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POSI Vault – How to Earn Over 10,000% APY

POSI Vault

POSI vault is magic. Until you have tested it you may never understand. It’s the fastest way to earn MILLIONs of dollars in 1 year. And I’m not exaggerating.

If you have never see auto compounding at work, here’s the best form of it in POSI money magic vault. I’m going to show you how it works and help you follow my guide to turn it on for yourself.

The first thing to understand about POSI vault is that it works by compounding your earnings. That’s how the magic starts.

This means if you are harvesting your earnings you won’t benefit from the vault auto compounding power. But if you hold your profit in the vault, it will turn to a million some day. I though I should let you in on this earlier so you don’t get wrong idea and start spending like you won the lottery.

✳️ How POSI Vault Works

The best way to understand how POSI vaults work is to compare it with how the normal farm LP staking works. You start by swapping either BUSD or BNB to POSI. Then, you pair the two tokens to create and LP token.

You now go on to stake the LP token into the pool. As you earn, you harvest your earnings and repeat the same prices again to reinvest your earnings in other to compound it.

Now imagine all the above process can be done just by 1 single click. That’s the power of POSI Vault.

✳️ Benefits Of POSI Vault

🔹️The best User friendly interface of vault
🔹️Auto compounding
🔹️Higher annual percentage yield (APY)
🔹️Cost saving in gas fee
🔹️Option to earn the Profit in any of the paired token
🔹️Option to also withdraw in POSI or BUSD or BNB, etcetera

✳️ POSI Vault Reward Currency

Each of the POSI vault is built on a particular Cryptocurrency. The same way the rewards are calculated. For example, BUSD vault calculates your rewards in BUSD, which is shown at the top of each vault display.

POSI currently has 2 vaults:

🔹️BUSD Vault
🔹️BNB Vault

However, to harvest your rewards you will have 2 options of cryptocurrencies to choose from. The BUSD Vault gives you option to harvest in BUSD or POSI. The same with BNB vault – with option to harvest in BNB or POSI.

✳️ What’s POSI Auto Compounding?

Auto compounding is the most important feature of the POSI vault. The vault is not actually different from POSI Farm. They both share the same features – providing liquidity for the POSI ecosystem.

But auto compounding is what separates the POSI vault from POSI Farm. The vault gives you the advantage to compound your earnings automatically. And saves you the high cost of manually compounding your rewards each time you chose to.

The work of POSI auto compounding feature is best described in two ways:

🔹️To help you reinvest your earnings easier, faster and cost effectively
🔹️And to help you earn more money by maximizing your investment

✳️ How Compound Interest Work

POSI Auto compounding interest is easy to understand. Your rewards are compounded and included as part of your vault pool. That means you also earn rewards on your already earned rewards.

That increases your earning in the POSI vaults after each 7 hours compound circle. The compounding power of POSI vault is what makes it truly special.

For a newbie, if you multiply how much you currently have staked in the pool by the monthly APY percent, it will give you the reward for one month.

Compound interest turns a simple percentage Earning into a super charged earnings. In POSI vault you can earn more with $300 invested in a month than with $1,000 invested in the POSI farm.

🔹️Note: Your earning amount is the amount used for compounding. That means once you harvest you won’t gain from compounding those earnings. To earn more from auto compounding, you need to hold your earnings in the vault.

✳️ What’s POSI Annual Percentage Yield (APY)?

Another attractive feature of the vault is the high APY. POSI vault rewards are calculated in APY. Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is often confused with Annual Percentage Return (APR). Although, they are both similar but not exactly the same.

While they are both Percentage earnings calculation, APY calculates with annual compound interest earnings. But APR is only calculated in exact percentage returns without compound interest.

So, POSI vaults earns helps you earn more by auto compounding your rewards to earn you more.

Furthermore, the daily and weekly income is showing in $ while its actually calculated in POSI. So if a $100 amount is giving a daily income of $2.19, its actually 2.19 POSI per day.

✳️ What’s POSI Vault Impermanent Loss?

POSI vaults is not without its risk. The very common one is LP pool impermanent loss. Just like any other liquidity pool, POSI vault suffers the same loss.

You need to understand impermanent loss to know how it affects your Investment in POSI vault. Liquidity pool farming requires a pair of 2 tokens. These pair must constantly remain at the same equivalent value.

But, there’s bound to be price fluctuations. And since both tokens may not have to experience price increase or decrease at the same time, one token must makeup the value of the other when it decreases.

Even if you staked BUSD you still provide liquidity pair with POSI. So, your BUSD (assuming its $1,000), will be split into POSI and BUSD and wrapped into LP tokens automatically by the vault auto mechanism.

When the price of POSI goes down, then you suffer impermanent loss and your overall value of your staked LP (BUSD) will decrease as well. It’s called impermanent loss because it can also be reversed when POSI price goes up.

But at the time POSI price is lower the value of your LP in the vault reduces as well, including your earning. During that time the value of your LP is lower you are suffering some loses.

✳️ How to Use POSI Vault

The vault simplified everything about staking in POSI liquidity pool. In a simple clicks you can perform all the 4 steps, from creating an LP token to depositing it in the pool.

🔹️Step 1. Click on Approve BUSD or BNB (as the case maybe) and confirm
🔹️Step 2. Click on Stake and confirm

Note that Staking LP into the vault requires BUSD for BUSD vault, and BNB for BNB vault. The vault will now automatically buy POSI with half of the deposited funds to pair into an LP token.

This process is done for you automatically. All you are required to do is to deposit the token of the vault you want to stake into and the vault will perform the rest of the task of pairing the token with PODI, creating the LP token and staking it in the pool for you.

✳️How to Migrate Your LP Tokens

If you already have POSI LP tokens you can also migrate them. That would mean that you have the corresponding LP to the vault you want stake into. POSI allows BUSD and BNB vaults. So, you would need POSI-BUSD LP or POSI-BNB LP to migrate to the vault.

Here’s what to do. Go to vaults, click on more (below the vault you want to migrate to), click on migrate then input the amount of the LP. You might need to first withdraw your LP tokens from the current farm before you can migrate.

✳️ How to Harvest From POSI Vault

Your earnings from the vault can be harvested once you have accumulated some earnings. But, the harvest function doesn’t start to work until after the vault has auto compounded your first earning.

That means your first harvest can only be after the first 7 hours of staking LP in the pool. And you also have a choice of which token to harvest.

Each vault would present you the option to harvest your rewards in any of the LP pair. For example, you can harvest in POSI or BUSD from the BUSD vault.

✳️ Vault Harvest Lockup Time

The vault has a feature that locks up your earnings till after the first 7 hours or after the first auto compound. Until this happens you cannot be able to harvest your earnings.

It’s only for 7 hours. So that shouldn’t be a problem. 7 hours is. To a long time to actually have earned so much to be in a hurry to harvest – unless you have a million dollar LP in the vault.

✳️ What’s POSI Bounty?

The auto compounding feature is not really automatic. To auto compound every 7 hours, someone has to trigger the compounding feature manually. The POSI bounty provides that manual trigger.

POSI bounty is a reward for who ever gets to first trigger the auto-compound for the vault by clicking and successfully claiming the bounty. After each claim the bounty restarts the countdown for another 7 hours.

In order to make the auto compound actually working, you have to trigger the function on the smart contract. This function can be triggered every 7h but must be performed manually.

So, the lucky one who manage to claim that bounty triggers the compound function of the contract and gets rewarded with POSI for doing the job.

✳️ POSI Farm Versus Vault – Which 1 is More Profitable?

If you are looking to invest in POSI liquidity pool, which one of the farms is better – POSI farms or POSI vault? This question is growing concern among investors right now. They are confused about which one to go for, especially those who are already in the farming pool but wants to migrate.

Before you move your LP token from the farms to the vaults, you need to know what advantages and disadvantages are there for you. Let’s look at these two opportunities from Position Exchange website to pick the one that’s more profitable for you.

Although both of them are the same product, but certain features differentiates them from each other. The best way to differentiate the farm and the vault is to say the farm is manual and the vault is automatic.

✳️ How POSI Farm Work

POSI Farm allows investors to stake LP token and earn rewards. The pool requires a pair of either POSI-BUSD or POSI-BNB to create LP token to stake in the pool.

The rewards are calculated based on defined percentages and credited to the farm account as being generated per seconds.

✳️ How POSI Vault Work

POSI Vault allows investors to stake LP token to earn rewards. This vault pool can do so much for you than you can get from the normal POSI farm.

Unlike the normal farm, the vault does somethings for you. In normal farm you will need to create the LP token yourself, and if you need to reinvest your earnings, it’s also done manually by you.

✳️ Huge Benefits of POSI Vault

If you have invested in POSI Farm you will find POSI Vault more profitable because of the auto compounding feature. You will be enjoying some automatic services – like do-it-for-you kind of features.

🔹️Create LP token automatically
🔹️Reinvest your rewards to earn more (auto compounding)
🔹️Harvest in multiple tokens

POSI vault does everything for you automatically. Even your rewards are reinvested for you 2 to 3 times in a day. The power of compound interest is multiplied on your vault investment.

If you are wondering between the farm and Vault where to stake your LP token, the vault is the ultimate advantage.

