How to Make Your Dreams Come True

How to make dreams come true

Do you want to make your dreams come true? Do you know that it’s possible to have everything you want in life? How would your life look like if you have everything you ever dreamt of?

Some people believe in good luck and bad luck. They attribute every good thing in their life to good luck. And the bad ones they claim is bad luck. But how would you like your life to be the result of anything you dream of?

Do you know that you can become what you want to be in this life? And it would not be dependent on good luck or bad luck. But the power to make your dreams come true in life.

In this simple personal guide, I want to show you how successful people have made their dreams come true. It’s not like in the movies. These are practical steps used by successful people to achieve their purpose in life.

I have also carefully explained how to practically make your dreams come true. If you follow these simple guidelines, you are guaranteed to have success anytime.

In case you don’t know, these principles are not new. They have been there all along. And they have been used by successful people. However, it can work for everybody. All you have to do is put it to work.

Do Dreams Come True?

Oh, yes! Emphatically yes! But that doesn’t mean everybody has made their dreams come true. It’s probably because we don’t have schools for dreams. In schools, you learn about how other people invented their dreams. You are never told how you can make your own dreams comes true.

But the fact is, no impossible dream comes into this world. Something’s may not be possible for you. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible for someone else in this world.

As big as the world’s problem, the solutions are found in all of us. The problem with the world is that each country is trying to keep up dominance. In the process, answers from other parts of the world are willingly overlooked.

That doesn’t mean anyone has the power to checkmate other people’s dreams. You have in you the ability to make your dreams come true. That is why I have written this personal guide to help you realise it.

My dream is to have you read this post and put all the points I have expressed to meet your goals.

What are Dreams Come True?

Everyone born into this world came with a dream. That is the reason everyone can make dreams come true. Although, some people don’t even know what dreams are.

For some, dreams are the experience they have during sleep. While others think it’s just those imaginations that seemed impossible.

But dreams are strong desires that drive you in a particular direction in life. They may be strong convictions of a possible outcome. Mostly, it’s a rich and robust desire for the kind of life you want to see yourself living.

Those strong desires in your heart are the burning sensations of dreams. They may be thoughts, imaginations, desires, pictures, convictions and motivations. But in all, they make you want to do something to make them come true.

And if you follow your heart, and beat the odds, creating your opportunities, then you make your dreams come true.

Everyone has a dream. But dreams don’t come to pass on their own. You have to do what will make your dreams come true. You need to believe your dreams. And reach out to make it real.

Be Prepared To Make Your Dreams Come True

Success is not an accident. If you want it, you should get ready for it. There may be processes you have to endure to train yourself.

It’s a part of making your dreams come true. Remember, you haven’t done what you want to do before. Learning all you need to know would be helpful. If possible, getting someone who has been successful in line with your dream will be a huge advantage.

In the end, your primary purpose should be to produce a better version of yourself. The kind of person you want to become should be the reason you are making these preparations.

That dream in your heart is an answer to someone’s prayer. Don’t disappoint. God sent each one of us as an answer to someone cry for help. Sometimes we ask where is God when we are going tough times. And God is saying, your reply was sent when a particular person was born.

Someone discovered the cure for malaria. He was born with the answer to the problem of malaria. If any should die of malaria, it’s not because there was no cure.

Understanding What Makes Dreams Come True

If you think because you have a dream, it must come true. That’s not exactly so. Dreams are like desires. They don’t just happen because you desired it. You are the one to make those dreams come true.

That means there will be steps you have to take. You need to know what those steps are and how you can make them rightly.

It’s the secret between success and failure. Those who failed are not necessarily those with bad dreams. The problem with Dream is that both bad and good dreams come true.

If you can dream it, then it’s possible. But you make it a reality. And don’t think, what if someone else did it before you? That would not stop your own dream. In fact, no two dreams are the same.

They may look the same, but there are not the same. It’s like fingerprints and DNA records. Your dreams have your DNA and can only be your dream. Even if a hundred of you do the same thing, there will be a hundred different results of the same idea.

The Real Success Goal To Make Dreams Come True

If you want to make your dreams come true, you need to know the real success goal. The real success is only found in success goals. However, it works both ways – in negative and positive ways.

It’s like the law of faith, hope and love. It’s always constant. Anytime it’s applied, it definitely produces the same results. It doesn’t change and cannot change.

Below are the factors guiding success goal.

