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How to Start Poultry Farming In Nigeria (2022)

Poultry Farming

Do you want to go into agricultural business? There are so many agricultural business to start, of which livestock is one of them. And in livestock, poultry farming is very lucrative. If you are looking to start a business with a consistent turnover, then you should be considering poultry business.

Poultry farming is a huge revenue earner for investors. According to the Poultry Association of Nigeria, in 2017 alone. The annual demand for poultry products exceeded $1.39 billion. That’s about 165 million birds, plus 650,000 tons of eggs, and whopping 290,000 tones of meat.

Nigerians love poultry meat. It’s one of the most consumed meat in the country. But the country currently produced only 30 percent of what it consumes. That means the rest 70 percent is imported. That leaves huge room for poultry farmers to tap.

How Poultry Farming Works

Poultry farming can require some hard work, while also being very satisfying. It’s a proven potential that poultry farming is very lucrative. But you need to have the appropriate space and the required knowledge. However, starting a poultry farm is a great source of income, whether it’s a small farm for your family or a large farm as an agric business.

Your understanding of the business side of poultry business will determine how successful the Farming side will be.

The poultry industry is a broad niche. Pick the niche based on your market research. If you understand what your market needs the most or what’s lacking in your target market, your an Make a more informed decision about your poultry niche. Don’t just pick a niche based on what others are doing. Pick your niche wisely and based on real data.

However, it will be foolishness to venture into poultry farming without a proper business plan and feasibility study. You must avoid sense knowledge business plan. Get into the marketplace and dig out real bankable data. If you cannot do it yourself then hire a professional business consultant to package one for you.

It doesn’t come cheap though. It should be in the neighborhood of N150,000 to N300,000 depending on the size of your poultry farm. Also, avoid this all-ready-made plan. Don’t fall for their cheapness. They were not written for your Market and cannot address your peculiar environment and market.

Simple poultry farm business plan for starters:

  • Decide your Poultry niche.
  • Types of bird to farm
  • Basic start-up capital requirement
  • Where your Farm should be located
  • The type of housing for your birds
  • Types of equipment needed and appliances
  • What to be feeding your birds
  • Your staffing and manpower needs
  • Reporting and accounting
  • Health and treatment provision for your birds
  • Your poultry marketing plan
  • What’s your projected return on investment
  • What are the challenges of starting a poultry farming business

What is Poultry Farming?

Poultry farming is quite popular around the world in general as chicken is the top protein consumed in many countries.



Poultry farming means the raising of domestic birds on a large scale to eventually trade their products. These domestic birds include hens, cocks, turkeys, quails and more.

Poultry farming, also known as domestic bird farming is easy and highly profitable. Of course, it has both cons and pros but it would be successful if managed well.

Poultry is a ride or an adventure. And for every adventure, you have to know specific things before you start. This article provides the knowledge you need to have a smooth adventure.

Different Types of Poultry Farming

There are several kinds of poultry farms. These are the seven most common poultry farms around the world:

  • Chicken poultry farm: This is the most popular kind of poultry farm in many countries. The birds are reared for meat and eggs.
  • Turkey poultry farm: The turkeys are raised majorly for their meat.
  • Quail poultry farm: Quails are a little smaller than a chicken their age. They are reared for eggs and meat.
  • Guinea Fowl poultry farm: Guinea fowls are reared for their meat and eggs.
  • Geese poultry farm: Geese are raised for their meat, eggs and feathers. These feathers are used to create clothes for cold seasons.
  • Pigeons poultry farm: Pigeons are largely reared for their meat.
  • Duck poultry farm: Ducks, like geese, are raised for meat, eggs and feathers. There are many more kinds of poultry farms unique to each country in the world.

Cost to Start Poultry Farming

The cost of setting up a poultry farm could depend on your funds but generally, it’s not so expensive to start a poultry business. You can begin with as small as 50,000 naira and as high as you have. The cost should cover the poultry house, the chicks, feeding equipment, and their feed.

