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How to Run an Effective Robocall Campaign?

robocall campaign

Do you want to run an effective robocall campaign, whether for election or product marketing? We have republished an incisive article from one the best digital marketing company in Africa. You can also visit the company website here. But below is an excerpt from the site for you.

Voice is the first and most effective form of communication. If the people can hear you, then you have a chance to influence their thoughts, opinions and actions. That is why companies invest so much in campaign mediums that utilize voice communication.

In our human conversions, you would hear interjections like, “are you hearing me?”, “did you hear what I said?”, “do you understand?” And so on. It emphasized the importance of hearing which means that voice is too important in human communication.

Your campaign can also tap into the voice advantage using robocall technology to deliver your message to a target audience in your voice. And it works excellently for a political campaign.

What is a Robocall Campaign?

A Robocall is an automated call that plays a prerecorded message to a live recipient or answering machine. Our service takes a unique recording and sends the message to everyone in a target voter database.

As the automated call dials, the voters’ phone and the receiver answers, the recording will play for them to hear. Our AutoDials use VoIP (voice over internet protocol) technology to deliver the message with crystal clear audio quality.

Robocalls make political campaigns seem like bread and butter. The proven, effective and affordable voter contact method for every political organization.

How Robocall Campaign Works

Although, to carry out a robocall campaign, you will need a provider. Fastweb Internet Services is a reliable mobile campaign provider and with many years of experience in digital marketing.

When you order the number of voters you want to reach and the number of messages you want to communicate to your target voters, then you record the voice messages in MP3 format.

That’s what Fastweb will use to broadcast to the voter’s phone number. Because it will be delivered like a dialed call. And when each voter picks the call, your recorded voice message will be played to their hearing. While everyone in the database is reached with your campaign message in an instant.



Robocalls are best for:

  • Increasing name ID and identifying a candidate’s stance on issues
  • Quickly informing voters of a new endorsement, or endorsing another candidate
  • Calling out opponents with an attack ad against their stance or voting record

More Uses for Robocall Includes:

  1. To mobilize for location campaign
  2. Mobilize for support
  3. Mobilize for votes before an Election Day
  4. Promote the vision of a candidate
  5. Make campaign promises known to voters

Robocall Voters Data

Voter data can be purchased directly from a Robocall provider. Whether it is for a Robocall or for SMS campaign or to update records for door-knocking, we have voter phone for every need. Our voter’s data covers every polling unit in Nigeria and every registered voter.

With our simple request process, users can choose who to target with either our robocall service or SMS campaign. Our Up-to-date, reliable voter data is just N1/record.

We Use Current Voter Data

You will need a valid Voters data for a better robocall campaign. Our database is current with details that would help you target voters even to their polling units. See the targeting our voters’ data can offer your robocall campaign.

Our Voters data contains information such as:

  • Voter’s full name, including prefix and suffix
  • Voter registered polling unit
  • Polling unit is the closest anyone one can get to identifying the votes that matter to a candidate’s campaign target.
  • Also breakdown based on polling unit, LGA, state and region
  • Demographics based on ethnicity, language, education, etc.

But moving forward, let Fastweb provide you the best voter lists instead of worrying about getting one somewhere else – its convenience will be matched only by its reliability. This verified Voters data cost N1 per number. And the minus number you can buy is 500,000 Voters.


  • Price for 30 seconds is (Call)
  • Price for 60 seconds is (Call)


  • Price for 60 characters is (Call)
  • Price for 120 characters is (Call)

NOTE: the time you choose will depend on the length of your message. If it’s more than seconds OR CHARACTERS, extra cost also applies.

Contact Us: 

Meanwhile, please feel free to reach us on (07087770518) or ( and for a physical meeting. If you have any further questions on sending SMS and Robocall in Nigeria

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