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How Fast to Sell Molfix Diapers In 2023

Molfix diapers distributors

Do you want to start baby diaper business as a Molfix diapers distributor? Do you know what is required and how to go about it? There is a process to follow if you want to become a Molfix Distributor in Nigeria, where ch opportunity is still available now.

The baby diaper product in Nigeria is in high demand, and Molfix happens to be the number diaper brand in the market. That makes it the highest selling diaper in Nigeria.

According to Fastweb market feasibility report for baby diapers, there are over 40 baby diapers brands in the market but Molfix has over 44 percent of market share. You can see full list of all the known and unknown baby diaper brands in the market below.

The turnover rate for Molfix diapers is higher than any other diaper in the market. So, starting a diaper business to sell Molfix is a profitable business decision. However, you need to know how diaper business works and how to become a Molfix Distributor. If you are new to business, I would recommend you do a little apprenticeship with an existing baby diaper retailer or distributor.

A lot of startups overlook the idea of apprenticeship, but it’s the best step in starting a trading business. You will learn how the market works without risking your own money. You will be able to learn about best products, the turnover rates and why customers prefer certain brands above others. Plus, what customers look out for in a diaper or what’s even more important in their purchase decision.

Understanding Molfix Diapers

Molfix baby diaper took the diaper market by storm, off-staging all the known and powerful brands like Pampers. The entry of Molfix into the Nigerian diaper market was a case study that every new extract into the diaper market needs to study. Yet, almost all the new entrants into the diaper market ignore this simple truth, or rather lack the financing to build a strong market brand.

Although, Molfix baby diaper is of good quality but it doesn’t mean the other diapers are not of good quality. What made Molfix brand standout in the diaper market is the huge marketing budget of the company and its market inserting strategy. This strategy made their product available nationwide. They also ensure that there Brand quality is maintained and at a price that’s not constantly changing.

Molfix diapers brand at the inception wooed many distributors and retailers with mouth watering incentives and sales bonuses. Honestly, if you are looking to become a Molfix distributor now, you may have been too late. A fast selling diaper like Molfix shouldn’t have a problem filling out its distributors list nationwide.

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However, if you consider the case of Pampers diapers that sometime cancelled its partnership with a known distributor for their product, and that action created openings for new Pampers distributors in the South-South and South-Eastern region. Then, you shouldn’t lose hope entirely. If you really want to become a Molfix diapers distributor the options are not all gone.

How Molfix Diapers Distributor Works

A Molfix Distributor buys Molfix brand products at discounted rates for distributors, which they sell to retailers, who in turn sell to the final consumers. In the case of baby diapers, you buy in large quantities from Molfix and you resell to retailers and consumers.

Some Molfix distributors buy more than a 40 feet container load of baby diaper regularly. By estimate, a 40 feet container load of baby diaper would cost as much as N40 million. That’s not to imply that’s the cost requirement of becoming a Molfix diaper distributor.

You need to know the difference between being a distributor and being a retailer. If you want to be a retailer, all you have to do is find the nearest Molfix diapers distributor to you and start buying from them. You can enquire about the closest distributor either by contacting Molfix or asking those who sell the product where they get it from. If you trace that link you will surely find the main distributor for your city or state.

Since Molfix diapers is already a huge brand and everyone wants to be a Molfix distributor, it has become a challenge as well. You can start off this dream as a diaper retailer if you don’t have millions of naira as startup capital to invest, or you can just use it to learn the ropes before investing million into the diaper business.

The Molfix Diapers Brand Success

Molfix Diapers is not the only brand in Nigeria. There are other existing diaper brands in the market before Molfix was introduced into the market. It wasn’t like the other diapers were not doing very well. There are certain things Molfix did well that helped it grew its diaper market share to the top brand in Nigeria in just two years of operation.

However, amongst many things where are not open to public knowledge, the most important thing Molfix did was to create an effective marketing strategy. This network helped to push its products deep into the markets and create huge followership among mothers.

Apart from having distributors and retailers, Molfix also introduced local representatives. These guys worked heavily to it’s success. In some markets it was these reps that built the market for them. Their job was simple, they were responsible for Molfix diapers brand in their location, and Molfix gives them sales cut as commission incentives to boost their morale.

Another thing Molfix did was to reduce its diaper price and gave big sales bonus to distributors, retailers and sales representatives. That way they all work for the success of the product in each market. They understood that the more the product sold the more money they would make.

How Molfix Defeated It’s Competitors

The major big reason consumers buy Molfix diaper is due to the elasticity of the diaper at that time. It can stretch and give babies comfort and also prevent leaking. That was then because non of that is a major factor anymore, as most diapers are even better compliant than Molfix. However, this should give any new brand some ideas on how to defeat the giants.

According to a report in the Nation Newspapers, the paper reports that Molfix brand is produced by Hayat Kimya Nigeria Ltd, is said to be cheaper and significantly offers quality that consumers love. It means mothers needs like preventing leaks, foul smell and reduces number of times they change their baby diapers.

However, Molfix claims that it’s product is designed to give “babies full protection and keeps their skin dry and healthy around the clock”. That promise could mean different things to different people. One thing that was certain was that mothers love Molfix diapers, It’s Molfix and then the rest of them, as they say.

