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Groceries store

Do you shop at the groceries store? Do you know you could be saving a lot when you take out time to plan your grocery shopping? Most of your family income is spent on groceries monthly. It’s about time to start planning and budgeting for groceries to save cost.

If you live in major cities, there are likely more groceries store around to shop. In Nigeria, there is over 29 major groceries store brand. Most of them are local brands, while a few are international grocery brand operating on a franchise.

And if you are thinking of starting your own business of groceries store, you need to understand how the business works. Most stores operate in partnership with grocery suppliers. That way, they pay on sold groceries and not upfront for the groceries stocked.


A grocery store is a retail shop that primarily sells food items in bulk. They also offer non-perishable food items, packaged in containers like bottles, boxes, and cans.

And in Nigeria, groceries store also have bakeries, butchers, delis, and fresh produce and offer foods they process. Not to mention other non-food items such as clothing and household items.  Including and not limited to pharmacy, electronics sections, and entertainment. An example is Shoprite.

But the best part of grocery stores in the grocery section. Even though grocery sales contribute little to the unit profit markup, it remains the most viable section of any supermarket store because of bulk purchases.

How to Shop Groceries

Do you know how long to keep eggs after the date on the package? You will be surprised that it’s between three to five weeks. Always look at the appearance of any grocery item and probably try a sniff for spoilage, instead of just checking the dates.

But that doesn’t mean you should shop for products beyond their “sell by” dates. That only applies if you already bought it and in use beyond that date. However, there are so much to learn about shopping at the groceries store.

How to Shop Sealed Groceries

Most food products come with dates stamped on them. So, you need to know the difference between “best by”, “sell by” and “use by”. Most people don’t see the difference. But it’s information that can help you make the right purchasing decision, especially on prepared and canned foods.

Some discount deals on groceries are also influenced by these tiny bit of information. The term “best by”lets you know the time when the product is still of best quality and flavour. After that date, it loses texture, and the taste may change. But that doesn’t mean it’s not safe to consume.

While “sell by” is used on Perishables like meat, dairy, and bakery goods. It limits grocery stores on how long to display an item on their shelves. These items must be bought before the date given. It’s also not a safety indicator. The product may still be useful for days or even weeks after you bought it, as long as it’s stored properly.

Also, “use by” is another indicator, but this time that the product may no longer be safe after that date. It’s used more often as a “best by” label since the product can spoil faster than others, try to consume a “use by”labelled product on or before that date to be on a safe side. However, make sure that you have enough time to consume it before the dates when buying it.

And when it comes to perishables like milk, shop from the back shelf. Grocery stores put products close to their “sell by” dates at the front shelves or on top of stacks. But the fresher ones go to the back or at the bottom. Furthermore, it’s advisable to cook “use by” products on or before the date. And Store perishables at 40 degrees or below for “sell by”. While “best by” groceries are better in a cool, dry cabinet.

How to Shop Ripe Groceries

If you haven’t shopped for fruits and vegetables at the grocery store, you may think every fruit is ripe and vegetables good. You need to learn the secret of shopping for ripe groceries. It’s called the “see it”, “squeeze it”, “smell it” and “heft it” strategy.

For fruits like apples, bananas, and tomatoes, you can easily tell if it’s ripe by merely looking. That’s where “see it” applies. And if you don’t plan to eat the fruit soon, you can buy it green and store for use later. Fruits with dark spots or bruises are an indication the fruit is damaged.

You can also “squeeze it”. It’s the fastest way to find ripe fruits. The substances that hold the fruit cells break down and convert to water-soluble. That makes the fruits softer so that a squeeze is a good test for ripeness. But the squeeze test is useful for fruits like peaches. Pears, plums, avocados, and kiwis. But not fruits with thick rinds like melon and pineapples. The flesh of the fruit should be firm. But if it’s rock hard, it’s not ripe. If it’s mushy, it’s overripe.

And the “smell it” is helpful if you are looking for a light, sweet smell. If it smells sour or overly fruity, that’s overripe. Fruits chemical components changes in ripen mode and produce a fruity smell.

But a “heft it” checks for weight. The heavier the fruit, the juicer it’s more likely to be. To make sure you get the juiciest piece of fruit, pick it up and heft it. Juiciness is an attribute for fruits like watermelons, cantaloupe, and tomatoes.

How to Shop Ripe Vegetables

You can also use the same process for picking your vegetables. However, you can only use “see it” and “squeeze it” methods for vegetables. Its either you are looking for evenly coloured vegetables or firm.

The darker the leaf, the more flavour. And not wilted looking. Some brown spots on vegetables like lettuce and kale are likely. And vegetable Groceries like broccoli, potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, onions, peppers, and cauliflower should all be firm to the touch. Leafy greens like lettuce, kale, and cabbage should snap with a nice crisp sound.

