11 Money Making Skills To Learn In Nigeria

Money making skills

Do you want to learn money making skills and be self employed? There are several skills you can learn that would make you money in Nigeria. I have just selected 11 of them to get you started. In this article I’m giving you brief breakdown of all the 11 topics.

But I’m also going to explain each one of the skills in separate articles, (you can always check back for the detailed guide for each of them and even more on this blog), to give you more insight into how to profitably start them and be self employed.

If there’s one way to stay out of poverty line, it’s to learn money Making Skills. You need skills that would help you put food on your table. And most of these skills maybe targeted at the ladies, but the men are not restricted from them either. As a man you can also learn these skills. But nothing about these skills says they must be for women only.

The reason I mentioned the ladies is for a purpose. In most families the men are the bread winners. Their women hardly do anything. Even where they are engaged, it’s usually petty trading. There’s nothing wrong with petty trading, it’s just that it’s squally too competitive, because there are a lot of these women doing street trading, either on the roadside of a street or market.

Become A Self Employed Person

One of the good things about learning money making skills is that it helps you to become self employed. Your position as a self employed person gives you the privilege to monetize your skills as a business. Here’s what you may need consider as self employed.

You are the decision maker in every area of your business. It’s your choice to decide your niche and how to narrow it down to a target audience. You also decide how to get specific about your target market. And take care of the administrative details.

It’s all in your power to pick to Invest in systems that will work for you. While you decide where you’ll get your best work done. To make connections and build your skill visibility. As a self employed person, it’s your sole decision on how you turn your money making skills into viable income.

Money Making Skills To Learn

Your money making skills will constantly expose you to potential clients always. And you earn good income better than what’s mostly earned from trading. The beauty of your skill is that you can start them on your own, with little capital.

Some you can start from your home and grow it big. But the real deal here is that they are short time training programs required to acquire these money making skills in Nigeria. And it doesn’t cost so much for these training, most of which are also conducted by those who are already practicing the skills as well.

You can also choose to learn from a well organized skill acquisition centre. But most of these skill centers charge more than the individual mentoring programs. You can also find some with rates within what you can afford.

However, here are some the money making skills you may need to acquire to be financially independent as a self employed person. Any of these skills can be your personal money spinner to guarantee you some good income on a daily basis or regularly. You can also train for more than one skill set to multiple your chances and income opportunities.

{1} Cake Baking Skill

Baking cake has become one of the most profitable self employed business in Nigeria. You can start it with little capital injection. And you can do it all by yourself, without hiring any employee. Most importantly, your can start it from home, from the comfort of your kitchen. That’s how easy you can start baking cakes and making money.

Also, the demand for cakes are high these days. Cake business is one of the money making skills that can transform your finances. Most people buy cakes for their birthdays, weddings, events, anniversaries, etcetera. And almost everybody out of the over 7 billion people in the world celebrate their birthdays once in a year, excerpt those born February 29th of leap years that celebrates once every 4 years.

So, there’s a huge potential for cake business. Even the cost of making a cake is minimal compared to the price of cakes being sold to customers. You can tap into this opportunity by first learning how to bake cake. Take advantage of beginner training courses to acquire cake baking skill to help you get started.

Another huge opportunity in cake business is cupcakes. The demand for cupcakes is for every occasion. You can transform this opportunity by offering cupcakes on your website and delivering it directly to customer homes, offices and schools.

{2} Meat Pie Baking Skill

Another one of the money making skills you should acquire as a self employed entrepreneur is baking meat-pie. Nigerians eat meat pie a lot. And it’s one the most patronized pastry product.

The cost of starting the business is little. You can also start from the comfort of your home kitchen. You don’t necessarily need a fancy office or hire workers for your meat pie business. It’s a perfect self employed business.

Meat pie sales between N150 to N300 for one. It takes just a little baking flour and some juicy meat and some other fillings to make a perfect meat pie. All this you can acquire through proper training that could take just few days to perfect.

{3} Soap Making Skill

Soaps are one of the most consumed household product in Nigeria. Every household makes use of soaps on a daily basis. We need soaps to wash and bath. And bathing is a daily routine in Nigeria. Washings like plates and cooking utensils are equally done daily in nigeria.

The demand for soaps is high and that makes it a lucrative opportunity. And you can learn to make both liquid and bar soaps. The liquid soaps are most useful for washing in the kitchen, the cars and with when using washing machines. While the bar soaps are good for bathing and equally for hand washing of clothes.

Liquid soaps are gaining high market acceptability now. And for a self employed person, it’s your opportunity to launch your self into your target market. A good example is when my brothers wife started liquid soap making from their house. She supplies customers around the neighborhood. And most of her customers buy up to 5 liters of liquid soap and even travel with it to their different destinations outside of Lagos where she operates.

Soap making skill should be acquired by every woman. But for self employment, both men and women can venture into soap making business.

{4} Egg Roll And Buns Baking Skills

The duo of egg roll and buns are just the perfect snack for most workers during lunch hour. Some like soft buns, while some others prefer it hard. Whatever style you like, it’s a tasteful snack for the hot sun, enjoyed with soft drinks or malt drinks, but preferably Coca Cola drink.