Molfix Brand Market Potential

Hayat Kimya, which started producing Molfix baby diapers in 1998 in Turkey, came into Nigeria in 2015. At this time, Pampers owned 41.9 per cent of the diaper market share, but presently it now controls only 37.3% of the market share. If we go by volume, 1% of Nigerian diaper market share is a lot if we go by the UN annual childbirth of 5.9 million in Nigeria.

According to A.C. Nelson data, it took Molfix just 2 years after entering into the Nigerian market to become a market leader in baby diaper, with over 44.3% of the total market share. This position was previously held by Pampers in the diaper market for many years. Now, Pampers only has 37.3% share of the market, while the remaining 18.4% is shared by the rest of the brands.

How much more of this market Molfix can take is still unknown. If it exceeded its launch projection of 30% by as much as 14.3%, it’s not difficult to predict what Molfix market share could be in a decade.

However, what is already known of the Molfix diapers brand owners, Hayat Kimya is that it’s the 5th largest diaper producer in the world, with 22 manufacturing sites across the following countries of Turkey, Egypt, Algeria, İran, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia Herzegovinia and Russia. It’s revenue is in over $3 billion, with approximately 14,000 employees.

Complete List of Baby Diaper Brands In Nigeria

However, Molfix is not the only popular baby diaper in the market. Nigeria boasts of many brand of diapers and more is still being introduced into the market yearly. Below are just a few of the ones seen and purchased by families in Nigeria.

  1. Molfix baby diaper
  2. Pampers baby diaper
  3. Prince and Princes baby diaper
  4. Sunfree baby diaper
  5. Champion baby diaper
  6. Golden care baby diaper
  7. Infinity baby diaper
  8. Unac baby diaper
  9. Dumpas baby diayper
  10. Drylove baby diaper
  11. Huggies baby diaper
  12. Bino baby diaper
  13. Witlux baby diaper
  14. Just On Baby diaper
  15. Confy baby diaper
  16. Puréed Dry baby diaper
  17. Babysoft baby diaper
  18. Toujour baby Diaper
  19. Royal baby diaper
  20. Cuddsies baby diaper
  21. Swadllers baby diaper
  22. Dr. Brown baby diaper
  23. Virony baby diaper
  24. Babem baby diaper
  25. Angel baby diaper
  26. ASDA baby diaper
  27. Lakebaby diaper
  28. Chicco baby diaper
  29. Little Angel baby diaper
  30. Holife baby diaper
  31. Cussons baby diaper
  32. Neworldline baby diaper
  33. Sanwood baby diaper
  34. Bluelans baby diaper
  35. Coorland baby diaper
  36. Bluelife baby diaper
  37. Nice Baby diaper
  38. Dumpas baby diaper
  39. Leri baby diaper
  40. Kejo baby diaper

Note: If your brand is not mentioned, do contact us. The new diaper brands are constantly being introduced into the market and some old ones are also going out of the market.

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Tips To Become A Molfix Distributor

If you want to start selling Molfix diapers, you might as well be sure there is an opening for the type of dealership you want to be, and you are prepared to meet the financial requirement as well.

Tip #1: Get to know more about Molfix diapers business and if the comoany would be needing new distributors or reseller in your area. You can start by contacting the company or checking on their website here. You should also utilize other sources available to you.

Note that if a brand has been in the market for a while and they are already popular, they are likely to have distributors, but it shouldn’t stop you from asking.

Tip #2: Contact Molfix to verify if they has a slot for more distributors for your location. It’s only Molfix Diapers company that would have that information now, since they are not in a desperate position for distributors.

Tip #3: Confirm the current startup cost for new distributors for your location. It’s always important to equip yourself with the right information about the company before you start your pursuit.

Tip #4: Find out what the other basic requirements might be, like warehouse size and type of location approved. Some companies might have some strict conditions about where you can be located in any city. Remember that distributorship is a form of Franchise business.

Tip #5: Contact the Molfix distributor in your city to negotiate how to become a sub distributor if option for main distributor is taken. It’s better to share in the market than lose it entirely. Most brands have only one distributor in the state. Identify a part of the state that’s a potential market and negotiate a sub distributor position with the existing distributor.

One thing you must consider is that Molfix is a big diaper brand, and with the current market share makes it a huge opportunity for anyone who wants to go into diaper distribution business.


The diaper business is no doubt one of the fastest selling products in the market. The huge demand for baby diapers makes it a good retail opportunity for anyone who wants to start a distribuorship business. However, to become a Molfix diapers distributor may require you to work even harder to become one.

Molfix already have distributors in almost every part of the country, unless areas where their market share is low or their existing distributor is either not serious or has quit from the brand.

Alternatively, you may also come across one who may want to sell their Molfix diaper distributor licence. Although this is rare, but not entirely impossible.

Finally, you should also understand that diaper market is a shared market. It’s not only Molfix diapers that’s in the market. In fact, there are other brands that may be more stronger in your market, or even new brands that may take over your market soon. You can start with new brands and build a successful market for yourself.

I have listed most of the existing diaper brands in Nigeria above. Take advantage of most of their newness entry, which is also cheaper to buy as a distributor, and become a major dealer in baby diapers.

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