Be The Answer People Need

The real definition of success is to find a human need and reaching out to meet that need. That makes you an answer that people needs.

If you the answer to the problem will come to you. It’s like a magnet force. It draws the negative and positive sides together. That’s why those with problems would always go to those with answers.

When you are feeling sick, you go to the doctor. And when you are hungry, you go to the restaurant. When your car breaks down, you call the mechanic.

If your dream is an answer people need it will make your dreams come true.

Let People Know You Have The Solution

If you are the answer that people need and they don’t know, it won’t benefit anyone. You have to create much awareness until everyone is passionate about it as you do.

You have to convince the world that your dream is the answer people need.

Sometimes, the awareness may just be in a way to find the right platforms to project your dreams. You should always look out for how more people would know that you are an answer they need.

Help People Get The Solution

You may have the answer, but no one may be accessing it. Help people find the solution. That’s why manufacturers add equipment manuals in every device. It’s to help you discover all the features that are possible with it.

You can do the same with your solution. Find the right way to help people who come to you get the answer to work. It doesn’t mean they are not intelligent enough. But because you invented it, you know in-depth what it can do.

The internet has adopted this strategy with frequently asked questions (FAQ). It provides the answers to questions others have asked or may have.

Create Opportunities For Success

You have to learn to create opportunities that help you achieve your dreams. The first reality you will face is that people don’t have to believe in your dream. If you are going to make your dreams come true, you have to create opportunities for your success.

It’s just like the little mango seed. Even though it has all the potentials of a mango tree plus many juicy mangoes, you can’t see it by just looking at that seed. But once it’s planted, everyone can see it’s future. Someone may even help to water it.

You have to learn to start your dream. Find opportunities that show your dream to the world. Do not despise the days of little beginnings.

Depending on the nature of your dream, create opportunities for success. Every step that takes you closer to realising your dream is a success. And every level of success leads you closer to making your dreams come true.

The Making Of A Dream

Dreams are like seeds. The life of a seed is a typical example of how dreams come true. It doesn’t matter how small the seed may look. But inside that little seed is the tree, the stems, plus branches, the leaves, the roots and many other seeds.

Although, you cannot see all that by looking at that little seed. In that state, it seems helpless. Like it won’t amount to anything. But the moment it’s planted into the ground, it begins to manifest its potentials.

The smallest seeds in the world have produced the tallest of trees. So, it’s not in the size of your dream. In fact, the simpler your dream, the better.

Uber only built a software. It doesn’t own the cars. But by creating a simple software, it controls the cars and the customers. It’s the simple dreams that translate to more significant success.

Action Points To Make Your Dreams Come True

Step one: Find a human need. Even if someone else has already done it before. Every significant human need has evolved over the last six thousand years. We never knew we needed each other until Facebook came.

Step two: Reach out to those who have that need. Find those in need of the solution and reach out to them. In today’s world technology is a more reliable way to reach people. Facebook has over two billion users. A website or blog can create an outreach for your dream.

Step three: Do it in a way nobody has done before. If the solution is available, you can offer it in a different way that hasn’t been done before. An example is Uber. It changed the taxi business, providing the world with the most extensive and most accessible taxi network.

Step four: Start from somewhere. No matter how big your dream is, it has a little beginning. Test your ideas before running off with it. If those in your neighbourhood would like it, undoubtedly, the world will love it. Facebook is another typical example. It started as a student website. And it’s the worlds biggest website today.

Step five: Grow fast and go global. Don’t stop Growing once your solution is what the world needs. Grow as quickly as you can. You are probably not the only one burning with the wish to make those dreams come true.

Conclusion On Making Dreams Come True

What if you don’t even know that you have a dream? Or you never considered what you desire as a Dream. Someone may even think that dreams are for some people only.

That means you haven’t even started on the journey of making your dreams come true. You need to realise your dreams. If not for yourself but for those that would benefit from it.

You dream where not given for your benefit alone. Imagine if the iPhone was not born? (The Making of an iPhone). Imagine if the Google search was not invented? Think about all the inventions that have made the world a better place.

If any of these never happened, imagine a world without them. That’s how important the dream of yours is to the world. Don’t deny this world what you have inside of you. The world needs you. Give us your dreams.

Final Instructions

  1. Don’t be afraid to dream. The world needs dreamers.
  2. Your dream can become what you dream.
  3. Don’t forget the days of little beginnings. They are the foundation of every dream.


Chinedu David
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