Steps to Download The National Identity Number Slip

National Identity Number NIN

Do you have National Identity Number? NIN is now the most important document to have as a Nigerian – even if you currently living abroad.

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has announced that the current National Identity Number (NIN) “slip” will be gradually phased out. The commission has also introduced a NEW SLIP which is downloadable from their portal.

This new slip can be printed out. You can also laminate it in plastic. More important things to note about this new NIN slip:

🔹️it’s a handy physical means of identification
🔹️It can easily fit into your pocket, any purse or wallet
🔹️It has QR code for easy authentication by authorities
🔹️It’s also scannable using the NIMC MWS Mobile ID app

✅ Important Use Case ( National Identity Number – NIN)

The only use at the moment for National Identity Number is for identification purpose. NIN is now the standard identification for Nigerians within the country – and soon I may become acceptable outside the country. Although, Binance, the number one crypto exchange in the world is already accepting NIN to verify Nigerian users on its platform.

Every institution in the country that requires identification of persons now accepts NIN. The banks, Insurance, Immigration, License agencies, and most recent the telecom companies.

✅ Mobile SIM National Identity Number Linkage

Government directives to link all mobile SIM card to NIN is the latest requirement for NIN application in the country. The idea is to identify the owners of every mobile phone in use in the country.

The process will ensure easy identification of every mobile phone user in the country and help to fight crime as well. According to the Ministry of Communication, terrorists, kidnappers and bandits operating in the country has been cut off from the telecom network by implementing mandatory NIN linkage to phone SIM cards.

✅ How to Retrieve Your National Identity Number



The NIN (National Identification Number) is an eleven (11) number system for identification of every Nigerian. This number is issued by NIMC (National Identity Management Commission). In case of an emergency and you are required to provide your NIN or fill a document requiring your NIN, here’s how to retrieve it using your mobile phone.

NIMC has made it possible for you to easily check or retrieve your National Identity Number (NIN) on your mobile phone. It doesn’t matter which telecom network you are using, (MTN, Glo, Airtel, or 9mobile), all network users can follow same steps.

🔹️Dial the USSD code *346#
🔹️Choose option 1 to retrieve.
🔹️Provide the required inputs as displayed on the screen

For this to work, it must be the SIM card number in the phone is the same one used for NIN registration. However, a 20 Naira fee would be deducted from your airtime balance as charge for this service.

✅ How to Download The New Slip

National Identity NumberTo initiate the launch of the MWS Mobile ID app installed on your mobile device, ensure that you have the right version of the app installed or updated version on your device.

Also, make sure you have already enrolled and obtained your NIN. You’ll need your NIN when installing NIMC’s MWS Mobile ID app. Your device must be connected to the Internet to do this.

🔹️Then select the “PRINT NIN SLIP” button on the “Home” screen as displayed.
🔹️The NIN login form with your “USERID” and “OTP” automatically prompted in the display screen
🔹️Tap the “Login” button to continue

Note: You will now be successfully logged into the portal linked to your Mobile ID app.



There are also two types of NIN Slip which can be printed from your NIN dashboard:

🔹️Premium slip
🔹️Standard slip

The difference between a premium and standard Slip is just their format. The standard Slip comes in the bold A4 size paper. While the premium comes in standardized identity card format. The premium Slip can also be printed in plastic to give it the feel and look of proper identity card.

✅ How To Print the Premium NIN Slip:

🔹️Tap on PRINT PREMIUM NIN SLIP button to continue.
🔹️Tap Pay With Remita button to continue.

✅ How To Print the Standard NIN Slip:

🔹️Tap on the icon on the top left corner of the screen
🔹️Select Print Standard NIN Slip from the menu options
🔹️Tap Pay With Remita button to continue.
🔹️Tap on Pay button for the selected choice of slip to continue.

Note: the recommended payment option is the card payment. Also, at this point avoid not cancelling or exiting the app immediately after you make payment. Exercise patience and wait until REMITA completes its payment process and indicate a successful, complete transaction.

✅ National Identity Number Slip Printing

🔹️When the successful payment notification screen appears, tap the download button to GET your new NIN slip.
🔹️The NIN slip download process will be initiated. You might be required to select a location to save the file, depending on the software version of your mobile device.
🔹️Select Save to files option as the next widget that pops up.
🔹️Tap the FILES icon to view your NIN slip. The files icon is in the apps section on your mobile device.
🔹️Simply check your mobile phone Download folder to find the saved NIN slip in PDF format.
🔹️And send to printer or share with another computer through file sharing.

✅ Conclusion

This guide is to help you print out the NIN slip PDF document, and cut it to the right size, then fold it, to laminate it. You can also email any enquires for support at email:

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