Learning how to make egg roll and buns will add value to your financial status. You can either build a supply chain and deliver them daily to other stores to increase your total daily sales or make them and offer it to a target audience, like school children or workers in a defined location.

You can learn this skill in just a few weeks and be perfect. You need to also learn proper hygiene and keep the environment where you make this buns neat. People will associate your business with cleanliness and it will attract the right patronage for you.

{5} Vaseline Production Skill

Vaseline or petroleum jell production is another money making skill to acquire. You can either build your own brand from scratch or tap into old faded brands that still have some good market demands. For example, Stella Pomade is one die hard Product that still command some good demand in the market. Although, it’s a scarce product now but many old customers still go for it when ever they can find them.

Vaseline cream production is a mini factory self employed opportunity. It can be started on a small scale and can grow big with proper management and good market demand for your Vaseline.

You should acquire the skill for the production. It’s not complex, and your an Start with small capital, right from the comfort of your home.

{6} Custard Or Local Ogi Production Skill

Starting custard production is a very lucrative one, but don’t miss out the highly sort after real MVP – ogi, also known as pap or akamu. This product is the real breakfast cereal for most homes. Most importantly, infant food.

There’s high demand for this local akamu than even the granule formulated custard product. But most people source their ogi from roadside dealers. You can target customers who prefer a more hygienic Prepared ogi. However, there’s really not much different from custard and akamu production.

The best way to make your custard brand successful is to produce with different cereal types. For example, corn, millet, wheat, etc. Explore different types of cereal edible starch and different sweetening flavors.

It might take months to learn the process of making Custard. But the time is worth it. It’s also one self employed business you can grow into a major industry.

{7} Chin-chin Baking Skill

If you love chin-chin or knows those who do, this flour product is a high flyer. It has longer shelf life than burns, cakes and bread. So, you can store it for a longer time and still sell them. And you can also package it in smaller cellophane bags and retail it faster to children and adults alike.

This fast food can also be baked from the comfort of your home kitchen. And you can learn this one on your own by just watching YouTube training videos on the making of chin-chin. You can also go for practical training, if you so wish. But one thing you should do is create your own recipe if you want to stand out.

{8} Event Decoration Skill

One of the biggest money spinner in Nigeria is events. People spend their entire life savings to host events. You can choose to become an event decorator. And it’s a very lucrative opportunity to benefit from.

You can easily learn event Decoration and start working for clients in no time. People needs event decorators for birthday ceremonies, weddings, anniversary celebrations, burial ceremonies, etcetera.

The best way to get customers as an event decorator is to partner with events organizers, party rental companies, cake bakers, venue managers, etcetera. While you also promote your business to potential customers.

{9} Bead Making Skill

Bead Making is a not just a local business but an international one. You sell your beads globally and on online stores like eBay. You can also build your own online store to sell directly to your customers. If you search major online stores you will see how much fashion beads are sold. That would give you an idea of the potential for beads beyond the local market, and across different international markets.

The huge potential in Beads should encourage you to go learn the art of Bead Making. People love beads, and it has become a global fashion accessory.

Leaning to make beads can be the biggest money making skill acquisition investment you can give to yourself. It can take only weeks to learn bead Making but it takes a lifetime to perfect the art of creating beautiful fashion beads.

{10} Cooking Skill

The culture of cooking has fast been eroded. The demand for well cooked foods during events are in high demand. And if you can cook delicious meals, your advantage is in Referrals. You will never lack customers as more and more people would refer customers to you.

I once had an experience with a cook. She made delicious fried and jellof rice for my sisters birthday. After that everyone that tasted that food kept asking me for her contact. She was recommended to me at first by another person. You can see how the referral engine works for her business.

So, this cooking skill is not about knowing how to cook all the foods in the world but cooking delicious meals. And you can learn this money making skill. It doesn’t take long to learn either. However, your best secret is to create your own brand delicious meal recipe. If you can wow people’s taste buds at occasion and events, you have it all made.

Also, learn how to cook all kinds of foods, both local, continental and intercontinental dishes. Or if possible, specialize on certain foods and cook them so well.

{11} Fashion Designing Skill

From the small towns of Umuahia and Aba to the fashion capitals of the world, fashion designing is ruling the world. Everyone wants to look good. And since Nigeria found its identify with fashion, our own fashion industry has seem tremendous boom.

It’s affordable to learn fashion design. It’s one of the best money making skill to acquire. And you can also start from home and with little capital.

However, the advantage of fashion designing is a show of skill. You must be good at your job. Most of your customers are going to come from referrals. And these referrals will come from the designs you sew for your clients. Women are good at asking for the contact of the designer of the cloths they see on others. So, you must aspire to be the best designer in your city if you hope to stay top of mind for most customers.


Money making skills are the best way to get self employed and upgrade your financial status. Your skill will attract potential customers who need your skills and put money in your account regularly.

Note that a few weeks or months training is not enough to become prefect in these money making skills. It’s okay to learn for a few weeks to get started. That gives you opportunity to also learn more while you are working. But you have to strive to gain more knowledge of your skills.

Finally, the best way to make money with your skill is to keep updating it in every way possible. Think of ways you can make your skills better and monetize it in an irresistible way that keep customers coming back to you.

Chinedu David
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