🔹️It’s cost effective to invest and reinvest
🔹️It runs on auto pilot, saving you time
🔹️It’s the best investment option for your LP
🔹️It also has high APY (Annual Percentage Yield)


POSI vault is the real deal for digital Farmers. If you understand the power of compound interest you won’t miss investing in POSI vault. But you have to obey the law of compound interest earnings.

To earn big with POSI auto compound you have to avoid harvesting your rewards for a period of time to accumulate your target earning.

It’s better to set quarterly or annual target. Assuming you want to compound for the next 3 or 6 or 12 months before you harvest. That means you are compounding all your earnings for the period you chose.

🚀 Start earning over 1,000% in digital farming with POSITION EXCHANGE. Use this link swap, stake or farm POSI Token, click to link account or copy to paste in your TrustWallet or Metamask DAPP to connect to Position Exchange

🚀 Also, you can get a crypto account with Binance Exchange. 

🔹️Disclaimer: Crypto investment generally is volatile. This post doesn’t encourage a risk-free investment. You have to consider all your options and possibly Do Your Own Research (DYOR) before investing in any crypto project.

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Lesson 5: How to Pick Best Cryptocurrencies to Buy

If you are looking for how to make money now, invest in crypto. But that’s not all. Even though cryptos are a great store of value for investors now, there are fraudulent cryptos posing to scam investors off their money.

The best crypto tokens are now difficult to spot. One has to look well to see what’s being offered and why it’s worth risking his funds in the project. While many crypto projects don’t prove the identity of the founders or their ability to operate a crypto project, one can find some solace to invest in some project by picking the right ones.

Yes, if I would have to wait for a long while to see value in the crypto project I invested in, I might as well ensure I invest in the right ones. The projects are too many now. So, using your time for only what would work best for your money is the right way to go.

Although, this article doesn’t address the issue of fraudulent token projects, but it does show you what types of tokens can earn you the most value in your Investment. It will help you find which crypto tokens are best investment for you and why you should trust them as a store of value for your money.

✅ Crypto Lessons Table of Content

Before we continue, if you missed the introduction go back and go through it first. Here is the table of content to help you navigate through the entire course from any part of this lesson.

🔹️INTRODUCTION – Learn Cryptocurrency Investment
🔹️Lesson 1: How Cryptocurrency Investment Work
🔹️Lesson 2: How to Setup Token Wallet Address
🔹️Lesson 3: How to Claim Free Cryptocurrency
🔹️Lesson 4: How to Trade Cryptocurrency
🔹️Lesson 5: How to Pick Cryptocurrencies to Buy
🔹️Lesson 6 How to Farm Cryptocurrency
🔹Lesson 7: How to Sell Cryptocurrency

So, this lesson and the other lessons will focus on teaching you WHAT TO DO. So much theory will be overlooked and the focus would be on practical.

✅ How Crypto Tokens Work

Tokens are used as a medium of exchange. They are tradable and can be used to exchange for goods and services, whether online or offline. But more uses for crypto tokens have not yet started. The world will one day wake up to other uses for crypto tokens in the future.

Right now, tokens are created to as a digital replacement for conventional currency. They are built on Blockchain technology, which provides some high level of anonymity. That way users can exchange and transact with tokens without revealing their identity to one another.

Crypto tokens also provides a fast means of payment for goods and services. But the primary reason investors flock the Blockchain to buy tokens is for its store of value. It’s one of the fastest ways of acquiring great wealth with little capital.

Those who bought Bitcoin at the early days can attest to it. Bitcoin price has grown from an insignificant value from its early days to what it’s today. The same applies to many other crypto currencies. It’s also the reason many new tokens are flooding the market, looking for a share of this new found wealth.

✅ Types Of Tokens to Buy

There are different types of tokens investors should always consider before buying. I will show you these tokens and reasons behind each one to help you understand the best tokens you should be buying. Each of them presents some benefits for your Investment.

While you can pick and invest in all the tokens I have explained here, you should use this to find the tokens that provides huge benefits in all the categories.

🔹️Exchange Tokens
🔹️Staking Tokens
🔹️Utility Tokens
🔹️Tokens with Reflections (RFI)
🔹️Meme Token

Note that some tokens may have a combination of two or more of the different token types. That makes them better choice for investors.


Exchange tokens are native tokens of an exchange. They can serve as utility and staking tokens as well. They are high in value and their price do appreciate faster more than order tokens.

Every exchange token belong to its own exchange where the token is the primary token of transaction. Some exchange tokens are also used as primary tokens outside their exchange. An example is Binance Smart chain token.

There are two major types of exchanges – centralized and decentralized exchanges. You can buy any token as long as it has the native token of an exchange.

The benefits of buying exchange tokens are many:

🔹️The price rises faster thereby increases your return on investment. Example is Pancakeswap, which started in 2020 and by 2021 the value has reached $24 per token.
🔹️You can stake the token to earn more tokens while you wait for price to rise.
🔹️The token is listed on the exchange from day 1 giving it an advantage above other tokens. And it does get opportunity to list with more exchanges as well than other tokens.

✅ Examples of exchange Tokens

There are so many exchange tokens in the market now. I will just give you a few examples. From the explanation you can easily identify a DEX token when you see one.

🔹️Binance Smart chain
🔹️BItMart token
🔹️POSI Token


These kind of tokens are investors delight. They help you earn money from crypto on daily basis. It’s like fixed deposit investment. You stake your tokens to earn more of the same tokens or of a different tokens.

Every token is stakable. However, while some built their own platform to operate staking, some don’t have their own platform, making it difficult to stake them. Also, some partner with other staking sites to stake their tokens.

This should not really be a way to classify tokens but it’s important when buying into a new crypto project. It’s helps you maximize your investment from inception – at the time nothing much is expected from the token.

The benefits of buying staking tokens are huge:

🔹️You earn more tokens while waiting for token price to rise
🔹️The value of your staking rises as the value of the token rises increasing your return on investment.
🔹️It’s the best way to earn daily income from crypto
🔹️Annual Percentage Returns (APR) are usually higher than you can ever get from any other investment .
🔹️It’s the fastest way to multiply wealth in crypto investment

✅ Examples of Staking Tokens

What really makes the difference for each token is the APY (Annual Percentage Yield). Some tokens yield more than others. However, some new token projects create their own Staking pool, making them stakable as they are launched.

Almost every major Cryptocurrency is stakable. So my examples will explore few new tokens that have established themselves from the beginning, with their own ecosystem for staking.

🔹️POSI Token
🔹️WSPP Token
🔹️Fresh Cake Swap


Utility tokens are tokens with use-cases. This has been the plan for tokens until Dogecoin changed everything, and added meme token to the list. Every token is designed to have a use case.

That’s what makes tokens valuable and useful as a currency. Although every token project may claim use case just to get users interest, you have to evaluate the present and future uses before buying into any project.

The benefits of buying utility tokens are huge:

🔹️the price appreciates much faster
🔹️It has user case and attracts a lot of investors interest
🔹️You can trade or easily swap it with other tokens
🔹️It’s get easily acceptable to exchanges and increases its speed of listing

✅ Examples of Utility Tokens

🔹️POSI Token
🔹️Ekta Token
🔹️Binance Coin (BNB)


This kind of auto-staking tokens was made popular by Safemoon. It’s the easiest way to stake your tokens while your tokens are still in your wallet address. This uses the RFi technology that rewards token holders with some percentage of the gas fee.

It works by taking a percentage of every token buy and sell and sharing it among the existing holders. BabyDoge Coin takes 12% when you buy or sell but only 5% of it is shared among holders.

So, this works only when there’s a buy or sell of the token. It’s not a guaranteed way to earn from staking but it does have a huge potential for investors.

The benefits of buying reflection tokens are huge:

🔹️It doesn’t require any staking fees or network charges to earn reflections
🔹️It discourages holders from selling fast and helps to increase token price
🔹️You can earn huge reflections when buying and selling gets high
🔹️It’s the easiest way to stake your token without actually staking it

✅ Examples of Reflection Tokens

🔹️POSI Token
🔹️Babydoge Coin


This one really took the world by joke. Yes, meme tokens are tokens without proper utility or started as a joke like Dogecoin. The concept was started by Dogecoin. But the huge disadvantage is their large token volume and lack of any use case.

The benefits of buying meme tokens are:

🔹️It usually have huge fan base supporting the meme
🔹️It discourages holders from selling fast and helps to increase token price
🔹️It can generate high ROI in a short time with pump and dump

✅ Examples of Meme Tokens

🔹️Babydoge Coin
🔹️Akita Inu
🔹️Shiba Inu

✅ Conclusion

You don’t have to keep wasting money to buy any crypto out there just because they promised heaven and earth in their white paper. You should know what you stand to gain from the project if you buy.

There are so many scam token projects out there. They can promise quick return on your investment but that’s just to rip you off. Learn about crypto investment and stop throwing your money away at every seemingly promising project.

If you would like to learn more about crypto investments join my telegram group. Click this LINK to JOIN CRYPTO LESSONS NOW.

🚀 To swap, stake or farm POSI Token, click or copy Link , paste in your TrustWallet or Metamask DAPP to connect to Position Exchange

🔹️Disclaimer: Crypto or any other investment generally is volatile. This post doesn’t encourage a risk-free investment. You have to consider all your options and possibly Do Your Own Research (DYOR) before investing in any investment project.

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Start A Business

How to Start Travel Agency from Home in 2022

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine

Do you love all that has to do with travel? Would you like to make a living out of helping other people travel and find new places? The travel agency business calls for you.

