How to Join New Baby Diaper Distributorship in Nigeria

New baby diaper
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This new baby diaper brand is from the United States of America. That means it has quality and is good for your children health wise. And you can also become a dealer in your city now as not many cities have been taken yet.


Although, this article is written to promote new baby diapers in the market. We also promote old existing diapers to our network of dealers across the country. We currently have three baby diapers we are promoting and more come in every time.

To benefit from our baby diaper business you need to join Mystore Baby diaper network. It’s an exclusive network for startups who want to sell diaper in their city. All you need to register is send your full names, business name (if you have one), your shop address, city and phone numbers.

It’s important you have a shop address. We do. It deals with businesses that don’t have dusting shops where they do business. And note that consideration is giving to businesses located at strategic locations in the city.



How it New Baby Diaper Works

Mystore gets baby diaper brands which we promote. These diapers are first introduced to our partners that are known to us. Those who are interested would indicate interest to become dealers of the available new baby diaper.

And by indicating interest you will be informed about the capital requirement and entry amount. Each baby diaper brand has different entry amount. You can signup and pay to become a dealer for the diaper brand you can afford the cost.

Becoming a baby Diaper distributor is a huge opportunity. And it offers an exclusive advantage in your market. The only competitors you have is other Diaper brands. And it’s left for customers to buy what they like. But our brand is new and it’s made in America. It’s high quality. So it won’t be long before customers would prefer us than China made diapers.

So, signing up with us is an important step. We need to also be sure that you are serious. Once you register we give you a contract to sign. And for each diaper brand, we bring into the market, you will sign a different contract to sell them if you are interested.

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Why You Should Start A New Dealership

There is a huge benefit of being the first to start selling a new product. Especially if it’s on a dealership arrangement. It gives you all the exclusivity you need to dominate the market. Like, you are the source of every of the product sold within the state or city where you have an exclusive dealership.

If you know any exclusive dealer in your city you will agree that they are the only source for that product in your city. And they make a lot of profit through volume sales.

And baby Diaper is a high volume sales product. A child can use more than four diapers per day. That’s an average of one hundred and twenty diapers in thirty days. Calculate that number by two years that most children still wear Diaper. Some kids wear Diaper up to when they are four years.

The more the brand becomes popular the more customers would buy and the more money you make. And because you will have exclusive market. It may be a city or the entire state.

Action Points to Become A Distributor

Our diaper brand is a trademark of Standard Brand International Incorporated, Austin Texas, USA. The baby diaper is the flagship product of the brand and has been distributed in the USA, Europe and the UK over the years.

Our baby diapers have successfully undergone rigorous laboratory tests and analysis in Nigeria for quality and safety by the National Agency for Food & Drugs Administration & Control (NAFDAC), as well as the Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) and has been certified to be of good quality and safe. And is NAFDAC approved and SON certified.

Diapers come in all baby sizes ranging from New Born, Mini (1&2), Midi (3), Maxi (4), to Junior (5). It also comes in three major pack sizes, which includes – Small Pack, Medium (Eco) Pack and Jumbo Pack.

Small Pack Sizes Contain
Mini. 15
Midi. 12

Eco Park Sizes Contain
Mini. 50
Midi. 46
Maxi. 42

Jumbo Pack Sizes Contain
Mini. 111
Midi. 102
Maxi. 93

This new diaper brand is marketed by Mystore International. We are currently recruiting distributors across the country. This could be your time to climb on our success lather, by becoming a class of distributor in your own niche area. The requirements for distributorship are currently still simple but they will be upgraded once we get a certain number of approved distributors.

If you are interested, kindly call our customer care on the following numbers – 08139006120, 07087770518. You can also send email to

For more details about Mystore and our baby Diaper brand please you can contact us through WhatsApp or call any of our phone numbers. Also, note that distributorship opportunity is based on screening.

Three Categories of Distributorships:

We have made it easy for you in three different categories to become our distributor based on what is possible for you. The classes have various benefits and cost implications as well. It will help you choose how best to start with us even if you don’t have so much, to begin with.

We have a retail partnership that gives you products at wholesale price. That’s the best option to start with if you don’t have the required amount for the major distributorship or sub-distributorship. But distributors get special discount rates that are not available to our retail partners.

Step One: Major Distributor

Must have a verified shop in a major city. You will have an entire state market to yourself. An exclusive distributorship. But that depends on your success in the market. This opportunity is only available to serious minded entrepreneurs. You must be willing to invest more money. And promote the brand in your state.

Monthly Target & Benefits:

Starting quantity – 1,000 bags.

  • The monthly target of 2,000 bags
  • Entitled to designated discount
  • exclusive Sole distributorship for a state
  • Liberty to fix own resell price and customer’s incentives
  • Free delivery of products to designated areas
  • Priority for available marketing/promotional materials
  • Opportunity for special privileges such as – special rebates, credit facility, gifts packs/freebies, etc.
  • Right of first consideration for direct referrals from the company

Step Two: Sub-Distributorship

This offer enjoys exclusivity as well. But it’s limited to the particular city in your state. A sub-distributor can only control the city assigned to it. And we can only assign sub-distributors based on the number of major cities in the state.

