10 Important Rules For Success In 2021

Rules for success

Do you want to be successful? You need to follow the rules for success. Do you know what they are? Just doing what the rules says will lead you through amazing success in life. And you may think these rules are too difficult to follow. But not so. Rather, they are the most simple rules that life has presented us in a way anyone can do them.

Think of it this way, they are like the air we breath. Even though the air is so precious, we breath effortlessly and at no cost to us. That’s also how these rules for success are. They lead to amazing life experiences and yet they are the most simple things of life that anyone can do.

How can something so simple bring success and yet not everyone is successful? That’s a point, but that’s the reason I’m teaching you what they are now. Even though they are important rules for success, not many people know them.

Some people during their lifetime discover some rules and apply them to achieve some level of success. These rules of success is not just a set of rules for you to follow, they must be lived as a lifestyle for it to produce the best result in your life.

Extraordinary Rules for Success

Consider these rules as the 10 commandments of success. I consciously didn’t use the word commandment in the title to different it from the 10 commandments in the Bible. But if you closely observe all the rules of success here, you will realize that they are closely related to the 10 commandment in the Holy Bible.

And just as the Bible admonished, if you take these rules into account, and you are bold and courageous, it will not only produce success for you, it will make you an example of what success should be like.

I want you to count yourself privileged to know these ten rules of success. I have listed them below with a concise description of what each one represents and produces in you and for you. Take heed that you consciously build these characters in yourself.

Rule #1: Just Do It

What is there to do? The first rule of success is the doing of it. Until you develop the character of a doer, you can never be successful in life. And without this first rule, the rest of the 9 rules of success are useless.

It doesn’t even matter if you know what to do to be very successful. If you don’t do them you will not be successful.

The law of doing has nothing to do with whether what you do is right or wrong. Doing nothing is worse than doing the wrong thing. The person who does the wrong thing is only ignorant of the power of doing good. If he or she finds out, it’s easier to switch fast enough than the person who does nothing.

Moreover, doing is akin to sowing. When ever you sow a seed, it has the power, the potentiality and the opportunity to produce a harvest of what is sown. So, every time you do something you stand a chance to gain a harvest of what you do, whether good or bad.

Rule #2: Be Friendly

The second rule of success is equally very important like the first. In fact, this second rule clarifies the action of the first rule. It simple means, what ever you do should be done in a friendly manner.

Your actions and words should illicit friendliness. You cannot be doing what destroy others to become successful.

Think of it this way, if what you do is good, more good things will come to you. But if it’s bad, more bad things will come to you. By being more friendly, you reap more friends. But if you are unfriendly, you equally reap more unfriendliness.

Rule #3: Value What You Do

If what you do is of no value to you, how can it be of value to others. The third rule of success is to value what you do. So, that thing that you do must have value to you and other people. Anything without value will not make you successful.

The way to think of value that will also help you be friendly is to see it as anything that’s good to God and good for man. If it’s not at variance with God’s loving nature, then it’s something of value. If God thinks it’s good then it’s equally good for man.

That way, value is not just anything you consider profitable. Because not everything is actually profitable at the end. They may look like it’s fine because it’s making you so and so amount of money. But if that value doesn’t increase joy and love in others for what you do, that value is not profitable.

Rule #4: Have Fun

That’s interesting. You can have fun. That’s the fourth rule of success. Anything you do that do not bring you joy, won’t make you friendly and can’t have value. It’s a simple rule but very powerful among the rules.

Your peace is more important than any success you can ever achieve. If you are not happy, how can you make others happy? If you are not enjoying it, how can you make others enjoy it?

That thing you must do should be because it makes you happy. And when you are happy the rest of us are happy with you. And that’s the best form of success.

Rule #5: Do It Your Way

Imagine if all you do is trying to live like someone else. What would that make you? No matter how well someone else may have done what you want to do, do it your way. That’s the fifth rule of success.

Each one of us is unique in our own way. We all smile but the shape of our faces when we smile are different. The voice we use when we talk sounds different with each one of us. So also should the way we do things.

Don’t worry if someone seems to be doing better than you. The way you do it is equally great and especially, very unique. It’s better to be an original than to be a copy. And everyone prefers to buy an original, not the copy.

Rule #6: Take Risks

Say it again with me; take risks! This sixth rule of success is vital to both the first five rules and the remaining four after it.

If you are afraid, the world may never know how good your intentions were and how much of a success you could have become if you have tried. I once read about Apple third partner (Ronald Wayne) who backed out early in the business and sold his shares for just $800. Later in 2016 those shares turned out to be worth $62.93 billion of Apple stock.

That example shouldn’t be your story. It doesn’t even matter if anyone thinks your idea is not good enough. As long as it’s based on these rules of success, keep doing what you do until it works.

Rule #7: Do What You Love

How can you even keep doing something, even when the risks are insurmountable? It’s only possible if you do what you love. Even though the first rule of success says JUST DO IT! The seventh rule says it must be what you love.

So, if you merge the first and seventh rule you will have ‘just do what you love’. That’s what will keep you going when everything else seem to be working against you.

For example, how would you stay friendly with people who don’t even like you? Excerpt you love what you do more than their ignorance and hatred.

Rule #8: Create Good Products

When you love what you do, it drives you to perfection. You just want to create good products that people love. You don’t mind the risks. All you see is the value you want to provide for others.

And we have ample examples of how good products have ruled the marketplace for generations. The Toyota’s of this world. The Apples, and the Mercedes Benz, etcetera. These products ruled because they are good.

Anything good is a potential value carrier. People will fall in love with it, and you will be happier that you gave the world the best of your gift.

Rule #9: Think Like There’s No Box

One of the inspiring thought that came out of Japanese invention is “Good Product, Good Thinking”. You cannot have a good product if your thinking is not good enough. And that forms our ninth rules of success.

Good products are as a result of good thinking. And what makes your thinking good is the content of your mind. You cannot think differently if you can’t see things differently from how others see them.

Uber taught us how to think like there’s no box. The world taxi system had functioned in a way everyone thought was the best of its kind until Uber disrupted that industry. Since then, so many other industry has faced similar state.

Rule #10: Always Do More

And if you think once you have an unusual idea, you will just ride your way to success, you will be missing a vital point. That brings us to our final rule, the number ten, which is; always do more than you have to do.

So, what is that thing you you have to do? The rule says to do more of it. This sounded like the law of the old covenant that says; do to others how you want others to do to you. Like, if you want love, give love.

However, this one is emphatic on doing more of what you have to do. You can do better than the limit you have set for yourself. The room for perfection is always ready for you. And if you stretch your hands you will touch the sky.


The cost of success is not more than what you can give. But the concern is, not many are riding through that road. There are too many people on the path that leads to no where. Yet, we need more successful people than the record we have of success.

The rules of success applies to everyone. It’s like the air that’s available to both the rich and the poor. No one can say, I don’t have access to it. There’s non of the rules of success here that requires any form of qualification to attain.

Yet, you and I know that unless anyone is committed to these rules, success will elude them. The law of success does not work on itself. You alone has the power to activate success for yourself.

Chinedu David
About The Author: Chinedu David An inspiring writer with several years of experience in journalism, consulting and training. Worked with Success Digest magazine for over a decade. Founded MyStore - an online store in 2013. Trained several startup entrepreneurs in telecom sector, LPG (oil & gas), and on Cryptocurrency investment. A born again christian, who's committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ with passion. Drop a comment below and he will respond to your query. He can also be reached via email: or Call/Text/WhatsApp: 07087770518
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