What type of business is a travel agency business?

It provides the travel arrangements, transportation, housing and advice on the travel destination to its customers.

✅ Why Start a Travel Agency?

It is not as expensive as many other businesses. In the travel agency business, you can thrive even with a few staff. You also get to travel at a discounted rate to different countries.

So, how profitable is a travel agency?

The earnings annually can range from $50,000 – 100,000 and up to $500,000.

To stand out, you need a niche. An area to specialize in that meets needs and is not choked up with the competition.

The market is however competitive. To stand out from the crowd you need to put work into your branding, marketing and market research. This would help you find out who your target market is and what their desire is.

✅ How to Become a Travel Agent

A travel agent, like every other agency business seeks to provide travel services to its client base. Starting one would require not just your understanding of travel business but how to start a business as well.

🔹️How do you start a travel agency?
🔹️What are the requirements for a travel agency?
🔹️Who are Travel Agency target customers?
🔹️What would it cost to start a travel agency?

✅ You Need a Business Plan

Having a business plan can increase the chances for your business to happen. It is scientifically proven in fact.

A business plan does not have to be formal, especially if you’re not writing it for a loan. Writing a business plan gives you a goal and helps build a plan, a setting for your business.

It should include the type of travel agency business you wish to have, what your business aims to achieve, management of funds and the business entirely. It is also necessary to influence your acquiring of loans, investors or grants.

You can either be an independent agent working at home for a host travel agency or you can build your travel agency. This would influence how you write your business plan.

If you wish to start a travel agency and require a loan, a formal business plan is required. A lean business planning is simple and can be used for less formal business planning.

It can also be used to begin a formal business plan with the rest of the necessary info included afterwards.

Making a business plan is putting all about your business, profit margin, aim, target market on paper. Putting it out to the world what you want to do and the universe blessing it.

✅ Perform Market Research and Get a Niche

What does the travel market need? Market research helps you to find out the needs of the market and the spaces that need to be filled.

A need that no travel agency has met but is clamored by the public. This brings value to your travel agency business because you would be meeting a real need by real people.

Perform market research to learn about the market, the niches and your potential competition and then figure out your target, the people on the receiving end of your travel agency business and how you would meet their needs.

✅ Build a Brand

Now, that you already know what niche you chose, what you are offering and your target market, the next thing is to build your brand.

🔹️What do you want your customers to know you for?
🔹️How do you wish your customers to feel about the services you offer them?
🔹️What is the core of your travel agency business?
🔹️Do you wish to give your customers a library with a vast variety of books that pulls them right into the story written and into the lives of the characters while the environment is serene and a waterfall sound plays in the rooms?

This is what distinguishes you from other travel agencies. It is your spice that your own business brings.

This answers the question “what makes your business different?”

✅ Legalities and Business Structure

Do you need licensing? This depends on the country or state where your business is located. Some places don’t require you to have a license while some do. Find out and get one if required.

What business structure would work best for your travel agency business? Sole ownership, a partnership, a limited liability company? This depends on the needs of your company, where the funding comes from and your business plan.

✅ Source of Funding for Your Business

Starting your travel agency business requires low starting costs. You would not need a large space at the start. If you would be working from home, you don’t necessarily need a work office as long as you have a space set aside for work.

The source of funds for your business can be from what you saved up or a grant or loan. This cost is also necessary to cover advertising and branding. There are many more ways to fund your travel agency business.

✅ Location and Employees

If you would be working away from home and getting office space for your business, you need a location.

You may not need employees while just starting.

While a physical location is good, a virtual location, your business website is very important. Your target market is not only those living in the area. They are in other states and countries and while a physical location gives some formality to your agency, your virtual location is important, if not more important.

✅ Market Your Travel Agency Business

What’s your marketing plan? How do you intend to reach the people who your business aims to reach? Your target customers and your niche choice both influence your marketing technique.

Guerrilla marketing techniques and social media marketing are key marketing techniques to help guide your marketing plan.

✅ Build Online Presence

It’s much easier to market travel services online. A well planned online presence can help boost your marketing and attract regular customers to your Agency. Exploring different online channel may open up your Agency to new customer inflow.

Online channels to consider:

🔹️Building a website
🔹️Facebook for business
🔹️WhatsApp for business
🔹️Instagram page
🔹️Twitter page
🔹️Telegram channel

✅ How Much You Require to Start

The cost of starting a travel agency is about $500 on average. It’s an international business. The amount is not fixed. You can also start without capital, depending on your circumstances.

✅ Starting As An Independent Agent

An independent agent is like any other travel agent except that they are more flexible especially with the presence of technology allowing them to work anywhere even while on the move.

✅ Pick a Host Agency or Franchise

A host agency is crucial if you are starting as an independent agent. Host agencies not only provide you with the training you need to be an independent agent, but you also enjoy the benefit of having the support and guidance of experts.

Vital tools needed to perform as an independent travel agent would also be provided which is priceless for someone just starting. It also reduces starting costs.

✅ Challenges of Travel Agency

Creating and maintaining an online presence. Your online presence, your website and its functionality are important to put your services out. Your website should allow for easy booking, questions and recommendations from the customers.

A solution to the problem of not having good online presence is to have a website that is responsive to the customers and is travel inclined. This website should also be search engine optimized for organic audience reach.

✅ Knowing your Customers’ Needs

Since the recipient of your business is your customers, knowing and understanding their needs would make you understand them better and what they expect from you.

The questions they ask, suggestions they make, complaints and feedback would give you insight so make sure to ask for these things.

Meeting customers’ needs according to individual requirements. Feedback and reviews from your customers would give you the insight to know exactly what they need. Also, this would give them a personal and unique experience.

✅ Maintaining your Business Standard

Keep up with the standards you have set off for your business. This would keep your customers coming to you. It’s better to retain your standard than reduce it. Increasing your standard is also a good option.

Let your booking process be straightforward. Your customers should be able to figure out the booking process easier. Make it available and straightforward on your website.

You can have a specific dashboard for the booking process that is easy to locate and with multiple choices for a variety to choose from.

✅ Conclusion

The travel agency business has the marvelous benefits of building interpersonal relationships with its customers, exploring new grounds, adventure and a lot more.

Like Helen Keller said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

Finally, you must constantly seek to know more about travel agency business.

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Lesson 6: How to Farm Digital Currency for Beginners

Farming now has a new baby – digital farming. It’s even more lucrative than farming food crops. Unlike food farming, digital farming yields returns daily. And the percentage yield is huge and can make you a million dollars faster than you can imagine.

Digital farming is the easiest way to earn quick returns on crypto investment. This post is to show you all about it – how it works, all you need to know about farming crypto, and how you can start farming immediately.

The best way to explain what really happens in digital farming is to give you this explanation using one of the examples of digital farming returns. In this case scenario, a $1,000 can yield over 1,000 percent annually without compounding returns.

That’s if you invested $1,000 now in the next 12 months you can earn $10,000. But, if you compound your earnings monthly here’s the kind of returns you can expect. This example is for estimates only. Your earning will depend on prevailing percentage at the time of investing.

Startup Capital – $1,000 on monthly compounding:

🔹️Month 1 approximate earning – $830 ($1,830 compound invested fund)
🔹️Month 2 approximate earning – $1,500 ($3,348 compound invested fund)
🔹️Month 3 approximate earning – $2,779 ($6,127 compound invested fund)
🔹️Month 4 approximate earning – $5,085 ($11,212 compound invested fund)
🔹️Month 5 approximate earning – $9,305 ($20,517 compound invested fund)
🔹️Month 6 approximate earning – $17,029 ($37,546 compound invested fund)
🔹️Month 7 approximate earning – $31,163 ($68,709 compound invested fund)
🔹️Month 8 approximate earning – $57,029 ($125,738 compound invested fund)
🔹️Month 9 approximate earning – $104,362 ($230,100 compound invested fund)
🔹️Month 10 approximate earning – $190,983 ($421,083 compound invested fund)
🔹️Month 11 approximate earning – $349,499 ($770,582 compound invested fund)
🔹️Month 12 approximate earning – $639,583 ($1,410,165 compound invested fund)

How much you can start with may depend on you or the minimum allowed by each farm. I used $1,000 as startup for the calculation just to give you an idea of the earnings. I strongly recommend investing more or as much as you are willing to risk.

✅ Crypto Lessons Table of Content

Before we continue, if you missed any of the lessons go back and go through it first. Here is the table of content to help you navigate through the entire course from any part of this lesson.

🔹️INTRODUCTION – Learn Cryptocurrency Investment
🔹️Lesson 1: How Cryptocurrency Investment Work
🔹️Lesson 2: How to Setup Token Wallet Address
🔹️Lesson 3: How to Claim Free Cryptocurrency
🔹️Lesson 4: How to Trade Cryptocurrency
🔹️Lesson 5: How to Pick Cryptocurrencies to Buy
🔹️Lesson 6 How to Farm Cryptocurrency
🔹️Lesson 7: How to Sell Cryptocurrency

So, this lesson and the other lessons will focus on teaching you WHAT TO DO. So much theory will be overlooked and the focus would be on practical.

✅ Understanding Digital Farming

If you know about Cryptocurrency it’s a lot easier to understand digital farming. But I know that everyone understands what farming is. Your knowledge of farming will make it easier for you as well.

