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10 Money Habits to Make You Wealthy

Best Habits To Become Wealthy

Do you want some money habits that can make you wealthy. To become wealthy is not by wishful thinking. There is a way to be rich. Moreover, nobody stumbles on wealth excerpt they inherited it from someone who worked for it. So, if you want to become wealthy you must do what all the wealthy people did.

In fact, wealth and riches are not the same thing. Many people become rich, and so could you. Sometimes riches come to those who don’t even deserve it. And little efforts can also lead to riches. But when it comes to wealth, it’s a different ball game.

However, this post is not about steps to become wealthy. You can find just a few steps below that I have outlined for you. The main trust of this blog post is to guide you into the habits that drives those investment steps that will make you wealthy.

Why Money Habits?

  • Develop Your Career and Expertise
  • Save Diligently and Invest for Growth
  • Create or own Intellectual Properties
  • Build a Business
  • Invest in Real Estate
  • Hire a Financial Adviser
  • Make Smart Investments
  • Create a Financial Plan

Learn to Become Rich First

Your journey to become wealthy starts from becoming rich. That’s the first journey you have to make. And when you achieve the first one it will lead you to achieving the next.

In other words, according to StreetDirectory, the simple difference between a rich person and a wealthy person is that a wealthy person has sustainable wealth. That is to say, a person who’s wealthy will always be wealthy, whereas someone who is merely rich may only be so for a period of time until the money is gone.

But in a quest to become wealthy, one must first become rich. And here are a few simple thoughts on how to proceed to riches.

  • Change the Way You Think About Money.
  • Develop an Understanding of the Power of Small Amounts.
  • With Each penny You Save, You Are Buying Yourself Freedom.
  • You Are Responsible for Where You Are in Your Life
  • Consider Becoming an Owner of Things You Understand as the First Step to Building Wealth.

Money Habits of Wealthy People

To start, you out on your journey to become wealthy, you have to acquire the habits of the wealthy. You must know this and believe it strongly: as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. And this law is what governs wealth and wisdom, which are the two most powerful possessions on earth.

The habits selected in this blog is to guide you in the right direction. Also, they are money habits proven by the wealthy.

{1} Be Willing To Invest

The first thing about becoming wealthy is moving from the job economy to investment economy. And you must be willing to invest. You determine your financial destiny more with an investment than with a job.

Interestingly, you start first by understanding how to invest. What do you know about investment? And how do you start your Investment as a beginner?

In addition, lets explain the definition of an investment as an item acquired for the purpose of generating income or appreciation, you will begin to know what you can do to have an investment. However, from an economic sense, an investment is more of the purchase of goods that may not be consumed today, but are used in the future to create wealth.

So, this should drive your willingness to invest. You cannot succeed in investment if you do not have a willing heart. The process it takes to make it from investment to wealth doesn’t always go in a smooth direction. It will take so much from you to become wealthy.

{2} Don’t Gamble

You may think there’s money to be made from the lotteries. Not so folks. Hardly anyone whose wealthy from gambling. Moreover, most of those who play the game are struggling financially and are hoping it will change their financial fortune. But it never does. That goes for every investment that is a gamble.



{3} Stay Focused

You achieve more if you focus on important things. There is an illustration Jesus gave in the Bible. He said, if your eye be single, your whole body will be full of light. It shades more light on being focus. You get more done when you focus on what’s more important at a time.

Ways to Stay Focused:

  1. Plan your day the night before
  2. Do the most difficult things first
  3. Eliminate distractions and time wasters
  4. Renew and maintain your energy
  5. Stay on your ultimate goals and Constantly remind yourself of it.

{4} Block Out Distraction

You win better when you are not distracted. So, your ultimate goal in staying focused is to eliminate distractions. Although you can create your own distractions to help you renew and maintain your energy and zeal. But don’t let anything distract you when you should be focused.

However, the main causes of distraction are:

  • The lack of ability to pay attention
  • Lack of interest in the object of attention
  • Or the great intensity, novelty or attractiveness of something else other than the object of attention.

And it can come from both external and internal sources.

