for them. And the requirement for a skid plant in a filling station might also make some filling station not suitable.

Now, you have to follow my instructions on how to go about it. It’s not every filling station that may be ideal for it.

LPG Plant Long Lease Option

Some petrol stations are too crowded and don’t have even enough space for their own business and so can’t accommodate a cooking gas plant by the side. However, you can also lease an empty land. Although, that would require paying more money for regulatory approval.

So, looking for a petrol station with a spacious environment is vital. Also, you can choose to lease the entire petrol station and add your cooking gas plant as a side business.

Or you rent space from the owner of the station for your cooking gas plant. I recommend the lease of 3 to 5 years. It will also be much cheaper because you get to pay in bulk and that gives you advantage to negotiate the rent lower.

If the site is perfect, I recommend you make an extended contract. And there is an excellent reason for that too. But if you are not so sure the site is excellent for cooking gas business, just do a short lease and add a renewable clause that won’t allow the owner kick you out after the end of the lease, Unless you still want to continue doing business there.

Business Plan & Viability Report

Once you have a location that you can use for your cooking gas plant, the next thing will be to conduct a feasibility study. I recommend you hire a good gas consultant. But ensure that it’s a custom report.

Some even copied from consultants and be marketing it online. They are not LPG consultants. They only sell you a copied business plan without any professional advise.

I advise that you shouldn’t buy this kind of plan. Such business plan is copy and paste for the sole purpose of getting your money. You can’t present such plan to a bank. You’re probably not the first who may have presented that copy to a financial institution for a loan application.

That plan is never written for the success of your own business. And it’s the same report that they give to everyone. The just update and add customer details and location and they have a business plan for you.

LPG Business Plant Content

However, I strongly recommend you actually hire a consultant and pay him for a custom business plan with feasibility study. It may cost you around N50,000 to N150,000 for a 2.5MT or 5MT plant capacity but anything above that may cost more. It will be professionally done and customized to your need and location.

I recommend it – just go for the custom business plan to be prepared specifically for you with your location target. It will help you start, build and sell profitably. Anything less than that is a waste of your money.

[A] Executive Summary

[B] PART ONE: LPG Plant Overview

  1. Introduction to LPG Business
  2. LPG Vision & Mission Statement
  3. Business Objective
  4. Best Value Proposition
  5. Factors of Success In LPG Business
  6. Current Status of LPG Plant
  7. Brief on the LPG Industry
  8. Impact of LPG On The Local Economy

[C] PART TWO: LPG Marketing Plan

  1. LPG Product Description
  2. LPG Plant Business Model
  3. LPG Gas Opportunity
  4. LPG Pricing Strategy
  5. LPG Target Market
  6. LPG Distribution & Delivery Plan
  7. Promotional Strategy
  8. LPG Competitive Advantage

[D] PART THREE: LPG Investment Plan

  1. Location Assessment Report
  2. LPG Raw Materials
  3. Cooking Gas Dispensing Equipment
  4. LPG Distribution Process
  5. LPG Production Cost
  6. LPG Stock Control Process
  7. Operational Activities
  8. Project Implementation Schedule

 [E] PART FOUR: Organizational & Management Plan

  1. Ownership Of The Plant
  2. Profile of the Promoters
  3. Management Staff & Support Units
  4. Salary Financials & Schedule

[F] PART FIVE: LPG Funding & Loan Plan

  1. LPG Financial Assumption
  2. LPG Initial Capital Estimation
  3. Source of Capital
  4. Loan Security & Repayment Plan

[G] PART SIX: Risks & SWOT Analysis

  1. LPG Business Risks
  2. SWOT Analysis

Cooking Gas Plant Approval Requirement

The next plan will be to get the necessary approvals. You may also need to hire a consultant if you don’t know how to go about it. But cost of securing approval for setting up inside a petrol station and on empty land are not the same. You can find other of my report on this business for more details.