In the context of farming, you require SEED and FARM LAND. In digital farming you also need CRYPTO (the seed) and CRYPTO PLATFORM (the farm land). The crypto or seed will be planted on the platform or farm – and that’s how digital farming works.

However, unlike the food farming, this one can start earning you harvest immediately. The moment you planted your token or coin to farm, you start seeing your earnings immediately.

And you can start harvesting too. Although, some farms may lock harvest for a certain period of time – like first 10 hours or 24 hours or even more. But once the lockup time elapses you can start harvesting your earnings anytime you choose.

✅ Who’s A Digital Farmer?

It’s someone who’s farming cryptocurrencies. That’s the simple way to explain it. Digital currencies provides investors opportunity to earn more cryptos while holding a particular token or coin.

A holder of a token or coin that can be farmed and utilizes the platforms provided to Farm those cryptos is a digital farmer. In return you earn either more of the same token or coin that you staked (planted) or you could earn another token or coin depending on the offer from the farm.

A digital farmer earns from digital farms. That’s not to imply there are no risk. A good farmer must understand the risks involved, and ways to mitigate against it.

✅ Different Types of Digital Farming

In farming crypto you may encounter these different types of farming. Sometimes, it may be described as staking or liquidity pool. Whatever name it’s called, they are all farms. You are required to plant tokens or coins to harvest more tokens or coins.

Let me further explain the common types of crypto farming you are going to be encountering.

🔹️Single Pool Farming
🔹️Liquidity Pool Farming
🔹️NFT Pool Farming

✅ Single Pool Farming

Crypto offers rewarding single pool farming. This option is the farming of a particular token or coin to earn the same token or coin or a different token or coin. It usually involves the staking of a particular token or coin.

Simple pools are one of the most risk free digital farming in crypto investment. The only risk there is, could be the risk of the token price fall. If the price falls, the value of the token or coin earned through farming equally depreciates.

✅ NFT Pool Farming

NFT means Non-Fungible Tokens. A unique digital asset that represents ownership of real items like music, videos, clips, arts and more.

NFT staking is a new way of farming digital assets and it’s gaining more grounds lately. It involves the casting of NFTs in Staking pools to earn tokens or coins.

The process involves the purchase of NFTs from either NFT marketplace or from NFTs provided in the particular project, and staking it in the pool to earn more tokens or coins.

✅ Liquidity Pool Farming

A liquidity pool is one of the most useful type of digital farming that contributes to the overall activities of the Blockchain. Every token or coin project needs a liquidity pool to help facilitate buying and selling transactions.

Crypto platforms gives investors the opportunity to provide this liquidity to enable efficient transactions and equally earns them rewards for doing so.

Liquidity pool (LP) farming involves the pairing of two approved tokens or coins into an LP token and staking it in a pool to earn rewards. You can earn as much as 3% daily from your investment in a liquidity pool. That makes it one of the most profitable investment in Cryptocurrency.

But liquidity pool is not without its risk. Although, this risk is so described that most people get terrified of it.

✅ Liquidity Pool (LP) Impermanent Loss

In all of crypto investment it’s only in liquidity pool staking that its loss is so identified and also so described. Impermanent loss may be confusing to many crypto investors. But it’s important that you truly understand how this loss accrues to your farming assets.

Impermanent loss simply means a loss that can be short lived. Some of the best synonyms are uncertainty, fluctuation, hesitation, inconsistency, insecurity, etcetera.

In order words, impermanent loss may not become a loss until you pull out your LP token from the pool. An understanding of some vAMM Blockchain technology would give more clarity to how LP pool farming works.

✅ How Impermanent Loss Occurs

A liquidity pool requires the staking of two paired tokens or coins. The pairing requires the tokens or coins must be in equally monetary value.

But since crypto prices fluctuates, these values change regularly, and affecting the paired value of the two coins. If the price of one or both tokens depreciates it leads to impermanent loss, if LP is pulled out of the pool. This loss can be recovered over time if LP is still staked in the pool.

To maintain this paired value, the Blockchain vAMM would help to balance the pair values by automatically selling any excess value of one pair to buy back equal value of the other pair to keep them both at par on equal monetary values.

This maintenance can cause impermanent loss for one or both of the tokens.

✅ How Much Can Digital Farmers Earn?

Farming pool earnings are calculated in annual percentage returns (APR) or yield (APY). I have also done a simple calculation above using an approximate monthly compound investment plan. That should give you an idea and help you calculate your earnings as well.

However, there are other things you may need to consider when calculating your farm earnings. What you can earn from a farm would depend on the following:

🔹️How much percentage the farm offers
🔹️How much you invested
🔹️How much you can compound
🔹️How many times you can compound (daily, weekly or monthly)
🔹️How long you can stay in the farm

Note that there may be cost implications as well. The cost of buying the token or coin to farm maybe constantly increasing, thereby increasing your cost of investment. Also, there will be network charges for things like:

🔹️Staking fee per staking processed
🔹️Harvest fee per harvest processed
🔹️Network fees to pair LP tokens
🔹️Network fees to unlock LP tokens
🔹️Network fees to un-stake your tokens

These different costs depends on the Blockchain network and the farm you are using. No cost is fixed. The time and traffic can also affect the cost – either increase it or reduce it.

✅ How to Find Good Farms Early

As a digital farmer, your advantage lies in finding good digital farms early enough. Finding new farms early is a huge advantage you should explore. It’s not everyday you find farms with 1,000% APR.

Finding a new farm early means you have the advantage to buy the tokens at a pretty cheaper rate. Having the opportunity to buy in early is the number one advantage in digital farming.

There are several platforms where you could find new digital farms as they are launched, but there are many scams out there as well. You need to be guided as a beginner.

🚀 To swap, stake or farm POSI Token, click or copy Link , paste in your TrustWallet or Metamask DAPP to connect to Position Exchange.

✅ Follow A Mentor

You will be needing a mentor, if you are new to cryoto. A mentor is just a guide who can help you learn how to Start farming. It’s not a complicated process but it can seem so for a beginner.

Following someone who is already farming with success could be your fastest route to start farming cryptos.

Since you are reading this post now, I assume I can be your mentor in this regard. If you feel the need to follow me, then connect with me on telegram. This Link Adds You To My Group Of Others Like You Who I’m Mentoring.

Please note that I don’t take spamming lightly, and will remove and block you on telegram without warning if you spam the group. Be there to learn only and I will help you on how to start earning from digital farming.

✅ Time to Invest In Digital Farms

I will have to show you to start your first farm. I may also be updating this place to add more additional options or update on changes in any farm I may have introduced here. You must know that in investment things change with time.

Here are list of first farms I will encourage you to start with:

🔹️POSI Farm: earn over 1,000% APR. CLICK HERE TO START
🔹️Amor Farm: earn over 900% APR. CLICK HERE TO START
🔹️Ekta Farm: earn over 400% APY. CLICK HERE TO START

There are many other crypto farms out there. But be guided to make the best decision. The decision to invest in any of the farms is up to you. If you have limited funds and looking for the right farm to guarantee the best Return on your Investment, I will recommend POSI FARM for a start.

However, if you have large funds and wants to explore every opportunity to earn more, you can invest in all of them or as many as your funds can take. But make sure you truly understand the costs, return on investment, and attendant risks.

✅ Conclusion

If you are smart, here are some videos to get you started. In farming crypto, learning is important. Don’t assume anything. Ask questions and find out why, rather than working on assumptions.

Watch this Video on POSI:

When you are done, click on the link to link POSI with your Trustwallet or Metamask to buy and start farming POSI. You can also READ MORE ABOUT POSI FARMING HERE.

🔹️Disclaimer: Crypto investment generally is volatile. This post doesn’t encourage a risk-free investment. You have to consider all your options and possibly Do Your Own Research (DYOR) before investing in any crypto project.

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Grow Yourself Worth

How to Network People to Give You Money

The people you know maybe holding the key to your wealth. I’m only going to show you how to get to them and collect the money in a legit way.

What if all the people you know are damn broke? Lol! Nobody is actually that broke, they just don’t know it.

They may not have enough money to give you but they may know someone who does. Whichever way, you will start earning from them right now – I mean starting from today.

Sometimes all you need to do is tell yourself the truth. If you are broke you need money. And I want to show you how to earn money the easy way, using the help of people that you already know to get started.

 Honest Truth About Money

Do you know why everyone needs money? Forget those who claim they don’t want to be rich. Everyone needs money, whether they want to be rich or not.

Money answers to all things – including insults. Have you ever been insulted by money? Wait till you get sick and the doctor says you need $10,000 to pay before treatment can commence.

Money can insult you that way. Now your life is dependent on just $10,000. Imagine if you have the money to pay. It won’t mean anything to you. Your life is more important than $10,000.

If you can’t afford to pay $10,000, not just for medicals but any bill at all, you have to read through this post with rapt attention. You are the one who really to start this business now.

 How Do You Start?

You will need some money too. Aha, I can hear you scream “that’s the catch. But I don’t even have that kind of money”. Then, I will show you how to start with zero money.

Money is everywhere around you. If it’s not in your hands now it’s with someone else. Find someone who has it and let them pay for you to start earning money from them.

“Is not that simple,” you would say. Yes I know but that’s why I’m going to make it simple for you.

At the end of this post I will make you an offer to get you started for free. But there’s a catch. It’s a simple thing to do using what I have taught you here.

