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Most bloggers don’t live a different life from their Online Blog Writing Jobs. That is what gives their content the substance that visitors enjoy as value.

Blogging online is interesting if the blogger can relate to the information shared on the blog. You must be a blogger who loves to write. Firstly, that’s what blogging should be.

A blogger is a writer who is using a blog as a platform. It’s nothing new. It’s why every author should start blogging online. If you can write, why not blog it.

What Online Blogging Means

Blogging is just another word for writing. If you are already a writer, you are also a blogger. You are just not using a blog. Online Blog Writinfrared jobs should interest you.

Its the same value you create when you write that we also give when we blog. But while you wait to write more words before you publish, I blog my ideas in a post – one day at a time.

What I didn’t say today, I will say it another day. And I also enjoy the luxury of repeating myself in a way that doesn’t make my content stale.

Blogging is just a much-fragmented version of book publishing.

How Blogging Works

I shouldn’t have used this subheading. But I needed to continue my explanation on what blogging means.

The way many perceived blogging may not precisely define it. Even though you are a good writer, you may not be a good blogger.

Your writing skill is an advantage that will make blogging more natural for you. But having the ability and using it well is a different ball game.

You must understand how blogging works. Every blog post is a stand-alone book on your blog. The more blogs you write, the more books you have authored.

The ability to make each blog post useful and complete with a solution is a genius work.

My Online Blogging Experience

I blog as a business. So, I’m not just blogging online as a hubby. In all my blog posts, the idea is to impart knowledge. I’m sharing my experience of what works. And sometimes what didn’t.

I’m not a lifestyle blogger. I don’t know much about lifestyles. I know only one life. Be the best of you or be the worst version of yourself.

I like helping others achieve. That’s the focus on my blog.

As an author, it took many years before I could write a book. But as a blogger I only a blog. I understand the difference and the challenges. You want to write, and I say why not blog it.

You might have the best book idea in the world, but you don’t need the best blog idea.

All you need is a blog to share your idea to that one person who would love to read. It. If you can get just one person in the world to read your blog, that’s a good blog idea.

My Challenges of Online Blog Writing Jobs

Let me give you some of the hard balls of blogging online. I don’t lead you astray if you are feeble minded. Blogging online is for the brave hearts. I don’t mean the undisputed champions. But those who don’t easily give up.

If you meet a successful blogger, know you have encountered a committed and consistent believer. It’s not the work of sheer luck.

Online blogging is a serious business. If you have ever blogged about the money, you will understand my view.

Your blog is not going to start getting visitors from the word go. But if you stay long enough, you will see torrents of online visitors to your blog.

And only the good blogs win eventually. It’s not a prayer. But the truth. If your focus is not on quality content from start to finish, you shouldn’t start a blog.

People are not on the Internet to lose some time. They live there now. Some people are spending more time online than they are in the real world.

The Kind of Challenge You Need

You are going to learn to spend more time writing more blogs.

It’s not a past time adventure. Writing blogs would take much of your time. While I can agree with hiring a freelancer to write your posts, you shouldn’t always do that. But if your blog is such, that doesn’t require that unique trademark then its OK.

But if you are blogging your book idea, don’t outsource such classic thought to freelance. When I started my blog, I set a content plan to write at least one blog post every day for the next 365 days.

It could only be possible depending on the content of your blog. For some niches, it might be one blog a week or even month. You have to identify what would work for your niche and set your plan with that.

Blog Monetization Strategy

When I start a blog, I do fundamental things, like knowing how I can make money from my blog. If you are blogging as a business, you must know from the beginning how to make money with your blog.

However, you shouldn’t let that cloud your good service strategy. Your blog must offer an excellent service to visitors if you ever want to make money from your blog.

And I mean avoiding the Monetization strategy of your blog content. Most bloggers make this mistake. It works for some. But it will not always work all the time.

Your most valuable blog strategy is your content. That what brings visitors to your blog. And that’s what will keep them. Selling your content to your visitors may drive most of them away.

Unless your revenue model does not allow, I suggest giving all the content for free and monetising your blog through affiliates, training and adverts.

I recommend you also read: 7 Effective Ways To Monetize Your Blog.

How I Monetize My Online Blog Writing Jobs

For me, I see monetization as blog marketing. And there are reasons to help you decide how to monetize. There are Monetization strategy if you plan to sell your blog in the future.

But if you don’t have any plan of selling, your strategy may be different. For example, offering training on your blog will not Idea for a blog you plan to sell.

I didn’t intend to sell my blog for now. But I have only these three revenue model for now – adverts, affiliates and my products.

But if you are selling, there are seven basic Monetization strategies you can use. Read them here.

My Blog Dream

Let me talk about my dreams for Online Blog Writing Jobs. I know I shouldn’t even be talking about this here. It wasn’t part of my content for this blog. But I’m just compelled to inspire someone.

This blog is not my dream blog. I haven’t even started my dream blog yet. And the reason is simple. I do not possess the required knowledge for it. And I probably may not.

In blogging, you don’t necessarily need to be an expert in your field but it does help a great deal.

Even though you can pick up any blog niche and start, you need to enjoy the topic enough to be constantly inspired to write. Although, some bloggers don’t write a word of their blog. They outsource content writing to freelancers.

The joy of being a blogger is having to write most of your blog posts. I currently write all my blog posts but I know time will come when I won’t find the time to write much.


As a beginner blogger, you should set the tune and style of your blog post. A great blog should have a brand post identity. Your readers should be able to tell how your blog posts would look and feel like.

There should be a tune to it. Readers should be able to identify your writing. And this style is what you pass on to your writers.

Until you have established a great blog post branding, you shouldnt outsource your content to freelancers. Your blog should stand out. You may not be the only blogger in your niche. But you can be a unique blogger in your niche.

Chinedu David
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