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How to Rank Higher In Google Nigeria

Google Nigeria

Google Nigeria is the most searched location for businesses to looking to rank higher in search engine. When Nigerians want anything, the first place they check is on google.

And google has indexed almost all known businesses in the world, including Nigeria. With million of searches per day, your business can become an instant success on Google Nigeria when you rank in the top three in most important keywords for your business.

And it doesn’t even matter much if you don’t have a website yet, even though having a website is important for your business. But google ranking is much about how relevant your business is seen by google eyes.

If you don’t know how google works, it’s no secret that google sees everything and maps these activities with your browsing sessions. The more popular your business become with google the more customers it drives to you in return.

Why Rank Higher Google Nigeria?

when it comes to local search traffic, Google pushes the searches to regional traffic. That’s why Google Nigeria exists, to manage Google traffics that handles local searches coming from mostly Google My Business.

If you are a local business or individual searching for local businesses, Google Nigeria is what handles your search. Although, on mobile, it might require your GPS to pin-point your location to push location based references for your search results.

and if you are using Nigerian domain name of dot .ng suffixes, you get a lot of local traffic from Google Nigeria. And it equally ranks you better than it does on global Google site.

How Smart Businesses Rank Higher

That is how smart businesses are building more client base everyday by just making themselves well known to Google Nigeria, and google is sending them thousands of customers who are searching for them.

You too can make yours business google Nigeria friendly. And it doesn’t cost so much but it’s worth every money spent to achieve it. Imagine your business ranking above even well known brands in your market? It doesn’t even matter if you are just starting your business today.

This concept can literally put you in top three ranking on google for selected keywords in just days, if not hours. And we are not delving into miracles. It’s just cerebral SEO – a new way of ranking businesses faster online and increasing their fortune overnight.

Let me show you how this works and how we are using it to rank your business on google. If you know Google Nigeria, it’s a search engine. That means people search google for information, and Google’s job is to provide them with the most trusted information there is on the internet.

Understanding Authority Website

And google does that by crawling through the internet, gathering all information to the search request and delivering them according to the level of relevance to the search. One of the key ways google does that is to crawl through authority websites.

These are websites of major news platform that are trusted by users around the world. And if you have your business information on these authority sites google would easily present you when people are looking for anything even similar to your business.

And because you are connected to authority websites, google sees your business as an authority in your field.



It’s Your Big Stage

That is just simple. It’s like having your business ad on CNN prime time. The whole world will see you. That’s a huge exposure for a local business with small advertising budget.

You are literally muscled up to the top rank on google for a fraction of the cost paid by major brands to achieve the same. However, the huge advantage is that you can dominate that business on google for years to come

if you continue doing what brought you to the top rank. And you can even get ranked almost like immediately. It’s not like the old SEO that takes months before you can see any substantial result in your ranking.

This one forcefully pushes your business to the top ranks. And if it can do that for google, then you can be rest assured you are ranking tops on every search engine in the world – for just the same fee.

Cerebral Search Engine Optimization

Cerebral SEO works best for local businesses ranking on google. That dentist seeking to grow his client base. The lawyer looking for more referrals.

Plumbers, real estate agencies, physiotherapists, day care centers, hotel services, wedding planners, e-commerce businesses, affiliates marketers and any other local business looking for steady and regular clients from the internet.

Even if you think your business doesn’t belong to the categories listed here, you can still find a way to rank on google and achieve the same result.

And you don’t have to be a local business to rank your business with cerebral SEO. You simply rank for all the locations your business is targeting. But the huge benefit of this ranking is profit.

You will see your revenue jump into hundreds of thousands of dollars within a short period of time. It’s a magical marketing process that literally turn local businesses into overnight successes.

Optimize For Google Nigeria Local Search

The local search potential is lucrative for location based businesses like restaurants, salon, workshops based services, etcetera. You need to optimize your business to tap into the local search traffic.

The good thing about this local search potential is that you don’t even need to have any other online presence like website or social media accounts to benefit from this traffic. All you need is your listing on Google Nigeria local search.

The basic process is to have your business name, address, telephone, email, opening and closing hours listed for google to share which search preferences looking for your kind of services or products.

Google My Business

And if you thinking how do I even begin to list my business? Here is how to begin, with Google My Business. It’s a special product from Google that helps to power local search traffic.

You only need to access the site through Google My Business page. This link will send you to the page, and with your Google email account you will create a Google My Business account to list your business.

Note that Google will verify your business location. So you might get a physical mail with code to verify your listing. This mail will be sent to the physical address provided by you during your listing.


If you have listed your business on Google My Business you now stand a chance to get tones of online traffic to your listing asking for more information or reaching out to you for business transaction.

Imagine you offering catering services, customers who found you on Google listing will reach out to you either through your office address, or phone or email.

Take advantage of this free google listing to attract more customers to your business. If

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