 Why You Should Do this Business?

I don’t want to sound too optimistic, but imagine what $500 daily can do for you. We are talking about over N250,000 daily income by conservative estimate.

Okay, let me not make it sound like marketing. I really want you to see this opportunity and to take advantage of it.

It’s not going to be that easy for everyone, but if you stick to this plan you will surely start earning $500 daily.

Do you know that everyone is looking for how to make money? And people will listen to you if you show them how they can make more money.

Let’s start first by helping you find those people around you. Shall we?

 How to Calculate Your Net-Worth

What is your net-worth? Most people don’t know their net-worth, and they are wondering why they are still broke.

If you don’t know how much you are worth, you will feel inferior and unmotivated to attempt anything that can make you rich.

️Take this test and never forget it:

  1. How much money have you minted since you were born?
  2. How much money have you received from other people since you were born?

Which of the question has a ‘YES’ answer, A or B? I can even answer for you. All the money you have came from other people. You don’t mint money. You are not central bank.

So, to calculate your net-worth, it’s not about the money in your hand or your bank or your business. But all the people you know, and that you can meet, or reach, or connect with.

Your net-worth is people. If you value people you will be rich. And I’m going to show you how to reach them and what you can use to continually collect money from them.

If you want to be rich fast enough, here’s the secret you may have been ignoring all your life. But you need to be prepared for this.

 How Prepared Are You?

You need to prepare yourself before you can convince someone else to listen to you. I can hear the murmuring, “yeah, yeah, me that can’t face people”.

If you are BOLD enough to face POVERTY you should be able to face anything, including the ugly faces of other BROKE PEOPLE like YOU.

I sounded so blunt, right? Yes, I know, but that’s my way of telling you not to give any damn excuse to continue living a miserable life.

Those people you may be afraid to face will be happy to face you if only you can help them find money like I’m showing you right now.

So, get ready to start using your net-worth to make money without fear or apology.

 What You Should Know

I’m not asking you to go and acquire more university degree. In fact, you don’t need any form of education, and you don’t even have to be able to speak English – unless the people in your network speak only English.

What you need is what I’m going to hand over to you at the end of this post. If you take it quickly, then you are prepared. If you don’t…I reserve my comment.

 How to Network with People

Now that you understand your net-worth, you need to start working on your network.

You already have a network. What you need to start doing now is to organize them the way you want to use them.

️How big is your network? Let’s do a simple test:

  • How many people do you know personally?
  • How many people do the people you know-know personally?
  • How many people do they people they know- know personally?
  • How many people you don’t know that you can meet, reach and connect with?

You can see how big your network really is. Now you can start networking.

 How Many People Do You Need?

One of the major fears of networking is thinking that you need many people in your network. I’m sure you don’t even know many people.

If that has been fear in networking, then you don’t have to be afraid of networking any more. You really don’t need many people to start a network.

Here’s the exact number of people you need – 2 people. Do you know at least 2 people? Can you get 2 people to join your network? Do you know 2 people that you can convince to invest money in a business if you introduce them?

If all your answers is ‘YES’, then start networking today. You are going to be rich beyond your widest dream.

 What to Sell to Your Network

Let me help you solve this other problem. Most people think what you sell to your network is product – and because most people don’t like to sell product, they won’t buy it.

In networking, you don’t sell product or service or business. Rather, you sell MONEY. Everyone buys MONEY. Someone may not need the product or service or business you are offering in your network, but everyone needs money.

Sell them MONEY and they will buy it from you. If you are wondering; how do you sell them money, you need to read further. I have explained it in this post as well.

 Find Money to Give Them

Here is the hard part. You need to find money to give all these people you are bringing into your network.

The more money you can give them the better. I have been doing this for a long time now. I should know how it works best.

Remember, what I told you earlier, everybody is looking for money. If you have money to give to your network they will follow you.

 Give Them Network Money

Every network has money to give. As a networker, you have to structure your network in a way that everyone who joins you makes money, whether or not they are able to sell or not.

That’s the key to successful networking. Everyone that joins your network should start earning money.

In my network, once you join, in less than one week you will earn your first income, if not immediately.

Now, imagine joining a network that quickly gives you back the money you paid instantly, and start paying you returns almost immediately.

 Here’s My Network Money for You

I’m making you 2 simple offers right now. That’s the beauty of networking. If you join now you are in a better position to start earning money now.

  1. I’m offering 10 free registrations every month (conditions apply)
  2. Money-Back-Guarantee if you registered with money

 How to Register in My Network

The first step is to join the group on Telegram. Yes, it’s important. In order to work with me you have to begin to know me. I don’t work successfully with strangers, and I believe that applies to everyone.

️By knowing me you will get to understand the following:

  • How my network works
  • What my network is all about
  • How you can register in my network
  • How you can make money in my network
  • How to start your own network
  • How to start giving network money to your network

I have made too many promises in this post. Yet, all of it is true. Now it’s your turn to test my offer for yourself. Click this LINK HERE to JOIN MY TELEGRAM CHANNEL.


️F-E-A-R has 2 meanings:

  1. Forget Everything And Run (FEAR) or
  2. Face Everything And Rise (FEAR)

The choice is yours. I have done my part to show you the path to MONEY. You have to follow the path to find if you want to find MONEY.

If you have any question, concern, request and remark, you can also use the comment box and I will respond to it quickly.

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Start A Business

Best Guide to Start a Dry Cleaning Business In 2022

Does the dry cleaning business interest you? Have you been looking for a guide on how to start a laundry business? Do you know more Nigerians now patronize dry cleaning businesses than before? If you continue reading you will find out more.

The dry cleaning business is one of the low-risk businesses in Nigeria. It can be run as a side business and does not have to be your main business.

Dry cleaning business is also known as laundry business. To start this business, you need a marketing strategy and a business plan. This is a non-negotiable necessity.

Along with washing, dry cleaning business also involves the ironing and proper folding and packaging of clothes. And goes beyond just cloths to rugs and home furniture’s cleaning.

✅ How Profitable is the Laundry Business in Nigeria?

Although, it will be difficult to give an exact range for dry cleaning business profitability because of certain factors, but you can gauge how profitable it can be for you based on number of clothes you can wash daily and monthly.

Use the following parameters to gauge for yourself. A business plan can equally help you determine that.

🔹️How many clothes can you possibly wash per day?
🔹️What’s the cost of washing a cloth in your proposed location?
🔹️What’s your target market potential?

Forget those claims of figures of profitability. They are simply deceptive and based on speculation. You must know that, no two dry cleaning business can be the same. As these businesses differ, so is their locations, target customers, cost implications and ability to deliver on their promises to target customers.

All these will impact on the business and help determine the profitability for each of the different Dry Cleaning Business, as well as for your own dry cleaning business.

✅ Types Of Dry Cleaning Business

🔹️Home Dry Cleaning Business
🔹️Road site dry cleaning business
🔹️Office Dry Cleaning Business
🔹️Modern or Machine Dry Cleaning House

✅ Home Laundry Business

The service is targeted at families with lots of washing to do, like washing kids cloths. The service is rendered at the customers home. You may not even need to have your own working tools.

The customer provides you with everything, including bowls, water, detergents, etcetera. Your job is to do the washing and spray them out to dry. You get paid for the washing on the agreed fee. It doesn’t often require ironing. The contract ends once the cloths are washed and sprayed on the drying lines.

✅ Road-Side Laundry Business

Anyone can start it. It doesn’t require so much capital to start. You can even start it right off your backyard. It’s a lot different from home service.

You reach out to potential customers to either bring their cloths to you or usually you pick it up from their homes or office. Then take it with you for washing. This type of dry cleaning can be operated right from any corner or you can also rent a shop as well.

The main difference with other types of laundry business is that you can pick up from customers and you can also deliver to them after washing and ironing.

✅Office Dry Cleaning Business

This one is common and operated out of a small shop. It’s actually a smaller version of the modern laundry house. But a better version of road-side laundry business.

Customers locate and drop off their cloths for laundry services, and pick up after washing and ironing at an agreed date.

This can be operated out of a sole rented shop for dry cleaning or shared shop with other businesses combined. There’s really not much difference with road-side laundry, excerpt for the service operation.

✅ Modern or Machine Dry Cleaning House

A modern or machine dry cleaning house provides the best cleaning services to customers. And it requires the use of modern laundry equipment’s and professionally dry cleaning processes.

The services are top-notch with finished products worth the high cost paid for it. This kind of services are targeted at high net worth customers who want the best laundry services.

The location of this kind of laundry business is key to its success. And to embark on such project you will require to hire a consultant and prepare a perfect laundry business plan with full location assessment study to ensure the feasibility of the location before you invest.

✅ Steps to Start a Laundry Business

Starting a modern dry cleaning business should be done professionally. A well planned laundry business will always do well. These steps can help you process successfully.

✅ Have a Business Plan

Your business plan includes how you plan to run your business. It would help you to know the necessary elements for your business and make sure you follow them because you planned upfront.

A business plan indicates how your business would be managed, your marketing strategies and your cash flow.

It explains the goal of your business, shows investors and grant allocators why they should invest time and money into it.

You need to write one yourself or hire a consultant for as low as $100 to write a simple laundry business plan if you are starting on a small scale. If you hope to start a morgen laundry to target the high end of the market a professional laundry business plan can cost you over $500.