6 Tips Avoid Distractions:

  1. Learn to put your phone on silent mode and keep it away from you
  2. Turn off Internet access when you are not working online
  3. Take a deep breath when you’re about to get distracted to maintain your focus
  4. Make a demand for your privacy when it’s being invaded
  5. Plan on Getting enough seep every night. At least for eight hours.
  6. Learn to Prioritize your tasks. Use a tool like

{5} Constantly Optimize Your Process

Nothing makes a difference more clear than excellence. In whatever you do, drive for excellence. It stands you out and attracts the best customers. However, this will not happen over night. You need to constantly optimize your process to perfection.

Go above and beyond in work and business. Work the process until it’s working for you. You need to indent If what should represent excellence in your job or business. Sometimes, just being polite or timely could earn excellence.

Steps to Optimize Your Process:

  • Identify what to optimize
  • Analyze
  • Implement
  • Monitor
  • Keep repeating the process

{6} Live Within Your Means

You are not going to be able to become wealthy if you are already living above your means. TheBalance blog has a better description on Living within your means. It wrote, to “live within your means” means that what you spend each month is less than or at least equal to the amount of money you bring in each month.

Ways to stop living beyond your means:

  1. Pay down your debt
  2. Start saving
  3. Cut your housing costs
  4. Choose to pay cash over credit
  5. Put a stop to emotional spending
  6. Stick to a budget
  7. Become a savvy shopper

{7} Have A Mentor

You start by connecting with a good mentor. A good mentor possesses the following qualities:

  • Is willing to share skills, knowledge, and their expertise.
  • A good mentor teaches you all what he or she knows
  • He or she accepts the mentee where they currently are in their professional development.
  • Good mentors serve because of their personal experience of what it was like for them when they were just starting out in the field.

What To Gain From A Mentor:

  1. Mentors can develop your leadership skills
  2. You gain valuable advice from a more experienced person
  3. And you grow your professional network

{8} Learn Every Day

Learning should be everyday thing, because it provides you with an escape when you need it, especially when you are faced with a challenging situation. Surely, it helps you with knowledge when you seek it, and can be a great pastime that reduces stress.

Ways to Keep Learning Everyday:

  1. Read. Get in the habit of always reading something new
  2. When you do enjoy screen time, watch films you can learn from.
  3. Surround yourself with like-minded people, who have sometime you can learn from.
  4. Keep up with current news.
  5. Make a list of things you want to read or learn.
  6. Take an online class.
  7. Do something with what you learn everyday.

{9} Constantly Make Yourself Uncomfortable

When it’s your choice to be uncomfortable means it’s driven by a situation you no longer like or want changed. So, it’s a good idea to make yourself uncomfortable when you need to move to something better than you current state.

Learning To Make Yourself Uncomfortable:

  1. Get Started
  2. Don’t quit easily
  3. Push yourself past your comfort zone
  4. Embrace bad situations and deal with it
  5. Be around like-minded people
  6. Recognize your improvements and pursue it
  7. Repeat process that Build habits of success

{10} Control your Emotions

Maybe, emotions are more powerful than you may think. Most of what happens in your life is triggered by your emotions. And most of what emotions does in ones life are with negative connotations. After all, that’s the reason you need to control your emotions. That way you can manage what you allow your emotions to produce for you.

Ways to control your emotions:

  1. Don’t react right away. Give it sometime before you address the issue.
  2. Ask for divine guidance and counseling.
  3. Find the right approach to deal with situations that triggers you emotionally.
  4. See the bigger picture of what your emotions can destroy if you let it.
  5. Replace the wrong thoughts with good ones
  6. Forgive the things that triggers you emotionally.

Inspired by Huffpost 6 steps to controlling your emotions.


In summary, the money habits to make you wealthy is not difficult at all. But their simplicity is what even makes them unpopular with many people. Also, its the same reason people easily misunderstand riches for wealth.

They are not the same thing. You may be rich and not wealthy. But definitely every wealthy person is rich. That’s just the best way to make the comparison.

You can take advantage of this post to either begin your quest for riches or climb over board to become wealthy. The choice is yours. But the full benefit of this post is to help you understand how to begin your pursuit to wealth beyond mere riches.

Chinedu David
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