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How to Start a Blog in Nigeria (2022)

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Do you want to start a blog? Do you know starting a blog in Nigeria comes with its peculiarities? Some of the things that worked for bloggers in other countries may not work exactly the same for you. You need to be abreast of how to start a blog in Nigeria. Understand your challenges, the audience and different Monetization strategies available to you.

Blog marketing is a vast industry that is not easily saturated. It’s like the book industry. Each book is unique and different from another book even if both are on the same topic. The book industry cannot be saturated.

Blogging is like that too. It’s even more unique than books because each blog post is a new chapter of a book itself.

You can start your blog today and very sure it will be successful. Every blog has the potential to be successful. You will learn from this article not just how to start a blog but also how to make it profitable in Nigeria.

The process of starting a blog and turning it into a profitable business is not complicated at all. You only need to follow a proven method of blogging, and you will get there.

So, I’m writing this individual bloggers guide to help you understand the steps you should follow when starting a blog in Nigeria.

Why You Should Start A Blog:

Should I even be telling you about this? You have already made up your mind before stumbling upon my article on how to start a blog in Nigeria. Well, that’s what I think. But I will still try and convince you on why you start a blog.

My first reason is simple, everyone is starting a blog, why shouldn’t you? According to QuickSprout, there are over 150,000,000 blogs on the internet. And every second a new blog is created.

The question you should ask is, why these many blogs? Why are people starting a new blog every second? The answer is in the reason you should start one. But the real question is why do you need to start a blog?

Here are the reasons:

  1. You need a platform to express yourself
  2. If you love solving problems
  3. If you are a writer or author
  4. You have exceptional skills in any subject
  5. You like helping others
  6. If you want to influence others
  7. Maybe you are even a student
  8. You love travelling
  9. Or you have an exciting hubby
  10. You can also be a pastor, politician, or activist

The list goes on and on. However, one of the challenges of blogging is writing your content. It’s a massive challenge if you don’t enjoy writing. You can hire someone to write for you. You can even outsource your content writing to freelancers.

But nothing compares to the bloggers own style and inspiration. If you cannot write, go ahead and hire writers, there is nothing wrong with it. You don’t have to even know how to write to blog. What you need is the vision and the solution you are providing.

How to Choose A Blog Niche:

A niche is like a problem your blog is designed to solve. Looking for a niche to start blogging should be easy, once you know the question you want to answer.

So, what is that problem you have found an answer?

Although, picking a niche for your blog is not entirely straightforward. Even after you select your niche, you still need to calculate the traffic volume, the revenue model and conversion funnel.

However, you don’t have to be a pro blogger to figure it all out. You only need to follow what existing blogs are doing well, and you will be just fine.

I have picked out some already successful blog niches you can start in Nigeria. These blogs are proven to work in Nigeria.

Profitable Nigerian Blog Niches:

  1. Fashion Blog
  2. Shopping blog
  3. Business blog
  4. Food blog
  5. Educational blog
  6. Religious blog
  7. Travel blog
  8. News blog

Although I listed these Niches by there main categories, you can pick from a sub or sub-sub category niche. Also, I’m not trying to do a directory on niches. It’s just a guide to help you see what Niches are possible.

If you have a niche in mind, it’s equally as good. Do research on it. If it’s a problem many people have and you can monetize it as well.

Choose A Blog Platform:

There is so many blog platform to start your blog. Choose right. The platform you use may affect the success of your blog. All the different platforms are not the same. They differ in usability, features, expandable options, migration, interconnection, and leverage.

Here are a few lists of Blog platforms.

  1. WordPress
  2. Wix
  3. Blogger
  4. Joomla
  5. Medium
  6. Quora
  7. Tumblr
  8. Drupal



Your choice of a blog platform should be determined by your strategy. These are not the full list of blog engine, but I selected those I feel you might like to use. You can also combine some of the platforms as a strategy for your blog.

For example, you can have a WordPress blog and still blog on Medium, Tumblr and Quora. I combine the four myself. I use them differently, that way I leverage each of their powers to achieve my blog strategy.

Although I’m not giving details on each of the platforms, you can find that in another article. It will help you understand how each of them works and how you can leverage them profitably.