Each major city will serve the local government areas within the city jurisdiction. Mystore identifies the major cities within each state and approves sub-distributors based on that. Some cities may have only two main sub-distributors or more depending on the number of identifiable cities within the state. And if a state has only one major city we will have only one exclusive distributor.

That means the number of sub-distributors are also limited and have exclusivity. The major dealer in the state sells directly to sub-distributors. But in a state where there is no major distributor, the sub-distributors take absolute charge of the market and can upgrade to a major distributor.

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Targets and Benefits:

Starting quantity – 250 bags

  • Liberty to fix own resell price and customer’s incentives
  • The monthly target of 500 bags
  • Entitled to designated discount from the wholesale price
  • Access to available marketing/promotional materials
  • Opportunity for special privileges such as – gifts packs/freebies, etc.
  • Direct referrals from the company
  • Opportunity to become a major distributor

Step Three: Retail Partner

The retail partners are the most important partnership in our distribution. You can start with so little and still get products at wholesale price. The advantage is that you can become an exclusive retailer as well depending on your location.

You can start with as little as N100,000 or even less. But if you buy up to N100,000 worth we don’t charge you for delivery. That’s if we don’t have sub-distributor yet in your location. If not we direct you to the nearest sub-distributor in that area.

Targets and Benefits:

  • Get Product at wholesale price
  • Opportunity for special privileges such as – gifts packs/freebies, etc.
  • Direct referrals from Mystore
  • Help with sells through an attached sales representative
  • Opportunity to become a sub-distributor


This opportunity may not always be there. It’s always good to take advantage now that it’s available. Also, the huge market for baby Diaper will also grow and become saturated one day. And only surviving Diaper brands will continue to sell in the market.

It’s always advisable to join the train early. Working with Mystore is always the best way to tap into this potential. Not only do we have growing brands being added to our existing brands, we are your best partner when it comes to baby Diaper business.

We have introduced the following we’ll know diapers in the market before now. Brands like Prince and Princess, Sunfree, champion, golden care, and infinity. So, we introduce our partners to available Diaper dealership opportunities.

Chinedu David
Chinedu David is a business consultant, trainer, marketer and strategist. I founded Mystore, an eCommerce business in 2013. I have a vast experience in eCommerce, digital marketing and startup consulting. Having worked with SuccessDigest newspaper for over 10 years, as a telecom editor. You can contact me by phone, email or social media.You can also reach me via email: or Call/Text/WhatsApp: 07087770518
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  • Adanlawo Olanike May 18,2020 at 9:17 AM

    I want to be a retail partner with kisskids dippers I live in ondo city Ondo State please link me up here is my contact 08067571760 thanks

  • Eniola Aderibigbe May 6,2020 at 7:53 AM

    Top of the day to you, i have interest in your diapera. I will like to be a distributor of your diapers in Abeokuta but i will like to start as a retailer first . I have shops in major markets at Abeokuta.

  • Ifeyinwa rosemary onyejinaka Mar 17,2020 at 11:29 PM

    Hi am Rosemary please am really interested in retailer.pls this my number 07036753422

  • […] of the product niches you can startup as a brand product Distributor. 1. Beverages 2. Drinks 3. Baby Diapers 4. Baby creams 5. Car batteries 6. Car spare parts 7. Designer perfumes 8. Brand phones 9. Laptops […]

  • Uche Oct 13,2019 at 6:30 PM

    Please I really need to get started as a wholesaler. Link me up. Thank you

    • Chinedu David Nov 6,2019 at 9:25 AM

      Contact me on 07087770518. WhatsApp is preferred.

  • Uche Oct 13,2019 at 6:26 PM

    Please I really need to get started as a wholesaler link me up.

  • Ayo Oct 13,2019 at 9:43 AM

    hi, i am interested in becoming a sub-distributor in Oyo town, Oyo state.
    Please connect me with leading diapers brand

  • Ihuoma Sep 27,2019 at 1:07 AM

    I already have a good shop in a shopping plaza in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State. Connect me to any diaper brand that may need my service as a dealer in their product.

  • Ihuoma Sep 27,2019 at 1:03 AM

    I am interested to becoming a diaper dealer in my state. Pls connect me to the USA diaper and that of Kisskids Diaper please. Give me their contacts to deal directly with them. Call me on 08066243622 please.

  • Dan okon Sep 3,2019 at 8:50 PM

    If a retail partner buys in a large quantity that amount to 500k to 800k and decided to open a shop and sale it at the rate of wholesales price can he still sale it and make profit?

  • Abosede Jun 9,2019 at 9:34 PM

    Am interested in becoming a distributor in Ilorin Kwara state,I have 2 shops located in highly populated area in d state.K

    • MyBlog Jul 22,2019 at 8:51 AM

      Hi Abosede, we have submitted your interest to some diaper brands that are interested in recruiting more distributors. We hope they contact you if they need more distributors in your area.

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