✅ Startup Cost

How much do you need to start a dry cleaning business in Nigeria?

The start-up cost of your business can range from N50,000 to N50,000,000. This price range depends on your vision for a laundry business.

For example, if you already have land or building for your business, your starting cost would drastically reduce. A modern dry cleaning house is more lucrative and cost more to setup.

✅ Location Assessment Is Important

Think about the location of your business. You cannot build your enterprise anywhere. It has to be located in a residential area where people would pass on their way to work and back. So, it should be within easy reach.

Your building should contain your equipment and also portray the future you envision for your business, even if you have not gotten there yet.

The building should have enough space so that people can move freely. This way, it would provide customers with comfort when they can sit and relax.

✅ How to Find a good location:

● Residential areas are a good spot.
● It should have enough space to allow customers to walk in and rest their feet.
● Check for the pros and cons of each location you assess and check your requirements off your list.
● Have a list of necessities your building should have. The one with the most checks on your list, if not all, is the one.
● It should be easily accessible. Your customers would be discouraged if they gave to climb hills and cross valleys before they find your building.
● You should hire a consultant to conduct location assessment for you if you are planning on modern laundry business setup.

✅ Register Your Business

Registering your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission makes your business distinct and exude professionalism. Your name should not be a mouthful. At least, one should be able to hold on to a word from your business name.

Your business should have a website registered with the business name which can be located when it is entered in the search box. Your business name should not be the same as another business so that yours can stand apart.

✅ How to Register your business

Register your business with the corporate affairs commission to make it legit in Nigeria. It makes your business trustworthy and is a starting block to building your customer’s faith in you and your work.

Make connections with other dry cleaning businesses to get information, help and find out if there is another license to get or certificate.

✅ Get The Right Equipment

Quality equipment set a standard for your business. Good quality materials yield good quality service in return.

Some minor equipment’s that are needed for a start:

  1. Washing machine
  2. Generator
  3. Dryer
  4. Hanger
  5. Shelves
  6. Iron
  7. Ironing table
  8. Washing bowls
  9. Packaging materials: bags, nylons.
  10. Laundry soap
  11. Stain remover
  12. Fan
  13. Fragrance
  14. Starch
  15. Chairs

In a case where you do deliveries to doorsteps, a delivery van would be necessary with the business name and logo imprinted on it. It would also increase the charge and therefore increase your profit.

✅ Home Delivery Option

Delivery to homes is a superb way of getting the hearts of customers and making them stay loyal to your business. What is not relieving about one’s clothes getting washed and then delivered to their home?

✅ Dry Cleaning Rate

Costs inputted into the business along with finding out how much others price their services by doing market research would guide you to set the rate for your services.

You may charge at a reduced price in the beginning but not too low that you don’t gain or that people think your business is too good to be true.

Also, make sure you keep accounts. This would clearly reflect whether your business is progressing or not.

✅ Employee Handbook

This depends on whether or not you need help especially in the beginning and if division of labor is required.

Do you need help? Get employees. If your business is small and you can do all yourself, do that too. However, for a modern laundry business you need an employee handbook to help you articulate the kind of employees you need, the educational qualification and your job description for them.

✅ Create a Brand

The standard of your business, what only you offers and what sets your business apart makes up your brand. Learn how to brand your local business.

Your brand is how the public would perceive your business and what your business stands for.

A unique brand would keep your business apart from that of your competitors and make it stand out so that customers see you clearly and recognize you.

Choose cleaning products that would not cause allergic reactions on your customers and would not be harmful to the environment. Choose eco-friendly cleaning products that are more organic.

✅ Marketing: Make it public!

Your marketing strategies would come into play here to get more customers and keep the ones you already have. How do you find your target customers?

A sign in front of your company that says your business name and what you do is an attractant. So also is the social media, flyers, newspapers and quality customer service. Also, have a sign on your building that shows the price of dry cleaning a single shirt.

Good customer service would encourage your customers to spread word of your business.

Also, a delivery service to homes not only brings you profit but also bring customers with comfort. Their clothes are brought to their doorstep and the hustle and bustle of the roads is avoided. Who would not love that?

Welcome your customers with a friendly smile on the faces of your staffs. Give your building a homely feel that would make anyone who enters feel comfortable.

Make sure to call your customers when their clothes are ready for pick up. This would ensure communication and pass on an enviable customer service.

✅ Conclusion

A dry cleaning business or laundry business is one that takes from its customers the stress of washing clothes. It also makes sure that clothes are treated the right way and given the treatment that they need.

I hope you were guided on how to run a successful dry cleaning business.

Well… what are you waiting for? Check business plan samples and formulate a plan for your dry cleaning business or hire a consultant to package one for you quickly.

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Grow Your Money

How Much You Can Earn With $1,000 In POSI Farm

Welcome to Crypto Lessons on MyBlog TV. I recommend you hit the subscribe button right now and also activate the notification bell to get new videos once I post them. If you are the first to know you will also be the first to earn.

The link to start earning with POSI is in the description box. If you find this helpful, Give this post a thumbs up, write us a good comment to help encourage more of our viewers and share it with your friends.

I want to show you how much you can earn with POSI Farm with $1,000 investment. So, let’s go…

POSI is a native token from Position Exchange – a decentralized derivatives trading protocol. POSI has two LP farms currently. It hopes to increase the number of farms soon. But I’m going to analyze the current 2 farms for you.

I want to show you how much is possible with $1,000 in POSI Farm. The $1,000 is not a limit, and not a minimum either. If you want to earn better with POSI farm, the more you invest the better.

 POSI Overview

You can see total locked value. This is huge. Also, POSI currently has more than 300,000 holders. They are currently targeting 5 million by December. The current token price is around $5.5 per POSI.

Although POSI has 100 million total Supply, the circulating Supply is still around 6 million. For those who just buy and hold, the RFI will still give you some POSI tokens from 1% of all transactions.


The first POSI pool I will talk about is the POSI-BUSD pool.

️The speed is times 2
️The reward is in POSI
️APR is currently at (884.83) – expect it to fluctuate. But that’s the highest APR you can get from any solid project like POSI.
️No deposit fee required
️Harvest lock up is only for the first 8 hours

 1 Day Earning – is about 2.42% or 4.35 POSI per day without compounding. Note that the percentage and earning fluctuates as well with the APR rate. If APR goes up the earning percentage goes up. If it goes down, the pay go down as well.

 7 Days Earning – is about 18.25% or 32.78 POSI per week with compounding.

 30 Days Earning – is about 105% or 189.30 POSI per month. Note that this calculation is done with compounding earnings. If you are not compounding your earnings will be a little less than this.

 365 Days Earning – is about 638,523.63% or 1,124,913.84 POSI per year with compounding interest. At the current POSI rate that’s $6,384,417.67


The second POSI pool I will talk about is the POSI-BNB pool.

️The speed is times 1.4
️The reward is in POSI
️APR is currently at (873.2 ) – expect it to fluctuate. But that’s the highest APR you can get from any solid project like POSI.
️No deposit fee required
️Harvest lock up is only for the first 10 hours

 1 Day Earning – is about 2.39% or 4.36POSI per day without compounding. Note that the percentage and earning fluctuates as well with the APR rate. If APR goes up the earning percentage goes up. If it goes down, the pay go down as well.

 7 Days Earning – is about 18% or 32.34 POSI per week with compounding.

 30 Days Earning – is about 103.24% or 185.54 POSI per month. Note that this calculation is done with compounding earnings. If you are not compounding.

 365 Days Earning – is about 559,138.45% or 1,004,828.78 POSI per year with compounding interest. At the current POSI rate that’s $5,591,420.43

 Finally, you have to do you own research (DYOR). Okay guys thanks for watching, and join me and invest in POSI farms. If you have any question drop it in the comment box.

To swap, stake or farm POSI Token, copy Link below, paste in your TrustWallet or Metamask DAPP to connect to Position Exchange:

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Grow Your Business

How Do You Earn With Position Exchange?

If you are new in crypto, you may not fully know the huge potential of opportunities as presented by Position Exchange. But let me explain it briefly for you.

✅ What’s Position Exchange?

It’s simply a decentralized exchange. Which means you can trade any type of crypto on Position Exchange. You can see it as Binance of decentralized exchange. That means you don’t need to buy your cryptos from other exchanges like PancakeSwap anymore.

✅ What’s POSI Token?

POSI is a native token of Position Exchange ecosystem. You start your investment in Position Exchange by owing some POSI token. There’s no minimum of POSI you can own. Buy as much as you can afford.

✅ Brief Facts About POSI Token

🔹️It has only 100 million tokens in total
🔹️Less than 15% of it is currently in circulation (in September 5th, 2021)
🔹️The current price is around $7.4 (in September 5th, 2021)
🔹️It’s just 5 weeks old (in September 5th, 2021)

✅ How Do You Buy POSI?

POSI is available option buy on Position Exchange app. You can use the link provided here to buy POSI token with either your Traustwallet or Metamask wallet. You can also buy POSI on Lbank exchange and other exchanges that will soon be listing POSI.
POSI is also available from PancakeSwap. But the best place I recommend you buy POSI is on Position ex hanger app. Use link.

