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How to Setup Boutique Hotel In Nigeria

Boutique hotel

Do you want to start your own hotel? Do you know that its lucrative to operate a boutique hotel anywhere in Nigeria? If you live in a small city for example, these cities have limited number of hotels. And most of the hotels are also low class, and are old, lacking the needed amenities that depicts luxury.

Boutique hotel provides option for startup investors to go into luxury hotel without investing huge sums of money. It’s not like people have not been investing in small ways in Hotel business, but boutique hotel provides a modern way to startup and attract the right kind of paying customers.

You can Start Your Own simple hotel now in the city of your choice. The same way you can invest in real estate properties, you can build good boutique hotels in choice locations and earn huge income than you would from flats, duplexes and condos.

Also, you can convert an existing real estate property and redesign it into a luxury hotel. Imagine a story building in a highbrow area with four flats can be converted into ten or more rooms hotel.

Boutique hotels are the new real estate trend in Nigeria. They are not only faster to build, they are also cost effective to manage. Managing a 20 rooms hotel would require less workforce. That also means less salaries, and expenditures. But that doesn’t mean boutique hotels are in the affordable hotel range.

What’s A Boutique Hotel?

A boutique Hotel is a small size hotel with stylish design décor, having a personal note, with sense of intimacy and privacy. Although, it’s usually not defined by any specific hotel category, rather a boutique hotel is defined by its characteristics.

A boutique hotel is a class of hotel with 10 or 100 rooms . And it’s the trending hotel in Nigeria now. It’s easy to finance, manage and also recoup the investment within the shortest possible time. It’s also the best form of real estate investment with high return on your investment.

Instead of building 3 bed room flats and renting them out for annual rents, one can build a boutique hotel and rent out the rooms daily with high percentage returns than flats.

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How Boutique Hotel Works

Boutique hotels are typically a small kind of hotel, and are better situated in the very heart of any city. That makes them hot spots for travelers and city crawlers. It’s a hotel that has between 10 and 100 rooms in unique settings, upscale accommodations and individualized unique selling points.

The difference between small and boutique is in the customer experience. However, it may sound like anyone can do that, but you need to follow the prescribed process and standard if you want to achieve success. There are several factors that makes a boutique hotel successful.

Successful boutique hotels are built to target high-end customers, who require some privacy and a luxuries hospitality that is usually provided by big brand five star hotels. But these customers would like the publicity of big brand hotel names.

Characteristics Of A Boutique Hotel

When building your own boutique hotel here are the key features to implement. However, using a hotel design specialist would be the ideal strategy. Although there are very few boutique hotel specialists in Nigeria. But finding one is your best investment.

  1. Size is a key factor
  2. Individuality is very important
  3. Design is the heart of its beauty
  4. Character is the style décor
  5. Location is the brand
  6. Culture is in it’s humor
  7. Service is its personality
  8. Local Foods is chic
  9. Customers are the essentials

These nine feature will define your good boutique hotels. You must focus on delivery these key characteristics in your boutique hotel. In size you must maintain that culture of minimum of 10 rooms and maximum of 100. However, a 10 to 20 rooms hotel is on the budget side.

The ideal boutique hotel is one that seeks to offer individual taste and experience. That means even from your design you are looking at rooms with varying designs, décor, color and even amenities.



Cost Of Boutique Hotel

After reading through this explosive article, the most important question would be how much would it cost to build a boutique hotel. However, the answer doesn’t really exist but we can explore options to arrive at a cost estimation.

Because, no two boutique hotels are the same, and therefore cost cannot be generalized. There several elements to look at when building a boutique hotel. Things like:

  1. Cost of land property
  2. Building or renovation cost
  3. Cost of labor in the city
  4. Cost of Government approvals
  5. And other minor or miscellaneous costs

These factors can define the actual cost of starting a hotel. And it would be wrong to give an estimated cost without personalizing these factors to your target city.

This design prototype cost between N500,000 to N1,000,000 and includes site visit, conduct space management plan, the beautiful design prototype and actual cost estimate. And the cost estimates would look into both materials and labor cost. That would give you an entire overview of all that it would cost you to build your dream hotel.