Cost to Start a Blog in Nigeria:

There is the cost of starting a blog in Nigeria. I know there are articles written on how you can start a free blog. Well, that kind of blogs is for a personal blog that doesn’t require a commercial value.

If you are starting a blog to make money, you will need to invest money as well. In the world of business, there is no free lunch. Anything you get for free in business has the full potential hidden from you.

That is why I always recommend you buy what you use for business. I know due to startup fund limits, most Nigerians are looking for how to start a free blog. That can also lead to ‘free’ poverty. Those who make money know you have to buy the product if you want to get the best of it.

Here is my cost outlay for your blog. It’s just a startup cost. And it’s estimated. You can find a cheaper option or may even make a higher cost decision. It’s up to you.

Startup Cost Estimate:

  1. Domain name – N3,500/Yearly
  2. Web hosting plan – N17,500/Yearly
  3. Blog theme – N18,000/One-off cost

The total cost is N39,000 for the first year. If you compare this to opening a physical office, you can see it’s cost effective. If you can afford to invest hundreds of thousands of NAIRA in office space, this shouldn’t be a huge task for you.

Register a Domain Name:

The challenge you may have with registering a domain name is getting the best one for your blog. Your domain name is an essential factor for SEO strategy for your blog. Google algorithm factors domain authority into scores for ranking your blog.

The right domain adds immediate value and increases your brand identity with little effort.

Here are things to consider when registering a domain name for your blog.

  1. Go for dot-com domain if your target is an international audience. Also suitable for a Nigerian blog. But a dot NG domain name gives your blog local ranking preference over dot-com domain in Google Nigeria search engine.
  2. Pick domain name with a popular keyword like “” is a considerable keyword advantage if you are starting a blog to share tips on business.
  3. Consider similar domain names. Find out if others are using a similar domain name in the same or related category. It boosts your domain brand identity if similar domains have high domain authority.
  4. Buy a domain name from a registrar that can offer you better domain management features. The more useful feature your registrar provides, the better.

Choose the following domain registrars. For Nigerian dot NG domain use WhoGoHost. If you would prefer using dot-com domain I recommend Godaddy.

Buy a Web Hosting Plan:

Your blog needs a hosting plan to store all the blogs you will be posting. Choosing a good hosting plan is essential. And as a Nigerian blog, choosing an affordable hosting plan is even more critical considering the exchange rate of dollars to NAIRA.

But you need to invest in a good web hosting package for several reasons.

  1. For the security of your blog
  2. For reliability of your blog
  3. And search engine optimization as well

You may not know how good host impacts on your blog SEO until your blog is flagged for either spamming or virus. Hosting your blog on web hosts that are hosts to spamming sites or virus prone websites will impact negatively on your SEO.

So, you have to choose wisely where you host your blog. There are several web host online. But I wouldn’t say you should pick anyone. Since I’m helping you start a Profitable blog, I should also help you choose the best hosting package.

I’m recommending Bluehost, and I will also like to let you know that I have an exclusive deal with them that would give you a cheaper hosting plan, free domain and help you install WordPress with just one-click. That also includes some financial reward for me, but it’s not at any cost to you. The rates you pay for hosting is not affected by this commission.

Bluehost offers you a monthly hosting deal at $3.95/Month (N1,500/Month). But you will need to subscribe for a pat least 36 months to enjoy this rate. And the offer comes with free 1-year domain name registration.

Recommended Hosting Companies:
  1. NameCheap
  2. Bluehost
  3. Godaddy
  4. WhoGoHost
  5. HostGator
  6. SiteGround
  7. iPage
  8. A2 Hosting
  9. MDD Hosting
  10. InMotion
  11. Hostinger
  12. FastComet

And many more others. You can host with any one of them as you choose. But if you want my honest recommendation, I will give you the ones I have tested, like Bluehost, Godaddy, NameCheap, and Hostgator. And on a personal note, I promote Bluehost as an affiliate. If you choose Bluehost, I will be getting some commission from the company.

How to Install WordPress (optional):

If you are ready to start a blog in Nigeria, here are your steps to installing a WordPress blog using a Bluehost plan.