Even if you have planned to write a comprehensive poultry business plan, always choose to start small and cost effectively too. Most importantly, if it’s your first time and you have limited financing, choose to start small and grow as you learn more about poultry business.

Raising funds for your poultry farming:

  • Lend from friends and family: Our friends and family are usually the first people we turn to in time of need. Reach out to your family and friends. Present your plan to them so they can be sure of your seriousness.
  • Receive a loan: Loans are easy to get these days. As long as you have a good and trustworthy plan and a guarantee you’re good to go. Also, many major agricultural businesses give loans and aids to those just starting their business. The government of some states also provide aid. They may also give out pieces of equipment needed for free.
  • Save: Your savings, if you have one, may come in handy. If you don’t have savings, you can start as soon as you can. Instead of saving it in your normal bank account, open a fixed savings account where interest would also accumulate.
  • Invest: Invest in a legitimate business of a friend or an enterprise by using valid investment platforms which includes Cowrywise and Piggyvest among many others.
  • Work: Do something with your hands. If you have a job, do it well. You can find side jobs to up your game and increase your income to raise money for your poultry.
  • Sell something you own: Sell something you own. You may not need it anymore. Sell it. And save the money gained. This could include something you think is trash. One man’s trash can be what another man needs.
  • Solve a problem: Look around for problems you can fix. There are problems around. It could be the absence of a babysitter for a family. Fix it by opting to babysit. Your work experience, gift or talent may also be an answer to a problem. The problem can be anything. As long as you can do it, fix it.
  • Competitions: Engage in competitions. Your experience or talent can also be handy here. It could be a writing, dancing, singing or art competition.
    If you find a competition you’re capable of doing, join in and do your best.
  • Partnership: You can partner up with someone else who is also interested in poultry farming. Partnering up would mean double enforcement, support and more capacity.
  • Start small: Start with the little you have and have gathered. Start where you are. It would grow.

Risks Involved in Poultry Farming

  1. The number one risk involved in poultry farming is infection. Many fresh and prospective poultry farmers fear greatly the death of their birds as a result of an infection. An infection can easily spread in a poultry farm if not discovered fast. Infections can be spread via the feeding equipment, feed, water, the workers, and an infected bird. The outbreak of infections can be prevented by vaccinating the birds, adopting decent and neat practices by workers, and providing quality feed and water for the birds.
  2. Another one is safety. Safety from rodents and reptiles (especially snakes), safety from thieves. A good poultry house should be sealed from these predators but should allow air in or the death you were trying to prevent would happen.
  3. Warmth: This is very important, especially for chicks and during cold seasons. The poultry house has to be reinforced to increase its warmth.
  4. Tough economic periods: This may be caused by inflation. Prices go up, including that of poultry feed. A favorable way to counter this is to save ahead. Save towards miscellaneous situations and you would build for yourself and your poultry a good shock absorber.

How to Make Money in Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is a lucrative business but its profitability depends majorly on the management and care of the poultry and marketing.

Poultry management and care involve providing adequate feeds and water for the birds, providing veterinary care when needed, proper lighting and a warm and safe shelter.

While the marketing involves the sale of eggs (from Layers), droppings as manure and the sale of mature birds for meat.

Important tips to get started below:

  1. Start with choosing the best breeds for maximum profit.
  2. Buy only the best feed formula for healthy poultry production.
  3. Only use organic medications for maximum poultry production.
  4. Plan your sales well to ensure higher poultry profit.


Finally, poultry farming is a lucrative business that would require your consistency and determination. Discouragement might come in different shades and colours. You may want to give up along the way, but if you keep on, you will reap great benefits.

Even if funding is a challenge, you can start one at your backyard. Unless you could afford the startup requirements for a large poultry farm, the best way to launch your Dream poultry farming business is to start small, learn along the way and grow into a successful poultry farm.

Also, don’t neglect to work with expert consultants. As a startup there will be so much you might not yet know about poultry farming business. Consulting an expert will help you avoid costly mistakes that might crush your investment. The more open you are to learn, the better for you.

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