List of Groceries Store Near Me

  • Addide Supermarket
  • Ajayi Supermarkets
  • Best Choice Supermarket, the largest chain in Nigeria
  • Bimta Supermarkets
  • CCD Superstores
  • Chanrai’s Supermarket & Departmental Store
  • DePrince Supermarkets
  • Escapade Supermarket
  • Exclusive Supermarket
  • Game Stores
  • Genesis Supermarkets
  • Gloo Online Supermarket
  • Goodies
  • Homebiz Supermarkets
  • Hubmart stores limited
  • Justrite Superstore Limited
  • Marketsquare Supermarkets
  •, an online supermarket
  • Park ‘n’ Shop Supermarkets (SPAR)
  • Prince Ebeano Supermarkets
  • Sahad Stores
  • Shoprite
  • Spar Supermarkets
  •, an online supermarket
  • Tonyson
  • Trifarms Supermarkets
  •, online supermarket
  • Wetin dey Stores
  • Yem-Yem Supermarkets

How to Create Your Groceries Shopping List

Start with a weekly menu plan and put all the needed ingredients on your list. A family food menu is a simple and cost-effective way to plan your groceries shopping based on what your family eats. It’s also a way to know what you need to shop for and the quantity you would be buying since your menu will cover a specified period.

The second step is to check what’s already available and the measure remaining. Buying groceries you already have available at home can be annoying. And also a waste of scarce resources that should have been reinvested on other needed groceries.

It’s also an opportunity to find items that are routinely used at home. Sometimes, some things may be forgotten when going shopping. But you can run through your daily routine on your mind, like brushing your teeth, shower items, washing stuff, etcetera.

Finally, make a rough list before creating a master list to make your grocery shopping efficient. You also need to group items together, like washing products, cooking products, or products that are together at a groceries store to make it easier for shopping.

Compare Groceries Store Price

Most of what Nigerian shop at Groceries Store is for family breakfast. According to a 2016 report by Arcgis, average Nigerian household size is 4.5 people. Feeding this size of a family takes a lot part of the monthly income. And considering the minimum wage which was N18,000 and now being reviewed to N30,000 still can’t handle all the necessary family grocery list. So planning is essential.

See listed everyday groceries an average Nigeria family buys regularly:

Action Points On Groceries Store

Planning your grocery shopping shouldn’t be difficult. It should be your way of life. It doesn’t make you strict or miser with funds. You don’t do it to prove anything to others. It’s a prudent approach to dealing with the simple matters of life.

Having an organised life shouldn’t be compromised because you now earn a seven or even a nine-figure digit monthly. Put some strategies to help with spending at the groceries store.

Step One: Shop with a List

Making a shopping list doesn’t make you a miser. Instead, it makes you wiser. It’s time-saving when you know what you want to shop at the groceries store. Shopping can be time-consuming, mainly if you buy at a big groceries store. And it saves you also from unplanned spending, which is usually more than what you could have planned for before shopping.

Studies done by the grocery industry have shown that being hungry biases the brain to want food at a cost and can increase purchases at the grocery store that are unplanned.

Step Two: Get the Best Deal by Checking Unit Price

Groceries store prices are usually bulk priced. Find out the unit prices for bulk items. Some stores do have it printed on the label, but tinier than the leading price. And some stores don’t have the unit price printed on the label. But you can figure out the unit price yourself by dividing the bulk price by the number of items in the carton.

Companies package and price items in such a way that consumers are paying more to buy bulk than real unit prices. And by intuition, most consumers think by buying the biggest box they will get it at a lower unit price. For the most part that’s true, but not always, so it’s worth it to double-check.

Step Three: Consider Buy Generic Brands

A generic brand is much cheaper because it’s not made as well as competitive as original brand groceries. Usually, it’s because it doesn’t have as much branding cost attached to the price like branded grocery products. So do some experimenting. You can buy the generic first, and only switch if you are dissatisfied with it.

Step Four: Avoid The Coupons

Grocery stores are not helping you out with discount coupons. Neither is the manufacturers. Couponing is a marketing strategy for getting consumers to buy groceries they wouldn’t usually need. And it’s sometimes used to sell groceries that are already overpriced or nearing end dates.

Step Five: Be on a full Stomach When Shopping

This one would make you laugh. There is nothing as tempting as shopping for groceries when you are hungry. It tends to increase your appetite for buying more items than you would need at the moment. Avoid shopping in an empty stomach. Studies show that when shoppers visit the grocery store hungry, they usually end up spending more money on food.


Shopping at a groceries store is probably one task on your to-do list every weekend. If you are a working mum, you probably do this every Saturday or sometimes Sunday, if you are busy on Saturday’s. But you probably do the family shopping.

However, as the cost of living increases, there is the need to cut down on wastage on shopping groceries. It’s what you buy the most that you spend the most on. And sometimes, we also waste the most buying what we shouldn’t have bought in the first place.

Learning to do grocery shopping better doesn’t mean you weren’t doing it well before. It merely says you can do it even better with more knowledge.


You should also consider doing your groceries shopping online. Sites like Jumia groceries offers good, deals on groceries. Some other online groceries store is listed in our list of grocery stores near me.

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