✅ Steps to Buy POSI Token On Position Exchange

🔹️Click on the POSI link to connect with your wallet, or copy and paste into your DApp browser
🔹️Select bsc Smart chain network
🔹️Connect your wallet address with the App
🔹️Click on the Menu icon
🔹️Select “Exchnage”
🔹️Enter the number of POSI you want to buy below
🔹️Above select the token you want to use in payment
🔹️Click on swap
🔹️Verify your order and confirm
🔹️Confirm to Make network payment

✅ How Do You Earn Money With POSI?

Position Exchange provides several products in its ecosystem that can earn you more POSI. Here are a few operational ones.

🔹️POSI Staking Pool
🔹️POSI LP Farm
🔹️POSI NFT Marketplace
🔹️POSI Derivatives Trading Protocol

Each of the products has daily earning power for your POSI. You can earn up to 1,000% APR from your POSI token depending on the pool you choose to invest your POSI.

Once you follow the process to stake your POSI in any of the pools available on the App you will start earning more POSI immediately. And you can harvest your earnings, sell it and send the money to your bank account.

✅ Steps to Earn More POSI

🔹️click on the menu icon
🔹️Select the pool you want to invest your POSI token
🔹️options to choose from (Pool, Farm, NFT and Trading)
🔹️For single Pool, select pool, approve POSI Staking, enter POSI to stake and stake it
🔹️For Farm, select Farm, approve POSI farm, create LP token pair (see how to create LP token), add your LP and start farming
🔹️For NFT Pool, buy your NFT, approve POSI NFT, select NFT and stake

✅ Conclusion

You can watch the following videos to help you understand some of the processes to invest your POSI in the pools.

🔹️Watch how to buy POSI
🔹️Watch how to stake POSI in single pool
🔹️Watch how to Farm POSI LP token

👇 POSI contract on BscScan:
🔹 Name: Position Token
🔹 Symbol: POSI
🔹 Decimal: 18

🚀 To swap, stake or farm POSI copy Link below paste in your Trust Wallet DAPP to connect to Position Exchange

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Grow Your Money

Position Exchange – How to Turn Tiny Amount of Crypto Capital Into A Fortune

As a new Decentralized Trading Protocol, Position Exchange is powered by a vAMM and operating on Binance Smart Chain. The exchange is aiming to bridge the gap between investors and the cryptocurrency markets, by enhancing trading experiences.

Position Exchange is offering crypto investors an easy, cheaper and accessible option in Derivatives Trading. Users can trade Crypto Derivatives products transparently, with high security, and privacy. The plan includes expanding into other assets in the future.

Moreover, Position Exchange platform is designed to deliver all the advantages of Decentralized Finance, and bringing the traditional Centralized Finance experience and tools onboard. Some of these benefits include, high leverage, low slippage, and low costs, as well as limit orders. It’s also solving the liquidity issue using the vAMM.

Position Exchange platform is designed to be user-friendly, with an attractive interface that allows traders of all kinds to trade with ease.

✅ What’s POSI Token?

The platform is also empowered by the POSI token, its native deflationary utility token, which is the backbone of its Ecosystem.

POSI holders can benefit from these multiple advantages, while using POSI in the different developed features. POSI holders can use this utility token for Staking, Farming, and can Cast NFTs that grows with their POSI balance, as well as participate in Position Exchange’s governance that shapes its future operations and growth.

There are 4 main features for investors in Position Exchange app. Here’s the list and possible returns they can help investors achieve with their POSI tokens.

🔹️POSI Staking Pool
🔹️POSI Liquidity Farming Pool
🔹️POSI Derivatives Trading Protocol

✅ How to Buy POSI Token on Position Exchange

The best place to buy POSI token is on Position Exchange app. Although, POSI token is also available on other exchanges like PancakeSwap, it’s still better buying it from Position Exchange app.

You can link any wallet of your choice to buy POSI from Position Exchange. The preferred wallets includes Trustwallet and Metamask.

To setup the POSI wallet on Trustwallet or Metamask you will need the following details. Moreover, POSI wallet may already exist on these wallets. You can do a search with the POSI contract address.

✅ POSI Contract Aaddress on BscScan:

🔹️Network: SmartChain
🔹️CA: 0x5CA42204cDaa70d5c773946e69dE942b85CA6706
🔹️Name: Position Token
🔹️Symbol: POSI
🔹️Decimal: 18

After setting up your POSI wallet address on Trustwallet or Metamask, you can proceed to buy your POSI Token. The best two places to buy POSI tokens for now are PancakeSwap and Position Exchange.

I recommend you buy from Position Exchange using the link below. The reason is very simple.

🔹️It’s POSI token native exchange
🔹️It’s user friendly as well
🔹️The slippage rate is set automatically at 2%
🔹️You can swap to POSI Token using any of the other tokens available on the app

✅ Step-By-Step Process to Buy POSI

It’s simple to buy POSI from Position Exchange. One of the experience you would have on Position Exchange is the sweet user interface. It makes it all simple and easy to use any feature on the app.

To buy POSI or even any other token, or to swap your other tokens back to POSI or BNB or BUSD, works so effortlessly. Here is a clue of how simple the steps are:

🔹️Open the Position Exchange app
🔹️Select Exchange in the menu
🔹️Choose the pair you will be using to pay or swap
🔹️Enter amount you are paying to buy or swap
🔹️Select the pair you are buying or swapping
🔹️Click on Swap Button
🔹️Check the details of the Confirmation page
🔹️Then Confirm Payment

🚀 To swap, stake or farm POSI Token, copy Link below, paste in your TrustWallet DApp to connect to Position Exchange

How to Earn Over 500% Staking POSI

Staking is one of the ways of earning consistent income daily from crypto investment. Position Exchange provides its platform to crypto staking. Staking POSI, which is the native token for Position Exchange is very lucrative.

You can earn an APR of over 500% for staking POSI Token. An average monthly earning from POSI staking pool is around 40 to 60%. An amazing return for your investment.

✅ What’s Crypto Staking?

Staking in crypto is the process of participating in transaction validation. With a minimum required amount of balance of a particular token, you can validate transaction and earn staking rewards.

There’s huge potential in staking crypto. It’s one of the easiest and lower risk crypto investment, with higher yield as well.

✅ How to Start Staking POSI Token

Staking POSI is very simple. All you need is the right amount of POSI Token. Although, Position Exchange doesn’t demand a minimum amount of tokens you can stake, but staking little amount of POSI tokens would simply means paying high network fees for little benefits.

However, a $100 POSI stake can give you the right start in POSI pool. Following the calculator for staking rewards on Position Exchange website, you can explore what your returns would be from $100 staking power.

To stake in POSI pool just click or copy this link and paste in your DApp browser to access Position Exchange website. iPhone users may need to connect POSI site through Apple native browser.

✅ Step-By-Step Process To Stake POSI

🔹️Go to POSI WEBSITE (copy the website link and paste in your wallet DApp browser)
🔹️Choose your preferred pool in the pool section
🔹️Unlock your wallet (This would require small network fee to unlock)
🔹️Enter the amount of POSI tokens you want to stake
🔹️Click on Stake
🔹️And your stake will be activated immediately

🚀 To swap, stake or farm POSI Token, copy Link below, paste in your TrustWallet DAPP to connect to Position Exchange.

How to Earn Over 1,000% Farming POSI LP

Liquidity Pool is the biggest revenue earner in crypto investment. If you are looking for high return on investment, then think crypto liquidity Pool.

✅ What’s Liquidity Pool?

A liquidity pool is a market maker that provides liquidity for trading crypto that helps to prevent large price swings. It helps to control how market prices react with a particular asset.

✅ How Liquidity Pools Make Money

One sure way to earn from liquidity pool is a cut of the transaction fees. These fees are distributed among all the liquidity providers in a particular pool. The more crypto LP assets you stake in a pool, the more you will earn from it.

Another way to also earn from a liquidity pool is through rewards. Some liquidity pool offers incentives to encourage investors to farm in its pool. These incentives are also shared proportionately to the amount of assets you have in the farming pool.

✅ What’s POSI Liquidity Pool?

POSI liquidity pool is an investment that guarantees POSI holders high yield returns on their POSI LP token in POSI liquidity pool. POSI liquidity pool comprises of the pair of POSI and other tokens like, POSI-BUSD and POSI-BNB pairs.

The POSI liquidity farm is a very profitable pool for investors to earn more from their tiny investment. It provide a high yield returns daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

With as little as $10 you can stake your LP token in POSI liquidity pool. This pool supports low startup. But staking the right kind of amount may help cover for fees and give you better return on your investment.

Also, the higher the amount you stake the higher your yield. The right minimum recommended should be $100. While a good liquidity pool investment for optimum returns should be around $1,000 POSI LP token.

POSI is a native token of Position Exchange platform.

To farm in POSI liquidity pool you will need POSI LP token. PODI LP token are created in pair of POSI-BUSD and POSI-BNB. You can create POSI LP pair token easily with POSITION EXCHANGE app.

✅ How to Farm POSI Liquidity Pool

Copy this link here and pate it in your Trustwallet or Metamask DAPP browser and connect to your wallet to begin transaction. Click here to watch the video on how to create POSI LP token.

Note: An LP token is not a different token you have to buy. It’s just a pair of two supported token in the POSI liquidity pool. POSI allows you to pair the following tokens in its liquidity pool.


The process of creating this LP token is also simplified by Position Exchange. Position Exchange makes it all easier to create supported LP Token pairs with POSI token.