Here you will also need the corporation of the petrol station owner. I also recommend that you hung your lease payment on the approval of the place for a cooking gas plant. Some petrol stations license are not up to date.

So you don’t pay until DPR approves that station for gas business. That would give you the corporation of the station owner.

LPG Plant Approval Stages

There may be several different approvals before DPR but that’s the work of a consultant is to help you with, so hire one for it if you must. But if you have the time do it yourself.

Apart from the government fees, a consultant may take N100, 000 to N300,000 as a fee for this consulting services. Also, let me recommend that you might need a police report and fire service approval.

A cooking gas plant consultant, will help you every step of your project and also handles training of your staff and safety trainings for the cooking gas plant operations.

These might cost you up to N100,000 depending on the city. Then DPR charges are not so official. There are many charges to it. It not fixed or stipulated. Maybe because it’s done by an external body outside DPR or simple a way DPR staff can extort more money for themselves.

Don’t ignore the Nigerian factor as well. There are money through the backdoor before even the payment payable to the government.

LPG Cooking Gas Plant Setup Cost

If all these processes are done that you now have the station to use and it has been approved by DPR, then we move on to building the cooking gas station. Let me explain here that this kind of gas station is easily moveable since you are not the owner of the station.

Also, if the site is not doing so well and you wish to move to another place, it’s easily transferable. However, the cost implication for setting up may not also be fully captured here.

There may be civil works required which cannot be quantified without a professional assessment of the site and the level of work needed. But the cost of installation of the gas station is based on the capacity you can afford.

I always recommend you go for 2.5 tons for a start. The equipment price is between N8 million to N10 million for brand new. If you can offer two of these to make it 5 tons, it will be perfect. The reason is so that you don’t always run out of gas entirely before you get a new supply if your plant is in a remote location or where gas supply maybe difficult to reach easily.

As one tank is emptied, you are selling from the second tank while you call for a refill of the empty container. Also, these small capacity is what can be approved for a gas station. I don’t recommend building a single 5-tonne capacity either. And the significant size of 10 tons is only reserved for cooking gas plant that is setup on a full land.

There are also other cost implications, which I have explained in another article HERE.

LPG Cooking Gas Supply

Once you setup you can now buy cooking gas to sell to customers. Now that your gas station is built and ready to go, you will need to order your first gas and start selling immediately. By the time your building, the neighborhood will be asking, what are they building here?

So, you have already done publicity, and now people are expecting to start buying cooking gas from you – don’t disappoint them. If you have the 2.5 tons, which is 2,500 KG capacity, then you should be budgeting around N1,250,000 or more as price may go up  to fill this tank, depending on the current prevailing rate.

However, this is just an estimate because the gas price is not fixed. It changes regularly. Also, note that the price is inclusive of transportation cost. Some delivery trucks charge between N20 to N30 per KG. If you Multiply it by 2,500 KG, you will get an idea of the gas rate. I know the current retail price is N680 per KG.

Although like I said, this price can change, it’s as at the time of my writing. It can be lower or higher, but just know it’s moving and it’s not a static price. I hope this is very enlightening for you. If you need more clarification or need a business plan or a location assessment report done for you, please call or WhatsApp: 07087770518.


Starting a mini cooking gas plant maybe ideal if you have a petrol station that meets DPR requirement you can use. Your turnover for this business is usually high if you market it well.

However, make sure it’s strategically located, if not the purpose would have been defeated as well. Cooking gas customers that would patronize you will do so for their convenience. Study what they bigger plants are doing and see how you can match the convenience to your customers.

Finally, note that your setup cost can be around N6 million to N8 million. That’s if everything is done well and you followed proper advise. You can talk to me about your project and let’s reason it together and best way you can achieve it. And having someone to discuss with can help you articulate your challenges and ways to overcome them.


How To Invest In Highly Profitable Cooking Gas Business

And – How To Start Top 3 Cooking Gas Businesses In Nigeria

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