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Christ embassy church

Do you want to become a member of Christ Embassy church? Do you know how to become a member? Or what is required of you? And how do you know that you have become a full member of Christ Embassy?

In this unique guide, I will be showing you how you can become a member of one of the most evangelistical church in the world today.

However, note that it’s God that has the last say on who should be your pastor. His thought is given to us in the scripture in Jeremiah chapter three verse fifteen that says: “And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.”

So, while you want to know how to become a member of any church, you should pray carefully for God to guide you. It’s only God that recognises the right pastor that can feed you the word of God accurately.

Understanding Christ Embassy Church

Christ Embassy is one of the most innovative and vibrant churches in the world. The church has global influence, with the most widely read daily devotional, Rhapsody of Realities in more than 900 different languages. There is also a Christ Embassy church in every country of the world.

The vision of the ministry is focused on giving people’s lives meaning and helping them find their purpose for living.

The ministry was founded by Pastor Chris Oyahkilome as a student in the university. The church started first as a fellowship on campus, known as Believers LoveWord (BLW).

The church is also vibrant in televangelism with several local and terrestrial stations around the world under the flagship brand LOVEWORLD. The latest being LOVEWORLD USA. A station he founded along with Pastor Benny Hinn. Also, LOVEWORLD Jerusalem, an entirely Arabic station has also joined the fold.

Christ Embassy is widely famous for its fantastic ministry outreach to the sick. A unique healing service with Pastor Chris called The Healing School. Where uncountable numbers of miracles have taken place to the glory of God.

Wrong Perceptions About Christ Embassy

Some of what people know or think about Christ Embassy is wrong. But most of these false perceptions have followed the ministry of Pastor Chris over the years. The one that started it all was the misconception that it’s a church of just young people.

Although, the church has lots of young people but among the first members of the church are fathers, mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers. It wasn’t just all young people as many believed.

Below are a few other misconceptions about Christ Embassy church.

  • You have to be rich to join Christ Embassy
  • Christ Embassy church members are braggadocio – I know who I am
  • Members of Christ Embassy church intimidate other Christians
  • The members worship pastor Chris
  • And some I might not even be comfortable to mention.

There are also very controversial ones. And I intentionally left them out. The purpose is to give an intending member of Christ Embassy church a proper background of the church, its vision, mission and purpose.



Right Perceptions About Christ Embassy

It’s not all about the misconception of Christ Embassy church, some are also in the right direction. You can tell who a Christ Embassy church member is when you see one. They carry this symbol in a way that is unmistakable.

Follow up is the critical retention strategy in Christ Embassy. The church follows up on every new member in its church. To identify you personally, know where you live, what you do and set up a connection between the new member and the pastorate. If you weren’t followed up, go back and report yourself, something might be wrong with your details, or someone didn’t do their job on you.

Here are a few of the things you can quickly find a Christ Embassy church member with.

  • They speak like kings with so much authority
  • They know the word of God and feels confident to show it
  • The members show strong faith, and they are unapologetic in their defence of the gospel
  • They are aggressive about soul winning
  • They are radical givers to the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Christ Embassy church members love their pastors and leaders. They show it lavishly
  • The members are well nurtured and raised in the full knowledge of the gospel of Christ.

Identifying a Christ Embassy church member is easy, even though they don’t wear a visible signboard on them. You can quickly find them when you meet one.

Also, there is an active Leadership structure in Christ Embassy, from the least member up to the most senior pastors.

Outstanding Achievements In Society

There are many aspects of Christ Embassy not known to the world. Most of what people know about the church is from what sensational news media projected about the ministry of Pastor Chris.

But there is so much good from the church that is not being seen or reported by the media. So, most people are not aware and don’t know this side of the church that is bigger than the seemingly wrong perception.

I will just list out some of the impacts Christ Embassy has on the society.

The Impact Of Christ Embassy Ministry

  1. The innercity mission of Christ Embassy – the church is providing free education, food and housing to so many indigent children around the world.
  2. Back to school initiative – this one caters for those children the church could not accommodate through the Innercity mission for children, due to limited space and other challenges. But here, the church helps to send back children who dropped out of school due to financial constrains of their parents. Hundreds of thousands of these children are being supported with schools and other material needs by Christ Embassy.
  3. Send portions – it’s a feeding initiative of the church to give food to children during Christmas celebrations. In fulfilment of scripture by the words of Nehemiah to send portions to whom nothing is prepared.
  4. Innercity food drive – the church also provide food supplies to many families in the inner cities of the world. This regular food supply happens quarterly, and families are meant to push carts around a store of foods and collect whatever they need.
  5. Para initiative – is an empowerment opportunity created to give both support and training to the unemployed members of the church. This initiative provides skill acquisition training and empowerment of the church members.
  6. Reach-out campaign with Rhapsody of Realities – this campaign motive is to inspire patriotism. It started only in Nigeria and has spread to over 50 other countries of the world, including USA, UK, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Italy, France, Canada, etcetera.
  7. Support to other ministries that are not Christ Embassy churches. This aspect of the church is never known beyond the walls of Christ Embassy. Pastor Chris is a strong supporter of other ministries worldwide. And through Christ Embassy ministers conference, this support has touched more than 100 countries and hundreds of thousands of ministers.

And much more that are too many to mention.

Action Points

Although, membership of any church is not based on prescribed process. But still, a member can be defined by specific attributes that is like an unwritten membership code.

In Christ Embassy churches around the world, it’s instituted in every process of membership retention strategy. It’s how it works at retaining everybody that comes into the church. Here are four essential steps to become a member of Christ Embassy church.

Step one: Being Born Again

You must be born again and filled with the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues.  It’s  either you are already born again before you came or right there in Christ Embassy. That’s qualifies you for foundation school.

Step two: Foundation School

Foundation school is a six weeks training program. The idea is to ground every new member on the word of God. And to give a primary doctrine of Christ Embassy church. And to help new members understand more about the church and it’s ways of doing things. You must attend foundation school to be a member. It’s mandatory.

Step three: Join A Cell Group

Cell meeting attendance is another retention strategy of the church. It also helps the church to be accountable for everyone in the church. The cell is more beneficial to the members than even to the church as an organisation. Through the cell ministry, the members can also enjoy any benefit that the church provides. It helps the church to verify members. Especially on issues that require the attention of the church or its intervention.

Step four: Financial Partnership

Partnership participation is how the church truly measures your membership. It’s according to the words of Jesus, that where your treasure is there will your heart be also. The church sees partners as full members. So, if you want to be a Christ Embassy church member, you should be a partner.


Christ Embassy is primarily focused on soul winning. It’s the church with the most significant evangelical outreach in the world today. The ministry is focused on people. It prides in the vision of reaching everyone before Jesus comes back.

And the clear reality about the church is its audacious commitment to the work of the gospel. As though, it’s the only church commission for the propagation of the gospel.

The church has accomplished so much beyond the church walls among the needy than it has done within its walls.

Important Instructions

  1. Rhapsody of Realities is an essential daily devotional for the church. You should become an ardent reader and partner.
  2. Also, healing School is an outreach of the ministry to the sick. The church delivers this service to the broken humanity through the support of its partners globally. You should sign up as a regular partner with the healing school of Christ Embassy.

References Materials of Christ Embassy

Download daily devotional: Rhapsody of Realities

Rhapsody bible: Download it here.

Pastor Chris Digital Library: for audio and video messages of Pastor Chris

Follow Pastor Chris on KingsChat.


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