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How to Get a Million Online Customers for Free

a million online customers.

Do you want a million new online customers for free? Do you know more customers can patronise your business than you currently have? Have you thought about learning how to get more customers from the internet? And I don’t mean advertising online.

I want to show you how to get a million online customer for free. If you don’t know how online customer base has grown, let me give me some statistics. More than 3.6 billion searches are conducted on Google search every day. On Facebook, you and 1.4 billion others around the world are active there every day.

And it’s not just even about the world far away. Because you are doing business in Nigeria, you might want to know how it affects your business too. Over 17 million Nigerians are on Facebook, according to African internet users report. You need to start asking the right questions about your business.

Who is a Customer?

The dictionary definition of a customer is a person who buys goods or services from a shop or business. But that is just one part of the description. Because there are five different types of customers. And each one has its specific features.

By that, we can further define customers into five different definitions. So, let’s look at the different types of customers and explain each of them based on those criteria.

Different Type of Customers

You need to understand the different types of customers that will be patronising your business. Although, these customers never cut out to be so. They are unaware that they are like that.

But it’s up to you to identify them and cater for their needs. These are the 5 sales-oriented types of customers you will be encountering.

* Potential customer – is someone who is not your customer yet.
* New customer – is someone who recently bought your product or service.
* Impulsive Customer – is someone whose buying decision is on the instant.
* Discount customer – Is someone who sees the value but won’t buy at full price.
* Loyal customer – Is someone who keeps coming back for more.

How Customer Acquisition Works

The growth of any business is defined by its customer acquisition strategy. You have to win new customers continuously into your business. One of the most important questions an entrepreneur should always ask is, am I winning new customers? Did I get a new customer today?

If you are not winning new customers your business will become stagnant and eventual closedown. Even if you have millions of old customers, you still need new customers. Because the same way you won a customer, you also lose a customer. Maybe to your competitors or due to a fault of yours.

However, the cost of customer acquisition is a significant concern. I work as a marketer for a company in the U.S., and it pays an average of $80 to acquire a customer.

A million customer will cost them $80 million. Even though the cost of their product doesn’t cover that amount. But the company has several other cross-sale products its hoping to sell to the customer. That’s their strategy. They know the value of their customer.

What’s the Value of One Customer?

If you want more customers, you have to first define these two things. Who is your customer? And what’s the value of one customer to your business? To determine the value of a customer you need to know how long a customer can continue using your product.

  • Let’s use web hosting for example. The average period someone can pay for a web hosting plan is one year. If your business is hairdressing, how long have you retained a customer?

Also, you need to define how much a customer spends on your product and the frequency. If you know the value of a customer, it will help you to understand how much you can invest in acquiring a customer.

Define Your Customer Persona

Everyone is not your customer. You have to identify who are your actual customers. It’s important you know who you should market your business to. It will save you lots of effort and money.

If you haven’t thought about this, you should start by answering specific questions about your business. Like:

* What does your business sell?
* What particular problem(s) does your product solve?
* What gender(s) has such a problem?
* What is the age range?
* Where does the customer live?
* What does the customer love?
* How can you engage the customer?

By answering this questions, you have defined who is your customer and who is not. Right now, if you look around the people you know, who among them matches this description? That’s your customer among your friends. Now start doing the same among your social media friends, colleagues at work, your church members, etcetera.

Online Customers Acquisition Strategy

If you want a way to acquire a million new online customers you have to think about the Internet. With billions of people online, it’s not difficult to hit a million customer. That’s if you know what to do.

Of course, that’s why you are reading this article. But you know that the cost of acquiring a million new customer may discourage small businesses from even dreaming of it. That’s why I want to show you how to generate a million new customer for free.

Don’t treat it like it’s one of those pipe dreams. It’s real. It’s already a reality for most online businesses. Read this article by Neil Patel. He is getting over 1.8 million customers from Google. And it’s all for free.

Nigerian Internet Users Will Hit 93 Million in 2019

Action Points For a Million More Customer

If you want to know how to get a million more customers, you should follow these steps.

Step One: Start a Blog for Your Business

The time of using blogs to tell your friends about what’s happening with you and around you are over. You can do that on social media and have them even comment or like your post.

Now, blogs are for serious business. And because your company is providing a solution to a need out there, you can tap into the search traffic to grow your customer base.

If your business doesn’t have a blog, you have to start one immediately. If you need information on how to start a blog, click on this link on to read the full details.

Step Two: Learn How Google Search Traffic Works

I can’t provide all the details in just this article. So my advice is for you to go learn about it. I can give a few links to where and what. But you need to learn how the search engine works and how you can leverage it to grow a million customer for free.

Start with reading this article: How to Rank Higher in Google Search

Step Three: Target The Right Customer

If you don’t know why I asked you to start a blog for your business, I will give you some ideas. The best way to get millions of free customers online is through search traffic. And it’s also the best way to attract targeted customers.

You don’t need just any customer. What your business need is a million customer that will be buying from you. That’s what search engine optimisation will do for you. And the best way to make it work for you is by using a blog.

Step Four: Create Relevant Contents

The concept of a blog is marketing. You need to create your content to give help to these target customers to attract them to your business.

Even if you don’t know how to write good content, you can outsource them to great writers. Some factors should be considered when writing excellent blog content. They include:

✔️ keyword word traffic volume and relevance to the title tag.
✔️ How to do it user guide that shows your visitors how to solve specific problems relating to your company offering.

Step Five: Build a Customer Database

One of the benefits of using a blog as a marketing tool is collecting customer data. You can’t do that successful on social media. It’s the first step to knowing your customers.

If you have started collecting emails from your customers, by now, you would have accumulated over a million. If your business has been in operation for more than five years now, you should have a million customers. That’s if you have collected 600 emails every day.

Step Six: Start Now

Don’t even think you have more time to procrastinate. The time to start is now. Using a blog to market your business also requires time to grow. Google uses the first 3 to 6 months to be convinced that you mean business.

After that, you can start seeing some great results with new customers visiting your blog every day.


If you want a million customers, you have to get to business immediately. Any company that is not getting free web traffic to grow its customer base will not last. You may not be able to find a million customers around you. But they are available online.

According to Statista, the number of Nigerians online is over 84 million. And in 2019 it will grow to 93 million. You won’t find it hard building your business to a million customer base.

But you have to do what I’m showing you here.


Even if you don’t understand how you can implement it for your business, drop me a comment below and I will get in touch with you. And I will show you in a way you will understand and be able to apply it. You should also read Social Media Marketing for Beginners. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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