Step 1: Select your preferred Bluehost plan and pay with your naira MasterCard or VISA card. Follow the purchase guide on Bluehost to complete the purchase process for your hosting account.

Step 2: Create a password for your hosting account and login to the hosting panel.

Step 3: Select one of the free themes for your blog to complete the process.

Step 4: You will see a welcome to WordPress.

Step 5: Choose if it’s for BUSINESS or PERSONAL. Choose business and making money.

If you followed this step here to set up your blog, please write me on the comment box, and I will give you my 90 days personal mentoring for bloggers worth N250,000 for FREE. Congratulations!

Buy a Blog Theme:

For a beginner blogger, you don’t need to know how to design a blog to get started. You don’t even need to hire a web designer. All that is old school. What you need now is a premium theme, a well-designed website in a box.

Although WordPress offers lots of free themes you can pick and start your blog, it’s not always a wise decision. That may be good when setting up your blog. But you have to change to a premium theme when you are ready to start blogging to the world. I strongly don’t recommend using a free WordPress theme. Here are my reasons.

  1. A free theme is less secured than a premium theme.
  2. The free theme doesn’t have the full features you need to maximize theme functionalities.
  3. Free blog themes are not Reliable
  4. Free WordPress themes are not responsive to devices
  5. The free WordPress theme is not SEO compliant
  6. Free themes don’t look better than the premium version.

Reasons to Buy Premium Theme:

Making a good investment to buy a premium theme is worth it. If you don’t see it now, maybe later you will. It’s the same as having a wrong website. A good theme is one of the most valuable investment you will make for your blog.

Here are my reasons.

  1. Premium themes are SEO compliant
  2. They are most responsive to devices
  3. They are securely designed and tested against security breaches
  4. The premium theme is designed with speed in mind. A faster site means faster Google crawling and better ranking
  5. It’s cheaper than building a website or hiring a designer to create one for you.
  6. You can choose the right theme designed just for your type of blog.

Where To Buy Premium Blog Themes:

I have bought my themes from these two sites – Themeforest and MyThemeShop. The two are marketplaces for themes and plugins. The beauty of it is that they have the most extensive inventory of WordPress blog themes, making it easy for you to make the right choice.

Themeforest is my preferred. I bought my blog theme from the site. I love their WordPress themes a lot. They have more inventory than MyThemeShop. But their price starts from $19 depending on the kind of WordPress theme you want.

However, I advise that you buy themes from $50 and above. My reason is simple, the higher the price, the better the WordPress theme. You don’t expect a WordPress theme of $19 to have the same features as the WordPress theme of $50.

There are also themes of $300 and above. The better the features you want, the higher the cost. You can also ask the developer to customise the theme after purchase. Although that would attract additional fees.

Choose WordPress Plugins:

If you are going to be using WordPress, you will hear a lot about plugins. One of the beauties of using WordPress is that you get to expand the functionality using plugins. As the name implies, they added the feature that you can plug into your WordPress blog to add more functionality as you choose.

WordPress has tens of thousands of these plugins and with different feature requirements. That’s what gives WordPress an edge over the other platforms. You can turn a WordPress site into any function you want it to have. And cost effective.

For example, with a WordPress plugin, you can add SEO toolkit that helps you manage your on-page SEO like the pros. With little SEO knowledge, you can do SEO techniques on your site.

List Of WordPress Plugins To Install:

I have included links to all the plugins with their names so you won’t have any confusion when you install the plugins on your website. Most of the plugins also have a free version of WordPress.

That will allow you to test before buying the full version. And you will need either your naira MasterCard or VISA card since the payments are in USD.

How to Start A Blog – Content Marketing:

Your blog is not going to grow if you are not blogging. It’s like building a house, each block you add takes you closer to the final design form. The faster you add chunks, the faster the house will be made. But if you are not adding any block or you are adding it slowly, the house will slowly get built.

I hope you get the idea. The more information you have on your blog, the better your ranking. Your Google is what determines the volume of online traffic you get every day.

