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5 Important Crypto Buying Tips for Beginners

crypto buying tips

If you are new to crypto, learning should be your focus now. Don’t get carried away about how to make money without learning how it works. However, your learning should be 20% theory and 80% practical. Practice anything you learn about crypto to make it stick.

You may have problem catching up to what crypto is about as a beginner. Don’t get discouraged or leave the class. If you run away today, you will be meeting us again in the future. By then you have lost years of advantage.

For those who are already enjoying crypto future potential greatness, here’s what you may be missing now. Learn how to buy crypto. This may sound strange to you but I will explain this in one of the lessons this month and probably in an audio lesson so you can get it much better.

Also, you know this is a free class, you won’t be getting any special attention or one-on-one guide. So, the best way to learn is to practice. I’m an investor like you too. I’m not a teacher who doesn’t practice what he teaches. That’s why I won’t have private time to attend to you unless I consider the situation critical.

We have old students here too who knows about crypto and they can help out. Always ask your questions here instead of sending it to me privately.

✅ Why Learn About Crypto Buying Tips:

There are two main reasons you should learn about crypto investment. The fist one is:
Negative reasons…

  • It will save you from scams
  • Save you from investment loses
  • Save you from wasting your time in wrong investments
  • Save you from yourself (Over-sabi mindset or I too know people)

The positive reasons are:

  • Learn to make passive income
  • Maximize your little capital
  • Know the right crypto projects to invest into
  • Learn to save your money in crypto instead of the banks
  • Learning to focus on real crypto investments and not following the crowd
  • Understand why you should invest in any crypto and how

There are probably more good and bad reasons you should be learning about crypto but I think this list is ok to explain my points for now. Let me also show you what you should be learning now.

✅ What To Start Learning As A Beginner:

Here are the few things you should start with if you want to go far. I will be teaching you more about them. I also have a 7 days free Beginners class lessons you can take. The link is at the end of this post. You will learn a lot as well from it.

  • How to buy shitcoins
  • The best strategy to buy shitcoins
  • How to analyze the right shitcoins to buy
  • Where to buy shitcoins
  • How to Claim Free crypto airdrop
  • How to protect your crypto wallet
  • How to define your own crypto strategy
  • How to earn passive income with your crypto investment
  • How to minimize your risk in crypto investment
  • How much you should start investing
  • Why you need to stay in a crypto group

There will be more to learn but here’s the best place to start this year. But let’s get to the process. What you need as a beginner investor to get Start is equally very important. Here we learn to do and not just learning for knowing sake.

✅ Important Crypto Tools for Beginners

Crypto is technology driven. If you don’t know the internet and how to use apps, you are already going to have challenges in this business. Now you will understand why you should have learnt about the internet all these years.

It’s still not late to learn because you will need your knowledge of the internet and mobile apps to navigate your way in the crypto space. Here are apps you will need:

  • Trustwallet app
  • Binance app
  • Telegram app
  • Twitter app
  • Discord app
  • Reddit app

These are just a few very important once. Download them and learn to use them. Apart from Trustwallet and Binance which are basic crypto app, others listed above are purely informational apps. A lot of crypto info flows through them and should follow the info if you want the money.

✅ Learn Fast With Practice

My job is to guide you on what you need to learn. It’s your job to learn and practice what you learn. I will not fail you. Don’t fail yourself. You may not have anyone motivating you to be better for yourself this year. But you have to motivate yourself.

Here’s the link for the 7Days/7 Lessons on Crypto Investment for Beginners. If this lesson is helpful, let me know in the comment box, which part you would want me to explain next.

It’s important you practice what you learn in crypto. Things change faster. Even crypto developers are struggling to catch up with the trends. And the speed of change is faster than you can imagine.

✅ Buy Into Good Cryptos Projects

Investing in crypto doesn’t mean you buy any crypto project out there. Pick what you buy. It’s best if you can get good recommendations. But don’t take every so called expert lists of cryptos to buy. Some of them are just doing adverts for respective projects.

It’s best to learn useful criteria for picking good crypto projects yourself. Knowing things for yourself will make a lot of difference in the end.


You shouldn’t dare to buy every crypto you come across, because you can’t. Stick with some cryptos and have a perfect plan of what you are buying, why and how. But the most important is learning about the projects you invest into.

Having one successful crypto investment is better than having many unsuccessful ones. If you focus on growing your investment in one successful project, it will go a long way to making you rich than tiny investments in many crypto projects.

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