🔹️Click on DETAILS below any of the POSI LP pair
🔹️Select POSI-BUSD or POSI-BNB LP (depending on the pair you choose)
🔹️Enter the amount for each token in the pair (both monetary values must be equal)

POSI Compound Yield

What Is POSI Compound Yield. If you are staking or farming POSI token, you can earn more by using the POSI compound yield formula. Let me show you how this works and how you can make it work best for you.

The first step to achieving compound earning with POSI token is buying more. The right minimum amount to invest is $1,000, but you can start with $500 and grow it over time. However, if you have less than any of this amount I mentioned, you can also compound your POSI yield but the frequency won’t be like those of $500 or $1,000.

How POSI Compound Yield Work

If you know what POSI earnings means you will also know how POSI compound yield work. POSI Compound Yield simply means reinvesting your POSI stake or farm earnings to yield more for you.

You earn POSI compound yield when you reinvest your POSI earnings. It’s like compound interest. The idea is just to increase your pool value by reinvesting your pool earnings to enable you earn more from the pool.

If you have 100 POSI in a pool that earns you 5 POSI daily, and you wish to reinvest it that would increase your pool value from 100 to 105 POSI. It will also compound you pool earning from the additional 5 tokens.

POSI Compound Yield Frequency

To decide how to compound your POSI earnings you must know what you earn daily, weekly and monthly. And since POSI earning is directly proportionate to your POSI stake in the pool, you can know what you earn by what you have in the pool or hope to have in the pool.

How much do you have in the pool? How much do you earn daily, weekly or monthly? What’s the network fee chargeable when reinvesting POSI? What’s that cost in relation to how much you are compounding?

So, if your frequency in a month is more, your compound yield in that month will also increase. Imagine what a daily frequency compound yield would be like. But that’s only possible based on your initial pool value and cost implication of reinvesting your earnings daily.


If you want to earn regularly from crypto, you can do that effortlessly from Position Exchange. You can start now by copying the link embedded below start earning amazing income from Position Exchange.

Let me know your views on Position Exchange earnings. And if you have any question or need clarity on any issue concerning POSI token, just drop a comment and I will be glad to answer it.

🚀 To swap, stake or farm POSI Token, copy Link below, paste in your TrustWallet DAPP to connect to Position Exchange.

✅ Follow my Crypto Lessons on Telegram

✅ Exchange Where you can buy and sell crypto:

🔹️Get a POSI Exchange Account
🔹️Get a Binance Exchange Account

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Start A Business

Packaged Water Business – Best Startup Guide for 2022

Packaged water business is very lucrative. That’s why there are many water business around now. But you can create a packaged water targeted at certain markets like party and events markets. If you create your water products for specific audience you will win

Water is one of the most vital elements of life. We drink it among a variety of other uses. A majority, about 65% of our body is made up of water. The brain is a vital organ in humans and is also made up of water.

Packaged water production involves the acquiring, purifying and packaging of this vital element called water. It’s a very lucrative business as everyone drinks water five to ten times a day.

Since the advert of satchel water, 90% of Nigerians buy packaged water everyday. It’s one business that can target everybody and every market. Do you wonder how Eva, Nestle, Pax, RevUp waters are being sold all over the country?

The demand for water is high and not many brands understand how to tap into the huge packaged water business. However, in this article I will be showing how to start packaged water now more profitable than existing competitors.

✅ Is Packaged Water Business Profitable?

Packaged water production business is profitable like many businesses. However, it has some challenges like many other businesses. These challenges are not so huge but if not taken care of, they can cost the life of the business.

There is good demand for sachet and bottled water because they are affordable means to get pure water. And since more people are getting concerned about their health, they would seek out pure water to drink.

Because water is in continuous demand, competition would not put you out of business, as long as you have your target.

You need a business plan before starting this business and you need education.

You would need to recruit people for help. An installer for example would install your equipment for you. Get a good one. They would also advise on what other machine you need.

You need to know how to run the equipment by yourself when the installer leaves so stay with them through the process and ask questions.

✅ How Packaged Water Business Works

Water can be packaged in sachets and bottles. The production processes are similar and only differ in the packaging.

🔹️How to start a packaged water production company in Nigeria
Learn the business
🔹️Know the authorities over packaged water production, regulations, how the business works and how to handle the business and all that you need to know.
🔹️Know what you should know. This is a key step if you want to start this business.

Get a Building

You can get a building on lease or build your building. It all depends on your budget. The price varies with location. It would be more expensive than in some areas than some other areas.
It should have a fence to keep out unnecessary traffic within the company.

Business Registration

Do not rush while picking your business name. The idea of a business name might not come easily. Coupled with the fact that there is a great number of businesses already registered in Nigeria.

After getting a unique name, register your business with the CAC – Corporate Affairs Commission.

Business registration does not only make your business secured but also allows you to lawfully own and run your business.

Tax number and NAFDAC registration

You can get your tax identification number from a revenue office so you can hand out your tax when it is due. There is no way around this if you want to be a law-abiding citizen of Nigeria. It may lead to avoidable issues with the government if your business does not have one.

Like every other food item consumed, packaged water must be inspected and approved by NAFDAC. It is important and failure to do this may lead to a company being closed down by the government. Get your company registered under NAFDAC.

✅ Constructing a Water Borehole

A borehole provides you with clean water throughout the year, even during the dry season and at any time you need it.
The price of drilling a borehole largely depends on the soil’s quality and the location.

🔹️Have an Overhead Tank

To store water, you need an overhead tank. Plastic storage is better than a metal one because a metal tank rusts over time, cutting its life short.

🔹️Water Purification System

Even if the water looks clean, it must still be treated. The rules guarding packaged water production and distribution are against selling out untreated water.

🔹️There are 2 kinds of water purification systems:

● Ultraviolet build system
● Reverse osmosis distillation system

The reverse osmosis distillation system is said to be the most effective but is also the most expensive. The Ultraviolet build system also works efficiently and is not as expensive.

Automatic Sealing Machine

The sealing machine you get would increase your rate of production. This is why an automatic one is more recommended than a manual one.

The type and capacity of the automatic sealing machine you get would influence the number of seals that can be done and your overall production. Some can produce as much as 20,000 seals every 8 hours.

Source of Stable Electricity

As light is unstable in many parts of Nigeria, it is wise to have a generator that can power all your machines so that your working time is not hindered. This means that fuel has to be made available to power the generator.

Packaging and Distribution

The way your product is packaged is the first thing consumers would notice and also, the durability of the package. The package can either be polythene sachets as in sachet water or bottles as in bottled water.

The package should show the name of the business boldly with the words well spelt. The packaging should keep the products together and withstand the movements it would face during the distribution process.

Remember, your brand matters a lot, it answers whether or not people would trust you with their health and life.

Quality Checks and Balances

Retain the quality of your water. There should be a system put in place to check that the quality of water does not reduce. This would not only jeopardize your brand but also make you lose the trust of consumers.

Retaining the water’s quality would keep your customers with you, causing your gain to increase, not decrease.

Get feedback from distributors and consumers to find out if there’s something you’re not doing right or if there’s a decline in quality.

Regular Maintenance of Machines

The machines used should be given due maintenance to keep them working at a top-notch rate so that your production is not affected.

Construct Security Fencing

Like I earlier mentioned, the factory building should be sealed by a fence. Also, security guards should be made available to keep the building and equipment safe, preventing loss.

✅ Packaged Water Production Business Plan

A packaged water production business plan is necessary to get you started on all that your business should be about. It is useful if you want to apply for grants or loans from banks.

It should include the following headings: an executive summary, a business description, definition of the market, product description, organization structure, financial management and conclusion.

✅ Packaged Water Regulation

Packaged water production is regulated by NAFDAC in Nigeria. They assess the water you produce and the equipment you use to check if it is safe to be consumed by living, breathing human beings. And animals too.

A NAFDAC number on your products certifies you and gives you the trust of your consumers.

Starting Costs on Small Scale

The following are estimated prices that make up the starting cost:

● Automatic sealing machine – N350,000 – N450,000
● Drilling the borehole – N300,000 – N400,000 (depends on your location and the soil type)
● Truck for distribution – N1,000,000 – N 2,000,000
● Distilling machine – N5,000,000 – N7,000,000
● Generator – the cost depends on the size and model.
● Business registration – varies depending on the kind of business registration.
● Factory building – depends on the location.

✅ Packaged Water Production Process

Water, which is the main raw material involved in packaged water production, goes through the purification processes to ensure that it is clean and pure following NAFDAC approved standards. Afterwards, it passes through the various machines which fill it into bottles or sachets, is sealed and then packaged.

✅ Plan Your Marketing Process

Study the market. Check for how things are done, the prices, the time other pure water factories go around with their packets of water and use it to your advantage. For example, do they sell at N99? Remove N1 from it and sell yours at N98. It may not look like much but when bought in bulk, the difference would show.

Also, take your packets of water around earlier than others. Some water factories drop their products as early as 4 am. Think of different packaging to brand your water and attract certain target markets.

Like a new driver joins a busy road for the first time, so also do. Do not let fear prevent you from infiltrating the market. Do it despite the fear.

✅ Conclusion

Water is life that’s why it sells faster. If you are looking for daily income business, packaged water business is one of them. You can start wisely by producing special packaged water water for hotels, restaurants and events to grow your business from small scale, before targeting a larger consumer market.

Would you like to start your packaged water production company Do you have questions? Let’s have a chat in the comments.

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