Difference Between Regular Hotel Versus Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotel is not the same with regular hotels. The main difference with regular hotel is that no two boutique hotels are alike. Unlike the traditional hotels that are usually chains, boutique hotels are usually smaller and they cannot accommodate as many people as regular hotels. And the focus of boutique hotel is to create a lot more intimacy.

However, there are three important reasons why Boutique Hotels are better.

  1. Intimate Atmosphere: Boutique hotels are built with fewer rooms to allow for a more intimate and sensual experience. The fewer rooms means fewer guests as well. And that is opportunity for the hotel to provide personal touch, thereby making guests feel special and not like just another customer on the list.
  2. Location Environment: Boutique hotels are built around push, trending or highbrow locations. It gives the hotel a high class image and branding that attracts high value customers. Even the building is in modern style and beauty.
  3. Modern Interiors And Amenities: the rooms are squally well designed interiors, and with changing designs as the owner seem fit. Also, the amenities are squally top notch. The idea is to give guests the best experience in private relaxation.

Boutique Hotel Design

Your dream of starting a hotel has to follow some predefined steps. A hotel might be made up of beautiful rooms but boutique hotels are more than rooms. First, it doesn’t even need to have a lot of rooms. Secondly, your location gives it brand image that it’s not just an ordinary hotel.

But let’s look at some of the important tips to plan, build and decorate your own boutique hotels.

Planning A Boutique Hotel

The first step in starting a boutique hotel is planning. Although having a business plan is a key part of starting any business, but for hotels is not just important, it’s too important.

It’s essential to have a proper feasibility study before setting up your boutique hotel in any city. Remember that location is one of the characteristics of boutique hotels. And don’t. do this with reservation. Get the best consultant to handle this job.

Don’t even consider cost because if you miss it in your location you have probably missed it in its entirety. If it would cost millions to get the best feasibility study done, then don’t settle for less. A feasibility study is not just a report, it’s an actual research on the viability of the business in a specific location.

Choosing The Best Location

That brings us to the issue again, which is location. There is no substitute for location when it comes to boutique hotels. It’s either you have the right location or you don’t even venture into this business.

And it’s not like finding a location is any mystery. I have already told you it’s best in highbrow areas. But that doesn’t mean there is no technicality involved as well. It’s best to allow the right people do the job of finding a suitable location for you than doing trail and error.

Choosing A Design And Construction Company

But when it comes to choosing a design and construction company, this could mar the whole dream if your selection is wrong. One of the things I always consider in hotel business is the fact that it’s luxury business.

And luxury has a feel. If that feeling is not felt in everything about your boutique hotel, you have missed the mark. Believe me, it’s marked to fail. You cannot substitute luxury. It can only be luxury to be felt as luxury.

Using an experienced hotel designer and construction company to build your hotel business cannot be overemphasized. It’s the best or nothing. You shouldn’t just use any construction engineer.

If you don’t have an idea how to find the right company to build your hotel, I have also made provision for phone contact at the end of this article in case you need help getting your hands on an experienced hotel construction company.

Top-Notch Interior Décor & Luxurious Amenities

Finishing is the art of beauty. Anything can attempt to look beautiful until its beauty is tested with time. Fake beauty fades away with time. Luxurious beauty is the brand of boutique hotels.

It must be top notch to pass off as luxury. Any designer can claim to offer luxurious finishing but looking like luxury and being luxury itself is not the same thing. Even though nothing last forever, luxury has a way of sustaining its beauty forever and with little maintenance luxury can shine forever.

Staffing And Exclusive Marketing Strategy

Culture is at the heart of boutique hotel. The people you hire to work for you and your marketing strategies can define your hotel business. Create the right hotel culture from the beginning and stick with it.

You will equally need to hire experienced staff members. Depending on your number of rooms, hire enough staff workers to reduce service time and offer personalized services to guests.


Now that you have decided to start your own boutique hotel, you need to know what to do and how to do it. You should never hire just any construction engineer to build your boutique hotel. The whole idea of boutique hotel is not just a beautiful design. There is the individuality, culture and character that goes into the building itself.

It’s only a qualified and experienced hotel consultant that would give you the real touch and class that is required. And all these elements can’t go without the location, décor and powerful design of boutique hotels.

Everything starts from the planning, location, design, building, decoration to management style. If it fails to follow the pattern, it may be a hotel but it’s not a boutique hotel.

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