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How to Make Money Everyday – 3 Simplified Laws

How to make money

Do you want to make money? Do you know the exact principle on how to make money? You don’t get rich because of your education. Neither should you be poor because you are not educated? The power to get rich is hidden inside three simple laws of wealth.

And these principles or laws have been in existence for long. In how to make money, I want to show you these three laws and how to apply them. Although, the challenge with many people is that they fail at the second or third law. And some keep repeating the first law over and over without moving to the second law.

But you can learn how to make money with the right application of the laws of wealth. Note that, knowing the three laws won’t make you rich overnight. You also have to learn how to apply them correctly.


There is the exact principle on how to Make Money. This principle is based on a precise science of getting rich. Specific laws govern the process of acquiring riches. Once these laws are learned and obeyed, you will become rich by mathematical certainty.

You can become rich this year if you apply the same law. The principles of wealth have always been the same. But why are many not getting rich? The answer is simple, many people get discouraged or distracted along the way. And it’s not about the kind of business you do. You can create wealth from whatever you do. As long as it meets the needs of others.

How it Works

The ownership of money and properties comes as a result of doing things in a certain way. Those who do things in a certain way, whether on purpose or accidentally gets rich. But those who dont do things in a certain way, no matter how hard they work or how able, they will remain poor.

Understanding these laws on how to make money is just the beginning. You still need to know how it works. How would you know that it’s working for you? Also, how do you deal with discouragements and setbacks?

Knowing how these laws work is the real secret on how to make money.

How to make money

Action Points On How to Make Money

One thing people really lack is money. And it’s one thing they really needed. It’s because we are not thought how to make money in schools. The only time you discover your needs are probably when you start paying your own bills.

Step One: Find a Need

What can you do? Is there a need for what you do? The first law of wealth is to find a need that you can meet. This need is your first step to wealth. The problem is that many people don’t see the right need they can respond to. The real estate success is on the need for shelter. What need can you see?

But when you do find a need, you discover your wealth. And the best thing to do is to reach out and meet that need. There is probably a need for the things you do out there. So, your purpose should be to fill it.

Step Two: Just Do What You Are Needed For

Do you have the ability to fill that need? The need that will make you rich is the need you can meet. What many don’t know is that you are packaged as a blessing for others. No one came into this world as a problem.

That is why everyone can find a need they can fill. Sometimes, these needs come in unattractive propositions. That’s where some miss it. The pressures of being someone or something we admire can also distract us from our real purpose in life.

But when you become good at filling that need, everything begins to fall into place. And how to make money will no longer be a mystery to you.

Step Three: Become Irreplaceable

However, how to make money is not just by fulfilling a need. Many people in this world are already doing it. Every day billions of needs are met by people who are still miserable, broke and unfulfilled in themselves.

But to become wealthy, you need to grow at what you do that you become irreplaceable. It’s not that no one can do your job. But that no one can do it the way you do.

When it’s difficult to replace you, then you find your value will go up. The demand for your services increases. And people will pay more to get the same thing they could get cheaper elsewhere.

You have to understand these laws on how to make money to be rich.


If you want to know how to make money, the secret is revealed in this article. It’s laws that have been in operation for long. You can verify it yourself among rich people. And you will find, they are filling a need. And they have become so good at it. They are now irreplaceable.

But the real question is how do you become good at it? And when do you become irreplaceable?

The moment you overcome all distractions and the things that can discourage, you will become a master of your trade. Most times, what stops you are the things you care about. The things you love, with a genuine concern for them. And it’s these things that are your barriers in your secret to making money.


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