In Nigeria, most successful blogs did little or no blog optimization. It’s actually easier to rank your blog in Nigeria. I have tried running a blog both on the global stage and local Nigeria. It’s tougher out there because most people know what you know. But here in Nigeria, it’s a lot easier and faster too.

But the part of writing good contents hasn’t changed. Google is ranking quality contents at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). You have to write quality contents to get top ranking on Google.

And writing authority contents can be easier if you follow some proven guide. I have listed a few of the steps you should follow to write powerful contents for Google ranking.

How to Write Blog Contents

There is a reason I’m making more emphasis on Google ranking. Your blog has no value if it’s not seen by visitors online. And to make your blog visible to online visitors you need Google.

Google connects your blog to the massive volume of free search visitors. You can get millions of free traffic from Google every month. But you need to give Google want it wants to get what you want. That’s how it works.

And you must avoid copying content. It’s dead on arrival strategy for any blogger that copies. Google will soon find out because each blog post has a date and time of posting. Google index all that with the content. When you copy, it’s easy to find out, even if you try to readjust it.

Write your own content. It’s hard work, but it pays at the end. There is no exemption to these rules. Follow them if you want Google to love your blog.

Tips for Writing Blog Contents

Okay, I’m still on Google ranking. I’m just making the subheading shorter so you can follow me all the way. See these tips to write your content. The best blog contents for Google ranking are the contents people love and visit more.

  1. Write blog contents that solve problems in your niche
  2. Avoid using the word ‘we’ and ‘they’, Instead, use ‘you’ and ‘i’ words.
  3. Always start with an introduction to the topic. And give your readers a quick start into what your content is about in a way that motivates.
  4. Trying using ‘Table Of Contents’ when you can to give details of what’s inside your article.
  5. Teach people. Don’t just pass information. People are looking for how to solve a problem and not a reminder of the problem.
  6. Properly edit and proofread your blog. Editing errors can mar the impact of your content.
  7. Try as much as possible to use references. Google like to know how you arrive at your facts.
  8. Use a conclusion at the end of every article. It works in reminding your readers what they might have missed if they jumped to the end of your blog. Make it end well too.
  9. The word count for your article is equally vital to Google ranking. Although, that depends on industry and country as well. On average, Google ranks web articles with 2,000 and above words higher than those with less word count.

How Blogs Grow to Become Successful:

As you start blogging, you may face some challenges. So, it’s important I show you what those challenges would be and how you can overcome them quickly before they overwhelm you. Consider it as a business and treat it as such.

Your blog is not going to start growing immediately you start blogging. In fact, nobody knows you even started a blog. So, nobody will be reading your blog. But that’s okay because you just started.

If you are doing the right things as I have shown you in this guide, your blog will surely grow. You may not see any improvement in the first six months of blogging. I mean you may not see visitors to your blog. You may get 100 to 300 visitors per month.

But as you continue blogging, you will start seeing progress in the tenth or twelfth month. Yea, it may depend on your niche and keyword traffic volume. You should learn more about keywords and search engine optimization.

However, your blog starts seeing a massive amount of free web traffic in the second year of blogging. That’s how long it can take for search engines to build enough index on your blog and recognize the depth of your blog authority in your niche.

How To Monetize Your Blog:

Making money from the blog has become so easy. Although, Nigeria has its peculiarity in blog Monetization. Most bloggers are using the most common strategy, which is AdSense. And AdSense has its issues too with Nigerian bloggers.

The three types of blog revenue models are:

  1. Advertisements
  2. Affiliates
  3. Products

You can monetize your blog using options from any of the three revenue model. Or you can use all the three models for your blog.

The problem with choosing an advertising model in Nigeria is the low cost of ads. But revenue for advertisements in Nigeria is still meagre. Google seems to price ads based on each countries average revenue per user.

But if you have no choice but to use AdSense, you should look at your statistics well and calculate what you can possibly earn from your target traffic.

Here is the formula I use to calculate ad revenue from AdSense. It’s not an exact estimate but my own way of convincing myself of the potential of ad revenue and how much traffic I should target to hit my ad revenue goals.

Google Nigeria AdSense Revenue Calculations:

According to WordSteam average CPC (Cost Per Click) rate per country, Nigeria was not listed in the other 97 nations compared with USA average CPC rate. That’s because Nigeria CPC rate is in the less than 100% and below of US average rate of $1.

So, I’m using a $0.05 CPC and a 5% CTR (Click Through Rate). Thus, the amount of traffic you will need to make $1,000 per month will be around these figures.

To figure out the number of clicks that equates to $1,000
1,000 / 0.05 = 20,000 clicks.

If you need 20,000 clicks at 5% CTR, the total traffic should be…
20,000 / 0.05 = 400,000 visitors

You will need 400,000 visitors a month. Per year will be

400,000 x 12 = 4,800,000

400,000 visitors every month will make you $1,000/month from Adsense. However, that is just an estimation. I also did not consider other revenue sources you may add to your blog.

Best Blog Monetization Options For Nigeria:

You should explore broader revenue sources for your blog. In fact, successful bloggers in Nigeria do not depend on Adsense at all. They have developed their own revenue models beyond Adsense story.

Some of them make money publishing promotional blog content. And it can cost as much as N50,000 for a post. Companies who understand the potential are paying to have their post on blogs with lots of traffic.

Here are a few lists of blog Monetization ideas for Nigerian bloggers to help you see what’s possible.

  1. Sell products and services for companies on your blog for commission as an affiliate
  2. Find companies to promote on your blog with content marketing
  3. Sell keyword links to other online businesses. You can link other sites with anchor text keywords on your traffic pages and get paid.
  4. Sell ads directly to companies instead of using the only AdSense.
  5. You can sell your own products. It’s a premium revenue model for blogs.
  6. Promote your own business. If you run a business or businesses, you can do content marketing for your transactions on your blogs.
  7. If you are an author, promote and sell your books using your blog.
  8. A church can open an online church service utilizing a blog.
  9. NGOs can accept donations and volunteers on their blogs.
  10. Government or organizations can promote its agencies on its blog.

Only use AdSense as an additional revenue source. It can be discouraging if your AdSense Revenue doesn’t add up tangibly financially. It’s better you know this truth and prepare your blog for profit beyond AdSense.

Read Topics On Blogging Tips And Guide:

If you are going to have success, you have to read more about blogging. You need to be abreast with new tips and guides on blogging. Don’t just do your thing. Learn continually from other bloggers.

You learn both from beginners and old bloggers. Don’t think because someone is a beginner mean he doesn’t know much. Some beginner bloggers are expert in the niche they are blogging.

And some Beginners are SEO experts. I have one like that as a mentor. CHRIS Lee was working as an SEO expert with a Company and didn’t even know much about blogging. Now he is teaching about growing your site traffic on his blog.

These are the kind of people you shouldn’t miss learning from at any cost. The whole idea is for you to mark out blogs you will follow. These should be blogs that would help your blogging career.

I also included links to other blogs in the niche examples. It will give you some idea of blogs you might also like to follow.


It’s never late to start a blog. Since the beginning of the world, people have been giving birth. Nothing is ever too late. So, don’t see Successful Blogs as a sign of intense competition. Every competition can’t be beaten. Facebook was not the first social media.

Think about all the businesses that have come and gone. Nokia used to be the number mobile phone. That position is taken over my iPhone.

Anything is possible. If you want to have the most successful blog in Nigeria, it’s possible! It doesn’t matter who has tried and failed. They probably didn’t know what you know now.

I wrote this guide to help you overcome any challenge of starting a successful blog in Nigeria. If you do what I have recommended for you in this guide, you will be a success.

Think about the future. Five years from now, how big would your blog have grown? If you could imagine it, you should wait for it because it’s possible with blogs.

Chinedu David
About The Author: Chinedu David An inspiring writer with several years of experience in journalism, consulting and training. Worked with Success Digest magazine for over a decade. Founded MyStore - an online store in 2013. Trained several startup entrepreneurs in telecom sector, LPG (oil & gas), and on Cryptocurrency investment. A born again christian, who's committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ with passion. Drop a comment below and he will respond to your query. He can also be reached via email: or Call/Text/WhatsApp: 07087770518
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